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Monday, December 25, 2023

First Patch with Buchla System on Christmas Eve

video upload by Richard Devine

"First Patch with my Buchla System on Christmas Eve. Enjoy!"

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Texture Lab - First experiments.

video upload by Richard Devine

"Experimenting with Texture lab, trying to see what interesting new sounds I can get out of just using the sequencer and randomly switching between all the preset modes while the granular settings are being changed at different rates. Lots of fun."

Sunday, September 03, 2023

September 3, 2023

video upload by Richard Devine

"@folktek Dual Resonant Gardens are quite the combo! 👽"

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Pac Systems - Running Reaktor 6 on the PAC BOT 2 Eurorack touchscreen computer module!

video upload by Richard Devine

"Running Reaktor 6 on a touch screen mini computer Eurorack module why not!


Thursday, February 23, 2023

Korg Drumlogue Hybrid Drum Machine

video upload by Richard Devine

"First jam with the Korg Korg Drumlogue Hybrid Drum Machine.


Saturday, February 04, 2023

New Soma Synths ILLUMINATOR (First Experiment)

video upload by Richard Devine

"ILLUMINATOR is an eight channel converter that turns Eurorack and analog CV signals into a voltage that drives LEDs and LED strips, creating a unique light show in sync with your live performance. CV signals coming from your music gear are already pulsating with the different parts and sounds of your track, so there is no need for any kind of programming or light operator.

You can focus on playing your set and let ILLUMINATOR take care of the rest, creating a dynamic visual show that follows your tracks down to every note and beat!

No presets, no memory-just your music driving the lights. Create intense strobe-like effects by connecting rapid hi-hats from your analogue drums, or use slow external LFOs for a moody ambience during your ambient sessions.

ILLUMINATOR is compatible with standard 12V LED strips that are affordable and widely available. LED strips are flexible and typically come with adhesive on the back, so it’s easy to attach them to any objects and surfaces, including irregular and unusual ones. It can be your Eurorack case, synth stands, walls of the venue, furniture and even your body! This way you can create a unique light show that would otherwise require an expensive (and unwieldy!) lighting setup. Everything you need for your ILLUMINATOR show easily fits into a small backpack for just a couple of hundred euros.

ILLUMINATOR can also run an art installation, as LED strips are far from its only application. It can drive anything that accepts DC 12V with a current up to 0.5A. You can hook up anything from motors, electromagnets to old-fashioned filament bulbs. It’s the perfect beating heart for your weird mechanical steampunk orchestra. Your imagination is the limit!

ILLUMINATOR accepts all types of CV signals in the range from 3 to 20 volts. Each of the eight channels contains an individual trimmer pot that defines the sensitivity of the channel. It not only adjusts the optimal input range for connected CV sources, but it can also set the brightness of each LED strip. The default factory setting for all trimmer pots is made for the range of 5V, compatible with most gear out of the box.

Applying bipolar CV is also possible, but the negative part of the signal will not light up the LEDs (everything below zero will be processed as zero).

CV signals can be connected to ILLUMINATOR using Eurorack mini-jacks or PULSAR-23-like pins and alligator clips. PSU DC IN and all outputs are standard DC sockets 5.5×2.1 mm center plus."

Saturday, January 21, 2023

sonicPlanet app "Creation"

video upload by Richard Devine

"The user gains the architect’s role by creating dialogues in a 3D simulation scene based on gravitational interaction. A force that is responsible for the macro-formal evolution of our universe.

Creation calculates the gravitational interaction between up to 999 objects and 5 masses (with GPU) and renders the cumulative sound from this dynamically evolving space data.

Each object itself represents an oscillator with a rich sound synthesis engine and unique modulation capabilities"

Monday, January 16, 2023

New Waldorf Quantum MK2 Keyboard Synthesizer Adds Poly Aftertouch & More

via Waldorf


polyphonic aftertouch
Every finger gets its own expression:
First of its kind Fatar TP8/SK polyphonic aftertouch keybed with 61 keys.

extended sampling
Increased internal flash memory to 59 GB for samples and 3.4 GB for presets & wavetables.

hybrid polyphony
Extending 8 analogue filter voices with digital filter ones for reaching up to 16 voices in any combination.
The best of both worlds together.

Updated colour and material selection.
High quality display with extended viewing angle and improved mechanics.

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Custom Circuit Bent TR-707 Madness!

video upload by Richard Devine

"individual pitch controls and customized ROMS added with some of my own samples, modded by al spitzley !"

Monday, November 28, 2022

Using Eventide's Misha Interval-based Eurorack module as a Rhythmic Sequencer

video upload by Richard Devine

"Experiment using Eventide's Misha Interval-based Eurorack module as a Rhythmic Sequencer."

Friday, November 11, 2022

Eventide H90 ✨

video upload by Richard Devine

Monday, October 17, 2022

4ms SCM Plus & Mini PEG - Richard Devine

video upload by 4ms Company

"Richard Devine jams with our updated classics. The new SCM Plus and Mini PEG are available now. Beat sync clocks, envelopes and LFOs, your modular will thank you!"


Sunday, October 16, 2022

Experimental Glitchy Eurorack Performance (BIA, Plaits, Bitbox Micro etc.)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

Thanks for watching!
The goal for this patch was to essentially try to sound like Richard Devine's style of modular performance but with far less gear, so only 2 cases worth of modules. There are quite a bit of voices in this patch, including:
- Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
- Mutable Instruments Plaits
- Mutable Instruments Rings
- Instruō Cruïnn
- Instruō Arbhar
- Instruō Lúbadh
- 1010music Bitbox Micro
- Moog Subharmonicon
#modular #eurorack #idm #glitch

Here are some links of mine:
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Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Saturday, October 01, 2022

World’s First AI Generative Sampler Plugin called “Mace”

video upload by Richard Devine

"Testing out the World’s First AI Generative Sampler Plugin called 'Mace' by @tensorpunkaudio . AI-trained models generate one-shot sounds, Infinitely. MACE is a generative sampler. Instead of sampling audio, it utilizes the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate new samples as defined by the categorized model’s"

Friday, September 30, 2022

AFX Sample Brain Jam V1

video upload by Richard Devine

"AFX Sample Brain Jam V1

Check it out here free:"

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Modalics - Beat Scholar/New drum sequencer

video upload by Richard Devine

"Modalics - Beat Scholar/New drum sequencer, very interesting results. 🖲"


Beat Scholar is a Modern Beat-Making Powerhouse.

It presents an entirely new way to compose rhythm in the digital domain, Beat Scholar is the ultimate rhythmic playground that will make sure your beats sound like non other.

A New Way to Compose Rhythm...

Combine subdivisions to create rich, unique sounding rhythms in a few clicks.
Place any drum on any beat, Beat Scholar gives you total freedom to create drum fills, linear grooves and easily place them anywhere.
Add bars, change measures and beat values easily.
Beat Scholar keeps you in musical context, encouraging experimentation and innovation.

Beat Scholar comes equipped with a Robust Sampler and everything you need to get started quickly.​

Over 250 carefully curated factory samples, from classic drum machine sounds to hand-made synthesized drums, we have the bases covered.
Load your own custom samples with a simple drag n' drop interface.
A wide variety of samples for each pad, control the attack, length & pitch to shape them to perfection.
Built-In effects - minimum hassle, get your samples nice and stylish just by turning a couple o' knobs.

Introducing Beat Scholar | Brand New Drum Machine by Modalics

video upload by Modalics

00:00-01:36 - Introduction
01:36 - 06:16 - Basics & Pizza Slicing
06:16 - 09:30 - The Swing Slider
09:30 - 14:15 - Unique Subdivisions & the Swing Slider
14:15 - 22:40 - Composing with Beat Scholar
22:40 - 29:32 - DAW Integration & Sounds Section
29:32 - 31:09 - Thank You & Grooves!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

PĒRKONS HD 01 - Insanity beats

video upload by Richard Devine

"First experiments with the PĒRKONS HD-01 drum machine."

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Hans Zimmer -"Time" (From 'Inception'), Modular Rendition | Expert Sleepers ES-9, VCO-2RM, Plaits...

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

Thanks for watching!
I decided to try some of the features of my new Expert Sleepers ES-9 Module, and using the Ableton CV Instrument tool, I managed to send CV/Gate info from MIDI directly through the ES-9 and into various oscillators, and back into the interface to record. It was split into 4 monophonic voices, and I was using Plum Audio's OCP (Ornament & Crime Plus) module's 4xEG mode, for the Envelope Generator. You can see the triggers of the notes by the flashing of the Analogue Solutions LED CV Cables, which is also a recent addition to me trying to make my videos look like Richard Devine's :)
Thanks for watching!
- Piotr

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Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Norand Morphos - Generative Chaos

video upload by Norand

"Here is a new generative patch inspired by Richard Devine music.
All sounds come from the two Morphos and processed by multiple modules."

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

MAKEN0ISE: In Conversation With Richard Devine

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Talking with Richard Devine about his new piece, Recursion Constructors!

Check out the piece and a lot of supplemental material at these links!

Recursion Constructors at Bandcamp:
Recursion Constructors on YouTube: [Richard Devine: Recursion Constructors below]
FluCoMa article with demonstration Max patches:
Richard's detailed explanation of the patch: [Traces of Fluid Manipulations: Richard Devine below]

Richard's earlier work with Make Noise:
Creature EP from the Shared System Series, 2012:

Recursion Mechanism installation from Make Noise 10-year celebration in 2018: [posted here]"

Richard Devine: Recursion Constructors

video upload by

"Richard performed in his studio an acousmatic piece, utilizing mixed media which comprises a customized modular system with robotic triggers, mechanical springs, coils, exotic metallic percussion, and waterphone."

Traces of Fluid Manipulations: Richard Devine

video upload by Fluid Corpus Manipulation

"Richard Devine discusses the role the Fluid Corpus Manipulation toolset played in the creation process of his performance entitled 'Recursion Constructors' at the 'Liminal Spaces' concert during the Dialogues Festival ("

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