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Friday, June 19, 2020

Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer

via this auction

"This item was used over the weekend with another Roland Boutique model for a photoshoot in downtown Nashville. Comes with all packaging and looks just like you just purchased it at the store."

Patch of the Week 63: Drums and Bass with Groove MULTI


"Sinevibe’s latest custom oscillator turns any MULTI engine-equipped ‘logue into an insanely cool multi-part drum synthesizer.

Get it here:"

Korg Patch of the Week posts

Waldorf Iridium - Unboxing and first ambient sounds

Martin Stürtzer

"The Waldorf Iridium is a new synthesizer from WALDORF. It brings the infinite possibilities of the Quantum synthesizer to a more portable (and much more affordable) format.

I got it today and have NO IDEA how to use it, this video was recorded during the first minutes that I explored the Iridium."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends


ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTING - late night noiz for late night fiends
- for more noiz:
Created during The Plague.

Access Virus TI2 Keyboard synthesizer - Whiteout Limited Edition #38/150

via this auction

"This is a rare opportunity to get your hands on the best looking and hardest to find version of the Access Virus TI2 synthesizer : the Whiteout Limited Edition. All white with wooden sides, numbered Limited Edition plate at the bottom.

Only 150 units in existence, this is serial #38."

Casio XW-P1 Performance Synthesizer

via this auction

EDP Wasp 1978 with MIDI kit

via this auction

"Spent most of its life in storage. Amazing condition. Plays and sounds perfect

Elby Designs miniMIDI-WASP kit installed."

TTSH Mini Meanie - ARP 2600 clone

via this auction

"The TTSH or Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie is a Modern version of the Original Arp 2600 at about 73% of the original size making it the "mini meanie".

In terms of electronics the TTSH is pretty much identical to the early 70s grey faced model 2600P, which includes the built-in speakers (although these speakers are way better than the original speakers). Additionally it has awesome orange LED sliders as standard. (

This particular TTSH v3 was built by Patrick Jöricke aka LED Man. He added the following mods to the build:
1. VCO sync (syncs VCO 1/2/3)
2. Gate booster - use TTSH with your Eurorack gear"

ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe Hybrid Ableton Live Jam & Patch Walkthrough

Perfect Circuit

"The ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe is an 84HP system with an 8 channel sampler (Squid Salmple), digital VCO (MCO) and an analog multimode filter (MCF). The system has a quad VCA/mixer (Tangle Quartet) and a module that lets you use and effects pedal as an effect in your modular (Milton). For sequencing and modulation there is the function generator (Quaid Megaslope) and clock divider (Pam’s New Workout). You can also sequence it with midi with the mmmidi and mmT expander. The System Coupe also comes with all of the cables and everything you need to start playing modular.

In this video we used the System Coupe in a hybrid setup with Ableton Live, some of the sounds like the kick drum come from a VST running in Ableton, the Coupe is used to add percussion and vocal samples as well as a synth line. The Milton module also made it possible to easily use an effects pedal with the system. It is also possible to use the System Coupe without an external midi sequencer as you can trigger your drums with the Pam’s New Workout and use the Quaid Megaslope as a pitch sequencer.

System Coupe available here:

The sample pack by Trovarsi we used in the video is available here:"

2 Minute Tour - Modular @ LWSS

Lower West Side Studio

"We take a 2 Minute Tour of the modular synthesizer used here at Lower West Side Studio"

Lower West Side Studio

Update on the figurines via @umanoid: "wow. Major Matt mason. I loved those when I was a kid. Had all of them. The moon base and the crawler."

Dreadbox Medusa - "Nebula" First contact


"Dreadbox Medusa - "Nebula" Bank release in July!"

Roland Jupiter-Xm System-8 Jupiter Layers ZENcore Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

Roland Jupiter-Xm + System-8 'Jupiter Layers'
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn It Up!*** ***No Talking!!!***

The Roland Jupiter-Xm & System-8 in SYNC via MIDI!
Both synths are using Roland Jupiter-8 String patches & they
both sound GREAT! The System-8 is MIDI Master to the Jupiter-Xm.
The Jupiter-Xm is not receiving CC's from the System-8 because I want
to hear their independent filters tweak away. Next video I'll MIDI CC them!
Many more videos are being filmed & are on their way!

Meteorite friend featured:
"Paul" 72g North West African Stone Chondrite
He likes the Brass & Strings!

Making City Pop Music on the Yamaha QY70

Audio Wanderer

"Yamaha QY70 transport you to the highway to the coast. You almost feel the breeze while driving. Yamaha QY70 was made for this kind of vibes. Fresh and light Funky Drums, Mellow pads, Fake guitars, smooth e.Pianos... City Pop Music at its best"

Tommy Walker III Live @ 2020 Intergalactic FM Streaming Festival

Intergalactic FM

"All sounds are from the Novation Bassstation 2 and the Novation Supernova 2 with the exception of some drum sounds and other samples which are running out of ableton."

15 minutes of an automatic Techno Dicer session


"This video is just a soooooo boring recording of a 15 minutes long session with the new Vermona TMelodicer Eurorack module (recorded directly from the Modularsystem but there was a slighlty "mastering" using a well known VST-tool).

It's sooo boring, please go away. Now! Yes, please don't watch this video, beause it's soo.......hold on!

After listening to it for more than a minute it somehow unfolds his magic. It seems that I'm getting into a magic spiral now...

Anyway. this guy in the video is so silly. At the beginning it seems that he exactly knows what he is doing but then he's getting confused more and more. What an idiot! Does he even know's at which Planet he's living?

Anyway, just take two minues and let me know in the comments if you somehow got dragged into it or if you left after about a minute."

A - Z Of Analogue Synthesisers Part One: A - M by Peter Forrest

via this auction

"Legendary books from Peter Forrest. Bought by me direct in the late 90s, iirc, so I could drool over things I didn't then have the money for, ha ha. It is the revised edition and is 0559/6000 of the limited edition.

It is well-used. There are a few minor tea stains throughout, a tear from the back cover as pictured and, as stated, it is well-thumbed. I spent many an hour reading through! This is reflected in the price. So, if you want a copy to refer to and not just put on a shelf, this is the one for you!

LOVELY 16-page full-coloured centre section. It takes each manufacturer in turn and ALL of their models and gives as much info as Peter could on each one, as well as his own opinions on them. Year of manufacture, original price, custom options, advertising material, price now (well...then - the late 90s!), well-known users etc, before going into the detail of each 'board. It's just a fantastic book and I always regretted not getting the 2nd.

And for those baulking at the price...check out the other listings! £200, £400 and £900?!?!?!"

P.S. Check the A-Z thumbnail link on the top of the site.

600 Voices For The DX7, FM synthesizer patch book

via this auction

"600 Voices For The DX7 Synthesizer, FM Synthesizer book, copyright 1986, Amsco published 1987, 208 pages. The De Facto Standard Book for FM patches for the legendary Yamaha DX7. Shows patch settings for different sound, effects, instrumental sounds, synth sounds. Great learning and teaching book. And great book for the electronic music and synthesizer book library. Large paperback book. FM patch theory works with Yamaha DX7, TF1, TX816, DX1, DX5. TX802. Can apply to the DX7IIFD but not completely."

Roland HS-60 61 Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"Classic Roland HS-60/JUNO106 Analog Synthesizer. Works pretty well except for some little issues that pop up. Sometimes the filter is a bit weird as well as the patches. The patches sometimes switch settings which is most likely due to dirt which would probably disappear with a good dusting and cleaning. Also has some scratchy pots and sliders."

Chips likely going out...

"X-Ray" Custom Hand-Painted Yamaha Reface CP

via this auction

"Hand-Painted all the way around using acrylic, ink, and metallic paint markers

Inspired by skeletons and 80's neon colors."

Analogue Systems Modular Synth

via this auction

In the beginning there were two eurorack formats, Doepfer and Analogue Systems. They used different power rail systems so although both were 3U eurorack, you couldn't intermix modules in the same system. You could however patch across them. Doepfer's system took off and the majority of other eurorack makers followed.

Vintage CRUMAR 2003 organ / synthesizer

via this auction

You can find demos of one here.

Compact Phasing X DNB


"Jurgen Haible Krautrock phasing in Compact Phasing A style case.
Passing DNB-style music.

This video demonstrates all of its functions. Including 2p/4p/6p Phasing and Auto/Manual LFO."

SoundScaper - The Mad Scientists Sound Lab - Let’s Experiment - iPad Live

The Sound Test Room



"TR-606 Mod & X-911 Resonance Mod test"

Modal Webinar: Argon8 Oscillator Deep Dive

Modal Electronics

"ARGON8's oscillator section bears a lot of magic which deserved to be discovered and explored. Mastering this crucial section of the synth engine is easier than you might think. In our recent webinar, Modal's product expert Jackson explains the vast options to create sturdy sonic fabrics to skulpt exciting custom sounds, no one has heard before."

Patch n Tweak
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