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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Evaton Technologies CLX dual clock module for eurorack modular

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Flux302 of

Dual Clock / LFO / Clocked Logic Module

Stop using up your LFOs as clock sources in complex patches!

The CLX is a dual clock source module, with two independent, free-running, 50% duty-cycle square wave analog oscillators, plus logic outputs. Each oscillator has its own frequency control knob, and a high and low frequency range, which is selectable via a toggle switch.

The frequency ranges from less than one cycle per second up into the low audio (several hundred hertz) range.

Clocked Logic
In addition to the two independent clock outputs, the CLX has an output for the Logical AND and Logical XOR (exclusive OR) of the two clocks. The AND output is high only when both the A and B clocks are high. The XOR output is high only when A is high or B is high, but not both.

The logic outputs allow you to create some complex rhythmic material by using the ratio of the two clock rates to produce intricate repeating patterns of clocks.

Gate Driver
All CLX outputs can also be used as gates for things like Envelope Generators, VCA's, etc. The XOR output becomes very interesting when used as a gate source, as the pulse width of the XOR signal varies as the A and B clocks go in and out of phase.

The CLX outputs are unipolar square wave outputs, and can be used anywhere a square wave LFO would be used. Using the logic outputs allows you to create a dynamically-changing LFO.

Audio Drone
The CLX outputs go up into the audio frequency range, and can be used as fixed oscillators. The logic outputs sound very reminiscent of ring-modulated drones, as the AND and XOR signals vary in pulse width depending on the frequency and relative phase of the A and B clocks.

Width: 6HP
Depth: 20mm
Power: 10 mA @ +/- 12V
Range: Sub-1Hz to 230 Hz
Signal Output: 0 to 8V

Available Soon
The CLX will be available Summer of 2015, MSRP $159 USD"

Big Freedia Died For Our Synths

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Oren Levy

"Butchered the Big Freedia In Your Pocket and hooked it up to the Eurorack."

West Coast Bach III & IV

Published on Aug 9, 2015 ngarjuna

"III. Courante
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

We all know Bach on the East Coast synthesizer...but sometimes he just likes to lay low on the West side. Make Noise/Intellijel/4ms voice"

West Coast Bach IV

Published on Aug 9, 2015

IV. Sarabande
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

All parts here.


Published on Aug 9, 2015 djtricks1

"ROLAND 7X7 ARIA TR 8 UPGRADED TO TR-707/TR-727(JAN 2015) TB-303 &TB-3"

NORD LEAD 1 【SYNTHESIZER MUSIC】 - "Zade" - Ambient chillout / space music

Published on Aug 9, 2015

"'Zade' is a demonstration of the type of synthesizer music I can make with the 'Great' Clavia Nord Lead 1... I hope you have a good subwoofer. I have set this performance to a 'video.'"

Evaton Technologies CLX Modules Have Landed

"The Evaton Technologies CLX clocked logic / LFO / clock module has arrived. Undergoing final assembly and test early this week, the modules will be shipping in just a few days! The CLX module combines two free-running square wave oscillators, each with high and low range, and also provides the logical AND and logical XOR of these two clocks, to create complex clock sources, polyrhythmic gate signals, LFOs, or even audio drones. MSRP $159 USD."

Vintage Hohner Bass 3 III analog bass synth

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Eljasz

via this auction

"This auction is for a 1970s Hohner Bass 3 vintage analog bass synth. Used by many producers, including DangerMouse, it packs serious punch for its size, and this particular unit has been professionally serviced and seems to be in excellent working condition."

Kilpatrick Phenol Portable Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

$150 premium on this one to avoid the pre-order wait.

"The first Kilpatrick Phenol on eBay! Used less than an hour!
The PERFECT entry into Modular Synthesis without mortgaging your house. Pristine condition.
Comes with everything in the package, plus 10 extra high quality Pomona Red BananaPlug Cables (a $60 value), totally 20 cables.
Kickstarter darling! Be one of the first few people to get one of these.
This thing is eurorack compatible (same voltages), and Kilpatrick Audio is working on cables to connect into.
CV, MIDI, AUDIO In, Built-in Delay!"

Yamaha CS-70m rare analogue synthesizer SN 1441

via this auction

"One of the rarest analogue synths ever. 12 VCOs, stereo output - real fat sound! Pretty close to CS-80, but much stable and autotunable.

In fully working order and good cosmetic condition.

Pots and switches moves without any cracks or noises. The tune is fine. Patch memory function also works as should.

No dust or dirt inside.

All electrolytic capacitors in power supply was replaced and PSU was precisely adjusted after that.
Fully serviced and ready for years of problem-free use!

As you can see in photos, battery cover has lost some paintwork, because of old battery leakage. I have changed battery holder to the exactly same, but new and clean. ( if you need the old battery holder, I can included it.)

Socket for power cable was replaced to the standard type, that you can find on any modern PC, for example. If you want, I can place original socket back, and give you original cable, but if you loose or broke it, I am sure that it will be pain to find a replacement because of it rareness..."

Jen SX1000 Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"In good working condition, front panel very good, a few knob caps missing as usual, wooden side cheeks a bit scratched and used. This is a good workhorse synth with an immediate interface allowing for fast creation of new sounds."

Teisco S100P Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Versatile 1970s synth in superb condition with clean, unmarked panels, brightly coloured knob caps, unmarked body (except for faint mark where a label has been removed above the keyboard). Some slight dints in the wooden ends. The general consensus is that these synths were made by Arp.

All functions work well: the Mode switch doesn't click into it's 3 positions but does work correctly. The aftertouch is a bit stiff and needs a firm key press. Very dramatic modulation effects are easily achieved with the aftertouch. As well as loads of presets there is a non resonant filter called Brilliance, LFO, Portamento/Glissando (very unusual!), Flanger, Spring Reverb (very, very unusual!), Repeat, Pitch Bend, Hold and more.

Supplied with power lead and manual (not original)."

West Coast Bach VI

Published on Aug 9, 2015 ngarjuna

"VI. Passepied II (with da capo I)
English Suite #5 (BWV 810)
Johann Sebastian Bach

We all know Bach on the East Coast synthesizer...but sometimes he just likes to lay low on the West side. Make Noise/Intellijel/4ms voice"

All parts here.

Easel Eventide Space Demo

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Todd Barton

"Just a quick and very sonically rough demo of adding a ton of Eventide Space reverb to a simple Easel patch."

Buchla 207r Expansion In Tip

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Todd Barton

"Not a 'big' tip but a fun one. Since the Expansion Input on the Buchla 207e mixer has no attenuation and is routed permanently to the final mix is it perfect for external softsynth keyboard. In this instance an East Coast digital Animoog meets the West Coast Buchla. Enjoy"

Animoog for iPhone - Moog Music Inc.

Wogglebug on acid minisession

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Human Koala

"Test for next livesession
TT303 gate and cv inside wogglebug -X qmmg -X clouds"

Live Modular Synth Performance: "Free Ride" by P.O.B. (@obrienmedia)

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Patrick OBrien

"My latest modular synthesizer song, performed live, showcasing all the sick lights and sounds that make modular synths the best musical instruments ever.

- The beginning "horn" is a sample sound from QuBit's Nebulae

- Added the Mutant drums (Bassdrum, HiHats, Cymbals), with the bass line from The Harvestman's Hertz Donut.

- Flute melody comes from Mutable Instruments' Braids, morphed by Expert Sleepers' Disting, then crazy distorted by the Malgorithm, pulling the patch cord out from Metrolpolis and touching the pitch jack for the heavy metal guitar breakdown.

- Bells at the end from Mutable's Elements with DPO and tELHARMONIC both being filtered with high resonance by DSI's Curtis Filter.

- Rhythms created by both the Delptronics Trigger Man and 4ms' SCM/SCM Breakout.

No computers were used in this piece. All modular synths.

I am P.O.B. living in Los Angeles.

You can also find me as obrienmedia on social media.

Follow me on SoundCloud:
Follow me on Twitter:
Follow me on Instagram: (search hashtag #modularsynth)
Follow me on Facebook:

Recorded August 9, 2015 in Los Angeles, California."

Solid Walnut Chassis / Body / Case for the KORG Polysix

via this auction

The listing is for the case only.

"The sides and front rail are crafted out of solid walnut which is quite expensive. The bottom panel is made out of quality maple plywood (no particle board or utility grade plywood here). I recently built another for a Polysix owner and now have decided to offer these on eBay. I'm not aware of anyone else currently making these available. There was another guy once, but he seems to have vanished about 3 years ago. From his pictures, I didn't like what he was offering anyhow. He had large screws on the outside holding on the end caps, junky, knotty utility grade plywood for the bottom and no RF shielding added. Other than the internal battery that would often leak and destroy a Polysix, a common complaint of owners was the cheap particle board body that banged up and crumbled easily."

Serge Format CGS BOG (Bringer of Groove) Analogue Modular Synthesizer Panel

via this auction

"There are a couple of modifications:

1. Push/pull knob on the LFO rate to select slow/fast
2. The standard VCA mod to pull the level up."

Electro Outdoor Jam (iPad only, SAMPLR, Elastic Drums, Borderlands)

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Perplex On

"(Reupload with better audio and video quality)
Little outdoor improv using an iPad loaded with SAMPLR, Elastic Drums and Borderlands. Mixed with MiMix Audiobus Mixer."

Samplr - Touch the Music - Marcos Alonso
Elastic Drums - O-G-SUS
Borderlands Granular - Chris Carlson
MiMiX - Mixer for Audiobus - TTrGames
Audiobus - Audiobus Pty Ltd

Live Modular Synthesizer Track with Arturia Beatstep Pro and Roland JX3P Lead

Published on Aug 9, 2015 darksideothetune

"All drums and sound effects created with modular synthesizer. Lead distorted sound with Roland JX3P and Big Muff."


Published on Aug 9, 2015 ux256


No synth audio but kind of fun to watch. I actually watched this one through. What's wrong with me...

Welcome to the synth addicted. Yes, I am a synthaholic.

Lot's of Clavia. Two Blofelds, Microbrute and Minibrute.

Arjen Schat | Sequential Session: Fibonacci

Published on Aug 9, 2015 Arjen Schat

"Fibonacci sequence applied to steps between the notes, the notes are transposed with a sequenced arpeggio and switch between cycle and random mode."

Moog Slim Phatty & Elektron Octatrack.

Macbeth M5 Semi Modular Analog Synth Demo

Uploaded on Feb 27, 2009 RadarMonkey

"Played on the Macbeth M5! No effects were used other than the onboard spring reverb."

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 DEMO

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2009

"This demo I did using just a tad of reverb and delay in ableton SORRY purists had to put a little delay heh he."

Note the polyphonic aftertouch at times in the demo. The T8 was one of the only synths to have it along with the Yamaha CS80.


Published on Aug 9, 2015 synths colors

Roland System 500 demo by Scott from Malekko at TFoM 2015 Tokyo, Japan

Published on Aug 9, 2015 ED電音頻道 E.D.Music Channel

"Copyright: E.D.Music Co.
Gear used: Roland System 500
Special thanks: Roland Japan, Scott from Malekko, Dave Skipper, Kenichi Hata"

Roland System 500 first sound from its VCO module at TFoM 2015 Tokyo, Japan

Published on Aug 9, 2015 ED電音頻道 E.D.Music Channel

"Copyright: E.D.Music Co.
Gear used: Roland AIRA MX1, TB3, SBX1, System 500 Modules
Special thanks: Roland Japan, Dave Skipper, Kenichi Hata"

Elka Synthex original joystick cap

via this auction

A unique item from MATRIXSYNTH Member rosynth. Be sure to see their other listings. Remember, supporters of the site are free to send in eBay items related to synths.

Cwejman DMF-2 Dual Mode Filter

via this auction

"The DMF-2 is a dual mode and dual slope filter. The DMF-2 emulates the familiar low pass filter in 4 pole mode and expands sonic potential by adding a unique designed 6 pole low pass mode and quasi and pass mode.

Both filters (A and B) are identical and can be controlled separately and by master inputs for the cutoff (CM A+B). The audio outputs from both filters are combined (LPF A+B and BPF A+B) with dual resonance (peak and offers "formant" shaped sounds in low pass and band pass mode. Filters has an individual audio input and additionally combined input (AUDIO A+B).

The DMF-2 is characterized by a non-linear transfer function, so-called saturation mode, that is affected by the level strenght of the incoming signals.

The design quality of LPF's and new features makes the DMF-2 very flexible and results in qualities, such as:
CUTOFF, Q-PEAK are voltage controlled
4 and 6 poles low pass mode (24 dB/octave and 36 dB/octave)
Quasi band pass mode (6dB/octave high pass on the low side and 24dB/octave low pass on the high side)
Saturable; from "warm" and "smooth" sound (at low to moderate level of incoming signal) to heavy distorted "nasty" and "aggressive" (at high level of incoming signals)
Ideal as "effect filter"
Formant mode (dual peak) with summed inputs and outputs
Stereo effects
Low noise"


via this auction

"Roland's first truly professional analog synthesizer. This amazing piece features 16 rich analog oscillators at 2 per voice.

Great sliders, knobs and buttons to give you the maximum flexible for tweaking each sound.

This piece also includes Midi sockets by Encore Electronics, which is another rare feature for the Jupiter 8.

The MIDI IN works perfectly which makes it easier and more convenient to work with your DAWs. The MIDI OUT is not functional in this unit, as it was designed in this way.

Although there are some minor scratches, the piece is in excellent condition for its age..."

Roland MSQ-700 Sequencer

via this auction

"Very cool mid-80s sequencer from Roland for their MIDI and DCB (but not at the same time) keyboards. Having DCB allows you to use this to record from and playback sequences to Juno 60s and Jupiter 8s as well. Can Sync the sequencer to 808s, 606s, CR8000s and other drum machines that have DIN-SYNC. You can even save aftertouch info when using MIDI.

This works fully but will need a new battery if you intend to power it off and save your sequences."

Vintage ROLAND TB-303 & TR-606 Lot w/ Cases

via this auction

"Also included in this job lot:

- 2x Genuine Roland flight / canvas cases.
- Genuine Roland TB-303 Operators Manual (**a little rough around the edges - all pages intact - see pictures**)
- DIN Sync Analogue Cable to hook them both up together
- 2 x 9V Power Supplys (not originals but replacements)
- Operators Manual for the TR-606 (photocopy) and Service Notes for both units (photocopies)...

Both sound absolutely AMAZING...

However... PLEASE NOTE:

On testing the knobs and buttons (after 30 years stored) I've noticed a couple of operating problems...


The Decay knob doesn't appear to effect the sound when turned so may have a slight faulty connection.


1) the CH (closed hat) - you can't hear the sound when the knob is turned (again could be a slight faulty connection)
2) Button number 16 won't light up when pressed (this could be tempremental too)..."

Roland TR-808 Analogue Synthesizer Drum Machine SN 269573

via this auction

"This unit has had only one owner (a professional company) and was recently serviced by an engineer. Works great with no issues.
All original unit.

This 808 unit has had very low use from the original owner. It's clear that this 808 has not had a hard life. As can be seen from the many detailed photos below, it works and presents very well."

ROLAND SH-101 Grey - Inc MSG-1 Mod Grip

via this auction


Published on Aug 9, 2015 rezzy blips

"Thought it was about time I got the tr8 out for a session adding a updated volca sample with a tb 303 sounding sample using the kaossilator pro to add fx . all footage done on the gopro hero 4 silver edition spliced with powerdirector 9 plus some apps"

JD XI chilled set

Published on Aug 9, 2015 KlaatuNinja

"Some of my chilled tracks on JD XI"

Patch n Tweak

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