MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Ballad of the Wind Fish (Yamaha DX7 & Moog Sub 37)

Published on Sep 28, 2019 Marcus Padrini

"Many game soundtracks, especially Nintendo classics, are memorable. With Link's Awakening's relaunch for Switch, this theme was on the head again, immediately. So this is a brief and simple version of Ballad of the Wind Fish with Yamaha DX7 and Moog Sub 37."

SunVox MPE Cello Synth

Published on Sep 28, 2019 cube48

"Fully synthesized cello-like MPE sound. Each MPE voice is played by single instance of SunVox’s MetaModule."

YAMAHA SY-1 Analog Synthesizer Vintage SN 5912

via this auction

Jupiter-8 (Sept 28, 2019)

Published on Sep 28, 2019 SynthMania

"Roland Jupiter-8 demos / improvs."

Two DW-8000's controlled with DW-8P

Published on Sep 28, 2019 Retroaktiv Synthesizers

"In this video, I'm using two DW-8000 synths, along with the 'velocity controlled ramp generator' feature of the DW-8P controller, to use velocity to "scoop" into notes. The harder I play, the more scoop there is. I also have an ASSIGN set up on the DW-8P, which routes my mod-wheel to control the VCF cutoff and DETUNE of both DW-8000s."

Sequential Prophet 5 with GFI specular reverb v3

Published on Sep 28, 2019 synthlegends

"Demo of the GFI specular reverb pedal with the SCI Prophet 5 rev. 3.3"

Real-Time Touch Control Surface For The Yamaha DX7IID Synthesizer

Published on Sep 25, 2019 george barlow

"Yamaha DX7 with real-time touch control panel. You can't do this stuff with menus. I wanted dynamic control, so I designed this touch-controller. It uses a unique design for reducing interference form external electrical noise, which lets it be very responsive...

The sensors I use are virtually immune to external electrical noise, which lets them be very responsive & reliable. This is a crude concept prototype. It uses midi to communicate with the synthesizer, and a parallel interface to an old laptop computer for the actual computing. Sure beats using menus."

via Synthtopia

01-The Behringer VC340 Vocoder-Part 1-Series Theme

Published on Sep 28, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is most of the music created for the Behringer VC340 demonstrative series. All vocoding was created with the VC340 (with the VC340 primarily, but a couple of instances of other synths connected to the external input). All string and human voice sounds are the VC340. The bass was recorded on a Behringer D. The drums were sequenced on a Korg Triton LE."

Sequential Prophet-6 Demos by Chris Bran

Published on Sep 28, 2019 Chris Bran

Some raw sounds on the Prophet-6.

Just pressing some buttons on the digitakt

Published on Sep 28, 2019 bananepoep

"More soon i’m just trying to get to know this awesome groovebox!!"

The First Songs to Use a Synth

Published on Sep 27, 2019 David Bennett Piano

"Most pop music today features ample synth, but when did the sound of the synthesizer first start featuring in pop and rock music? I take a look at some of pop music's synth pioneers, including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Wendy Carlos, Paul Beaver and Max Crook."

Buchla doesn't get mentioned, but still a pretty cool video.

Brian Wilson talking about theramins late 80s-early 90s

Published on Jul 26, 2017 Elizabeth Haney

"This video ruined my life and I have a duty to reupload it"

Max Crook ( Del Shannon's keyboard player on Runaway )

Published on Apr 13, 2017 rockinkb

"Max talks about the musitron and the making of Runaway!"

Roland RD 2000 - Quick Jam with Mainstage

Published on Sep 28, 2019 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive RD-2000 Stage Piano BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Ed Diaz Jams with an RD-2000 Stage Piano and Mainstage at Kraft Music.

The Roland RD-2000 stage piano is a dream come true for the performing keyboardist, delivering unmatched performance on stage and in the studio. A dedicated acoustic piano sound engine along with a second independent engine for electric pianos and other instruments provide a wealth of top-quality sounds. The RD-2000's PHA-50 hammer-action keyboard uses a hybrid wood and molded construction for premium touch and lasting durability, while knobs, sliders, a pitch/mod lever, and wheel controllers offer real-time control of sounds and effects. In addition, the RD-2000 features eight fully-assignable zones and two wave expansion slots for loading additional sounds from Roland's Axial website.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Roland RD-2000 stage piano bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new piano - at home, on stage, or in the studio. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Kilpatrick PHENOL Stereo Ambient Noise #TTNM

Published on Sep 28, 2019 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"An ambient noise piece with the PHENOL modular synthesizer. MORE INFO BELOW :)


I patched the Bandpass filter in a feedback loop to make it self-oscillate to use it as a VCO. Then I created a stereo autopan patch with a slow sine wave LFO, the Adder and two VCAs. And finally I set both envelopes into arpeggiator mode and to sequence the Bandpass filter and VCO 1, which is FM'ed by VCO 2. The aliasing and noise comes from the onboard lo-fi delay effect and the pop sound is the slow random LFO modulating the stereo position abruptly. I liked those artefacts so I left them in the patch as they are."

Moog ‘The Rogue’ 1981 Vintage Analog Synth SN 2465

Uploaded on Sep 28, 2019 George Pickering

via this auction

"Incredible vintage sound, and works near perfectly, except for TWO MINOR FLAWS:

1) The pot on the delay slider is loose, and the slider itself is slightly wobbly. The delay slider usually works as intended between 0% and about 25%, but then if you push it higher than 25% the note just drones on perpetually.

2) The wire on one side of the power transformer is loose, and so if the wire is bent at the wrong angle the synth won’t power on. However, I have the loose section of wire bound up tightly with electrical tape, which keeps things working as they should unless the wire is really twisted around badly. Plus I’m sure it would be a very easy fix."

Fluxwithit ASM HydraSynth Live Stream

test 2: streamyard with gh4,camlink HydraSynth Published on Sep 28, 2019 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

Update: New stream: Hydrasynth 10,200 oscillators at once!

Robert Langer plays synthesizer impro at Dutch Modular Fest

Published on Sep 28, 2019 icekingsun

Tangible Waves AE Modular system & Novation Circuit.

THREETOM modular / Steve's MS-22 Dual VCF / Sequenced modulation

Published on Sep 26, 2019 Threetom Modular

"Hi, my name is Tom, and I’m the guy behind THREETOM Modular Synthesizers, a small Eurorack business based in Belgium. Steve’s MS-22 is my first module. Steve’s MS-22 is a dual voltage controlled filter (inspired upon a classic OTA design) with an innovative modulation matrix and one of the highest function-to-hp ratios in the land of Eurorack.

Check out my latest demo video, where I sequence both the FCV and ACV inputs of Steve's MS-22. This leads to some very interesting results.

General features
- Dual VCF inspired by the Korg MS-20 OTA filter
- Low-pass into high-pass configuration
- Innovative modulation matrix allows CV control over all parameters
- Cut-off frequencies can be linked, resulting in a band pass filter with controlable bandwidth
- Bipolar monitoring LEDS for the LP, HP, resonance and gain CV signals
- One of the best functionality-to-size ratios in Eurorack with a width of 4 HP and a depth of 45 mm

I’m planning to make a small handbuilt batch available in the next weeks or so, price TBA.
More on"

an ambient groove - Modal Skulpt, Norns MLR , iOS Zeeon

Published on Sep 26, 2019 junklight

"I've been busy on other things & haven't made a video in a little while but watching Os from expert sleepers

& chords of Orion

doing live sets spurred me into action!"

Meet the Makers of Modular on TechCrunch

This one was spotted and sent in via Steve. You can find the article on TechCrunch here. It's pretty amazing to think how far the modular resurgence has come. Pictured is the father of eurorack himself, Dieter Dopfer.

"When Dieter Döpfer, the founder of music instrument manufacturer Doepfer, decided to launch a brand new modular synthesiser system in 1995, no one could have predicted what would follow. Today, his “Eurorack” format supports an ecosystem of hundreds of manufacturers that have collectively produced thousands of compatible modules used by famous musicians, such as Radiohead, Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin, and hobbyists alike.

Fuelled by passion not venture capital, most companies in the Eurorack space are neither startups nor established OEMs. Instead – and quite remarkably – the industry remains a long tail of boutique manufacturers, with some of the best-sellers still operating as one-person shops. Inspired by technology that is almost half a century old, and intentionally designed not to scale, these businesses might well be considered the anti-Crunch..."

THE SOLDIER WITH NO NAME | Synths: Prophet-12, Juno-106, Jupiter-80, SP-555.TR-808

Published on Sep 28, 2019 MR TUNA Music

"Who is he?!?!"

6 SWEET SPOTS on the RED PANDA LAB Context and SE 02

Published on Sep 28, 2019 Pedals4Synths

Synare S3X vintage dual osc analog synth drum

via this auction

Novation Nova II

via this auction

Roland JD-800 SN ZC67754

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Works as a sound module ONLY. All the sliders, knobs, midi, audio works. Had the red glue issue before, all of the key weights are gone except for 3 keys. The last 2 keys has some glue residue but it was soak so it is no longer sticky. 3 keys appears lighter color than the rest of the keys. The last highest C key has a crack on the inside as seen in the picture. Cosmetically the front, side, rear, & bottom panels is in very good cosmetic shape with just minor marks/scratches."

YAMAHA CS15 monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

Roland TB-303 Bass Line SN 174900

via this auction

Moog Prodigy Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

DrumKid - Hackaday Prize 2019 final video

Published on Sep 28, 2019 Nerd On The Wire

"DrumKid, my open source drum machine, has made it through to the 2019 Hackaday Prize final! The finalists were asked to make a 5-minute video of their projects, so I made a new, better video of DrumKid in action.

DrumKid will be available to buy in November 2019 from my website:

You can see all the details of the project on my Hackaday page:"

Also see: Nerd On The Wire DrumKid "aleatoric" Drum Machine


Published on Sep 28, 2019 Dave 33543


Dreadbox presents The CHROMATIC MODULES

Published on Sep 28, 2019 Dreadbox

Details previously posted here.

Our new series of modules is almost here!
6 modules, 6 colours

HYSTERIA / performance VCO
EUDEMONIA / filter-mixer-VCA
NOSTALGIA / 3-stage delay
ATAXIA / dual modulator
DYSTOPIA / noise-crush-filter
UTOPIA / CV/audio manipulator

Available in December 2019
Price: 79-99 euros

Patch of the Week 25: volca modular + eurorack pitch quantization

Published on Sep 28, 2019 Korg

"Using the Blue Lantern Duo Quantize, the 2HP LFO, and the Intellijel uVCA, we send quantized pitch information into volca modular’s CV input. This is a way of sending external pitch information into volca modular from a eurorack source, because volca modular will scale eurorack volts/octave pitch control voltage into its internal voltage via its CV input"

Korg Patch of the Week videos

Patch n Tweak

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