MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Jupiter-X vs. System-8: The Jupiter-8 Engine *No Talking*

Published on Mar 8, 2020 MR TUNA Music

"Its the showdown you've been waiting for! Two amazing synths, both vying for the number one spot of King Jupiter Clone..... but which will reign supreme? How will we even know without a real JP-8 to compare against? Perhaps this is all in vain. Perhaps we've all wasted our time. But maybe, just maybe, the debate between these two synthesizers is more than an age old question... more than the sum of their sounds. Is it wrong to love two synths? Is it beautiful to appreciate their differences? Or to stare into the mirror and see not yourself, but all of your possibilities and potentials like a trillion different realities folding onto each other like thin sheets of metal forming a single blade??

This is Jupiter vs. Jupiter. Or IS IT????"

The Rain by Circuit3

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Circuit 3

"Taken from the critically acclaimed album 'The Price Of Nothing & The Value Of Everything' available from

Released as a digital and limited edition CD from
A dystopian view of spring time. A fragile vocal wrapped in a synthy rain wash underpinned by a minimal compu-rhythm.
Reviewers have said: "the late Rutger Hauer would be proud for all sorts of reasons"
"could be Howard Jones’ ‘Don’t Always Look At The Rain’ from ‘Human’s Lib’ reimagined by Philip K Dick"

Footage provided by Videvo, Beachfront, Andre Lima, Simon Wedlock, Mike Steinkamp, Kent Lai downloaded from"

Very limited edition CD single featuring unreleased instruments and a number of superb remixes of 'The Rain'. Lovely gatefold eco-friendly card package with gloss finish.

A dystopian view of spring time. A fragile vocal wrapped in a synthy rain wash underpinned by a minimal compu-rhythm.

Reviewers have said: "the late Rutger Hauer would be proud for all sorts of reasons"

"could be Howard Jones’ ‘Don’t Always Look At The Rain’ from ‘Human’s Lib’ reimagined by Philip K Dick"

Taken from the album THE PRICE OF NOTHING & THE VALUE OF EVERYTHING of which Martyn Ware (Human League, Heaven 17) said "The album sounds great! Glad current artists are keeping the faith with quality songwriting"

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack

via this auction

"This is a very nice condition Prophet VS Rack. All working as it should. Have installed a new battery, new data slider and a new bright LCD screen. Sounds fantastic and pretty rare these days."

1982 Korg Trident MkII

via this auction

No Time For Caution (Synth Cover)

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Julien Hauspie

No Place to rest my Head - Felt Instruments, Eurorack, DrumBrute, VCV Rack, O Coast

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -

You can get the WAV file for this piece on my Patreon page -

Here are some patch notes:
- I'm sequencing the O Coast with the Keystep, and I'm splitting the gate output to trigger the O Coast and also to clock it.
- With the synced random voltage of the O Coast, I'm modulating its decay time, and also the envelope time of the cycling envelope, which modulated the multiply.
- I'm also sending pink noise to its FM input.
- The O Coast is going into the Onset input of Arbhar, which is recording the O Coast and processing it.
- I have a piano from Felt Instruments recorded into Magneto, which is going through LedRover for some extra grit, and from there to Microcell in Granular mode.
- I'm triggering the revers function of Magneto with random triggers from VCV Rack.
- I have a drum loop recorded into Morphagene, but also playing live on the DrumBrute so it's nice and glitchy.
- Morphagene is then going through ReduXer, and its CV output is modulating the reduction amount, and in VCV Rack, it goes through a phaser.
- I'm also modulating the Gene Size, Slide, and Varispeed with the 1U Noise Tools module.
- I have another instrument from Felt Instruments playing unsynced tremolo into the Mimeohpon.
- Also there, I trigger the flip function with random triggers from VCV Rack.
- I have white noise going into Freak set to the Vortex filter, and from there it's going into the Disting in reverb mode.
- I'm modulating the cutoff point of both channels with random voltage coming from VCV Rack.
- From there, the signal goes into Chronoblob 2 in VCV Rack and creates those bubbly glitchy sounds."

°Grid — offGrid #PairAndPlay with AudioKit Synth One

Published on Mar 8, 2020 birdkids

"°Grid lets you capture and express your creative ideas by combining the responsiveness and versatility of a real instrument with the total integration, capability and ease of use of a mobile device.

In this teaser: °Grid controlling AudioKit Pro - Synth One via Bluetooth BLE"

Ambient Sequences with Sequential Rev2

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Martin Stürtzer

"I recorded a little piece of Sequencer music using just one patch on the Sequential / Dave Smith Instruments Rev2. Midi sequencing by Elektron Octratrack. Delay: Strymon Timeline. Reverb: Lexicon (from the Mixer FX)"

Novation Circuit - Endurance

Published on Mar 7, 2020 Payton Carter

"I'm a terrible guitarist (see the end of the video), but I'm slightly less terrible when I can cut out the half-decent parts! For this jam, I noodled around on my guitar for about five minutes with some chords in mind. I then chopped up the samples in Reaper and imported them into the Circuit. I'm playing the guitar samples on drum track 4 with the sample flip feature. The synth patches are from Cuckoo's complete Circuit pack, and the drum samples are from the factory Circuit pack."

Novation Peak & Boss DD3 Digital Delay

Published on Mar 8, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

Acid Techno jam with TR-909, TB-303 Devilfish and Moog DFAM

Published on Mar 7, 2020 Honeysmack

"Live unrehearsed improvised jam with TR-909, Devilfish modded TB-303 and Moog DFAM. Effects from Eventide Space pedal.

My new album Post Acid is out now through Awesome Soundwave:"

Easel Slider Piece

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Oxix52

"This video is about Easel Slider Piece"

Moog Cp-251 and Korg X-911 guitar synthesizer, Sunday Morning fun

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Expanding Sound

"There's no real purpose for this video, other than me just having a little fun with these two pieces of gear this morning. The Korg X-911 [X911] is a vintage guitar synthesizer pedal. You can do quite a lot of different things with it. Here, I used the Moog Cp-251 control processor to create a rhythmic filter sweep, similar to a wah pedal, and just played a little chord pattern. Then I used a keyboard sustain pedal in the X-911's hold input to keep the trigger open. When you are in VCO mode it doesn't change notes with you though, so it can give you kind of funny results sometimes. My guess is because the trigger in VCO mode uses tracking, and it only tracks one note per trigger. It'd be awesome if there was a release time knob for the trigger, it would help the trigger release sound a lot more natural. That's why you hear the note cut out once or twice. It was still a lot of fun though!"

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 8004

via this auction

"It sounds amazing and plays great. Had it serviced December 2018 (see service receipt in photographs). You can see the cosmetic details in the photographs. The serial number is 8004 (below 8500), which means it has the more desirable j-wire keyboard. The serial number is above 1500, which means the main power supply is not mounted to the circuit board (also a desirable feature).

The Pro One is very patchable and configurable (thanks to its robust modulation section). There are worlds of tones in it: classic 80s, but also loads of experimental tones. Has Gate In/Out, CV In/Out, and dedicated Filter CV In, so it plays well with external modules and audio sources."

AKAI PROFESSIONAL AX60 - Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Micro Q - Stenzel's Signature Series SN *64400500694*

via this auction

"The power of the incredible Waldorf Q synthesizer in an affordable 2-unit rack module! This is a limited edition unit from the Stenzel's Signature series signed by Mr. Stefan Stenzel of Waldorf fame. It is literally the last unit of the series being #25 of 25. It's in excellent shape as the pictures reflect."

KVINTET - Soviet Analog synthesizer (HQ sound) / Синтезатор КВИНТЕТ

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Synthetica

"Vintage soviet string-machine from the 80s"

Waldorf blofeld Demo & Review [Remaster]

Published on Mar 8, 2020 musictrackjp

Waldorf blofeld Demo & Review [Remaster]
DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

7 03 20 Scrotum Lab - Impro

Published on Mar 8, 2020 batchas

"Improvising using Grilles/Radio Music modules and Batchas samples from old unreleased recordings. I'm choosing the samples randomly. Because it's fast (plug'n'play), but also because I like it this way: most of the time something unexpected comes out.

I'm using the H9 presets, as it's fast too and does not need preparation.

Camera battery empty at the end. So I added a video made on the smartphone of outside the house.

This video took a day to upload. Orange in some parts of France is a disgrace."

1010music bitbox + Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Valhalla Shimmer

Published on Mar 8, 2020 TinySymphony Music & Synthesizers

Voice Sample : Aoki Lapis

Model:Cycles — This is Tone

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Elektron

"This is Tone. A simple but powerful and fully controllable two operator FM voice. All sounds made with #ModelCycles Tone."

Easy Programming pt 1 - Ambient Orchestral // Korg Wavestate Tutorial

Published on Mar 7, 2020 Ron Cavagnaro

Intro 0:00
Changing to Init Performance 0:39
Amp ADSR 1:00
Reverb 1:22
Selecting Samples 1:33
Crossfading Two Samples Improv Demo 2:24
Adding More Two Sample Steps 3:20
Soloing Sample Step 4:21
Setting Loop End To Four Steps 4:45
Crossfading Four Samples Improv Demo 5:07
Changing Sample Steps 5:53
Pitch LFO 6:40
Extended Improv Demo 7:05
Changing The Octave for each Sample Step 10:01
Changing Time Duration 11:00
Extended Ambient Orchestral Improv Demo 11:18


Easy Programming pt 2 - Cinematic Pianos & Plucks // Korg Wavestate Tutorial

Published on Mar 8, 2020 Ron Cavagnaro

intro 0:00
Init Performance 0:32
Changing Mode To Single Multisample 0:45
Setting AMP ADSR And Velo Sensitivity 1:14
Acoustic Piano Improv Demo 1:47
Adding New Layer 2:37
Changing Octave of Layer 3:38
Banjo and Acoustic Piano Improv Demo 3:56
Adding A Third Layer 4:32
Changing Octave and Volume of Layer 5:18
Banjo, Acoustic Piano, and Glass Bell Improv Demo 5:33
Making More Changes 6:03
Adding A Fourth Layer 6:48
Four layer single Multisample Demo 6:55
Changing Each Layer To A Pluck Sound 7:31
Adding Reverb 7:48
Cinematic Pluck Sound Demo 8:17

Arp 2600FS / SQ-1 / RE-201

Published on Mar 7, 2020 studio snippets

THE ANSWER IS, Music for Synthesizer, Korg Prologue, Analog Hybrid

Published on Mar 7, 2020 Bob I. Gomez

"Music for synthesizer performed on the Korg Prologue. Variation on The Answer. The basis of the tune remined me of the music they play for Final Jeopardy.
User preset 494 MC2. Melo Cirkit."

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