MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

270717 - Generative Modular Ambient

Published on Jul 27, 2017 zacharyradford

"New Intellijel 4u case"

Minimal techno modular jam. (Make Noise, Buchla, Ornament & Crime, Turing Machine)

Published on Jul 27, 2017 musicalfungus

"10 minute improvised minimal techno jam.

Minimal modular jam. (Make Noise, Buchla, Ornament & Crime, Turing Machine)"

Custom Bollywood Wobble Bass Synth

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Narendra Dole

"Clips from documentary 'The Human Factor: The Untold Story of the Bombay Film Orchestras'."

This one in via Joao Heleno: "Just stumbled upon 2 videos about some indian dude who composed music for bollywood movies. the director wanted a very specific sound and they built a synth"

Two videos:

When RD Burman wanted the "Wook! Wook! Wook!" sound
The lord Speaks Promo

And the video descriptions:

"Vintage Hindi film songs are an indispensable part of South Asian popular culture. The onscreen actors who mimed through those songs, the singers, the composers, the songwriters – they are all household names, and many have attained legendary status. But who were those uncredited musicians who made up the orchestras that played on those songs and the background scores?

'The Human Factor' tells the fascinating story of the Lords, a Parsi family of pioneering musicians who collectively worked for over 60 years in Bombay’s film orchestras. But the story of the Lords is not theirs alone. It is also a crucial but obscure chapter in the history of Indian cinema."

Novation Peak Demo

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Khoral Central

Novation Circuit Mono Station Demo Jam

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"A quick jam showing some of the sounds possible with Novations Circuit Mono Station.

Novation's Circuit Mono Station is a paraphonic synthesizer that is inspired by the Novation Bass Station II that contains 3 sequencer tracks and 32 velocity-sensitive RGB pads. The Circuit Mono Station supports both monophonic and paraphonic modes, holds two oscillators and one modulator sequencer. With an adaptable 4x8 modulation matrix and HP/LP/BP filters with 12dB/24dB slopes, the Circuit Mono Station is great for syncing to music software and MIDI compatible hardware.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH Members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio.

WMD Digital VCA 1/2: De-clicking Attacks (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Learning Modular

"This first of two movies on the WMD Digital VCA looks at how it can delay an input control voltage such as an envelope until the incoming audio has reached a zero crossing of its waveform. Changing amplitude while the waveform is at zero means there will be no spurious clicks from sudden attacks, while suddenly opening a VCA while a waveform is somewhere else in its cycle can result in an abrupt change and therefore a click.

For more information on this module and others, join the Learning Modular Patreon Tribe:

For more on the Learning Modular Synthesis Eurorack Expansion Project for those exploring what module to add to their system next, visit"

WMD Digital VCA 2/2: Sample & Hold Application (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)

Published on Jul 27, 2017

"This second of two movies on the WMD Digital VCA explores using it as an intelligent sample and hold where changes in its amplitude only occur when a gate signal goes high or low. This “quantizes” changes so they only occur at the start of a note (or optionally, at its end)."


"Dreamscape, all sounds from Easel , one pass, some Echo panning from Replicant plugin and a lot of delay reverb from the H9....get your sleepy on!!"

1985 Roland New Product News for NAMM Show Brochure

via Retro Synth Ads, where you'll find the rest of the scans and full write-up.

"1985 Roland New Product News for NAMM show 16 page black and white brochure from June 1985."


via this auction

Yamaha Cs1x Demo

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Alphacode

"Demo of this very underrated synthesizer, Proof that you can make very up to date sounds on it. No more cheesy arpeggiated 90's sounds !"


Published on Jul 27, 2017 LESINDES

"Brandnew PULTEC clone KLARK TEKNIK EQP-KT on KORG VOLCA BEATS. If you think the BEATS is PHAT then listen to this."

Moog Opus 3 Demo

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Synth Love

Digitakt Techno Sessions #01 - Modub Explorations (Deep-Tech)

Published on Jul 27, 2017 umonox

"Heyja everyone. I've downloaded the "Modub Soundpack" from Elektron recently and wanted to create something with it. So i put it on the Digitakt and this is the result ;-) Everything you hear is created with the Samples of this Soundpack.

You can grab the Modub Soundpack for free on the Elektron Website here:"


Live jam 003 - meeting two Novation grooveboxes: Novation Circuit and IOS Novation Groovebox :)

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Peter Chers

"Gear list: Moog Mother 32, Dreadbox Erebus, Novation Circuit, AKAI APC MINI MIDI, Ipad Air 2, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, JBL LSR305, Novation groovebox, GliderVerb, AUM"

Plasticine Pyramids LP

via @dsiSequential

"'Plasticine Pyramids' by @BodyInTheThames - all synths and most drums synthesized on the #OB6:…"

"An eclectic, psychedelic mix of ambient, club & soundtrack electronica with heavy doses of screwed-down futurefunk

Made in Stockholm, Sweden using analogue subtractive synthesis & drum machines

100% instrumental
No samples

All tracks composed, programmed, arranged, performed & produced by Body in the Thames
releases September 15, 2017"

Serge ResEQ Feedback

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Todd Barton

"first test of internal feedback with the Random*Source Serge Resonant Equalizer. Audio out goes to Echophon then to the mixer."

Erica Synths Black VC EG & Black VC EG Expander & DIY SWAMP & DIY Multimode VCF

via Erica Synths

"Erica Black Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator [video here] brings you ultimate control over envelopes in your modular synth. It’s looping lin/log ADSR envelope generator with CV control over each stage. Together with the Black VC EG Expander you get really advanced modulation source, – it outputs gates or CVs for each active stage of the envelope, so you can design really advanced patches. Also, inverted and bipolar envelope outputs are available.
NB! Black VC EG expander module can be connected only to the Black VC EG. It will not work as standalone eurorack module.

Main features for Black VC EG:
• Retriggerable ADSR envelope generator
• CV control over each stage
• CV level attenuators
• Looping function
• Lin/log envelope selection shape
• Skiff-friendly design

Price for Black VC EG: 190€ (VAT ex.)
Price for Black VC EG Expander: 95€ (VAT ex.)"

"DIY SWAMP [video here]is a random CV and audio generator inspired by the famous Wiard Wogglebug module; it’s often the heart of self-generating patches and brings controllable randomness to your modular system.

Main features:

• Three random audio frequency outputs
• External audio input routed to ring modulator
• Three random CV outputs
• Clock input and output to sync the module to your modular system
• CV control over internal clock for even more extreme randomness
• Skiff-friendly design


• Set of 2 PCBs + S&H IC + mechanical parts (PCB connectors and spacer) =35EUR
• Set of 2 PCBs + S&H IC + mechanical parts (PCB connectors and spacer)+ panel= 51EUR
• Full kit=120EUR"

"Erica Synths DIY Multimode VCF [video here] is a multimode filter with a CV control over cutoff and resonance and simultaneous LP, BP and HP outputs for serious modular patches. The core of the VCF is highly stable, custom multimode VCF chip AS3320 (produced in Riga, btw).

Main features:

• Simultaneous LP, BP and HP outputs
• CV control over cutoff and resonance
• Cutoff CV attenuverter
• Volume drop compensation, as resonance is increased
• High temperature stability
• Skiff-friendly design


• Set of 2 PCBs + AS3320 IC + mechanical parts (PCB connectors and spacer) = 40EUR
• Set of 2 PCBs + AS3320 IC + mechanical parts (PCB connectors and spacer) + panel = 55EUR
• Full kit = 100EUR"

BoBeats How I Make Music on Vacation – My Cabin Studio Setup of 2017

Published on Jul 27, 2017 BoBeats

"Part 2 of 4 of my Cabin series recorded during my vacation. In this episode we check out my cabin setup, how I use it but also my explorations into Bitwig DAW. You can find more Bitwig demos at"

Part 1 here.

Reason 9.5: Oberheim 8 voice

Published on Jul 27, 2017 meecek

"Please, don't be lazy and ask for a patch, DIY :)"


Published on Jul 27, 2017 TheSineAssociation

"A video to celebrate dougcl's Bus Repeaters...I love when things work."

Buchla Model 252e Polyphonic Rhythm Generator & Dual Arbitrary Function Generator Model 250.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 SN 3839 Revision 3.3 MINT - Restored with TAUNTEK MOD

via this auction

This is the one in the video posted here.


Aside from being a 9.8 out of 10 cosmetically, it is a 10 out of 10 functionally.


Here's what we did:

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol // Patch 035 - Sequence2

Published on Jul 27, 2017 DiscoverNoise

DiscoverNoise 103-
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol 037-

Part 2 of the small sequence series within the Phenol series.


Part 1 here.

Future Retro Transient Tutorial Mod Section

Published on Jul 27, 2017 FutureRetroSynths

"Overview and examples of the Mod section of the Future Retro Transient drum module."

All parts here.

Gotharman's Test of New Filter design

Published on Jul 27, 2017 gotharman

Replicant 2 and SeekBeats

Published on Jul 27, 2017 redskylullaby
SeekBeats run through Replicant 2 effect app.
Demo of Replicant 2 audio buffer glitch effect app by Audio Damage and SeekBeats Drum Synth by Rodrigo Yanez

Replicant 2 - Audio Damage, Inc.
SeekBeats Drum Machine Synthesizer - Rodrigo Yanez

Modular Monthly: Exploring drum sound design with SSF Entity

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Future Music Magazine

"Entity from SSF (Steady State Fate) offers all the necessary components to create a wide range of drum sounds. Let's look at all this synthesis and audio processing and create some custom sounds."

Bugbrand COFilter with Volca keys

Published on Jul 27, 2017 hajimmie

"Sorry for phone mic recording. But, this sounds so vintage! Volca keys plays a simple chord progression seq (backing pattern). Volca is fed into Bugbrand Crossover filter then PTDelay. Filter 1 of COFilter is self-oscillated (sine wave generated) and sequenced a melody by SQ1 (top melody). Played on the Roland mobile cube. Volca's filter is wide open and no delay added, roland is flat as well. PTDelay sounds so vintage at some setting, boosted by COFilter.. Even though mobile cube is a small amp, this is so vintage sounding. oh you only have to listen it over here..."

MFB Tanzmaus, Moog Minitaur & MXR Distortion+ CSP104

Published on Jul 27, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzmaus drum machine & a Minitaur synthesiser synced together.
Clock and sequence from an Electron Octatrack, with a Kenton Thru-5. The Distortion+ has been placed on an aux send."

Korg Monologue & Strymon Timeline

Published on Jul 27, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Monologue synthesiser through the Timeline.

No further processing except normalisation."

Hexinverter Mutant Modular MM001 - Nailbiter [Josh Korody]

Published on Jul 27, 2017 Hexinverter Électronique

"In this Mutant Modular release, we feature an exclusive set of dark, atmospheric techno from producer and label head Josh Korody [Nailbiter]

// Nailbiter [Josh Korody] //
Recording producer, engineer and label head at Toronto-based Candle Recording, Josh Korody is also a prolific artist in his own right. Coming from a background of guitar effect chains, pedals and recording techniques, he has naturally turned to the modular synthesizer in recent years. Nailbiter is what happened when Josh began to write with the modular system. His always-danceable style has been making waves from NYC to Montreal."

Mystic Circuits Announces 0HP Vactrol LPG and VCA

Published on Jul 26, 2017 Mystic Circuits

"0HP Vactrol based circuits take advantage of an outdated part to rough the edges of your sound. Both the Vactrol Low Pass Gate and the Vactrol Voltage Controlled Amplifier modulate the amplitude of a signal under voltage control, but the VCA does so with minimal alteration to the sound whereas the LPG filters the sound to give it some extra oomph.

Both modules are now available at our website:


Thanks to Carly for helping to film.

Thanks to Will for the trench coat.

Thanks to Tommy Bahama for the fedora.

Thanks to user RutgerMuller on for the screech sound

Thanks to user apotter1992 on for the city ambience"

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