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Monday, March 14, 2016

Alesis Andromeda Analog Synthesizer Ecstasy

Published on Mar 14, 2016 gstormelectro

"All audio and video by G-Storm Electro c.2016

In this video the Andromeda deploys an onslaught of non-stop analog sensory bombardment.

All synthesizer audio coming from the Andromeda comprising over 40 original patches. No outboard effects were used, only a few instances of the built-in delays and reverb. All sequencing and arpeggios also from on-board. Rhythm provided by a Roland TR-8. Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe, like and comment."

Video features the rarer Red / Burgundy accented Andromeda A6.

MT40 Digital Dancehall Revolution promo

Published on Mar 14, 2016 GoldbabySamples

"The MT40 Digital Dancehall Revolution is available now:"

Casio MT-40s on eBay

"The Casio MT40 looks like a typical 80s home keyboard, however it has a remarkable history. It was used to create a song called Under Mi Sleng Teng... which kicked off the digital Dancehall revolution. The rock drum preset and bass accompaniment are unmistakable and have been used numerous times since.

The MT40 drums are lofi but surprisingly punchy. The Bass is warm and fuzzy and very distinctive. The keyboard instruments are based on 2 mixed variable pulse square waves, with digital envelopes and a low pass filter.

I have given this famous little keyboard the Goldbaby treatment. Using a studio full of tasty analog hardware to sample all the drum sounds as single drum hits and loops ( Rex, Apple and Wav). I have also sampled the bass sound with 4 different signal chains and lastly I multi-sampled 16 of the keyboard tones.

This sample pack pays homage to a very unexpectedly influential instrument. Had a fantastic time creating it and I think it sounds great!

With kits and instruments for Geist, Battery, Reason, Logic, Kontakt and Maschine."


Published on Mar 14, 2016 djtricks1


Twisting Knobs ... That 'kIng 303 Sound'

(Still asking silly prices on eBay ..!!!!!)" [Indeed they are]


Published on Mar 14, 2016 Synth City

"Welcome to the second video from Synth City. This one is a patch demonstration of the new modules from WMD/SSF, the MMF (Multimode Filter) and the DPLR Delay. Instead of a grand tour of features, Wesley puts the modules into practice, detailing each patch as he goes along.

This video also features the Snazzy FX Ardcore running a quantizer sketch by Gregor McGish, find it here:

These patches also utilize the Harvestman Piston Honda mkI, WMD/SSF Amplitude, Make Noise Wiard Wogglebug, MN Mult, and MN Maths."

Bastl Instruments CV Trinity - the modulation superhero - full DEMO

Published on Mar 14, 2016 Bastl Instruments

"everything you needed to know about the CV Trinity"

via Bastl Instruments

"CV Trinity has 6 independent channels with CV outputs, each of which can be set to AUTOMATION, LFO or ADSR. Each channel also has a CV INPUT. The selected output [select OUT] outputs a copy of the channel that is selected for editing and lights the indication LED. Use SELECT buttons for selecting the channel and knobs for adjusting its parameters. Pressing the mode button changes between the modes. Clock OUT can be adjusted by holding select button and turning the top knob. Clk OUT is normalized to Clock IN

Automation is 32 step voltage memory with adjustable amount of linear interpolation. Hold the record button and turn RECORD knob to adjust the automation curve. Clock input advances to next automation step. Automations can be variable number of steps and can be clocked either by master clock input or by individial CV inputs.

LFO has RATE that goes up to audiorate, XOR waveshaping and SHAPE selection with ramp, triangle, inverted ramp, flopping ramp, flopping triangle and stepped random voltage source with smoothing. The random signal can be looped. LFO can by synchronized to clock input (different divisions/multiplications are than set with the RATE knob). CV input controls the RATE of the LFO.

ADSR uses the CV input as GATE input for triggering the envelope. It can be linear or exponential, it can be looped and it can either work in ADSR mode or AHR mode. DECAY is set to the same value as RELEASE."


Published on Mar 13, 2016 DUB-Russell

"2020 is a next generation semi modular beat-machine standalone software for beat making and real-time compositions."

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. A beta version is set for a May 2016 release. Some details via the campaign:

"The concept of 2020 is very simple:

1. Generate a million sound/sequence variations from a single, small idea.
2. Make entire beats in just one screen. (without scrolling or switching windows)

The user interface is designed like the console of a spaceship - all functions can be controlled in one simple screen."


Pro2 filtering external audio

Published on Mar 14, 2016 thisisprisma

"Metropolis sequencing elements and pro2, elements audio going through warps and the into pro2, making a proper use of these beautiful analog filters :)"


via this auction

According to the seller: "This example has been serviced and works perfectly. It currently has factory sound bank #2 loaded for the presets, but I can load the bank of the buyer's preference if otherwise. Sounds incredible, very clean, with accessories! Global shipping and handling is available!"


S-CAT (0893) CIRCUIT BENT CASIO PT-50 / 12-Mod Upright Synthesizer

via this auction

You can find a video of one at the auction or previously posted here.

"1 2 - M O D I F I C A T I O N S

1. Kick/Tom mute
2. Snare mute
3. Hat mute
4. Kick/Tom boost
5. Snare boost
6/7. Hat short/long
8. Balance accomp./Rhythm
9. Chord ring
10. Voice/accomp. fuzz
11. Accomp. lofi
12. Master pitch

Extensive Casio chord section
ROM pack
16 preset rhythms
8 voices
Rhythm volume
Main volume
Accompaniment volume
One key play
Melody and chord sequencer"

Minilogue Demo #2

Published on Mar 14, 2016 K More

Demo by Khoral.
Korg Minilogue in vintage analogue mode.

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

NEW INC Showcase 2015 Presents: The Counterpointer

Published on Jul 22, 2015 NEW INC

See this previous post for some demos of The Counterpointer.

"The Counterpointer is a synthesizer that generates Baroque harmonies to a melody input by the user. The one on show at Red Bull was a collaboration between Luisa Pereira and Yotam Mann.

NEW INC’s first end-of-year Showcase features new, collaborative projects that have been developed over the course of the program’s inaugural year. Driven by a pure quest for experimentation and play, and informed by a commingling of disparate disciplines and ideas, these works thwart our expectations, defy categorization, and offer novel ways of looking at and interacting with the everyday.

NEW INC, the New Museum’s cultural incubator, unveiled eight new, collaborative projects for it’s first end-of-year Showcase. The featured works, which were developed over the course of the incubator program’s inaugural year, are driven by a pure quest for experimentation and play, and informed by a commingling of disparate disciplines and ideas. These projects thwart our expectations, defy categorization, and offer novel ways of looking at and interacting with the everyday.

On view at Red Bull Studios New York, July 10-30 2015 (Wed-Sun, 12-7PM).
Thumbnail photo via Red Bull"

Blinkenlite Multiplier

Published on Mar 14, 2016 Mystic Circuits

"Grow your synthesizer with the power of light!"

MATRIXSYNTH Review and Overview of the Novation Circuit

Update: Not covered in this review, sample support has been added in the latest Circuit Components update.

The following is my overview and review of the $329 Novation Circuit.


Korg - miniKORG 700 S analog synthesizer

via this auction

"This synth has never been opened, refurbished, or modded in any way, it's 99.99% untouched; the only part that has been changed is the power socket ..."

OTO Machines Bim House jam

Published on Mar 14, 2016 duncanperson's channel

"The Bim and the Biscuit make a great pair :3 lush and dense delays from the bim, Biscuit doing pitch shifting, filtering, lof-fi and other stuff. plus Roland JU-06, SH-101, and Acidlab Bassline. All sequenced through the Machinedrum. More jam Videos coming soon"

Electro Harmonix Mel9 Tape Replay Machine

Published on Mar 14, 2016 EHX

"The new MEL9 Tape Replay Machine emulates vintage Mellotron® sounds and uses the same ground breaking technology that powers the award-winning B9 and C9 Organ Machines, plus the KEY9 Electric Piano Machine. Nine of the most famous sounds are included: Orchestra, Cello, Strings, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, Low Choir and High Choir.

MEL9 works on guitar without modifications, special pickups or MIDI implementation and tracks bends, slides, even whammy dive bombs! It also works with bass guitar down to the open A string and keyboards, too.

Watch as Bill Ruppert takes you on a tour of the MEL9 and re-creates some of the most iconic sounds of classic rock!

®Mellotron is a registered trademark of David Kean, M. Resch AB and Markus Resch."

The 3 New Pocket Operators From Teenage Engineering

Published on Mar 14, 2016 sonicstate

"Office, Arcade and Robot - Gaz Williams takes a lot at the quirky Swedish ultra-portable music devices"

Teenage Engineering on eBay | Teenage Engineering on Amazon

Introducing Lifeforms Systems by Pittsburgh Modular

Published on Mar 14, 2016 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Interactive inspiration machines. The next generation of our System line of eurorack synthesizers harnesses the power of the new Lifeforms modules and Structure enclosures. Designed around the Lifeforms SV-1 modular analog synthesizer voice and anchored by the classic Pittsburgh Modular filter and two full range analog oscillators packed with harmonically rich waveforms, the Lifeforms Systems offer a rich sound palette with the flexibility of an open, fully patchable analog voice architecture.

The System 201 and System 301 also include the Lifeforms KB-1 pressure sensitive keyboard controller. The pressure sensitive keyboard maximizes the creative process with arpeggios, sequences, triggers, voltage memory, and more. More information on the entire Lifeforms line is available at"

6 minutes with a Moog Voyager

Published on Feb 2, 2016 Jerry Richardson

"6 minutes of me with my MiniMoog Voyager. I test out my newest axe and discover the most expressive synthesizer I've ever played. Sorry about the squeeky sustain pedal, and the audio isn't the best because I literally forgot to hit record in pro tools. Taken with my gopro in my home studio. Organs are a Yamaha MOX8."

N/O/D/E 2016: conférence Olivier Gillet (Mutable instruments)

Published on Mar 6, 2016 Node Rendez-vous

Olivier Gillet presentation at the recent N/O/D/E 2016 event and conference.

"« Comprendre l'aléatoire et ses applications à la musique

Conférence d'Olivier Gillet (Mutable Instruments) donné le samedi 30 janvier 2016 à Pôle Sud, Lausanne, à l'occasion du N/O/D/E 2016, rendez-vous des curiosités sonores, autour de la thématique "algorithmes et big data"

Existe-t-il différents types ou degrés d'aléatoire ? Comment le décrit-on, le mesure-t-on ? Dans cette conférence, le concepteur de synthétiseurs Olivier Gillet vulgarise différents concepts mathématiques (continu/discret, distribution, indépendance, bruit, chaîne de markov) qui permettent de mieux saisir les différentes formes de hasard qu'on peut mettre en œuvre dans une composition musicale, que ce soit à l'échelle des notes d'une partition ou de la matière sonore elle-même. Chaque concept est illustré interactivement par des programmes python ou puredata, et ses applications musicales (que ce soit dans une composition de Xenakis ou dans les entrailles d'un module eurorack) sont présentées.

plus d'infos sur"


"Understanding the random and music applications
Conference Olivier Gillet (Mutable Instruments) given Saturday, January 30, 2016 at the South Pole, Lausanne, at the N / O / D / E 2016, appointment of sound curiosities, around the theme 'Big Data and Algorithms'
Are there different types or degrees of randomness? How do we describe the do we measure? In this conference, the designer Olivier Gillet synthesizers popularizes various mathematical concepts (continuous / discrete, distribution, independence, noise, Markov chain) to better understand the different forms of chance that can be implemented in a musical composition , whether to scale notes of a score or sound material itself. Each concept is illustrated with python interactively or puredata programs, and music applications (whether in a composition of Xenakis or in the bowels of a eurorack module) are presented."

Patch n Tweak

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