MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Behringer DeepMind 12 Knobcon direct audio

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Flux302 of

"I spent a lot of time not he deepmind 12 today... such a cool instrument."

Knobcon, 2016: Walk through

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Nathan Hahn

"Exhibit halls A and B at knobcon V Saturday morning. Roland, korg, yamaha, stg sound labs"

TR-909 Drum Track (Celebrate 9-09-2016) Demo

Published on Sep 10, 2016 highsage

"With all the hype about the new Roland T-09, I thought I'd post this so those who don't know, can know. #forthosethatknow

Recorded straight off a mackie 1202 with Eventide Space on an FX buss off the Mackie. No individual out processing, the mix as it comes off the 909 stereo outs, so others can hear the panning of hats rides and cymbals,"

Roland Alpha Juno 1 Retro Synth Tour

Published on Sep 10, 2016 LektroiD

"30 minute tour of the Alpha Juno, outlining a few of the features included in this synthesizer which sets it apart from many others of the era."

Ensoniq ESQ-M (8-bit oscillators & analog filters) SN ESQ-10576-C

via this auction

Roland RS-202 Strings - String Synthesizer

via this auction

"This RS-202, though in rough cosmetic condition, has been recently serviced and is fully functional. This unit does not include a lid."

Sound Experiment: Pure Data Modular Granular Synthesis

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Chris Beckstrom

"Working on my software modular synthesizer in Pure Data. Here's a quick patch of granular synthesis using a sine wave as the raw material, then modulating all sorts of things and adding stereo delay (which, in true lofi style, is two mono delays)."

TX802 PERF 25 - Yamaha TX802 & Pure Data Jam

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Ariel Raguet

"Ariel Raguet

TX802 PERF 25 Yamaha TX802 & Pure Data Jam

Yamaha TX802 & Pure Data random notes and sysex generators

Natural VLF Radio compiled by Stephen P. McGreevy"

Svínafellsjökull - Fairlight CMI , VCS 3 , Arturia Minimoog V

Published on Sep 10, 2016 100 Things I Do

"Track composed either of found sounds (sampled into the Fairlight CMI) , Fairlight III Library (Choir Samples), VCS 3 and Aurturia Minimoog V.

Svínafellsjökull is an outlet glacier of the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland.

The track is available for free at"

Neutron Sound/Magpie Modular DODECA sequence.

Published on Sep 10, 2016 neutron7

"got a bit carried away but it sequenced through the DODECA prototype. the sketch used has 1 'voice' on MIDI channel 1, and 4 "drums" trigger and CV on MIDI channel 2. You can code it however you like, but this is one of the free examples on github."

Roland JX-03 & Korg SQ-1

Published on Sep 10, 2016 KУMΘTHΘ

"Sequecing the Roland JX-03 Boutique
with the Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer.
Added some reverb with the TC Electronics M300.

Unfortunately I missed the camera focus a bit."

10 07 16 - Bugbrand Modular

Published on Sep 10, 2016 batchas

DSI Tempest (808 Teaser)

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Yorgos Arabatzis

"A teaser showcasing the new 808 kit for DSI's Tempest...808 like you've never heard it before..."

Bass Bot TT-303 Meets Roland TR-808

Bass Bot TT-303 Meets Roland TR-808 from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

"Session with the Bass Bot TT-303, Roland TR-808, CR-78, and SBX-1."

Expanded Nord G2 Modular Synth with Original Box

via this auction

"Nord G2 Modular Synth RARE! Excellent condition, expanded with Nord Expansion Board that doubles the polyphony, create huge patches, comes with Nord Red soft case, power cable, original box"

Sequential Circuits Inc Prophet 600 Darkside Synthlord Black SN 352

via this auction

Guessing "Darkside Synthlord Black" is just a figurative description. :)

Oberheim Xpander Synthesizer SN G402602

via this auction

"This USA made Oberheim Xpander is very clean for a synth of it's age. There are a few very minor scuffs here and there that the photos hopefully capture. It works and sounds great. All voices tune. This display is still very bright as can be seen from the photos. All buttons and rotary encoders work as they should."

Blue Roland SH-101

via this auction

"This is an extremely clean Blue SH-101. Seriously, it looks nearly new. It works and sounds amazing."

Appears to be SN 320780 or 320760.

Original Moog Polymoog Synthesizer Print Ad & Schematics

via this auction

"It is in MINT condition except for one corner turns up

ORIGINAL from 2500 Walden ave. Buffalo, New York


Two ORIGINAL MOOG schematics!

One is for a VCA, voltage controlled amplifier

Other is for a Envolope Generator

Script on each page



BOTH DATED 08/14/68

VERY COOL Collectibles!"

Yamaha CS20M Vintage Analogue Synth SN 1645

via this auction

Nice pics, but unfortunately this one is dead.

"Yamaha CS20M, sadly not working. This is a 100V model so you will need a step down transformer if you don't already have one, they're about a tenner at Maplins.

The synth is just completely dead. I've checked the fuse in the back and that seems fine so it needs the attention of someone who knows what they're doing.

4 of the red LEDs on the fascia have been damaged so need replacing and the slider cap is missing from the sustain slider, other than that it's in pretty good shape cosmetically."

TTSH Arp 2600 Analog Synth Synthesizer Clone

via this auction

"This is a clone of the vintage Arp 2600. Sold as a kit from the Human comparator....these are now discontinued... Also includes over sized reverb tank (these aren't easy to get). Everything built as per standard build guide. No mods. Only thing that hasent been completed in the build is the rear panel. Was planning on cutting a piece of clear acrylic but just haven't had the time. Power socket and reverb tank needs to be mounted to back panel once fitted. (See pics)."

Synthesizer Marmelade

Streamed live 16 hours ago Jobka Wohin

"just testing new streaming setup.
Exploring Sound and getting Harmonics teached.... :D

#MFB #Dominion 1
#Jomox #xBase 999
#Acidlab #Bassline 3
#Korg #Volca Keys
#Korg #Volca FM
#Soundcraft MFXi 12/2
#Lexicon built in FX
#Jomox T-Resonator mk2"

ElectroSound, Espace Fondation EDF - Paris 2016

ElectroSound, Espace Fondation EDF - Paris 2016, Git2 Gitup electro techno synthesizer Roland Korg

Published on Sep 10, 2016 HandicArt

If you are ever in Paris:

"musique : The Dope Steppa par MK2"

Erebus dreht durch - Erebus goes crazy

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Martin Jagl

"Dreadbox Erebus in Kombination mit MFB OSC-03 Triple VCO und Doepfer A-145 LFO.
Der LFO vom Erebus arbeitet hier als Gate-Trigger.
Das/der Filter vom Erebus wird vom extrem schnellen Doepfer LFO moduliert und sorgt für den Dubstep-mäßigen (Bitcrush?) „AY-AY-AY“ Sound. Der LFO geht dabei sehr weit in den Audio-Bereich hoch, fast schon wie ein Oszillator.

Dreadbox Erebus, MFB OSC-03 Triple VCO and Doepfer A-145 LFO.
Erebus’ LFO act as the gate trigger.
The awesome fast Doepfer LFO goes high in the audible range (works like an OSC) an modulates the filter from Erebus."

JD-Xi - More Chilled Space

Published on Sep 10, 2016 KlaatuNinja

"Another spacey one on the JD"

RoboTrippin - ( Boss DR-220E DR-110 Volca Keys )

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Phone Records

"Found a Boss DR-220E on craigslist and got it to sync to the DR-110 :)
Then split the CV Sync out to the Volca Keys :))"

Quiet Saturdays - Episode 43

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Quiet Saturdays, Ep. 43, using Roland JP-8000 in dual mode (wind fx and tron pads) and Roland Gaia SH-01. Gaia is controlled by JP-8000 and it's playing patch 6 of bank 8 from the Soundaescapes pack:

Have a great weekend my friends!

deltAdata : Reflection ( samplr , xperia z3c , ipad , isupr8 )

Published on Sep 10, 2016 deltAdata

"Outside jam, using samplr on ipad mini.
Used: Samplr, ipad mini, audiobus, audioshare, shareit (video file transfert between android and ios), isupr8 android filter 6 (8mm video effect) and framelapse android (time lapse), filmed with xperia z3 compact and ipad mini, made with imovie ipad."


Published on Sep 9, 2016 MrSharps02

"figuring out a new (old) camera, so apologies for the crap video quality. no computer song using every trick I know, octatrack handling samples and drums, everything else doing lovely melodies over the top."

Roland TR-09 First Look & Unboxing

Published on Sep 9, 2016 ADSR Music Production Tutorials

"Roland just unveiled the TR-09 as part of their 909 day celebrations.

In this video we take a look at the TR-09"

Roland TR-09 Unboxing

Roland TB-03 First Look & Compare to TB-303 Original & Unboxing

Published on Sep 9, 2016 ADSR Music Production Tutorials

"Roland just unveiled the TB-03 as part of their 909 day celebrations.

In this video we unbox the new TB-03"

Roland TB-03 Unboxing

Roland VP-03 First Look & Unboxing

Published on Sep 9, 2016 ADSR Music Production Tutorials

"Roland just unveiled the VP-03 as part of their 909 day celebrations.

In this video we unbox the new VP-03"

Roland VP-03 unboxing

Roland VP-03 Vocoder In Depth Review

Published on Sep 9, 2016 Kosmic

"Leonard from Kosmic Sound takes you on a tour of the Roland VP-03 Vocoder.

0:22 The tech inside
1:05 What's in the box
1:40 Strings
2:08 Controls
3:07 Human Voice
4:05 Vibrato
4:55 Vocoder
6:09 Left-side controls
7:28 Automatic mode
8:17 Chord Memory
9:17 Sequencer
10:40 Voice Sampling
11:35 The back of the VP-03
12:24 Built-in Sound Card
12:47 Connecting to a computer"

Roland TB-03 and TR-09 Sound Demo

Published on Sep 10, 2016 Kosmic

"Leonard from Kosmic Sound gives us a demo of the sounds in the new TB-03 and the TR-09 from Roland."

Roland TB-03 Bass Line In Depth Review

Published on Sep 9, 2016 Kosmic

"Leonard from Kosmic Sound takes you on a tour of the much anticipated Roland TB-03 Bass Line.

1:00 Technology involved
1:45 History of original TB-03
3:00 Difference between TB-3 and TB-03
3:51 Unique features of TB-03
4:58 How it works
5:54 Play a pattern
6:10 Colour the pattern
7:21 Difference to emulations
8:03 FX section
9:13 Different types of overdrive
10:08 Different types of delay and reverb
11:15 Change number of steps in a pattern
11:47 How to sequence
13:37 Sequencing - Pitch mode
14:16 Sequencing - Time mode (Rhythms)
15:42 Step mode - Creating a pattern
17:00 Step mode - Adding accents and slides
18:15 Three different patterns (part A, part B and part C)
18:35 Track mode summary
19:37 Built-in stand
20:10 Integrate TB-03 with computer"

Roland TR-09 Drum Machine In Depth Review

Published on Sep 9, 2016 Kosmic

"Leonard from Kosmic Sound takes you on a tour of the TR-09 Drum Machine.

0:29 A little bit of history
0:54 The tech inside
1:14 Comparison to the TR-8
1:55 Front controls
2:50 Back of the unit
3:32 Upgrades from the TR-909
4:10 Let's play something
5:39 Pattern demo
5:55 New built-in compressor
6:30 Instrument sounds
8:24 Comparison to TR-8
9:09 Tuning instruments
9:56 Delay on the ride
10:35 Sequencing a pattern
12:50 Sequencing - Dynamic in the steps
13:33 Sequencing - Controlling the hihat
14:43 Sequencing - Changing pitch
15:57 Sequencing - Bass lines with toms
18:05 Sequencing - Creating a build up
19:58 Crash cymbal
20:48 Controlling shuffle
21:20 Flam
22:15 Alternate ways to enter a pattern
23:14 Copying one pattern to another
24:52 Cycling and grouping patterns
25:11 Creating a track
27:00 Total Accent control
27:49 Computer integration with the TR-09
29:57 Built-in stand"

Roland System- 8 PLUG OUT Synth In Depth Review

Published on Sep 9, 2016 Kosmic

Leonard from Kosmic Sound takes you on a tour of the Roland System-8 Plug Out Synthesizer.

0:33 The tech inside
1:32 Front controls
2:12 Performance modes
3:54 Different modes
4:20 Manual mode
4:52 Arpeggiator
5:17 Chord memory function
6:09 Pitch bend & mod wheel
6:43 How it works
7:25 Oscillators
8:33 Modulation options
10:36 Variation knob
11:41 Second oscillator
12:19 Ring modulation
13:16 Third oscillator
13:59 Mixer
15:14 Filters
17:36 Pitch Envelope
17:52 Mixer - Noise
18:07 Portamento
18:34 Effects
22:46 Step Sequencer
25:07 Other sounds
28:10 Connections on the back
29:20 Who this synth is for

ROLAND SYSTEM-8 8 DEMO by gattobus

Published on Sep 9, 2016 gattobus

"Headphones recommended.
Here is the new Roland plug-out synthesizer: SYSTEM-8!
The song is a four bar loop, every part was recorded in real time with a BOSS RC-1 stomp.
No external FXs were used. Recorded straight to audio interface.

I personally programmed all the sound patches that you hear in this video. I'm very excited to announce that you will find them among the factory programs and also on the Roland Axial website to download.
Thanks to all my youtube fans that supported me over the years and special thanks to Roland for letting this happen!"

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