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Friday, February 02, 2018

Qu-Bit Electronix Shows Their New Nebulae, Scanned & Synapse Modules

Published on Feb 2, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Andrew from Qu-Bit Electronix brought a case full of their modules by to show us their three new modules. Their Nebulae V2 is an updated version of their first module, a granular sample player and sampler that is stereo and can have custom firmware loaded onto it. The Scanned is a VCO that uses scanned synthesis to generate wavetables on the fly by analyzing a system based on a model of springs. The Synapse is a sequential switch with way more options than the standard switch including randomized routing, crossfading and memory locations for routing presets.


Qu-Bit Products Available here:"


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Octave The Kitten Vintage Synthesizer w/ Case

via this auction

Mode Machines OMF-1 Analog filter filters sound from Leploop

Published on Feb 2, 2018 Dziam Bass

"OMF Analog filter filters sound from Leploop, sorry when there are small distances in several places the signal was sometimes too high. OMF-1 is an Oakley Moog Filter modeled on the 1960's. It perfectly suits the typical Moog sound"

KlirrFactory MorphoOSC for VCV Rack - Demo

Published on Jan 30, 2018 TheKlirrfaktor

"Text: MorphOSC is a 8 Voice morphing Wavetable VCO for VCV Rack that allows you to morph between 8 free selectable Waveforms. It comes with around 200 Waveforms but you are free to record up to 8,000 own Waveforms (the first 2,000 Waveforms are still reserved) with the included WaveMaker.

Every of the 8 single VCOs has it’s own output, V/Oct input, FM and is able to be unlinked to the global Hard Sync.

You can get MorphOSC at"

Intellijel Tetrapad Eurorack Touch Controller

Published on Feb 2, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows just 5 of the modes of the Intellijel Tetrapad touch controller that is sensitive to touch position and pressure. It can be used as sliders, drum pads, to trigger chords or for many other uses.

Available here:"


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via this auction

Paia 4700 Series Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"These parts are being sold AS-IS for parts and projects with NO functional guarantee and NO refunds offered.

Paia 4700 Series modular with the following modules:
Power Supply
Control Oscillator
Low Pass Filter
Bandpass Filter
Function Generator
Envelope Follower
Inverter Buffer"

Modular Jamsession with some new Dreadbox modules (Riamiwo StudioVlog 75)

Published on Feb 2, 2018 riamiwovideos

"I added new modules to my modular setup: the Dreadbox Echo, Murmux Filter and the Reflector. Also added a Mixer from EricaSynths. So I made a short test session with the new modules...

The MicroBrute and the Erebus are sequenced by the BeatstepPro, the NYX get's an Arp from the SH-01 and the 0-coast is sequenced by the TB03. Very nice that the Roland Aira are also usable in a modular setup :)"

SoundsDivine's 'Floating Points' - Dmitry Sches Thorn

Published on Jan 31, 2018 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Floating Points' soundset for Dmitry Sches' Thorn synthesizer."

A new soundset from supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, SoundsDivine.

"'Floating Points' contains 120 sounds for Dmitry Sches' Thorn synthesizer.

This soundset makes full use of Thorn's extensive modulation system and features a range of futuristic sounds including , deep dub grooves , morphing wavetable sounds , synth plucks , formant pads , crystal bells , dreamy arpeggiated sounds , space age pads , classic fm sounds and much more."

$30,000 Technos Acxel For Sale

via this auction

"The Technos Acxel Resynthesizer is an additive synth developed in Quebec, Canada during the late 1980s. Its architecture is based on sine-wave oscillators that are each assigned amplitude and pitch envelopes to form the component harmonics of a sound.
The major innovation of the Acxel was, according to Technos, resynthesis. The idea is to sample a sound and extract its harmonic content using the Acxelizer. This information is then used to assign parameters, including envelopes, to the oscillators.

The Acxel comes in two pieces: the Solitary and the Grapher. The Solitary contains the main guts of the machine, including the main CPU board, the oscillator boards, the sampling board, the Acxelizer board, the floppy drive, and the I/O.

The Grapher is the machine’s user interface and is what Technos highlighted in its advertising. It’s a vacuum-fluorescent display for status information and menus and a surface of touch-sensitive nodules, 2114 of which contain LEDs.

Comes with printed manual, sound disks and latest OS. The Solitary sits in a transportable rack case. Serious buyers only. This is the holy grail and strictly for synthesizer collectors."

See the Technos or Acxel label below for more posts including videos.

Someone needs to make a watch version! ;) Sorry, when I first saw the image in this post it was a bit smaller and reminded me of a Casio watch.

Malfukn-Songwriter Night Malibu CA

Published on Feb 2, 2018 Houston Guy

December 2017.
Elektron Octatrack
Elektron Analog RYTM
Elektron Analog Four

MatrixBrute 201: Advanced Synthesis by Marc Doty

Published on Jan 26, 2018 macProVideoDotCom

MatrixBrute 201: Advanced Synthesis - 1. Introduction
MatrixBrute 201: Advanced Synthesis - 2. How to Boost Bass
MatrixBrute 201: Advanced Synthesis - 3. Complex Envelopes

Modulation Mix

Modulation Mix from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"Mixing two Z4000 envelopes and an LFO with the top section of MixZ mixer module into the FM input on the Z2040 filter module to change the groove of the bass line.


Ch.1 - short envelope that is visible in the Mantis triggered with the same trigger as the VCA envelope (located in the skiff). I’m modulating release with one of the outs of doepfer LFO

Ch.3 - inverted envelope triggered on 1 and 5 (off screen in the Station 252 case)

Ch.4 - Doepfer LFO (also in the station 252)

Voice: 2x Tiptop Audio Z3000. One FM’ing the other while being hard sync’d to it > Tiptop Fold Processor > Z2040

Simple tiptop drum pattern for context:

BD808, SD808, Hats808, RS808"

How To Control A Eurorack Modular With A Novation Circuit Mono Station

Published on Feb 1, 2018 Synthtopia

"At the 2018 NAMM Show, we talked with Novation's Enrique Martinez about how he was using a Circuit Mono Station to control his Eurorack modular synthesizer."

NAMM 2018 Novation's 64 Launchpad Wall

Published on Feb 2, 2018 sonicstate

"Custom installation at Novation booth - using publicly available software -Launchpad Arcade - was impressive. All controlled from a single computer running Launchpad Arcade"

Malekko Manther - NAMM 2018

Published on Feb 1, 2018 BBoy Tech Report

Studio Electronics Namm 2018

Published on Feb 1, 2018 BBoy Tech Report

ARP Odyssey MK-I 2800 c 1970s White Face SN 281404

via this auction

Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1 1981 Black

via this auction

"Built by Moog for Radio Shack's Realistic brand, the Realistic Concertmate MG-1 is a two VCO synth with a genuine Moog 24dB/oct filter. Compact but powerful, the MG-1 is capable of summoning that signature Moog sound.

This MG-1 is in great cosmetic condition. I purchased it still in its box a few years ago, with the manual. I don't think it had been played since it was made. I have given it a thorough interior cleaning and it works well."

Access Virus Ti2 Darkstar Keyboard / Synth

via this auction

Waldorf Micro Q Phoenix Edition SN 387 of 500

via this auction


Interesting that the serial number is hand written on the front of the unit.

Kawai K3 Hybrid Digital/Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

WMD Performance Mixer

via this auction

KORG MS-50 SN 190411 w/ Original Manual

via this auction

Korg MS-10

via this auction

Bleary I (0-Coast, Braids, ER-1, Octatrack, SQ-1, S-143, o_C)

Published on Feb 2, 2018 Cody Gratner

"This was recorded when I was so tired I couldn't focus my eyes.

The Octatrack is just being used as a mixer/effect unit and sending midi to the ER-1. The ER-1 is sending short trigs (closed high hat) on the right channel to the SQ-1 to the sync in. The SQ-1sync out is into the trigger in on the o_C in Piqued mode."

Elektron Digitone review and FM synthesis explained

Published on Feb 2, 2018 loopop

"A detailed review of the core features of Elektron's new Digitone. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments."

Frap Tools - Fumana *First Patch*

Published on Feb 2, 2018 DivKidVideo

"God this Fumana is gorgeous! It's several bands of fixed filter banks (band pass filters) that isolate the sound and let you pan, scan, morph and tilt your way around the filters beautifully. It's got a great set of fixed frequencies that really make basic waves speak very vocal and formant like. Enjoy my literal first patch with just an AJH Synth MiniMod VCO saw wave into it and some LFOs modulate through the bands. Full demo in the near future. Cheers!"

Yamaha MONTAGE V2.0 Demo Videos

Published on Feb 2, 2018 Yamaha Corporation

Dub Me…SK
Dynamic Pad
One & Only massive
Whip Motion
The Prepared Piano

Patch n Tweak

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