MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Flashbulb Human Action Network's Benn Jordan's Roland TB-303 and TR-606 For Sale

Uploaded on Aug 21, 2008 Kanál uživatele crtrrrst

"Album: Acidwolf - Legacy : 1995-2005 (Visual Chicago Acid Edition)
Label: Alphabasic
Catalog#: ALPH303
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 01 Sep 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid"

This one in via Loscha.

via this auction

"For sale here is something that has been close to my heart for many years. I have used these synthesizers countless times in my albums as The Flashbulb, Acidwolf, Human Action Network, and many more aliases. I have used them at gigs such as DEMF, Sonar, and Bangface, and cared for them as if they were my infant children.

That's why I'm selling them. The TB-303 is in excellent condition. It's rare to see one this clean. I'm about to move my studio for a 3rd time in 5 years and simply feel anxious about keeping it in this condition through moves and various applications. I'd rather use my cruddy, old 303 than risk devaluing this one. As my favorite synth, I've also used this thing too much. It's time to pass the torch on, per say.

Enough about my stupid headcase and on to what's for sale.

1 original TB-303. Incredible condition. It's very clean (note that I didn't dust it for the pictures, for the sake of honesty). There are signs of wear around the cutoff and resonance knobs, and the volume knob is ever-so-slightly scratchy as the potentiometer reaches it's 33rd birthday. There's a couple very minor scratches on the back, the original battery door is there, and still latches perfectly. I have tested it on both battery and 9v wall power, and it works just dandy.

1 original TB-606. Unlike the 303, the 606's cosmetic condition reflects its age. It's missing the battery door and a knob, has a couple scratches, and could use a date with a q-tip and some cleaner. Everything is 100% functional, but the volume knob is scratchy, a bit more than the TB-303. Functional on both batteries and wall power.

1 really ugly, but virtually indestructible custom made foam case. I made it myself about 13 years ago out of a tool case and some custom memory foam I ordered. It's ghetto looking, but if you ever feel like running over your TB-303 and TB-606 with a car, this will probably keep you making music with them.

If you're a fan of my music and don't care about the authenticity, I'll sign it. I'll cringe while getting the marker and spend about 10 minutes deciding where to sign it, but your wish is my command. I could also ship it with the batteries if you want the original patterns for S. Kedzie Theme. :)"

Electrix Filter Factory

via this auction

Experimental session 7

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Metatron's Cube

"Posted for posterity. Thanks for watching/listening!"

Yamaha Reface DX, KORG Volcas & Monotribe...

Reface on eBay

LinnStrument Panel Settings

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Roger Linn

"Roger describes in detail all of LinnStrument's panel settings."

ModularBr 2014 omni folktek solo

Uploaded on Sep 20, 2015 Zaws

"Performance com Omnichord Folktek, Minimoog Voyager/moogerfooger Delay, Virus TI e Ableton Live no evento anual da Modular Br que ocorreu no estudio da Dissensor Records

Filmagem - Mattheus Chediak"

Hordijk System #1

Published on Sep 20, 2015 d4nnyp

"Trying out my new Hordijk Modular.
Reverb / delay is Strymon Bigsky / Timeline"

Moog Source SN 2191

via this auction

"In really excellent shape with all controls and sounds working, the Source features a 37-note keyboard, and two VCOs that can be selected among three waveforms and three octaves. The memory is capable of holding 16 presets. Programmed presets can be saved to an audio cassette interface to free up the onboard memory for additional new patches. The 24dB/octave VCF has parameters for keyboard tracking, cutoff frequency, resonance, and envelope amount. There are two ADSR envelope generators that can be set in single or multi trigger modes, one for the VCF and one for the VCA. For modulation, the Source features LFO and sample and hold. The unit also features a rudimentary sequencer."


Published on Sep 20, 2015

"Just a quick capture of a new track I'm working on.

The low, tom-like percussive sounds are from the DPO.
The vocal sample is John Siracusa trapped in the Phonogene. Mysteron is responsible for this sharper toned melody while the Telharmonic plays the main melody.
Moog Prodigy on bass. xKong Electribe plays closed hats and snare."

Adding 3 VCOs to a DSI Pro2 using CV

Published on Sep 20, 2015 SB-SIX

"Just a small demo showing how you can expand the pro2 with analog vco's from an mfb osc-3. By using just 1 module, a ton of new possibilities open up. A few basic sounds are demoed here, not a musical statement."

hypnotic JAM makenoise phonogene mutable instrument clouds serge TKB - eurorack modular synth

Published on Sep 20, 2015

phonogene on the fly loop
clouds in looper mode + reverb
Serge TKB VCO to QMMG in LPG
drums : Grids, Branches, Peaks, Hats808

Tell Me (Final Fantasy VIII) feat. Soundole VGM Covers

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Steven Morris

"Tell Me
Cover by Steven Morris feat. Soundole VGM Covers
Written by Nobuo Uematsu (植松伸夫)
From Final Fantasy VIII (ファイナルファンタジーVIII)

This cover is part of the Gametabs Album #5: Final Fantasy VIII"

Real Time Automation of Roland System-100 Plug-out with Ableton Live

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Mark Mosher

"Just downloaded the trial of Roland System-100 plugout and thought I'd experiment with 'wrenching' it around using real-time automation and automation envelopes in Live. Love this thing - woot!"

ROLAND JD-XA // Factory Presets // Bank B

Published on Sep 20, 2015 LESINDES

"Testing the presets of brandnew ROLAND JD-XA. BANK B.
Using arpeggios and preset sequences if there are any preprogrammed. Tweaking occasionally. JD-XA does not contain any drum kits as its smaller and cheaper sibling is providing. If there are any drums to be heard they're mostly programmed from scratch with the internal sound engines -- both digital and analog.

More thoughts about the synth:
Many options. But it is a little bit the JD800 problem: the basic sound is quickly edited but the fine tuning takes hours because you have to step thru hundreds of parameters in a 2-line-display (without dial!!!).
No computer editor!

The sequencer is almost the same as in JD-Xi with the same flaws. It crashes frequently and it DOES NOT TRANSPOSE! I hope Roland will fix and implement this with the next update.

About the integration of digital and analog section: The routing is a bit confusing to me but once you managed to lea a digital sound through the analog section it sounds very nice. The digital waves are also well chosen and sounding. For understanding the concept: There are two synths -- one digital, one analog -- that only share the housing and the FX. As a consequence you cannot choose a digital waveform in your analog synth you can only lead a complete sound of the digital machine through the analog section for sound enhancement.
But all in all it is a versatile well sounding synth!"

Atomosynth Mochika 2 & Roland Vintage

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Dante Gonzales

"Programmed & Performed by Dante Gonzales
El Paraíso del Silicio
Lima - Perú 2008
Derechos Reservados"

Atomosynth on eBay

DSP Synthesizers dsp-D8 Gets TR-727 Latin Percussion

via Jan of DSP Synthesizers

"The dsp-D8 now got a Latino friend, the dsp-L8 PCM Latin Percussions.

Percussion kit with 8 sounds and separate trigger inputs.

6 of the sounds can be separatly tuned using 6 analog inputs 0-5v.

40KHz sample frequency.

3-5volt power and no external components besides a passiv LPF.

Sounds include: Agogo, Conga, Cabasa, Timbale, Maracas, Quijada, Chime and Whistle.

Simple to use as a soundchip in an analog drumsynth or module.

This is the TR-727 in a single chip!

In a pair with the dsp-D8 chip they give a complete kit with 16 sounds and 12 of them tuneable.


Atmosphere : KORG DSN-12

Published on Sep 20, 2015 karenevil

"Experimental movie with lazy 20BPM 16steps single pattern soundtrack on DSN-12 :D"

Yamaha TX416 FM Synthesizer Rack with Beetle PR-7 Programmer

via this auction

"Yamaha TX416 Rack Mount FM synthesizer. This is a TX 816 rack with 4 modules. It has the legendary Yamaha FM synthesizer sounds that were used on so many hits in the 1980's. Basically it is 4 DX7's in a rack. From beautiful bells to Rhodes piano's and Marimbas it has a unique sound and when layered it sounds fat and so musical. I used this on many hit records from Luther Vandross,Miles Davis, Roberta Flack, Chaka Kahn and many more. I am also throwing in the Beetle programmer that makes programming it a breeze. It was not working because I need a AC adapter for it-But if you buy this it will be worth looking into getting it as it makes programming a breeze. The 416 has been in The same rack for years just sitting there-Time to get somebody to use it"

Yamaha CS-15 with Original Japanese Manual & Bach Revolution Sound Chart & Case

via this auction

I think this is the first time I've ever seen the Bach Revolution Sound Chart. An obscure and interesting bit of synth history paraphernalia.

Mint Roland Juno 106 with Wood Side Panels

via this auction

Note the listing states the Juno-106 was the first Roland synth to have MIDI. It was actually the JX-3P.

"Here is a complete list of the work that was done by Allen Coppock at Synth Spa in the States:

- Wooden end panels - custom made cherry hardwood end panels installed.

- Complete internal overhaul including new high quality voice chips installed (all six, so there are no risks of future failure)

- Update to new "socketed" voice chips so they can replaced easily, if they do ever fail

- Replacement of the battery and update with a battery holder (instead of the original soldered battery) for future replacement

- External clean of all the switches and buttons

- Cleaning of the key action and internal check / recalibration

- Update all LEDs and the 2-digit display to new ones

- Add a red pitch bend knob

- Add a 3-prong socket for the power input (standard "kettle cord" that most synths use)

- Voltage change to 240V for Australia, so you don't need a step-down transformer

- Restore all the original factory programmes"

MicroBrute GarageBand Song

Published on Sep 19, 2015 chisel316

"Just got an iPad mini 4. Plugged in my MicroBrute using an iRig 2, launched GarageBand for the first time and this is the result. All sounds are from the MicroBrute except the drums."

Effects4YourSynthesizer Ep3: Glitchmachines Subvert

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Synth Anatomy

"In this episode of Effects4YourSynthesizer, I check out Glitchmachines Subvert.

Glitchmachines Subvert is a savage 3-Channel distortion processor designed to facilitate the decimation of the frequency spectrum. Based around 5 effects; multimode distortion, FM ring modulator, digitizer, metalizer and multimode filter, Subvert generates anything from subtle harmonics to relentlessly brutal distortions. Offering three channels of each effects chain and a wealth of modulation options, Subvert is our take on the ideal tool to inject your productions with a sinister and aggressive edge.

Driving its core are 2 envelope followers and 4 LFOs with optional tempo sync, which can have their output inverted or combined using up to 4 mixers. The final output of the plugin can also be sculpted with the on board master Equalizer. Subvert features 80 factory presets from sound designers Ivo Ivanov, Nicholas Yochum, Daed and Subjex. From subdued, hostile overtones to deadly seething noisescapes, Subvert will bring an extensive range of vicious effects to your audio arsenal.

Personal impressions:
+ dirty distortion plugin
+ create special distorted sounds also with the factory library
+ random function gives you some suprise sounds
+ simple interface

What I love to see:
- random feature for each channel"

Analogue Solutions Leipzig-s (Loop #116)

Published on Sep 20, 2015 alternatingbitmusic

"Can't stop loving this analog beast. Can't stop sharing the love.
Here's a rather synthpop-like loop that is pretty cool considering there is no layering of audio tracks, it's literally the Leipzig-s's internal sequencer and multi-layered oscillators & modulation that make this such a rich sequence. Completely dry, no effects, with added minimal percussion via the Vermona DRM1-MKIII. Key control via the Akai MPK61."

Buchla 200 meets LZX Visual cortex

Published on Sep 20, 2015 DJjondent

"The Visual Cortex is very deep. Lots to explore."

THE BATELEUR VCO - Minute Patch #1

Published on Sep 20, 2015 birdkids

"MINUTE PATCH: A series of simple and not so simple patches - duration: 1 minute
No rules, no dogmas.

This patch is a sine and filter in self-oscillation summed, slight detune between the two, the VCO's core is in tzfm mode modulated via makenoise MATHS in cycle mode, rené is sequencing.
Slight Spring Reverb"

Freddy Krueger Melody

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Elpiulas

"Melodía de la película 'Pesadilla en Elm Street'. Tocada con un sintetizador Roland FA-06 y grabada con teléfono Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge."

Live Streaming Improv

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Jacob Watters

"This is a live improv performance for the September Equinox event on I knew how I was going to start, and I made up the rest on the spot."

Dapayk & Roland Aira TR 8, System 1, VT 3, TB 3, MX 1 (Provence Electronica Sun Downer)

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Dapayk Solo

"Here's a little Electronica jam I recorded...
All drum & synth sounds are coming from the Roland Airas, all vocal samples from Ableton. The System-1 & the TB-3 receive notes from Ableton too.
Listen @Soundcloud:"

Prophet-6, SPACE VOICE, Spacey Ambient, Preset 316

Published on Sep 20, 2015 Bob Gomez

"Original tune in Ambient Spacey style performed on the Prophet-6 Synthesizer...I call it Space Voice. Listen to the rich analog synth textures of unaltered Preset 316 which is called "Higher than the Sweep" by Dave Smith Instruments."

Modular Dronebient

Published on Sep 19, 2015 FatSynthDude

"Kinda funny how I really have to be in the mood to listen to ambient, drone, and noise but since getting into Eurocrack I can't get enough of making them.

There's a whole lot going into this patch but the key player here is the Doepfer Seq Switch clocked at audio rate so that it's hyperactively switching between four different oscillators and creating this wild moving harmonic oscillator.

The other big key to this patch is the Soundmachines modules. All they're really doing is controlling the gain on the Doepfer QVCA, but man are they sexy to play with and look at! I have dreams of one day owning a skiff full of those modules just to perform with; I'd have an LP1 for each thumb and an LS1 for each of my other fingers.

Speaking of the LP1, the pressure axis controls the gain for the VCA running the Blue Lantern Asteroid BD.

The Flame Talking Synth and the MFB Kraftwerg also make significant amounts of noise."

Patch n Tweak

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