MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

astral electrons

Published on Oct 24, 2015 rezzy blips

"KORG Volca sample Aira Roland TB3 in session , excited new equipment on its way and re inventing sound is here"

Cyclone Bass Bot TT-303 303 Analogic

via this auction

"Up for sale is a Cyclone Analogic TT-303 in original box, with original manual, original MIDI cable and 9V Australian power adaptor. All in mint condition."

Buchla Easel Feedback Patch 2

Published on Oct 24, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

"Using the feedback as a second instrument, with modulation from the modulation osc."

AnalogKit Demo

Published on Oct 24, 2015 redskylullaby

"Running through some projects put together in the Modular music app Analog Kit by Bitcount. All patches made on iPad2, you can do much more complex projects on newer devices"

iTunes: AnalogKit - Bitcount ltd.

Roland MKS-70 Super JX Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Split 8 Analog Poly Synth SN 12155

via this auction

"An incredibly powerful, beautiful, lush and warm 8 voice vintage analog synthesizer. The voices can even be stacked into a thick 4 voice or monster 8 VCO mono synth!

This synth has MIDI and 8 VCO's! And it cost less than a Juno 60!

Being vintage, the output level pots are pretty scratchy. Obviously this doesn't effect the sound when you are playing. All the keys respond very well, however one key (the upper G#) is a little more stubborn. It works it just needs to be hit a little more aggressively."

The listing compares the Split 8 to a Prophet-5. It's definitely not in the same league. It was part of Sequential Circuits more affordable synth line and shares the same synth engine as the Six-Trak and Multi-Trak.

Roland Boutique JP-08 JU-06 JX-03 epic ambient jam session

Published on Oct 24, 2015 ollilaboratories

"So, what is better than playing one of the new Roland Boutique synths? Playing ALL three of them at the same time of course! Seriously, I have not had this much fun in ages.

I set up three independent patches, JX-03 with a slow attack fifth pad, the JU-06 with a slow PWM lead .. and finally the JP-08 with a complex sequence pattern.

I am adding a fair amount of delay and reverb on this patch, using two MS70s.

Well, not much else other to say than... play it loud and enjoy! :)"

Roland Boutique JP-08 noodle demo

Published on Oct 24, 2015 ollilaboratories

"So finally I get to play the JP-08, modeled on the king of polyphonic synthesizers, Jupiter-8. I have never been this excited in my entire life.. wow what a machine!

So , before you start listening there is a couple of things.. i have never owned a Jupiter-8 nor Jupiter-6 so this synth is pretty new to me, which means that i am a bit lost at times. Also the sonical palette of this synth, is WAY more than i could possibly ever fit into 30 minutes of noodling... it is extremely powerful. So please do not expect this to be it, I have merely scratched on its surface.

This for me is just a feeling of the basic sounds of the synth, and yikes i can understand why people are in love with the Jupiter-8.

So onto the sliders, they are a bit small i agree.. but after some practice they are pretty simple to maneuver since they have a solid feel and some nice resistance in them. However, the Cross Modulation slider is probably the hardest one to set .. it takes a few seconds to get it right. (not in any way impossible)

There are NO external FX in the beginning, after 25.45 minutes i add vanilla reverb and delay to finish the session off.

I really hope this video as the other two, JX03/JU06 one is helpful and informational, just let the synths do the talking. Now i am off to record a massive JAM session with ALL three of them... so stay tuned for more! :)


Spatial Fontiers vi

"The last concert in Control Voltage Therapy's series, Spatial Frontiers featuring Todd Barton and Bruce Bayard on BEMI Music Easels. Rendered in stereo here but performed at the Schneider Museum of Art in quadraphonic."

Sedative Patch -Buchla Music Easel.

Published on Oct 24, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

"A very simple patch where the modulation Osc is used to fade the feedback in and out behind the steady, random pitched pluck sequence."

OBERHEIM OB-1 Vintage Analog Synthesizer 1978 with Colored Knobs

via this auction

Snazzy FX : GTR_amp module/tidal wave /wow module /out to tube amp

Published on Oct 24, 2015 snazelle

Guitar meets modular.

"First demo with the final proto
Guitar goes into module
Module out to tidal wave and wow and flutter then back into GTR_amp module then out to tube amp ...includes overdrive , discrete transistor input and gain stages , trigger out and proper attenuation and buffering to go back to amp (or just stay in euro and use your regular setup with a nice guitar input with overdrive and trigger out )"

"due to popular demand, Snazzy FX has created a module made just for you GUITARISTS!

THE GTR AMP euro Module!

Allowing you to both Control other modules with your guitar (such as triggering an envelope) And use your guitar as a +/-5v signal, effects like Ring Modulation, Triggered Sweeps, Tremolo, and more can all be patched up when you use the GTR AMP module as your guitars input into the system.

Made to complement a row of SNAZZY FX MODULES (the tidal wave and wow and flutter are both perfect for guitar processing!) as well as work with all other euro modules.

The main advantage of the module is the HIGH GAIN it can produce without turning your guitar into TOTAL MUSH, however it does range from clean to nicely over-driven."

Waldorf Blofeld Tutorial: Experiments with Pulse Width and Lag Generators

Published on Oct 24, 2015 Mark Pigott

All parts:

wayne brave: cwall (live acidhouse jam)

Published on Oct 24, 2015 Peter Maas

"Live studio jam using machines like the Roland MC202, TR808, TR707, Moog Minitaur, Future Retro Mobius, Volca Sample, Sequential Pro One etc. No computers were hurt during this session.


Make it Happen - Moog Sub 37 | Reface DX | TR8 | Microbrute-Monotribe | Volca Keys

Published on Oct 24, 2015 Madame Doduffort

"Ambient Down-tempo. Live Hardware. Like and subscribe to be notified of latest releases.
Gear used:
Moog Sub 37 - 02:10
Yamaha Reface DX + Fuzone Augmented MIDI 01:11
Roland TR8 (7X7) - 01:11
Volca Keys - 00:05
Arturia Microbrute CV to Korg Monotribe - 00:25
Mooer Reecho - Delay - 00:25
Mooer Shimverb - Reverb - 00:25
EH Small Tone - Phaser"

Kick.S Live / Korg ELECTRIBE MX&xOxbOx&AcidlabMiami X945

Published on Oct 24, 2015

Acidlab Miami
electro harmonix memory boy
electro harmonix Cathedral"

The New Church of Wine

Published on Oct 24, 2015 Wein Glas

"Weinglas starts shoegazing ;)

What you see is what you hear: Just a Ciat Lonbarde Tocante Phashi into an Industrialectric RM-1N!"


via this auction


via this auction

Digital Glitch

Published on Oct 24, 2015 Human Koala

"The input of the camera is a little bit saturated
Hertz donut + telharmonic + oscillator 2 into megawave
Modulated by frames, wogglebug, noisering,
filtered by multifilter in bandpass and qmmg lopass gate
Effect : tyme sefari, clouds"

Circuit-Bent Radioshack Delay Demonstration

Published on Oct 24, 2015 nounandnumber

"Video made to accompany an eBay sale. The following modifications have been made:
- Replaced the line out phono sockets with standard jack sockets.
- Added a switch to allow delay feedback at full saturation (a connection between R20 and R25). This reduces the feedback level when the saturation is set low, however.
- Added a momentary switch to create a "punch in" feedback saturation button (connection between R20 and Jumper 4).
- Added a momentary cut to the inputs. As the mic and line inputs follow two routes, a switch has been added to select between the two.
- Created a touch point to slow the delay speed. This is a connection between C23 and ground and (I think) bleeds the resistor charge. It does come with a high-pitched whine when bled though.
- Replaced the original 4558 op amps with socketed 4580s (after reading about it here: Looking at the before and after audio's spectral frequency seems to show a slight reduction in noise around 2kHz, but it is barely noticeable to be honest."

Farfisa DK250

Published on Oct 24, 2015 ikworgek

"Demotrack from the Farfisa DK-250
It is a home keyboard with some simple synthfunctions.
2 wavetable sounds can be combined with seperate envelopes for both sounds. There is a build in reverb/delay bij Alesis.


Modular Demo 1

Published on Oct 23, 2015 Vlazhnye Fission

"First modular video demonstration. Dual VCO, Quad Serge Waveshaper, Dual Lowpass Gates, Quad VCA, Joystick voltage source. VCO1 as carrier oscillator, LPG1 self oscillating through VCA as modulator, self oscillating waveshaper through VCA as secondary modulator and voice, VCO2 as clock, with PWM and feedback to create rhythmic variation. Work in progress, more modules on the way."

Interesting front panel!

MIDIBox Sequencer V4 - Part 3 - Note Tracks & Transpose

Published on Oct 23, 2015 Andrew Scheidler

"More demo/tutorial on the MIDIBox sequencer I built.
Creating some tracks with multi-note 'Note' tracks and transposing them. Uses techniques covered in previous videos.
Huge thanks to Thorsten Klose for designing the greatest sequencer ever :-)"

All parts here.

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