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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ambient Music - Novation Peak & Aeros Loop Studio & Microcosm Hologram - Session 2024-04-14

video upload by Sound on a Tray

"Ambient session of 'Sound in a Tray' – DAWLESS version of Cosmos Soundscapes Music.

This is a very Soothing music for you to listen to it while reading a book, concentrate on studying, indulging yourself to sleep, or any situation that you might want to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere.

🎧 Better listening experience with the Headphones 🎧

Hope you really enjoy it!

In this video, I used the the Novaion Peak Synth to create 5 diffrent sound layers that were placed over each other (Overdub) to create a single track Loop (2 mins loop) with the Aeros Loop Station. I also ran the signal into the Microcosm Hologram to give a little o colorful and Drone background sound.

Gear of the Music:
- Novation Peak Synth
- Singluar sound Aeros Loop Studio
- Microcosm Hologram Pedal
- Arturia Keystep (Only as keyboard)
- Behringer Audio Interface (Computer used only to record the direct sound)

IMPORTANT: There was no Computer Sound Editting or Mastering. Computer used only record the direct sound, edit and to upload the video."

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Super Lazy Sci Fi Soundtrack 3 - SmplTrek Liven MEGA Korg Volca Keys NTS1

video upload by ChrisLody

"The Synth Tray 2 saga continues. It's now grown a little to include a battery bank to power the NTS-1 that you can see tucked under the cables behind the SmlpTrek. This has 2 outputs so it's also able to power my handmade midi thru box now I've made a cable for it, you can see it at the top right. I've also added a Little Bear MC5 mixer which is sat behind the ELZ_1 play. This is really just a temporary fix because I plan to replace it with a Bastl Bestie when I can justify dropping £200 on one.

So a bit about how this is all setup. The SmplTrek is controlling all the midi in this setup with multiple midi tracks set to different channels. The midi out goes to the midi thru splitter box which then connects into the Liven MEGA and Korg Volca Keys. The SmplTrek is also playing the deep pad from the beginning which was sampled out of the ELZ_1 play into it, and the drum loop. When I'm using this in a sofa session I mix the external gear on the Little Bear MC5 and monitor all the audio through the SmplTrek and usually add a little of my send effect to the output, but this time when I recorded it for this video I connected all the separate instrument outputs to my audio interface instead to give me a greater level of control over the final mix.

The Korg Volca connects through the NTS1 in this jam and I'm using the Hammond Eggs Music - Haze reverb. It contains a high pass filter so it's great for making top end pad/string type sounds. I checked this list of available plugins for the NTS1 recently and found loads of new stuff I didn't know about. Mine is absolutely full now :)

I'm using the ELZ_1 play to play the Liven MEGA here and using the LFO set to a speed of zero as a upward pitch bend. The current firmware of the ELZ_1 play has no 'local control off' function which makes it hard to use as a controller and sound module while composing in a setup like this as playing external midi channels also triggers the internal sound engine. I've suggested adding 'local control off' as an option, so fingers crossed for that one.

The MiniDisc player isn't really part of the setup I've been using, but it was nice to see it fit neatly with everything else :) I was planning to record the output down a global track on the SmplTrek, but they're mono so the ambience lost something when I did that, so I resorted to just playing it live and looping the track. The ambient recording is of my home town of Boston, Lincolnshire, UK.

The NTS1 is being used as an insert effect here (the Volca Keys is passing straight through) but once I buy a Bastl Bestie there is a way to use that in a send/return configuration which will be very useful from such a smaller mixer."

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Protolody - Song-a-day 2024 - SmplTrek Liven MEGA ELZ_1 play Volca Keys NTS1

video upload by ChrisLody

"Full Disclosure: I occasionally take on freelance work at Sonicware on an hourly rate producing synth & sample sound design, beta testing, checking English text, video manuals etc. This video wasn't paid for directly but as a result of my work with Sonicware it is marked as Paid Promotion

So just recently I've been a down about my musical output to be honest, mostly the quality of my jams that I've been putting up on YouTube. This came to a head last weekend when I got talking to someone about my 2014 album, listened to some of it and had the realisation that the contents of that album is better than my work now. I imagined I'd grown as an artist but that was not the case. The main culprit was that I was actually making decent arrangement back then, taking my time to build something over at least a few day. Here's the album in question:

Due to my recent workload I've been favouring making jams, recording them and uploading them immediately. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot that can be learned from this approach, but carry on too long and it's like eating a bag a crisps everyday for your main meal, not satisfying.

A lot of the album above was created on the Nintendo DS and PSP using Nitrotracker, Korg Ds10 and Beaterator. These are nice little closed systems and have the benefit of running on something you can sit with on the sofa and really dig in to get the most from the software and finesse your work. I don't really want to return to using those though as I've just about rinsed them and they're not easy to integrate with other gear as they have no midi capability.

So my thoughts turned to something I kind of made as a joke video but actually turned out to be really useful, the Synth Tray. My original one of these was made from a bit of scrap ply so it wasn't very big and I want to cram on my gear so now I've made a new one, 'Synth Tray 2 - Dawless Evolved'"

Thursday, August 31, 2023

NEW Momentum DIY Synthesizer from Electrotechnique

video upload by Electrotechnique

"Electrotechnique Momentum - 12 voice virtual analogue, digital polysynth - DIY or buy.
All sounds from Momentum using built-in effects. Multitracking, EQ and panning on Ableton Live.

Momentum uses a PJRC designed Teensy 4 microcontroller platform on a Sparkfun designed Micromod:

Available on Tindie:
Github repository:

Thanks to Time Travel [TT] for inspiration."

"After the success of TSynth [see previous posts here], Electrotechnique brings you Momentum.

Momentum is a powerful, low-cost, 12-voice digital virtual analogue polyphonic synthesizer. It’s features rival those of synths costing many times more. Momentum builds on TSynth, Electrotechnique’s first synthesizer and adds additional features.


12-voice polyphony, velocity sensitive
Stereo analogue audio plus 16 bit 44.1kHz digital audio via the USB port
2 oscillators and state variable filter per voice, with comprehensive modulation
Stereo ensemble and reverb effects
Three Simultaneous MIDI ports:

USB HOST MIDI Class Compliant (direct connection to MIDI controller, no PC needed)
USB Client MIDI In from PC
MIDI In TRS —supports both type-A and type-B TRS leads
MIDI Out/Thru TRS - configurable as a MIDI Thru with filtering options
Patches, Performance, Arpeggiator and Sequencer:

8 user banks with 128 nameable patches, recallable via MIDI
128 performance memories—store patch and choose parameters for encoders to control and MIDI settings, recallable via MIDI
Simple step sequencer with up to 64 steps and 128 sequencer memories
Arpeggiator—simple arpeggiator with six styles, choice of ranges, base octave and tempo divisions
Simple 8 note polyphonic keyboard with scales and octave choice

Removable SD card for patches, performance and sequence memories
Momentum is easier to build than TSynth and has a simpler case consisting of a 3D printed tray and a PCB front panel. The software is open source and user development is encouraged - TSynth gained new features from users.


Momentum can be purchased as:

a full kit including components and case, but without a Teensy Micromod or Micro SD card. This can be bought from Sparkfun directly or another source if you wish. Micro SD cards can be bought everywhere
a full kit with a programmed Teensy Micromod and Micro SD card
fully-built and tested with Teensy Micromod and Micro SD card"

Sunday, July 03, 2022

#OutdoorLiven Jam - SONICWARE Liven 8Bit Warps, Bass & Beats

video upload by ChrisLody

"In this jam I've plonked myself down in front of our veg patch with my trusty DIY 'Synth Tray' (patent pending) with a Liven 8Bit Warps and a Liven Bass & Beats. This is a combination I've been meaning to try for a while and they compliment each other really well with the Bass & Beats filling in for the 8Bit Warps lack of 'normal' drum sounds and the 8BW able to play chords where the B&B can't.

I'm running the B&B into the 8BW's Line In so there is no need for an external mixer. Recording is taken care of by my aging Korg Sound on Sound."

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Ambient Garden Jam on Battery Powered Mini Semi Modular

video by ChrisLody

"The incredibly cold and wet spring season we've had here in the UK seems to have finally given way to summer, so what a better way to make the most of the weather than a battery powered jam in the garden.

I've been building the rig in the video specifically to have something battery powered to jam and record on away from the studio but I was mostly thinking of writing on the sofa. But a few days ago we moved a sofa bed out of our cabin in the garden and it seems to have become garden furniture now, so this was a perfect place for a quick test of this setup.

It's perhaps not the best bit of music I've written but I had a few unexpected problems with my mini mixer being extremely quiet to begin which put me off my stride a bit. I ended up using the mixers mic inputs instead of line in which shouldn't have been necessary, but it works at least.

I'll make a vlog about the modular/semi modular 'Synth Tray' in a bit, but just quickly everything here is running on various rechargeable batteries and I'm using a Volca Modular, Bastl Kastle, Volca Beats (which I might replace with my Bastl Kastle Drum if it ever arrives....) Korg NTS1, Korg SQ1, Radio Shack Mixer, Korg SR1 'Sound on Sound' and a Suboos latern which has USB power to run the NTS1. There is a prototype board on there too but it wasn't used here. The reverb is provided by the Korg SR1 and the ambient sound is direct from my Sony HDR-CX240E and is played back dry. Molly the cat is on cable monitoring duties."

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Oberheim OB-X Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SEM 8 Voice

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via this auction

"Here is classic vintage polyphonic synthesizer from the best years of poly synths. The OB-X has arguably the biggest and most powerful sound thanks to it's largely discrete, pre-Curtis Electromusic era, voice architecture lifted straight out of the SEM-based systems that preceded it. The filters are supreme and, that bit of looseness in the tuning provides loads of thick and raw character, being edgy with a bottom end that is just apocalyptic in size.

The unit has just been serviced:

-All of the connector/header contacts were de-oxidized throughout the entire unit.

-All solder points of the interconnect headers were re-flowed on both voice motherboards, the power supply and both the lower and upper processor boards.

-The upper tray ribbon connectors that connect to the processor board have been replaced.

-The +19 volt and -19 volt adjustment trimmers on the power supply have been replaced with multi-turn, high-precision trimmers.

-The entire unit has had a full calibration according to the original service manual.

-Loaded with original factory patches."

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Restored Fairlight CMI Series III for Sale

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated. Fairlight CMI Series III - Demonstration Video

Published on Nov 21, 2016 DeftAudio

"Demo video to support the eBay listing
Unique restoration project explained in every detail, what's included with the system, condition, function tests and so on... read more inside the item description."

via this auction

Details captured for the archives:

"Here is the exact list what is included into the listing:
Fairlight CMI-III Rev 9.34 mainframe, fully populated with 16 channels (8 * CMI-31) and max 32MB of memory (3 * 8MB + 4* 2MB cards), CMI-337 input card, CMI-32, CMI-41, CMI-28, Q356, Q133, Q209, QFC9, Q777, ESP-CG3 VGA card, SCSI2SD scsi adapter with 16GB SD Card.
Weighted musical keyboard with a sustain pedal and a soft case.
Alphanumeric Preh keyboard with touchpad and stylus
NEC LCD VGA monitor
MiniPC with preinstalled CMI-Control SW, custom serial cable and PSU, touchpad and new keyboard
Musical keyboard uplift adjustable motor-driven stand with LCD mount
Mainframe stand on wheels
Power distribution unit
Documentation: user manuals, tutorials, CMI-III Service Guide, some prints
Connection cables: 3x power cables, serial to musical keyboard (10 feet), power to musical keyboard (10 feet), VGA cable (6 feet), DVI cable (6 feet), VGA cable (10 feet).

Condition and Restoration Details

Saying that the condition is awesome, actually, is saying nothing. Let me get you introduced to the whole restoration process, what has been done in order to make it so amazing. Every system component was restored, returned back to a factory specs or replaced. Having just about 200s Series III ever produced that’s a bit tricky.

Music keyboard belonged to Stewart Copeland (famous The Police drummer). That’s very rare weighted version which Fairlight put on a special order.

Friday, March 11, 2016


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via this auction

"This Emulator ii has featured on many recordings and has featured on an international artists record that has sold over 1 million copies...

This Emulator was completely overhauled in 2011. There was nothing wrong with it it was just fully cleaned and serviced by SynthProf.

It was also given a service this year by FlinnTone

What is included;

1. Emu Emulator ii in fantastic condition. Fully working with HXC floppy drive SD Card emulator and original floppy drive

2. SD Card with hundreds of sounds. These include the rare Universe of Sound CDs 1 and 2 (I have the original CDs somewhere just have to find them). Sounds from the great JMP Emulator sound designer (I paid for these!) Pretty much every Emulator Sound that can be had

3. Foot Pedal. I have never seen one apart from mine and it came with the machine. In great working condition. Rare as can be

4. CDROM drive again as rare as can be. Unit powers on, reads please insert disc on display and tray comes out. A cable was made up for me by a tech. As I recall the CD just was not read. My tech tells me that it is an easy fix as there are only 2 things that can go wrong with a CDROM. Again absolutely rare as can be

Heres a link to one sold previous

5. Tray of 5 1/4 inch floppies. I believe most of these have been transferred onto the SD Card. 31 disks in total with titles such as ARP Synth Basses,E2 Fairlight etc

6. Flight case. I have never used this as my Emulator site in the studio and has never been moved. It will need a reform refit to fit the synth.

7. Instruction manual. A few pages have come off the binder but pretty much all there."

Monday, November 04, 2013

KORG Introduces Little Bits - Magnetically Snappable Modular Synth

Litttlebits * korg

Published on Nov 3, 2013 Sota TOSHIYOSHI·2 videos
Update: module list & more added below.

Update2: I thought the following was an interesting note from PatchPierre of PatchPierre.Net on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge: "Assuming all LittleBits can interact, the connections with the already existing bits look the most interesting to me. For example: theremin-like creations with and projects with and"

This was supposed to embargoed until November 8th, but it looks like the little bits are out of the box. Below are some shots via lhuga on Flickr and some initial details.   Some of you might remember Little Bits from previous posts (see the LittleBits channel for more). LittleBits was created by Ayah Bdeir. You can see her in this video. The first post went up back on August 12, 2008. I always wondered if more synth bits would be coming. Thanks to KORG it looks like they have.

The price for the kit appears to be 16,000 Yen which translates to roughly $162 US.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slow Synth Jam (MicroKORG, A-Station, fraAngelico, MeeBlip, Kaosspad, etc.)

YouTube Published on Aug 5, 2012 by flx04

"A slow synthesizer jam with the following gear:

MicroKORG, Korg Kaosspad Quad & Kaosspad Mini effects, MFB 522 analog drum machine, Electribe ER-1, Roland U-110, Novation A-Station, Standuino fraAngelico, MeeBlip, Akai APC20 and Ableton Live (for MIDI sequencing).

I programmed most of the patterns beforehand and triggered them live via the APC20. The small Akai LPK25 USB-MIDI keyboard plays the Novation A-Station when it's not sequenced. The fast, pitch-increasing "beep beep beep" sound comes from the Korg Electribe ER-1 drum machine. The blippy, videogame-like sound is the fraAngelico. The piano is the Roland U-110. The Kaosspad Mini adds some distortion to the MFB 522 drums and the Kaosspad Quad adds some reverb and hi-frequency resonance to the final mix.

The rack box contains the A-Station and the U-110 rack synths, as well as a 1U slide-out tray that has some small gear on it.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me a message or comment below this video.

Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero."

Friday, June 27, 2008

JMJ Gives away his RMI Computer Keyboard!

flickr by Neil Vance

"1989 Competition Prize."

full size

BTW, my lovely wife picked up OXYGENE Live in Your Living Room as one of my birthday presents this year. I cannot recommend it enough. It is a synth feast like no other. I had a good time with friends synth spotting and IDing synths. We got all of them of course. :) It was a challenge getting the CD/DVD combo in the US. The first copy she picked up off of Amazon appeared to be open/used and had some flickering going on at the bottom of the screen. She ended up finding a new shrink wrapped copy in NTSC from "thetangotienda" also on Amazon If you want to save the hassle I'd recommend going through them. BTW, it looks like it's just the audio CD but it comes with a DVD of the live footage when you flip the CD tray over, here is the product description off of Amazon:

"Special two disc (CD + PAL/Region 0 DVD)[I picked up the NTSC one] pressing of the 2007 digitally remastered 30th Anniversary edition of this influential Electronic album features a bonus DVD that contains a live performance filmed in HD, behind the scenes footage, 5.1 surround sound mix of the album and more. Famed for it's melodic lushed spaced-out Electronica, this is the album that captured keyboard maestro Jarre at his zenith. The lead single 'Oxygene IV' is one the most recognizable Electronic pieces in recent history. The son of famed French film composer Maurice Jarre, Jean-Michel Jarre is a synthesizer wizard, who had a number of instrumental hits, beginning in 1977 with "Oxygene", the success of which propelled him to pop-star status. In the ensuing decades, he has continued releasing albums and mounting enormous stage spectacles around the globe. EMI. 2007"

More than worth the money.

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