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Friday, July 12, 2024

Introducing Stacks ~ 4 Track Granular Looper, Sequencer & Synthesizer

video upload by Cong Burn

"All-in-one tool for unique synthesis, looping and layering.

Available now in early access:
Coming soon to iOS"

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Nord Modular G2 & Strokes (VST3)

video upload by Cong Burn

"Clipped the last section of a 4hr jam."

Monday, October 09, 2023

New Batch of Synthfest UK 23 Videos

video uploads by sonicstate

Playlist: (you can use the player controls to skip around)

1. Synthfest UK 23: Sequential - Trigon 6 Desktop
At SynthFest UK 2023, we had the opportunity to chat with Chris from Sequential, a part of the Focusrite group. Chris introduced us to the Trigon 6 Desktop, the latest addition to Sequential's synthesizer lineup. This compact desktop version of the Trigon 6 packs a powerful punch, offering three oscillators and a distinctive Dave Smith ladder filter. Designed for those seeking a space-saving solution without compromising on sound quality, the Trigon 6 Desktop retains all the features of its larger sibling, including patch recall, a versatile effects section with various modulation possibilities, and the distinctive feedback control that allows you to sculpt sub-harmonic richness.

Trigon 6 Desktop Price: $2,499
2. Synthfest UK 2023: Calc And the Prophet X
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Calc from Sequential, and he gave us the lowdown on the Prophet X. Now, you might be thinking, Prophet X? Haven't we seen that before? Well, you're right, but this hybrid instrument has been quietly making waves in the music world. It combines digital and analog elements, with digital oscillators and a unique twist in the form of multi-sample-based instruments. Yes, you heard that right, it's not just your run-of-the-mill synth; it's a full-on sampler too, boasting an impressive 50 gigabytes of memory for your custom samples. You can treat it like a rompler, a sample player, or even use those samples as oscillators, creating a whole new realm of sonic possibilities.

Plus, it's packed with stereo goodness, allowing you to explore a wide soundstage with ease. It's not your typical synth, and that's what makes its a favourute of Calc's

Looking for some more info on the Prophet X? Check out Sequential's official page:

Sunday, October 08, 2023


video uploads by Sound On Sound magazine

SYNTHFEST 2023 - Rhodes MK8 Effects and V8
SYNTHFEST 2023 - Nonlinear Labs C15
SYNTHFEST 2023 - Analogue Solutions - Maximus
SYNTHFEST 2023 Tone Science - Triple Cross and Chance Delay
SYNTHFEST 2023 Audio Computer - Beat Friend
SYNTHFEST 2023 Cong Burn - Strokes
SYNTHFEST 2023 Officina del Malista - ML23 Midi for Malista
Synthfest 2023 - Audio Computer Weather Station

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

4 patterns with Cong Burn STROKES

video upload by

"check out my full review here:
pick up the plugin here:

00:00 Pattern 1
01:33 Pattern 2
03:33 Pattern 3
04:53 Pattern 4"

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Strokes Sequencer, Sampler, Synthesizer & Groovebox Gets New Performance Mode with v3.12 Update

Video Manual video upload by Cong Burn

"I just added a new performance mode to Strokes which lets you smoothly interpolate/transition/morph between sounds/sequences/patterns and even project files.

There's a few other improvements too :
- Samplers upgraded. Each has 5 sub-samplers enabling you to use different samples per pattern.
- Bus saturator & glue compressor and main stereo outs
- Hit the channel label on the voices page to copy settings between patterns/voices"

Friday, May 12, 2023

Superbooth 2023: Cong Burn - Strokes

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2023, Sonicstate spoke to John from Cong Burn about their latest product releases. The first is Strokes, an all-in-one sequencing workstation groovebox that features an eight-part, multi-timbral synth and sampler engine with eight voices, each of which can be a sampler or one of the 16 built-in synth engines imported from Mutable Instruments Plus. Strokes encourages exploring rhythm and modulation, and the sequencer sends out rhythmic data and modulation data that can be connected to any sound design parameter. It is available as a VST3 and an audio unit on Windows and Mac, and on iOS it runs as a standalone application or as an AUV3 inside a host like AUM.

The other product from Cong Burn is Dispatch, a modulation matrix for Ableton Live. It solves the problem of having LFOs scattered around a project by bringing all modulation into one place. It can stack modulators on top of each other and map them to any parameter in Live, and it features a Ring configuration, a Pulse on and off generator, a Slope triangle generator, Signal input, Euclidean Rhythm Generator, audio input, CV input, quadrature LFO, MIDI generator, function generators, and a modulation mixer. Dispatch is a Max for Live device that is available on Windows and Mac.

Strokes iOS/AUv3/Standalone Price: 19.99 GBP. VST3/AU Price: 35 GBP

Strokes cross platform bundle price: 45 GBP

Dispatch price: 25 GBP"

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

strokes v3.11 - multi-outputs update & built-in tutorial

video upload by Cong Burn

"Strokes is now a multi output VST3/AU/AUV3, each voice (synth or sampler) can be routed to an individual audio channel for further processing & recording.

Win / Mac / iOS
VST3 / AU / Standalone (iOS) / AUV3 (iOS)

In this demo, I'm using AUM as a host with a single instance of Strokes AUV3 generating all of the audio you hear (except the siren!).

AUM allows me to route each Strokes voice to an individual output of my audio interface (expert sleepers es-8, located in the modular). I'm using 4 outputs which are connected to the Xone92 (mono).

CH1 - Bass
CH2 - Drums
CH3 - Chord 1
CH4 - Chord 2

Also on the table is a delay pedal on Aux 1 + a compressor & a saturator.

Also new
- Added a built in tutorial to help you create your first rhythm, melody and pattern variation. Access this on the info 'i' menu.
- Hovering over / tapping a parameter on the sequencer page will display the parameter’s name in the header."

"Also new is a built in tutorial that'll help you create your first rhythm, melody and pattern variation. Throw in the new manual and the learning curve isn't looking so steep ->"

Monday, April 17, 2023

Strokes Multi Out Beta with Imaginando VS

video upload by BoBSwanS

"Just a quick test of 5 tracks using the latest beta of Cong Burn 'Strokes'
Multi outs from Strokes into Ableton, Using Strokes Receiver to pump Midi into VS Visual Synth"


Sequencer, Sampler, Synthesizer & Groovebox

Runs on Windows 10/11, MacOS 10.11 & iOS 11 (or later)

Supports Intel Macs and runs natively on Apple Silicon

Quickstart guides for Ableton Live, Bitwig, VCV Rack, Cubase, FL Studio & Logic

On iOS, runs as an AUv3 inside a host, or as a standalone application

Strokes is an all-in-one, cross-platform workstation for sequencing, sampling and synthesis.

"Strokes is an amazing device for rhythmic inspiration. Its a lot of fun to play with and can lead to some very cool unexpected patterns and combinations" - Tom Rowlands [Chemical Brothers]

Monday, April 03, 2023

strokes v3.10 - oscillator update

video upload by Cong Burn

Plaits code by Emilie Gillet, released under MIT License

Plaits cheatsheet by Rochefsky

"Strokes' latest mutation adds 16 synth engines derived from Mutable Instruments Plaits

Taking a fresh look at Strokes - it's now a fully cross platform (mac/win/iOS) sequencer/ sampler/ synthesizer/ groovebox/ 8-part-multitimbral synth/sampler.
£19.99 / £35 / £40

Also new:
- Pitch sequencing and quantizers
- Fully customisable modulation matrix, any modulation source can connect to any sound parameter
- Bit crushing & sample rate reduction added to sampler, as well as start/loop point modulation
- Panning & fine tune


Welcome to Strokes - an all-in-one, cross-platform workstation for sequencing, sampling and synthesis.

The idea of this device is to encourage free-flow experimentation and exploration of rhythm and modulation. The architecture behind Strokes is complex, but on the surface it’s designed to be intuitive no matter what your experience level is. By setting up some sounds and turning the dials, anyone can create interesting and unique results. The sequencing and modulation are cross-patched, meaning the actions of one part impact on another - in this way, the patterns all form part of the greater whole, moving in symbiosis to create cohesive results.

Rather than relying on methodical programming of patterns or computer-defined ‘randomness’, Strokes offers a way to create surprising music with an emphasis on fun. Nothing happens by accident, but you never quite know where a jam will take you. With the means to store patterns and melodic information within a project, one set up can produce different results every time.

The first four sequencer channels can be set according to your wishes, while the other four behave in various ways according to those settings. Each channel can be assigned one of 16 oscillators from Mutable Instruments’ celebrated Plaits module. Alternatively, they can each be assigned to samples of your choice with various sound design options. There are probability options to add semi-random changes to the sequencers, and on-board reverb and delay add effects processing to the sounds being generated. Various modulation options allow these sounds and effects to be changed in subtle or significant ways, always in response to the other rhythmic behaviour taking place in the project.

Strokes can run as a VST3 or AU plug-in within all major DAW environments, meaning the MIDI information generated can also be assigned to your own software and hardware instruments. On iOS, Strokes can run as a standalone application or from within a host such as AUM."

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

strokes v3.9 - sampler update

video upload by Cong Burn

"Strokes has just undergone it's most significant mutation to date - what was once just a MIDI sequencer is now a fully fledged, self contained instrument/groovebox featuring 8 samplers, a reverb, and delay.

The sequencer is deeply integrated with the samplers, with each sampler featuring: - amp attack/decay
- adjustable start/end & loop (drag top/bottom half of waveform) - root note (for tuning the sample)
- multi mode filter lp/bp/hp
- delay & reverb sends
- 4 modulation lanes hooked up to the sequencer

In addition to the new sampler features, there's Ableton Link integration, cross-platform project sharing and a bundled factory sample pack with over 100 sounds captured from a Machinedrum, Monomachine & Nord Drum 2.

Strokes is available now on Win, Mac & iOS as a VST3, AU, AUv3 and standalone application."

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Strokes VST3/AU MIDI Sequencer

video upload by Cong Burn

00:00 Overview
02:04 Step Mode (XOX/TR)
02:52 Euclidean Mode
05:42 Algorithmic/Analog Logic Rhythms
07:19 Probability & Shares
09:28 Parameter Sequencing with Matrix
11:04 Ableton Live Modulation Setup using the Receiver
13:15 Envelope Following with Weights
14:52 Weights Sidechaining
16:45 Patterns & Demo Project
17:49 Scale/key switching with Note-Select
18:25 VCV Rack Demo
19:16 Wrapping up

via the creator of Strokes, John Howes:

"I've been developing a VST3/AU MIDI sequencer for the last year called Strokes, previously it was a Max For Live device inspired by Jaki Leibzeit (Can) that was in development for over 2 years.

Strokes is a MIDI plugin that brings new life to your plugins, hardware and DAW

Grids - 4 x channels of euclidean or step (XOX/TR) rhythm generators
Logic - 4 x channels of algorithmic rhythm generators
Matrix - 8 x synchronized per step/stroke parameter sequencers (parameter locks!)
Weights - 4 x envelope followers
Shares - 4 x probability processors using markov chain pattern analysis
Notes - 7 x pitch presets for sequencing chords, melodies and kit changes
Patterns - 5 x device wide snapshots / presets"

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