MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017

$43.50 Roland SH-7 Thrift Shop Find

Analog synthesizer Roland SH 7, is this the top mono of all time ?

Published on Oct 19, 2017 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"Got this at the thrift store for 43.50. Checking out the function. Not a top notch recording. Youtube sound quality not top notch either. Truly impressive sounding deep deep mono synthesizer. It's supposed to be one of the top 10 mono synth's available. Rare though. Far more modulation then the other top Roland mono the SH 5. Still working out the crudey switch and slider bug's. No idea what I'm doing yet. About a cool a synthesizer as these old beast's get."

Roland Analog Thrift store unboxing


Moog 104hp case unboxing

Published on Oct 19, 2017 SynthMania

"Moog 104hp case unboxing with a Switched-On style music as background. And some modules at the end."

Synthchaser #084 - ARP Pro Soloist Repair - Dead Touch Sensor, Dead Presets, Bleeding Notes

Published on Oct 19, 2017 Synth Chaser

"A customer sent in his Pro Soloist for repair because the touch sensor effects weren't working and some presets sustained indefinitely after releasing the key. I also noticed several of the presets were dead. So we dive in and get this all fixed so he can get back to making awesome music with it.

ARP Pro Soloists and parts are available through my website. I also repair and restore ARPs and other vintage synths for customers around the world."

Novation Peak Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer Module

via this auction

This is the first one I've seen used on eBay.

Yamaha DX7 SN 33735

via this auction

Sonic Potions LXR Drumsynth Demos

Richard Devine & Surachai @ SchneidersLaden

Richard Devine @ SchneidersLaden, Part 1 from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"As two very special Guests, Richard Devine and Surachai made a workshop inside Schneidersladen together discussing some insights and explanations on their musical way to generate sounds and more .. Starting with the american view on things like the early eurorack its ending up in making some sounds in a little live set and discussing questions .. this will happen in part 2, to be released very soon on this channel."

Vintage PolyFusion Oscillator

via this auction

"This is a Polyfusion Rev D oscillator. Super rare"

Analogue Solutions Tereshkova Semi-Modular Synth

via this auction

Akai AX80 Synthesizer

via this auction

Pearl Syncussion SN 515514 w/ Original Box & Trigger Drums

via this auction

"The Syncussion comes with the trigger drums which both work, 1/4 inch leads not included. However, it comes into its own when triggered by something like a tr606 or 808. We have used various devices and signals as triggers and they do affect the volume and timbre in interesting ways.

It is a crazy synth. One of the best and most fun to play with. It really flies when you start adding a pedal or controller to the 'tune' input."

Make Noise Contour Overview Videos

Published on Oct 19, 2017 MAKEN0ISE


1. Make Noise Contour, Part 1: Overview and Cycling
"Contour is a 4 Stage function generator, or ADSR, derived from our 0-COAST synthesizer. It is designed to create control voltages to drive the Dynamix, modDemix and other fast VCAs, VCFs, and more. The Contour takes inspiration from the original Loudness Contour circuit of the MiniMoog, which is perhaps the most well-known example of East Coast Synthesis. The simplified control set (where Decay adjust both the decay to Sustain and the Release) makes it quick and intuitive to set-up. The Contour module adds full voltage control, a mirrored output, End of Onset and End of Contour Gate outputs which allow it to be highly integrated into any modular synthesizer regardless of coastal allegiance."

2. Contour pt. 2: Mirrored Output for Crossfading and Panning of Audio and CV
"The Contour's Mirrored Output can be used, with a dual VCA such as Dynamix, for panning and crossfading. These processes are not limited to audio: CV panning and crossfading can yield interesting results with relatively simple patches."

ROLAND SE-02 Studio Electronics // PART 3 // PLAYING PATCHES 36-50

Published on Oct 19, 2017 LESINDES

"First impression of the new ROLAND Boutique Synthesizer SE-02, fully analog in Minimoog design made by STUDIO ELECTRONICS. The synth in action now! PART 3 of the FACTORY PRESETS 36-50"

Roland SE-02s on eBay

All parts here.

The Final 20 Moog Voyager XLs Are Currently Being Built

via @moogmusicinc

"After 7 years, we've just 20 Voyager XLs left to build. Contact your local #Moog Dealer to get one b4 they're gone."

Published on Dec 30, 2010 191,985 views

And the video that introduced the Moog Voyager XL back in 2010.

"Incorporating virtually all of the sound resources and functions of the original Minimoog Model D and Voyager, The Minimoog Voyager XL features extensive front-panel patchability that harkens back to the original ground-breaking Moog modular synthesizers. A host of features previously found only on massive modular synthesizers combined with state-of-the-art analog technology make it a sound design and control dream machine.

Highlights include:

Unmistakable Moog Sound and Quality

100% Analog Audio Path - Moog Ladder Filter

61-Note Velocity Sensitive Keyboard with After-Pressure

Extensive Control Voltage Connectivity

Modular-Style Patching

Ribbon Controller with Pitch and Gate CV Outputs

Touch Surface Controller with X, Y, A and Gate Outputs

Additional LFO Source with Multiple MIDI-Syncable Waveforms

External Audio Input & Effects Loop Insert"

Soulsby Synths 8 bit Human League 'Blind Youth' // Synthfest 2017

Published on Oct 19, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Soulsby Synths brought us there 8 bit version of The Human League - Blind Youth - from the Album ''Reproduction'' 1979 live at Synthfest UK 2017. It's a short little jam but good fun on the day. AND ... Martyn Ware went and bought some Soulsby Synths products after hearing it for himself."

A Hordijk Minute viii

Published on Oct 19, 2017 Todd Barton

Reminder: Todd Barton has three upcoming shows:

Portland, Oregon October 27. A pre-Halloween Easel performance at Modular 8!

Seattle, Washington October 28. Performance on the Buchla Music Easel hosted by Wayward Music Series.

Stockton, California November 13. Performance with Dr. Robert Coburn on Hordijk synthesizers."

DSP Synthesizers Introduces The USB-MIDI2CVplus

The USB-MIDI2CV now has a big brother.

via DSP Synthesizers

"The USB-MIDI2CVplus adds MIDI to your analog synth or eurorack from a USB-MIDI interface. Works from any computer/phone/tablet.


USB-HID compliant, no drivers required
Volt/octave 5 octaves output for notes with pitchbend
Hz/volt 4 octaves output with pitchbend
5 volt gate/S-trig output for key on/off
2x AUX 0-5 volt CV outputs
Quad drumtrigger output
3.5mm jacks for CV/Gate
Micro-USB jack for computer/phone/tablet
Order the USB-MIDI2CVplus $69 including shipping"

Midi syncing Launchpad iOS with Novation Circuit

Published on Oct 17, 2017 Tom Goodson

"Having problems syncing external gear to Launchpad for iOS? Problem solved, watch this."

iTunes: Novation Launchpad - Novation

New Circuit Update 1.6 ROCKS!

Published on Oct 19, 2017 HardtekStudios

"After several amazing update to what is probably the best groove box ever made, we have PANNING!!! Plus some other great features, like drum micro steps and FX mute. This is a variation of a track I'm working on."

Intergalactic Rhythms with Pulsar from Qubit

Published on Oct 19, 2017 Voltage Control Lab

"The kind folks at Qu-bit Electronix sent along Pulsar, a playable interface for creating complex rhythms and programmed gate sequences as well as Euclidean, binary and random patterns."

Rendez Vous Four - Jean Michel Jarre (8bit version)

Published on Oct 18, 2017 fernando Costa Tecladista

versão 8 bits
Rendez Vous Four - IV
disco de 1986

teclados usados


OTO Machines Biscuit

via this auction

"The legendary OTO Biscuit, including the late addition firmware upgrade 'Der Oto', which transforms it into a fully functional and unique monosynth/sequencer. Great FX, great filter, great machine! They literally don't make them like this anymore! Perfect condition, never gigged, comes with Der Mask overlay, all original manuals, power supply, box."

AtomoSynth Intoduces iAbyssal Photo-synthesizer / noise machine for iOS

Published on Oct 19, 2017 atomolab

Hardware synth manufacturer AtomoSynth has gone virtual with an iOS version of its Abyssal synth. You can find handful of posts featuring the hardware version here.

iTunes: iAbyssal - Alfredo Aliaga

"Introducing: iAbyssal, virtual analog photo-synthesizer / noise machine.

Based on the Abyssal analog photo-synth released by AtomoSynth in 2008. the iAbyssal is a virtual analog synthesizer that can be controlled by light using the frontal camera, this design allows using it for expressive live performances and having fun creating crazy sound effects, incredible sound textures and big soundscapes.

* Uses your device frontal camera as a light sensor for altering pitch, filter frequency and resonance.
* "Photocell" (frontal camera) calibration functionality for adjusting its sensitivity to different environmental light conditions.
* Can be used in low-light environments thanks to an inverse calibration feature.
* Features one oscillator with square and sawtooth waveforms.
* White noise generator.
* Two low frequency oscillators (LFO) which can modulate various parameters of the oscillator, noise generator and filter.
* One Filter with low pass and high pass mode and resonance (peak) control.
* Adjustable delay effect.
* Preset memory including many factory presets for using as a starting point and easily create your own sounds.
* Inter-App-Audio and Audiobus support (as generator unit) for using it with your favorite audio apps."

Roland SH-01A Synthesizer EASY Tips + Tricks

Published on Oct 19, 2017 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video produced by G-Storm Electro c.2017

Did you know the SH-01A has delay? How can you quickly restore your preferred system settings after booting? How can you sync LFO to your sequence? In just over 10 minutes I SHOW you the answers to these questions and more!

In my previous videos I gave a review and tutorial of the functions on the SH-01A. Today in this video I will show some interesting tips and tricks for getting even more from this little synth. As always be sure to Comment, LIKE and Subscribe!

0:00 Opening Demo Performance
0:41 Introduction
1:06 The MiniMoog Trick?
1:38 Filter Self-Oscillation: Droids and Kicks
3:00 How to Save System Settings
4:12 Filter FM Using the Advanced LFO
4:50 Switching Poly/Mono On-The-Fly
5:17 Using LFO Trigger Mode
7:30 LFO Re-Trigger: Delay Effects
8:46 Interfacing w/ Eurorack: Patch Setup Explained
11:05 Interfacing w/ Eurorack: Demo Performance"

Roland JX-3P - synthesizer sound design tutorial - Phil Collins In The Air Tonight

Published on Oct 18, 2017 RetroSound

"(c) 2017 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

The intro pad sound in the song "In The Air Tonight" from Phil Collins.
In the original track made with the Sequential Prophet-5 and the Roland CR-78, here programmed with the Roland JX-3P (1983) and the TR-808 (1982)"

CAVAGNOLO EXAGONE XM64 - MEGA RARE Vintage Analog Synth, ONLY 25 ever produced

Published on Oct 15, 2017 Scienceforce

via this auction

"Here is a mega rare EXAGONE XM64, produced in France in 1982 by Cavagnolo company. Less than 25 have been product for the entire world!
The XM64 is a powerful monophonic progammable analog synthesizer, very similar to the RSF KOBOL as very warm sound and concept with 64 memory locations to save and recall your synth patches! CV/GATE IN OUT ... For external controls. Its X/Y Joystick can control several parameters as Filter, pitch combinations.The synth is integrated in his original flight-case.
One of these is still actually used by Deepeche Mode, see this video"

Rare MUSITEC vintage analog drum machine (drum synth)

Published on Oct 18, 2017 Scienceforce

via this auction

"Without doubt a chic for collectors, very nice cosmetic shape and perfect working"

This is rare indeed. This is the first one to be featured here on MATRIXSYNTH. The Musitec brand is also new to the site.


via this auction

"Rare SIEL OPERA 6, a cool Six voices polysynthesizer, warm filter section, 3x LFOs!! Using SSM chips, basically a very good sounding machine!

It mount 2x SSM2031 VCO, 6x SSM2024 VCA, 6x SSM2056 ADSR, 6x SSM2044 VCF !

It come in very good shape, panel is clean apart some very small signs of the age as you can see on the auction photos, only the right side end bottom cheek is a bit broken but generally in GREAT cosmetic conditions.

Working conditions: when it power on the panel appears blocked without any sound, It need to be serviced, it has all its components inside, only the internal battery was replaced with a new one, there is NO battery acid inside. My tech told me that for sure the problems is caused by an IC called TMS7000NL-2 in the CPU section (I’ve just seen about $6 on ebay). I twill be sold in AS-IS conditions since it deserve some tech attentions."


via this auction

"Working conditions: after a recent tech control there are some faults probably in PSU that need a basic recapping for sure, it make an improvvise reset after 20 or 30 seconds of use, it appears working at first impact, voices, filter, polyphony etc. The control keypad is to service or replace (cost new is approx $160 as far I know). The synth in ORIGINAL conditions, all the CEM IC’s were tested by my tech and them are all perfect working, keyboard was rebushed, serviced but there are still some few keys to clean.

The Prophet 600 has inside its original “vintage” 12x!! CEM3340 ic’s as VCO, 6x CEM3372 VCF/VCA and 4x CEM3360 in Dual VCA section."

MOOG POLYMOOG synthesizer 203A + 285a Polypedal SN 3760

via this auction

"MEGA RARE model 203A synthesizer version FULLY polyphonic, released in 1975 with its 285a Polypedal controller. It's really hard to find especially with its complete set of accessories: original legs and 285a. Cosmetic conditions are Near Mint, at TOP! Legs are brilliant in excellent shape! It has been pro-serviced recently so it work very well, sound features and resonators are impressive, sounds very warm, UNIQUE!"


via this auction

"YAMAHA TX81Z FM tone generator, multi timbral synth expander, a legend! Used in many and many techno music productions.

Eight voice polyphony, 128 preset sounds, 32 user and lots of functions hidden behind 11 push button.

It’s a GREAT synth expander in NEAR MINT cosmetic conditions and perfect working."

ROLAND RE-201 Space Echo SN 642976

via this auction

"RE-201 Roland Space Echo in FANTASTIC conditions, it’a rare 220 / 240 volts European edition.

Really clean, very hard to find in these conditions, fully working, recently cleaned and serviced.

*Check my other auctions concerning old Vintage equipments"

CYNDUSTRIES MILTON advanced analog step Sequencer monster

via this auction

"Very rare CYNDUSTRIES MILTON + mdules and case!

Someone said that it’s the coolest analog sequencer ever made.. I have the same opinion since I owned several vintage and modern sequencers and this one is really a beast!

This auction include a sequencer system with these modules: the Milton itself, Prime divider and Rhythm divider modules plus the original Cyndustries psu, all well fitted into a cool wooden cabinet.

Today not in production, discontinued, rare!!

All is in "As New" shape conditions and in perfect working order

*Check my other auctions concerning old Vintage equipments"

CASIO DH-100 midi digital horn – vintage Saxophone synthesizer w/ MIDI Out

via this auction

"Casio DH-100 is a monophonic MIDI instrument with 6 tone's : Saxophone,Trumpet,Synth Reed,Oboe,Clarinet,Flute.

It’s NOT working, if powered on it emit strange sounds, no time for test or repair, I sell it in AS-IS conditions and AS SEEN on the auction pics."

Curios if the MIDI out still works for playing other synths.

Elektron Sid Station C64 MOS 6581 8-Bit Synthesizer #92

via this auction

"This is a rare unit #92 of the last 100 Sid Stations that Elektron ever made!

Includes original manual and power supply. In excellent condition!"

Circuit bent casio pt82 " Dark planet " synth

Published on Jan 22, 2014 viscountgreen1

via this auction

"This units original features include

8 tones
12 rhythm patterns
32 mini keys
one key play
vol/tempo/melody/auto play controls
3.5mm jack output.
rom pack included.

It has been modified with 4 rotary controls which include
extreme pitch down, low/high filter, extreme oscillation and low
sync follower which interact with one another creating a
whole new world of fantastic sound effects that
can be generated from this mini unit which would benifit any set up.

Available in white.

(delay separate)"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000

via this auction

"Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000 sampler, new OLED display, latest firmware, factory disks,
One owner, unit never left home studio.
Everything works!"

DIY analog synth project (The front Panel Design Pt 2)

Published on Oct 19, 2017 Adamski Ajull

Part 1 here. See the Adamski Ajull label below for more.


Published on Oct 19, 2017 shuichi matsumoto



"We synchronized Live and Modular for the first time, the name of the newly obtained module is also manipulated, but it is Musui.

Boss DR 55 Dr. Rhythm Analog Drum Machine Demo

Published on Oct 19, 2017 Sound Provider

"Another Drum machine we use for the Sound Provider Sound Banks.( ), archaic to program but super punchy sound

The Boss Dr55 "Dr. Rhythm" Drum Machine is a early 80s vintage Japan write-step drum machine.

Some words about it from
"The DR-55 Dr. Rhythm was released in 1980 and was one of the first step-write-style drum machines, and it was the first rhythm machine in BOSS' successful Dr. Rhythm Series. It was small, inexpensive and easy to use - perfect for musicians at any level. Incredibly basic controls and sounds made this drum machine an instant hit among guitarists and other musicians looking for drum accompaniment to practice along with and even record into their home recordings.

The DR-55 could store up to six 16-step drum patterns plus an additional two 12-step patterns. The 12-step patterns allowed for 3/4 and 6/8 rhythms. A variation switch allowed you to, on-the-fly, alter the pattern playing. There were only four sounds in the DR-55 which included Snare Drum, Kick Drum, Rim Shot and Hi-Hat. The sounds are comparable to Roland's CR-series of rhythm machines as well as some of Roland's cheaper TR-machines (like the TR-505, TR-606). You can globally adjust the Volume, Tempo, Tone and Accent for the drum sounds.

Step-Mode programming was accomplished in a fairly basic manner: Switch the DR-55 into Write Mode and select a sound from the Sound switch, and use the Start button to place the sound and the Stop button to step through the 16 (or 12) beat pattern. Only Kick, Snare, Rim Shot and Accent could be placed in a pattern in step mode--the Hi-Hats could only be programmed as either Off, 8ths, 12ths or 16ths via the Hi-Hat switch. Primitive programming for sure, but very simple and effective.

Today, where its sounds can easily be sampled, the DR-55 may seem pretty useless. However it does have an authentic sense of nostalgia being BOSS' first DR-machine and also quite a successful early programmable drum machine. You may not find a need for such an instrument today although it does make a great conversation piece! It has been used by New Order, The Cure, Chris Carter, Sisters of Mercy, Chris & Cosey, Xeno & Oaklander, Soft Cell and Thomas Dolby."

Erica Synths PICO RND

Published on Oct 19, 2017 JAkoGreyshire

"A demonstration showing the outputs of the RND module and rate knob functions while being externally cocked."


Published on Oct 19, 2017 Geylo Follen


Roland V Synth 2.0 Part. 2

Published on Oct 18, 2017 DKS SYNTH LAB

Part 1 here.

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