MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday, August 24, 2018

MAM MB33 Retro Bass + iPad = ULTIMATE 303 CLONE!

Published on Aug 24, 2018 Electronisounds Audio

"Exploring the MAM MB33 Retro Bass (Roland 303 Clone)
This little guy is a very good price. Especially if you already have the iPad and Audio interface like I did... ;) lol
YEAH! I have always wanted this sound in my arsenal and this little clone sounds FANTASTIC, especially when paired with this RAT distortion pedal for some serious acid crunch!
Great sound and it cuts right through the mix! Add a load of reverb and delay, and I can get lost just tweaking this juicy filter!
This little beauty is going to see a LOT of use in my live jams!"

Moog Model D and Subsequent 37 HUGE SOUND!!!

Published on Aug 24, 2018 synthartist69

"Can you guess what keyboard is standing against the wall not being used??? Now, about the Moogs. The debate goes on and on. Which is better, the Moog Model D or Subsequent 37? This is not a comparison but a video of both of them together. Personally, I will take simplicity and better sound over more options so the Model D is best for me. The Subsequent 37 has patch memory which I love having and it sounds great, just not as great as the Model D. In person, there is a BIG difference. On Youtube comparisons the difference is not as vast. They are kind of like an Oberheim OBXA vs an OB8. The OBXA is more alive, in your face with a little more grit. The OB8 sounds tame, a little compressed if that is the right word. Playing the Sub37 makes me feel good but the Model D makes me feel GREAT! And of course, the Model D has 44 keys which is helpful for my style of playing vs 37 keys. Both are awesome synths!"

Not to mention three oscillators on the Minimoog vs. two on the Subsequent 37.

Multum in Parvo by Todd Barton & Upcoming Performances

via Todd Barton: "My new solo Buchla Easel album is now available for streaming with the opportunity to pre-order the CD or cassette. I'm stoked about the awesome cover art by Ursula Barton! Check it out here.

Saturday, September 8 at 7:30 pm at the DanceSpace in Ashland I'll be performing freely improvised electronic music with Bruce Bayard and improvised vocals by Kay Hilton. Bruce's video of abstract figures filmed at SF MOMA is not to be missed. Tickets and more information here:

Friday, September 14 from 7:30-10:30 pm at the Butler Bandshell in Lithia Park Silent Movement presents The Silent Discovery Series with Control Voltage Therapy: Todd Barton & Bruce Bayard improvising on Buchla Music Easels with visuals by Michael Maag. You've got to see/hear this!! Opening live looping by Landen Griffith. $5 donation - all ages.

The audio portion will be broadcast with the technical wizardry of Jordan Rose and Landen Griffith (organizers of The Silent Disco) sending separate and mixed channels of our musical improvisations to special wifi headsets (available at the Park), with video mapping on the bandshell by Michael Maag, resident lighting designer at OSF. You will be able to hear Todd in one channel, Bruce in another, and a mix of both in the third channel, with the ability to switch to any mode at any time and wander around and move! A truly unique concert experience.

Stay tuned for my next Notes from Todd with more album release dates and October tour dates in NYC, Krakow and London! All best wishes, Todd"

Jessica Kert live at Berlin Atonal 2018

Jessica Kert live at Berlin Atonal 2018 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

Jessica Kert (zv_k) performing live at Berlin Atonal 2018

Fun with the Crumar DS2 Analog synthesizer, moving pad LFO Filter melody

Published on Aug 24, 2018 Expanding Sound

"The Crumar DS2 is a one of a kind instrument. I'm not sure they even made 1000 of these. My serial number is 200. Anyway, It's weird and I love it. I was having fun with this Pad that had a moving filter LFO, and figured I would share my noodling."

Patch Jam: Eurorack Modular Techno

Published on Aug 24, 2018 abstractdatabiz

"My first shot at writing and arranging a complete track using just the modular, a sequencer and a mixer. This is recorded live with all audio from the modular recorded straight off the desk. Enjoy!

Complete tracks here:"

Novation PEAK vs. ZOOM ARQ-96

Published on Aug 24, 2018 Alex S.

"Here's my first attempt at live sequencing with the ZOOM ARQ and the Peak. I'm quite impressed with the ARQ, it can do a lot of useful things. Maybe I'll post a review next week."

Ready Sequence 2- analog seq by graal7

Published on Aug 24, 2018 graal7

"original composition by graal7-only analogs sounds
matrixbrute step sequencer
juno 6
prologue 16"

Looking for a Fix

Published on Aug 21, 2018 Audio Illustrator

"Audio Illustrator James Newman and the James Newman Groove orchestra are pleased to present "Looking for a Fix"

This is a musical portrait of the concept that nothing really works right. and ultimately everything is broken and needs to be fixed.

Everything around us is in a state of decay and on a course of destruction and ruin. The day that we are born is the day that we begin to age and eventually decay, decline, and die. All that we grasp and hold on to also slips away in decay. Nothing is immune, but everything is looking for a fix.

Romans 8:20For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope 21that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Newman.

James Newman 's music can be purchased at:

Purchase "Looking for a Fix" here:"

Tentacles Lab 0013 Wela's Dreams

Tentacles Lab 0013 Wela's Dreams (Film Version) Synthstrom Deluge

Published on Aug 23, 2018 Tentacles

"Last winter in a rainy night, our friend José Wela filmed this images that inspired us to make this new theme.
Lab0013 is made entirely with the Synthstrom Deluge. All the synths, samples, and FX are from the Deluge itself.

Mastered with Logic 9.
Filmed with a GoPro.

This is our musical laboratory, a place to cook new compositions, where we experiment with our music toys. Some of them will end in our albums, some not. Time will tell...

Listen & Share on Spotify & Bandcamp."

Tentacles Lab 0013 Wela's Dreams (In the Studio Version) Synthstrom Deluge

Published on Aug 23, 2018 Tentacles

Rare PPG 1002 Up for Sale

via this auction

The last post featuring one for sale was back in 2008.

"PPG 1002 extremely rare vintage analog synth + cv / gate + audio in (serviced)

Up for sale is an (1) extremely rare PPG 1002 synthesizer, build around 1976. Approx. 20-25 units are been made and probably not more than 10 are still alive, so it's a unique chance to buy one. The first owner was PPG employee Lutz Vogelsang, we can prove that. He sold it to a friend and we are the third owner. Lutz installed a useful external audio input mod with a low/high gain switch on the front panel. You can overdrive the filter beautifully now and when you connect the 'output II' into the ext. audio input you can create an additional resonance to the sound.

We serviced the synth and installed a v-trig / osc / filter input to control it with another device like a sequencer. The sawtooth oscillators, snappy filter and weird modulation possibilities makes this a monstersynth. It sounds amazing!!

Cosmetically the synth is in near mint condition with only some minor signs of use. Please check all the detail photos for a good overall impression.

The service report is part of the sale. It is a 220v version with European plug installed. There is no serial number on the synth."

Wusik P2000 New Skin and New Features

Published on Aug 17, 2018 William Kalfelz

"Wusik P2000 Released

The Ultimate MIDI/Notes Processor and Plugin Chainer. Windows and OSX support (32/64 bits).

Official Product Page

What can you do with Wusik P2000?

- Bridge 32 bits plugins into 64 bits hosts (Windows)
- Use the Stand Alone Application for Live Projects (Win/OSX)
- Create complex live rigs using the multiple MIDI Processors, such as Key Switching, Chords & Strum, Crossfader, ... See full list below.
- Load FXB/FXP files into any plugin.

Download The User Manual:

List of MIDI Processors

- Key and Velocity Zone Split - so you can assign different sections of your MIDI Keyboard for each instrument.
- Key Switching - allows you to switch from one instrument to another one using a set of keys you define. It can also work in Hold mode, so it will switch to that instrument as long as you keep holding the note.
- Round Robin - you set multiple instruments and each note will go to a different one, in a circular way.
- Transpose - pitch up or down all input notes, single notes or whole octaves.
- Sticky Keys - will hold keys and works in two ways: holds all keys until you press a defined key; holds keys until you press those again to release
- Chords & Strum - record chords to be played with single keys. Optional strumming velocity and progression. Plus, looping of chords when using the strum option.
- Crossfader - allows you to crossfade from one track to another, with support to up to 99 tracks sequentially.
- Note Delay - adds a delay to all notes, with the option to transpose the delayed note and echo the original note. Plus, feedback on the delay, creating sequential delays.
- Plugin Sequencer - allows you to create complex sequences using multiple instrument plugins (like a Wave Sequencer but with Plugins).

Cheers, WilliamK"

Imogen Heap Exclusive at MTF Stockholm

"The programme of exclusives and unique performances for MTF Labs participants is now online. As you may already have picked up, we're absolutely delighted to have the incredible Imogen Heap joining us at Music Tech Fest Stockholm.

She's going to be pretty busy while she's there...

She's launching the Mycelia Creative Passport World Tour; she'll be running the invitation-only MTF Blockchain Labs with Mycelia from Monday to Friday; hosting the Mycelia Exhibition that will run throughout the public weekend festival at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, performing a big concert at Göta Lejon on Saturday night with her band Frou Frou; and joining us on the Conversations stage on Sunday for an indepth, personal interview about her life and work.

Not only that, but Imogen has agreed to welcome all of the innovators and VIPs we have assembled from around the world in our week-long MTF Labs on Monday 3rd - as well as gracing us with a unique, exclusive and absolutely one-off intimate evening with performance and talk just for our labs participants, VIP guests and press on Thursday evening.

The labs are more than full to capacity - in fact, we had so many applications from so many brilliant people - from choreographers to cryptographers - we had to expand from 30 participants to 80! The decommissioned underground nuclear reactor chamber we've taken over for this incredible event is going to be absolutely buzzing with innovation.

Don't miss Imogen in conversation at #MTFStockholm...

And - we have a special bonus for you: we've secured 50 discounted tickets to the big Saturday night Imogen and Frou Frou concert at Göta Lejon.

Join the MTF Messenger list for more information about this and other Music Tech Fest discounts and offers.

Just over a week to go... Can't wait to see you there!

All the best,

Andrew Dubber,
Director, Music Tech Fest"

RNA Retrovirus Teaser

Published on Aug 24, 2018 Really Nice Audio

"Here is a teaser video of our Retrovirus Dual envelope module for Eurorack modular.
You can drive both envelopes from one gate or use both gate inputs for independent control.
There are dedicated CV control of A,D,S and R for both envelopes.
Each envelope has a 5V and a 10V output.
More detailed overviews to come."

All Moog Unit with Analog Rytm Jam

Published on Aug 23, 2018 therudyrude

Moog/5U format with, Moon Modular, STG, in BOX 11 enclosures.

Roland TR-606 w/Quicksilver 606 CPU upgrade/midi SN 348200

via this auction

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and is working 100%. It is ready to be used and needs nothing! It does not have the midi jacks installed as I didn't want to drill any holes into the unit, but it can be controlled via midi by the USB jack located in the battery compartment. All of the data is stored into it's internal Eprom so batteries are no longer needed to maintain it's memory. Please go to the Social Entropy website to see the specs of this upgrade."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 1987

via this auction

"Bought this synth used a while ago... it had issues with the vco’s & vcf’s (oscillators & filters) I replace the dead CEM chips with after market equivalents. The previous owner stated he had issues with re-installing the factory presets, I have not attempted this myself.

This unit powers on, digital keypad is fully functional , all switches and potentiometers seem to function as intended, midi in and out are both fully functional and both arpeggio functions are operational.

I have noticed certain presets are slightly out of tune, while others were not."

μHausen 2018 [Episode 83]

Published on Aug 23, 2018 CatSynth TV

"μHausen (micro-Hausen) is a yearly gathering of electronic noise artists at Camp Happy deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Software and hardware synthesizers, including custom and DIY designs abound in this wild afternoon of experimental sound.

Performers (in order):

Cardio Rehab (Peter Elsea)

Later Days

R Duck

Doug Lynner

Paul Nicholson

Amanda Chaudhary / CatSynth

Lemon DeGeorge (Multiverse Troubadours)

For more far out sounds, please subscribe to this channel and visit"

Wersi WM32 organ drums demosong ft. Ambika & Micromonsta

Published on Aug 24, 2018 Stereoping

"Demo and reallife-test for an organ drumcomputer PCB i got from ebay. I put it in a 19" case and added a midi trigger interface. Please don't take the music to serious, it turned out to sth like an epic middle-age accordeon polka. All drums coming from the Wersi WM-32. Furter gear: Micromonsta (middleage fiddle), Ambika (Bass, Akkordeon, Synthvoice) and JV1080 (Horns & Strings). There is an article about this PCB on my website in the 'Research lab/E-Drums' section containing a downloadable HQ Sample WAV pack with all sounds of the Wersi WM-32"

Koma Field Kit & Field Kit FX Vs. Custom Modular Synth Rig

Published on Aug 24, 2018 Ask.Audio

"Here's a sound demo comparison between the Koma Field Kit and Field Kit FX VS. a customising modular synthesiser

UVI Devinity for Falcon | Trailer

Published on Aug 24, 2018 UVI

"Devinity a deep-dive into Falcon with Richard Devine

Devinity offers a rare chance to explore the potential of Falcon through Richard Devine’s eyes and ears, delivering 120 patches showing off his unique style and approach to sound design. Richard digs deep into Falcon’s modulation system to mangle and manipulate effects and oscillators including FM, Wavetable, IRCAM Multi-Granular, Stretch and more, resulting in an exciting selection of modular sequences, animated sounds, bass, pads, FX, percussive sequences and more for you to use in your own music or sound design, or as inspirational starting points.

Music Credits: Torley"


IK MULTIMEDIA Uno Synth Demos by SoundRecordingJP

Published on Aug 24, 2018 SoundRecordingJP

IK MULTIMEDIA Uno Synthパフォーマンス動画①:Chihei Hatakeyama
IK MULTIMEDIA Uno Synthパフォーマンス動画③:machìna
IK MULTIMEDIA Uno Synthパフォーマンス動画②:櫻木大吾(D.A.N.)

Patch n Tweak

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