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Sunday, October 28, 2018


Published on Oct 24, 2018 ULTIMATE PATCHES

"300 Original High Quality Patches for the Korg Monologue! (100 per Volume)
BLACK FRIDAY 2018 SALE Starting at $17.99 @"


Teased by us since early 2017, this is the much-requested Ultimate Patches collection of 300 brand new pro patches for the Korg Monologue. Loaded with hundreds of retro and modern basses, pads, melodics, fx and more, this collection encompasses genres including synthwave, trap, dubstep, pop, house, retrocade and much more. On sale from $17.99 as part of the Ultimate Patches site-wide Black Friday Sale, on until November 30."

New AudioKit Digital D1 - Virtual Analog /PCM D-50 Style 64 Voice iPad Synth

Published on Oct 28, 2018 MATTHEW FECHER

Audiokit D1 64 Voice Synth

Published on Oct 28, 2018

"First few sounds from my Preset Bank to be added to Audiokit D1, A 64 Voice Analog/Digital D-50 style Hybrid Polysynth."

"No talking, sound demo. Quick preview of the first 20 presets in D1.
Epic 64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth. Comes with 300+ presets!

Inspired by the Digital Synths of the 80s and 90s
Pardon my piano playing. This is just a quick teaser. Enjoy!"

"Epic 64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth
Beautiful & Lush Digital Synth inspired by the 80s/90s

100% of proceeds from this app go to support the AudioKit open-source project & AudioKit Synth One.

✓ Fully loaded w/ 300+ presets by Brice Beasley, Matthew Fecher, Red Sky Lullaby, Jakob Haq, Dean Daughters (Electronisounds), Sound of Izrael, AfroDJMac, and more

64-voice Hybrid Digital Poly Synthesis.
Full 1 Gigabyte of original samples recorded from analog & fm synths over 30+ years old.
Space-saving Compression. The whole app is under 150mb
Dual layers per voice. Keyboard splits. Velocity Scaling.
Vintage-style Arp/Step Sequencer
Dual Independent per-Layer filters

Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter V2 ★ Strymon Big Sky & Timeline ★ Foxtex X18 Tape Machine ★ ON THE VINE ★

Published on Oct 28, 2018 Jay Frederick

"First outing with the Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter v2. You could call it a semi modular patchable synth. You could call it a drum and drama machine. But I am quickly learning that it's actually a box of strange magic. As always, thanks for listening.

★ ON THE VINE ★ Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter V2 ★ Strymon Big Sky Reverb & Timeline Delay ★ Foxtex X18 Four Track Tape Machine ★"

defects live performance 10-18-18

Published on Oct 19, 2018 defects

Sampling Halloween: Pumpkin Massacre - with Digitakt

Published on Oct 28, 2018 Dave Mech

"Download the full track for free (pay what you want) here:

Download the sample pack for free (pay what you want):

Soooo it's almost halloween so I thought I'd do a Halloween special on sampling. In this video I torture some pumpkins, record the sounds from that and other creepy sounds, and create a techno track from it with the Elektron Digitakt sampler. I got some help this time from Jasmijn. She has an awesome instagram account: . She makes very cool drawings and she also created the instagram and bandcamp artwork for this video. Many thanks to her for helping out!

Hope you enjoy this video."

Frostwave The Resonator MS20 Filter Clone

via this auction

Sonic Potions LXR Drum Synth/Sequencer

via this auction

Moog Sub37 - Mystic

Published on Oct 28, 2018 AiynZahevSounds

Grandma Van Jamming - Moog Grandmother, Mother 32, DSI OB6, Digitech Polara, Roland RE-301

Published on Oct 28, 2018 Earmonkey Music

"Trying to work with an all hardware setup just for focus. Incorporating the new Polara reverb with the RE301 gives a really nice space. Starts out dry so you can hear the difference. Using the Mother 32 as an additional LFO and VCO"

Elektron Digitone - OP 33 K.O!

Published on Oct 28, 2018 Arnaud Music.

"Elektron Digitone - OP 33 K.O!

Sequencers & Synths: Eurorack: Make Noise & Meadowphysics, Norns/Seaboard/MPE and Arturia Solina

Published on Oct 28, 2018 junklight

"Bit of escapism after a crappy week......"

Trap HatR - Free Ableton Rack Released

You can find it at:

"Ratching midi racks for Ableton Live. Perfect for production workflow and creative retriggering!

...Both quantized and un-quantized versions included.

- Octave 1 is used for ratchets, white keys for even divisions, black keys for odd divisions
- The default "F" key is for free for automation
- Keys in Octave 2 and above are for manual triggering


Global for all speed chains, including the Automation chain.

Limit the number of hits per key press.
(This is not mapped to the automation chain)

SPEED OFFSET (Unquantized version only)
Adjusts speed based on BPM. The range is in (ms) but maps to 155 BPM-120 BPM. Triggering is not synced. This allows tight repeats with loose triggering.

OUTPUT NOTE transposes midi to change the output note

AUTO (F) SPEED controls the speed for only the Automation chain."

4ms SMR DIY Workshop Saturday November 3rd 2018 at Patch Point Berlin

This one is in via Todd Barton.

via Patch Point:

"4ms SMR DIY Workshop. Saturday November 3rd 2018
from 100.42
€119.50 incl. 19% VAT
We are happy to host a special DIY workshop with our portland buddies 4MS.

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS, and shouldn’t take more than 1.5 hours to finish!

Allissa from 4MS and founder of the Synth Library Portland will guide the workshop.

Limited to 20 spaces, You can sign up and either pay 50% deposit (119) and the rest in cash 120 at the workshop, or pay 100% in full up front. The choice is yours.

Please select the time you will come and start. Patch Point is a relatively small space, so we are staggering the start times! Please be on time!

'The Spectral Multiband Resonator from 4ms Company is an innovative resonant filter which can process audio like a classic filter bank, ring like a marimba when plucked/struck, vocode, re-mix tracks, harmonize, output spectral data, quantize audio to scales, and much more..."

Yamaha CS-10 Keyboard Synthesizer SN 5117

via this auction

PAiA OZ 3760 Vintage Portable Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SH-09 Vintage Analogue Synth

via this auction

"Fantastic little workhorse synth, capable of deep bass (that some say is superior to its sister, the SH101) and other great lead sounds and effects...

Check out Mark Doty's video to see its capabilities:"

The Roland SH-09 (higher quality) Published on Jan 26, 2011 AutomaticGainsay

Waldorf Blofeld and Ventris Dual Reverb - Ambient

Published on Oct 28, 2018 Michael Barmaley

Roland JUNO 106 Whats inside? REVERSE TEARDOWN

Published on Oct 28, 2018 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER


Daft Punk test (TB-303 / MS20)

Published on Oct 28, 2018 Alex Ball

"Picked up a 303 and so had to try these two famous riffs together.

It's not 100% perfect, but pretty close. Once I've nailed it exactly I'll possibly make a video tutorial on how to do those sounds.

Drums - Sequential Drumtraks sequenced by the BeatStep Pro via its midi-in.

Squelchy sequence - Roland TB-303 running into an Ibanez Tubescreamer.

Riff - Korg MS20 mark I (with the type-35 filter) run back through its own external signal processor and with the keyboard voltage tracking the filter cut offs. The distortion is entirely from the synth, there's no extra processing.

Also put in the bass quarter notes after the fact on a Fender Jazz bass."

EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run v2 Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Oct 28, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

Roland SH-01a & EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run v2.

Making music on handbuilt hardware

Published on Oct 28, 2018 Konstantin T

"Making some music on the Tokarev Protosynth V1LP synthesizer running in polyphonic mode, controlled by a hardware MIDI file player, performing a multitrack MIDI file which was loaded from a USB memory."

Patch n Tweak

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