MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 REV 3 Synthesizer SN 5690

via this auction

"Beautiful condition SCI Prophet 5 Rev 3 with original manuals."

Wine Glass Sample - Fairlight CMI III

Published on Aug 13, 2016 100 Things I Do

"The Fairlight CMI III. 16 Bits, 16 Voice Sampler / FFT Synthesis workstation. This actual machine was originally owned by Fairlight Instruments and used for internal development purposes. You can see on the front of the unit some original test swatch colours used for screen printing. Also unlike any other Fairlight I have seen it has grounding springs added to the rear of the card bay door.

For a moment in time Australia ruled the world with the Fairlight CMI , only just over 250 ever made and from my understanding most of these being CMI II and IIx machines. The CMI was almost as expensive as a house and only owned by the top studios or a few lucky major music artists of the time (The Pet Shop Boys, Art Of Noise, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield , Kate Bush etc..). The CMI III is the last machine with sampling capabilities released before they redesigned the whole system as the MFX and moved to multitrack Audio and post production tools.

The clip is quite short this week due to it being a last minute creation. The clip I was going to release was tagged by some Internet copyright trolls looking to embed advertising. Hopefully this will be resolved soon."

The Reface DX Legacy Project

This one sent in via O L. The Reface DX Legacy Project is a website dedicated to porting vintage 4-Op synth patches to the new Yamaha Reface DX. According to the site, "the Reface DX is NOT compatible with 4-operator FM synths from the past like the TX81Z, DX100, or DX9" so they did the work for you.

You'll find sysex dumps for the following:

Yamaha DX100, DX21, DX11, TX81Z, YS200, DS55, V50, FB-01, DX9, SFG-01, SFG-05.

Korg DS-8, 707.

Speedwalking By Christian W-Dobrowolski

"Akai Timbre Wolf standalone with just some reverb added. No multitracking, no postediting, no tricks."

Jen String Machine SM2007

via this auction

"Jen String Machine SM2007.
This has had a full recent service.
Presets include Strings/Organ/solo
& Ensemble. Sliders include attack decay release and there is an auto sustain switch.
All keys sound apart from middle C#.
All sliders are smooth and functioning.
There are lots of marks/knocks to wood underneath and this synth has been well used. But it is an old classic bit of vintage kit and sounds great!
It dates from circa 1976 and is fairly light and compact as it was designed to sit on top of a piano or organ.
The string sound is very unique and expressive especially with the ensemble switch activated. Similar to solina string ensemble and the vox string thing. Also has organ and solo mode.
Rich analogue string sound is ideal for soundtracks/prog/post punk. Cardiacs used one on early recordings."

Roland JP-8000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer SN AL35541

via this auction


via this auction

"Despite its name, the TX802 FM Tone Generator is basically a rack-module version of the DX7mkII with full 8-part multi-timbral operation for sequencing and/or key mapping. It has 16-voices of polyphony and six digital FM Operators, the same as in the DX7mkII. There are 128 preset and 64 user patches for your sounds, as well as an external memory cartridge slot."

Yamaha TX802 & Pure Data 8 channels random notes generator

Published on Aug 13, 2016 Ariel Raguet

Ariel Raguet

TX802 8 TKS 00044

Yamaha TX802 & Pure Data 8 channels random notes generator

Zoom MS-70CDR
Lenovo ThinkPad T430
Cakewalk Sonar Artist
Behringer X802

Live Acid Electronica - "Isolation"- TR8, TB3, System 1, MX-1 Volca Bass/Keys, Ableton Live/Push

Published on Aug 13, 2016 Rezzonator

"Another live performance of a track taken from my forthcoming album and as featured recently on BBC Introducing. This was created with the Roland TR8, TB3 and System 1 and Korg Volca Keys and Bass. All the sound are coming from those hardware instruments and mixed in Ableton Live with a few added fx sounds and percussion sequence from Arsenal and Trigger Finger Pro.

Most of the tracks are sequenced within Ableton and controlled using Push and the Roland MX-1. This gives me a great mix of hardware and software and allows me to take the track in different direction and extend or shorten it when performing it live."

OB6 Day 1 - Filter Sweeps, X-Mod, VCO2/LFO mode; Live Jam with the DSI and Tom Oberheim beauty

Published on Aug 13, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"I got my OB6 yesterday. I've never had an analog synth of this caliber and quite frankly I now feel like I've been missing out my whole life. I chose the OB6 over the Prophet 6 mainly because of the filter. The OB6's variable state filter and oscillators allow for some incredible modulation. Here is what is going on :

This video is 100% OB6 doing synth stuff, with a backing drum loop from the Yamaha Montage. I recorded into Ableton with a little compression and some basic EQ. There are no other FX used at all until I get to the part where I add some distortion from the OB6 FX generator. The stereo spread you hear is not chorus. It is the Pan Spread and Unison Detuning parameters of the synth acting in conjunction to give a huge stereo image. It's just the oscillators!

Also, an incredible thing to me is that this was all done with ONE OSCILLATOR with some Sub Octave. VCO 1 is doing all the sound, while VCO 2 is in LFO Mode. I use that in the X-Mod section to modulate the Filter Freq and Filter Mode settings. The result is an incredibly huge audio experience where each of VCO2's 6 voices is independently modulating each of VCO1's 6 voices which are in Unison. In other words, HUGE HUGE SOUND!!! This is seriously blowing me away and it's only after about 1 hour with the machine. I can't wait to dig into it to see what it can do."

Sequential Prophet 6 Improvisation by Stendeck

Published on Sep 29, 2015 stendeck TV

"Some fun with the Sequential Prophet 6"

DSI Dave Smith Instruments POLY EVOLVER Keyboard // ASSORTED SOUNDS 2

Published on Aug 13, 2016 LESINDES

"Assorted sounds of DAVE SMITH INSTRUMENTS POLY EVOLVER KEYBOARD. Just fooling and tweaking with some of the presets of bank 1. Btw. this is the synth I am offering on EBAY. See me tweaking the delicate knobs I was mentioning in my offer (Cutoff, Reso...)"

Tr8 acid jam

Published on Aug 13, 2016 rezzyblips

Zero Coast first

"A little Jam with my Zero Coast from Make Noise. No Overdub's , only the FX is from Ableton"

SoundScaper / Presets demo

Published on Aug 13, 2016 Igor Vasiliev

"SoundScaper is an experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending principles."

iTunes: SoundScaper - An experimental sound mini lab - iMusicAlbum

Wasp Test 1

Published on Aug 13, 2016 Chekmate 99

"Wasp drone using Moog delay and a Polyfusion Sound-a-Round stereo panning."

Oberheim Xpander Synth With Extras SN G43858

via this auction

PAiA 8700 keyboard synthesizer controller

via this auction

Check out the traces running from each touch pad.

via the listing: "This vintage PAiA 8700 keyboard synthesizer controller is in good shape and appears to be working properly. The unit turns on, the touch pad is responsive and changes values on the small LED display. The unit makes a short 'buzz' sound when a key is pressed on the number pad, and 'buzzing' sounds when a 'program' is ran (the display cycles through settings). I'm not familiar with these units so I can't do any more testing beyond that, especially since I don't own any synthesizer modules. Like I said, it appears to me that it is working fine, however I will have to sell it "as-is for parts" because I can't say with 100% certainty that it is."

MFB Tanzbar & Roland JP8000

Published on Aug 13, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine and a JP8000 synthesiser synced together (Tanzbar MIDI Out to JP8000 MIDI In).

A small amount of reverb has been used, no further processing except for normalisation."

Studio Electronics TONESTAR 2600 with some Clouds...

Published on Aug 13, 2016 freelanderride

"Tonestar 2600 is a beauty module and easy to understand for new eurorack users (you dont have to patch) The sound is really, really great and can be enormous fat, ambient if you like and mots of all: pleasing to the ear. I tried a simple sequence with Clouds from Mutable instruments. USE HEADPHONE PLEASE"

PPG Phonem for iPad -live

Published on Aug 13, 2016 RinghausenMusic

"Live improvisation with PPG Phonem"

iTunes: Phonem - Wolfgang Palm

RyuX CEM3320 Lowpass Filter - FM Sound Mangling

Published on Aug 13, 2016 RyuX

"Some Fun with a patch i made this afternoon"

See the RyuX label below for more.


Published on Aug 13, 2016 GIANNIS ARK

Instruments: Studiologic SLEDGE 2
Roland GAIA SH-01
Clavia Nord Lead A1
Giannis ARK. ARK Home Studio Cy.

Quiet Saturdays - Episode 40

Published on Aug 13, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Episode 40 starts withpads from microKorg and Radias. OP-1 is sequencing the Blofeld and the Virus Ti2. Lead from Promars System-1. Drone form Quadnic-Tides-Clouds, bass from Braids - Doepfer SEM.


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