MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Synth Stuff Ep. 54 - Alesis Micron

Published on Feb 10, 2019 tritonrecordings

"Remember when Alesis made synths? The Micron is a baby version of the Ion, the flagship virtual analog synth from Alesis which was just below their top tier Andromeda A6. It's the same exact engine as the Ion but with far less physical controls. Honestly, it sounds much like any other virtual analog synth from the early 2000's but it has a chic look to it and I imagine it turned many heads of people considering MicroKorgs."

Oberheim Matrix-1000 (1987) Part 2

Published on Feb 10, 2019 Nacho Marty Meyer

"no extra effects or processes were used"

Part 1 here.

The SynthSummitShow episode 25 Metasonix

Started streaming 28 minutes ago Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"The SynthSummitShow is a Live streaming Interview show by sound designer Ken Flux Pierce for where he interviews Both Industry legends and upcoming creators of the musical gear that shapes the way we create.

This episode we welcome Eric Barbour founder of Metasonix. Eric has a long history as one of the premier Vacuum tube synth designers and has had his work featured on countless albums."

Vermona '14/Hildegard von Bingen: "O Pastor Animarum"

Published on Feb 10, 2019 Kris Lennox

"Hildegard's fantastic 'O Pastor Animarum', here performed on the Vermona '14. Stunning tone. Information that may be of interest: 'Gregorian' refers to Pope Gregory: not a musician himself, but it was thanks to him that we now have written music. He was aware the problems created by trying to memorise numerous melodies, hence the want for the codification of music.

In its initial stages, Gregorian chant was monosyllabic (one note per syllable). All notes were also sung at the same volume. The reason being: no word was considered less/more important than any other - and the music was to reflect this.

To the modern ear, this can sound 'empty', given (culturally) we are used to very thick textures, and 'emotion' in music is normally equated with large dynamic variation (at least since the Romantic era).

Many contemporary performances of early Gregorian chant drift into the contemporary vein i.e dynamic variation etc. In the strictest sense, these performances are inauthentic. Nice to listen to, of course - but inauthentic to the performance practice of the time.

To my ears, plainsong + synth is a winner of a combination.

PS you may also notice that the synth is tuned below A440 (you'll see the 'master tune' dial is below 12 o' clock); A440 is a relatively recent adoption, hence abandoning this for a tuning more accurately representing the pitch of the era.

I'm thinking of giving a live performance of Gregorian chant on the Vermona in the near future; if it comes to fruition, I'll mention as/when.

All best

Prophet Rev2 Experimental Patch Set From

"The Experimental Patch set for the Prophet Rev2 is a collection of experimental, glitch, special effects, and a few conventional patches. All 128 patches are entirely original creations built from the ground up or through custom morphing software developed for the Rev2. The example sounds were recorded directly from the Rev2 with no overdubbing, or additional processing aside from gain adjustments.

For more information please visit"


Published on Feb 10, 2019 OLFACTORY RECORDS

"As usual it took me in a different direction, so ended up making this BOC patch from scratch. This synth shines for easy hands on tweaking, only took about 20mins to make.

Sorry about Ken Burns....I couldn't stop him."

Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - Fanfare

Published on Jul 11, 2018 RVNG Intl.

Sequential Prophet-6.

"Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - Fanfare

Video by Jana Papenbroock.

Learn more:

©2018 RVNG Intl. //"

Prophet-5 Rev3.2 + Spitfire Audio Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions

Published on Feb 10, 2019 TinySymphony Music & Synthesizers Channel

"Rec : iPhone7 + Line6 Sonic Port"

SEQ16 - AE Modular Synth Patch Challenge 05 #TTNM

Published on Feb 10, 2019 The Tuesday Night Machines

"This is an experiment for the AE Modular Patch Challenge #05 :) For this challenge we simply had to use a sequencer like the SEQ16 in a patch, so I made it control not just pitch, but also filter cutoff, PWM, logic, and delay time, while playing with its reset state and knob values manually. More info here:


PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts by The Tuesday Night Machines:"

The Radiophonic One DEMO 5 STG Soundlabs | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 10, 2019 ClavAnother

"Here we have the Radiophonic One synthesizer made by STG Soundlabs doing some envelope filter sweeps."

ClavAnother Radiophonic One demos

KORG EPS-1 Electronic Piano & Strings (1983) *Zweisprottengeschichte*

Published on Feb 10, 2019 RetroSound

"(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer track by RetroSound

all sounds: KORG EPS-1 Electronic Piano & Strings (1983)
drums: KORG KR-55B (1982)
recording: multi-track

Wir haben uns nicht gesucht und doch gefunden.
Wir können nicht miteinander und auch nicht ohne.
Wir haben das Beste in uns geweckt und doch Schlechtes gezeigt.
Wir haben viel gewonnen und doch verloren.
Ich kann es immer noch nicht fassen,
du wirst deinen Weg gehen und ich muss dich loslassen.

Test clavier des Ondes Martenot avec diffuseur résonance

Published on Feb 10, 2019 yusynthman

"Utilisation du haut-parleur à ressorts ("Résonance") des Ondes Martenot, essai des différents registres."

LELL (Lel') Psr Lo-Fi Drum Machine & Rhythm Box rSN 11160 3

Published on Feb 10, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

"Lell PSR is the digital drum machine that has a built-in sequencer for 8 songs, 32 patterns of the factory (64 of user), 16 styles, each of them contains 2 variations. Maximum duration of the composition - 255 bars. Minimum tempo value from 40 to 250. It contains 12 internal"

via this auction

"is the digital drum machine that has a built-in sequencer for 8 songs, 32 patterns of the factory (64 of user), 16 styles, each of them contains 2 variations. Maximum duration of the composition - 255 bars. Minimum tempo value from 40 to 250. It contains 12 internal sounds of percussion instruments: bass drum, bongo, clap, gong, rim, snare, tom1, tom2, tom3. Each of sounds has an accent.

VERMONA 2 VCO Synthesizer vintage analog synth 80's German RARE USSR

Published on Feb 10, 2019 GLvintageSHOP

via this auction

"We have little information about this synth except that it is one of the only analog synthesizers produced by German music company Vermona throughout the 1980's. It is a 2-VCO monophonic analog synthesizer.
It has most basic analog edit parameters. A 24 dB/oct analog VCF (filter) with 4 knobs (Brilliance, CutOff, Resonance, Contour), a single LFO to modulate the VCO or VCF sections and a typical ADSR VCA envelope.
There are preset VCF and VCA settings as well as a Manual mode.

There is also a possibility to split the keyboard to 2 section (with setting up different timbres of sounding)

Input/Output - 1/4 jack

The supply voltage of the unit - 220-230V/50Hz. For use it with 110/127V, a voltage converter is necessary/ not added.


1987 E-MU Systems Emulator 3 w/OLED/8MBRAM/CFDrive

via this auction

KORG 770 w/ Original Cover

via this auction


via this auction

"Rare EMS MK2. Mostly used in Pro Studio since birth and original, no modifications.
Very good cosmetic condition. Can be switched from 240V to 115V

Just back from Pro service, so it can be enjoyed for years wiuthout issues.

You Will Receive:

EMS Patch pins
EMS Power Cable
Original Manuals
Ocsidance Invoice incl Warranty
Service report"

1983 PPG Wave 2.3

via this auction

"Serviced, new backlight, new battery. keyboard bushings supplied, not fitted - i may get around to doing this. OS 8.3 supplied but can provide OS 6 too. Some prefer OS 6 before the LFO, which is computer generated, is further compromised. Voice cards have new trimmers.

2.3 is the same as 2.2 contrary to myths on forums, save it is only 12-bit when utilised with the Waveterm for samples and it has a multimode. The wavetables are 8-bit as on the 2.2. Most of the time you will boot into 2.2 mode. SSM2044 filters, superb sound and huge stereo field."

ARP 2600 with 3604P Keyboard

via this auction

"Refurbished 12 months ago including re-tolexed case. Good working order has been used very little since the service. Superb sounding and an increasingly rare and sought after instrument.

Excellent sounding reverb and ring modulator.

The unit has had:

Several faders replaced,
VCO sub module swapped out
filter sub module was swapped out
All sub modules to original factory spec.
Power supply was swapped to run from 120v to 240v
As used by Todd Terje, hot chip, etc etc etc etc"

Akai AX60

via this auction

SIEL Cruise Poly / Mono Synthesizer

via this auction

ENSONIQ VFX IPC-1 German Collection Sound Cartridge for VFX & SD-1 Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland MC-202 Analog Monosynth Synthesizer SN 315800

via this auction

Roland SH-2000 Synthesizer

via this auction

Playing The Amazing PPG INFINITE - Demo For The iPad

Published on Feb 10, 2019 The Sound Test Room

Song-A-Day & #RPM Challenge 10 - 'Time Dilation' on Waldorf Blofeld and Minidisc Ambient

Published on Feb 10, 2019 ChrisLody

"Time to dig out the Waldorf Blofeld and make a bit of dreamy soundtrack, soundscape, ambient sort of music. I don't use the Blofeld enough but I find it particularly good for this kind of thing, though I've barely explored beyond this sort of sound to be honest because it's so responsive as a synth piano when programmed right. A minidisc field recording in a mess hall provides the ambient layer with two layers of Blofeld here."

Filter Sequence on PAIA 9700 with Korg SQ.1, Volca Keys and Novation Circuit

Published on Feb 10, 2019 Detlef Hurling

"Just noodling on the SQ-1 sequencer modulating the filter of the PAIA 9700S Modular System with some drums from the Circuit and a little sequence from the Volca keys."

Beat Thang Sequencing internal drums and external midi

Published on Feb 10, 2019 umusic6

"Track 3 routed to Matrix 1000, Track 8 to JV2080. Arranging live with Track Mutes. Other tracks are internal drums and instruments. Firmware is 1.3.1. Still lots of bugs and crashes, but usable from time to time. Otherwise very fun machine."

The Beat Thang by BeatKangz.

Delta CEP A - using the Morph-function as a sequencer

Published on Feb 10, 2019 Jörg Schaaf

"The Delta CEP A morph function is based on snapshots. A snapshot is a subprogram within a soundprogram. Snapshots can hold variations of the sound or complete different sounds. The snapshots can then morph from one step to the next. Sequencer addicted users can activate a gate signal for each snapshot and use the morph function for sequences.

The DELTA CEP A is a new semimodular musicsynthesizer with monophonic and paraphonic playmodes, preset memories and snapshot automation. The DELTA CEP A is the perfect starting point into the EURORACK world and will become available soon as desktop standalone synthesizer and EURORACK module. The DELTA CEP A works just out of the box without any cable patching. If you are looking for a EURORACK FX unit or for POLYPHONY within your cabinet, you should also have a closer look as well. Are you curious about connectivity with your other gear? The DELTA CEP A has a MIDI interface and connects to every MIDI gear (MIDI sequencers, Keyboards etc.) The desktop version comes with standard 1/4 inch jack inputs and outputs."

Tears For Fears DX1 Heritage Synth Restoration

Published on Feb 10, 2019 BEHRINGER

"We recently purchased a collection of heritage synthesizers from the iconic 80's band Tears For Fears. Here you can see our Music Tribe UK CARE team repairing the DX1 and bringing this piece of musical history back to life."

Two XILS 4 EMS Synth Emulation Tracks by fantomatica

All XILS 4, including the drums, in via fantomatica.

XILS 4 screenshot via XILS-Lab

"The XILS 4 emulates a prototype that was never released, the EMS VCS4, based on two intricate and interacting VCS 3 ( Synthi) cores. We also coupled them with the famous 256 analog polysequencer"

First lap with Elektron Model:Samples, Moog Sirin, Roland TB-03

Published on Feb 9, 2019 Ehsan Gelsi

Stream, buy and steal my music:

Patch n Tweak

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