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Friday, November 17, 2023

Visiting Boddika´s Studio in London

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"Al Green aka. Boddika and also one half of Instra:mental has been in this room for nearly 20 years. Green has been an influential producer and DJ throughout the UK dance/club scene for many years. From his work alongside childhood friend Damon as Instra:mental, his solo work and close affiliation with Swamp81, to a string of collaborations with Joy Orbison. These days he still occasionally writes and releases dance music but also works on sound design and music for other projects. He also offers tuition/recording/mixing services from his studio. Every piece of music he has been involved with has been recorded in this room. Today he is giving us a quick tour of his studio (The Zoo) in its most recent form."

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Soma Pulsar Utilities | Superbooth 23

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"We met Vlad at Superbooth 23 to chat about Soma´s new unit called Pulsar Utilities.
Utilities contains a set of simple auxiliary modules to expand the functionality of the PULSAR-23 drum machine but it can also be used with any gear that works with CV signals (Eurorack, semi-modular synthesizers, etc.). Check out what Utilities is all about with Vlad. Enjoy :)"

TipTop Audio About Their Revolution: ART | Superbooth 23

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"One of the disadvantages about Eurorack certainly is Polyphony - and then there was ART. Three simple letters but perhaps the change many of us have waited for. Tiptop Audio´s ART aims to be nothing less than a patch cord revolution. At the Superbooth 23, the manufacturer showed us the new format. Chords, melodies, harmonies and polyphony in the Eurorack - all over a single cable. According to TipTop statements, they have been working on ART for over ten years. There are also first concepts for ART-compatible modules."

UDO Audio Super Gemini | 20 Voice Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synth | Superbooth 23

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"Udo Audio just unveiled their new flagship poly synth, the 20 voice Super Gemini."

First Encounter With Intellijel´s Cascadia

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"Intellijel is certainly a power horse brand when it comes to Eurorack modules: quality, look, sound, innovative thoughts. Now Cascadia has arrived, the first semi-modular synth equipped with 2 analog OSCs and all the utilities you'd need in one rack. Jonas is having a first look at the compact synth.

0:00 Jam
01:11 Intro
01:30 Look
04:30 Patching"

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Sequential Trigon-6 All Presets (No Talking)

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"Are you curious how the Sequential Trigon-6 sounds like? In today’s video we uncover all the pre-installed presets of the new Sequential Synth"

Recreating the OB6 Sound

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"The infamous OB6 marks the last collaboration between Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith and already counts to be one of the most legendary Synths out there. In this week’s video Jonas is trying to recreate the sound of the OB6 with digital and hardware solutions"

Friday, January 06, 2023

Sequential Trigon-6 First Look

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

"The new Sequential installment marks the last development of synth legend Dave Smith and comes with six polyphonic analog voices, aftertouch, polymod and more exciting features."

Be sure to check the dealers on the right for availability as well.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Sequential Take 5 | Their most competitive analog poly synth yet | Superbooth 2021 | Thomann

video upload by Thomann Synthesizers

You can find availability, deals, and pricing via the dealers on the right.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Stay home | Synth Jam | Thomann

Published on Apr 24, 2020 Thomann Synthesizers

"Clubs are closed, concerts got cancelled. Have you been able to perform lately? Jason turned his garden into a jam area. Check out what Boris Johnson has to do with it...

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00: introduction
0:26: jam
11:24: setup
13.26: outro"

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Thomann's Synth Reactor vlog#15 - Waldorf #TSR19

Published on Apr 14, 2019 SynthMania

"Winfried and Rolf of Waldorf show to us their Kyra and Quantum synthesizers at the Thomann's Synth Reactor in March 2019
00:17 Kyra
15:34 Quantum
#Thomann #Waldorf #synthesizer"

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Jakob Haq: Can MOOG convince me to get into MODULAR Synths? | haQ attaQ #TSR19

Published on Mar 24, 2019 Jakob Haq

"Jim from MOOG Music Inc brought a Mother-32 and a DFAM with him to our studio session during the Thomann Synth Reactor 2019 event. Ever wondered why you can’t find any videos on my channel featuring MODULAR synthesizer that requires patching through cable wiring? Go ahead and search my 700 videos and you’ll quickly realise that I haven’t made any videos on Modular synths requiring virtual cable patching either (well there’s is one, but it’s not about a synth per see). I simply do not like the wiring-like workflow that these types of synths call for. Now, you have to see this one though because Jim here is tasked with ... changing my mind. Can he do it?

#TSR19 #MOOG #Synthesizers"

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Uli Behringer on Next Steps - New Affordable Clones of Classic Vintage Synths & More

This one in via Soviet Space Child.  Further below you will find a post from Uli Behringer on what he plans next.  It is pretty much in line with what he said in his recent interview posted here on the 23rd. Note he mentions bringing old classics back along with new creations. An interesting side note, is it appears Music Group IP, which Behringer falls under, made logo and trademark grabs for Oberheim. Via dluther:

"The Oberheim logo and trademarks seem to have been filed by Music Group after Gibson turned it over to Wells Fargo, and it expired:

USPTO Assignments on the Web

Then Music Group IP made a claim on it on Dec 8 of last year (awaiting examination

Trademark Status & Document Retrieval

And Gibson must have caught wind of what's going on and is now trying to retrieve it on behalf of Bank of America as a "Security Interest:"

USPTO Assignments on the Web

It's interesting to note they filed these trademarks under the Music Group IP Inc. name instead of some shell organization. Given the specificity of the Oberheim marks reserved, I'd venture their next big synth will be an 'homage' to the OB-Xa, and possibly an OSCar. Given their treatment of the Juno-106, it might be something special..."

And here is what Uli Behringer had to say regarding what's coming:

"Hello everyone, please allow me to chime in.

Since the introduction of our first synth, the DeepMind12, it has now become the best selling synthesizer at the world's largest retailers Thomann and Sweetwater. Our team is so excited that we have decided to go "all in".

What does that mean?

We have since hired 20 incredibly talented engineers and synth experts, and we're hiring many more. In fact we're looking for passionate software and hardware engineers for our Innovation Center in Manchester, UK. Please feel free to drop me a note and CV if you're interested...

Our dream is to cover every musical and technological angle, which includes analog and digital synths, samplers, romplers, drum machines - you name it.

We have also taken on the challenge to see if we can make a really cool analog synth for US$ 49 retail. That's not easy, but we'll give it a try! We like to make analog synths available especially for kids so they can learn to play an electronic instrument.

We'll be reviving both legacy synths based on authentic designs and original components but we're also heavily investing in research in the areas of cutting-edge granular and waveform synthesis, etc. in order to innovate and create something completely new.

Many people have asked us to revive synth jewels from the past and make them affordable so everyone can own one. This very much resonates with me because when I was a kid, I spent hours in stores playing and admiring those synths - however I couldn't afford them which was tremendously frustrating.

Frankly, I never understood why someone would charge you US$ 4,000 for a MiniMoog, when the components just cost around US $200.

We at Midas and Behringer believe in bringing these instruments back and making them affordable so everyone can play and enjoy them.

In order to introduce young people to the world of synthesizers, we have also hired lots of university fresh grads for our engineering departments - great guys that have discovered and now love building synths.
I can honestly say that this the best vibe we have ever had in our company and I am tremendously proud of these guys who put incredible effort and time in designing those synths.

As always we love to hear from you, learn what your thoughts are and what you want us to make. Building great things for customers is what we love and the purpose why we exist.

Thank you for all the fantastic support!


Update: New OSCar and ARP 2600 on Behringer's Radar - this explains the OSCar logo above.

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