MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Roland JD-XA Analog Bass Part 1 Crossover Hybrid Synthesizer

Rik Marston Official

**Depending on your speakers, this demo may be too heavy.
Please watch your speakers & headphone volumes accordingly**

I love the JD-XA, it is super AWESOME!!!
Playing a few videos of Analog Bass Poly Stacked!
This was making my walls rumble, I hope it does for yours as well :)
This will be Part 1, check back for more JD-XA Analog BASS!

Meteorite friend featured:
"Zeus" Oriented 827g NWA Stone Chondrite Meteorite
Super cool vibes from him! ;)

Six new deep reverbs for your KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1


"Available at and

Cathedral, Theatre, Haze and Mist are four new deep reverbs that use a low pass filter (Cathedral and Theatre) and a high pass filter for Haze and Mist. The minimum reverb times are half for Theatre and Mist, but all reverbs allow a maximum of 'infinite' reverb time.

Breathe (and "sniff") are similar, only with a little more modulation in the reverberators, and the filter frequency is controlled automatically via signal presence.



via this auction


via this auction

Sequential Pro 3 & Empress Effects Reverb


Acid Dub: real-time composition for ACMC2020


"This piece was composed for the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2020, online event July 3-11 2020:

This performance extends the stylistic parameters of the genre of Acid through a Dub Music approach by slowing the tempo down and making use of spatial audio effects such as delays and reverbs to create further density. The performance makes use of 3x 303, consisting of an original TB-303, a modified TB-303 (Devilfish) and a recent clone the TB-03. The iconic TR-808 drum machine provides the minimal drum pattern. This performance was recorded in a single take with no predetermined arrangement or form, all composed in real-time with no post production."

Absence - Full Album by Omri Cohen

Omri Cohen

Supporting member, Omri Cohen has a new album out. You should be familiar with Omri from numerous posts on the site.

Here it is on Bandcamp -
Here it is on Spotify, iTunes, and more -

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -

00:00 - Denial
03:09 - Anger
11:30 - bargaining
15:54 - Depression
20:50 - Acceptance
25:41 - Hope

I'm using DistroKid to distribute my music to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and more. By signing up through this link you will get 7% off and will support this channel :) -"

MFB Synth Pro

via this auction

First one I've seen up for auction.

"MFB Synth Pro Eight Voice Analogue Polyphonic Desktop Synthesiser & Sequencer.Excellent condition only a few weeks old. Comes with original box and power supply unit.Latest O.S. V3.3"

1984 Original Sales Brochure for the Kawai K4 & K4r Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland MIDI System Brochure Catalog

via this auction


"Models – AXIS-1 (synthaxe), MKB-1000, MKB-300, Super Jupiter MKS-80, MPG-80 Jupiter Programmer, Planet-S MKS-30, Planet-P MKS-10"

Electro Harmonix Super Replay sampler synthesizer original sales brochure

via this auction

"Models – Super Replay sampler. Also shows photos of Linn Drum, Simmons drums & Sequential Circuits Prophet

Language – English

Number of pages – 4 page folder, half size"

Unfortunately only the front cover and back are pictured. Funny how EHX compared it to a Fairlight at $27,930 and an E-Mu Emulator at $7995.  The Super Replay had an MSRP of $675.  It's interesting to see the going price for each at the time.

If you are curious what the Super Replay looked like, you can find some pics in the archives here.

MPC Electronics Sync Track for TB303 TR808 synthesizer original sales brochure

via this auction

"Designed to provide a tape sync facility to TB303 Bassline, TR606, TR808 & CSQ600"

One recently came up for sale here.

Microlink Systems Micro Musical MIDI Musician interface synthesizer original sales brochure

via this auction

This appears to be the first Micro Musical / Microlink Systems post on the site. Note the address sticker in the bottom pic is Micro Musical Limited.

From the packaging:

"Boost Your Keyboard Performance to Super Star Level

MIDI Musician run on Spectrum computer will unleash the hidden power built-in to your MIDI keyboard, synth, organ or drum machine etc.

Generate Your Music with Music Typewriter

Superb real music notation graphics and easy music entry/editing facilities.

Perform Your Music with MIDI Musician

Play complete pieces, or add subtle computer assistance to your own live performances in the form of sequences, control of automatic keyboard facilities, arpeggios, lead line riffs, auto transpositions etc.

System Software Included

1. Music Typewriter
2. Midi Musician
3. Microdriver
4. Microconvertor"

Note the left cassette tape reads "Romantic Robot" on the bottom.

Yamaha QY20 sequencer synthesizer original sales brochure

via this auction

Korg Arp 2600 FS Semi Modular #226

via this auction

SN 000226

1976 Jen Vintage String Machine SM2007

via this auction


via this auction

YAMAHA CS-30L Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 1389

via this auction

Vintage Roland SH-2 w/ Case

via this auction

"This is the model before the more famous SH 101, and having owned both (among far too many other vintage Roland synths), I can tell you that this is a far fatter and richer sounding synth with a less acidic filter.

The VCOs on this are huge like a vintage Moog, and there are two of them, plus a sub octave! They can be pitched close or further apart, so you can play an interval up and down the keyboard.

You won't get a sound like this out of your Eurorack modules!"

Roland Jupiter 4 SN 942732

via this auction

Doepfer Drehbank, Rare 64 Knob MIDI Controller w/ Optional 8 CV IN Expansion

via this auction

Synapse OBSESSION Sound Presentation - Oberheim OB-Xa Emulation

Kevin Schroeder

"Obsession is available at:
110 Factory Sounds created by Kevin Schroeder."

Synapse OBSESSION posts

Easel Command & 208C Quickstart Guide Video


"The video counterpart to the printed quick start guide included with Buchla Easel Command & 208C. Download a digital copy of the quickstart guide at"

Additional Buchla 208C posts

Valmont - LIVE 0: Echos Diaphanes EP teaser (ft. Angèle B. & Tim)

Valmont / Mooggy

Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 & E-mu Emax II on the right.

Valmont Naudin (Keyboards, Programming)
Angèle Borscha (Keyboards, Voice)
Timothé Magis (Bass, Guitar, Saxophone)

1) 00:15 - Do You Think Real? [Prototype 1: The Sounding Goat]
2) 01:33 - Mille Ponts [Echos Diaphanes I]
3) 05:37 - Breath [Prototype 2: 7!]
4) 08:04 - Souviens-Toi l'Angleterre [Echos Diaphanes I]
5) 12:18 - Horizons [Echos Diaphanes I]
6) 15:48 - Jordyn [Echos Diaphanes I]

All tracks written & arranged by Valmont Naudin
Lyrics written by Dominique Bevilacqua on (2)(4)(5)(6)
Lyrics co-written with Valmont Naudin & Timothé Magis on (2)(5)(6)
Vocals arranged by Angèle Borscha

Recorded at LeStudio, Paris IX
Produced & recorded by Digital Systemic, Valmont Naudin

Roland TR-66 vintage analog drum machine (1973) processed by a Korg monotron Delay: Demo #1.

Ascetic Wires

Ascetic Wires #15 YouTube Video

Roland TR-66 Rhythm Arranger (1973)
Korg monotron Delay (Filter + Delay)

Recorded with Zoom Q2n

PREVIEW: Timetosser - restructure patterns live! (kickstarter)

Dave Mech

"Here's the kickstarter:

I only had the time to play with it for a few hours because it's one of the few prototypes currently available, but I already had a lot of fun using it. I would love to experiment more with it in my liveset. Trying different things like using it on a synth track only to restructure melodies from an arpeggiator for instance.
Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with this project. It's a local project from Utrecht that I want to support and I think is a cool idea. It would be great to have around as an additional performance tool. :)"

"Timetosser enables you to playfully reorder any kind of musical input in real-time. The power is at your fingertips to instantly add variety to your tracks and loops. Just connect any audio source and you're good to go!

Dimensions: 200mm x 120mm x 25mm
Weight: 380 grams
Powder coated aluminium hardtop casing with lasered labels
16x full colour LED backlit key switches
60 FPS smooth animation feedback CPU
180 MHz 32-bit ARM micro controller for real-time audio analysis and smooth visual feedback
Digital audio: Up to 24-bit / 192 KHz Low noise, high quality codec
USB connection for use as controller and audio interface
Dual purpose sync input: Tempo sync to MIDI and analog gear
MIDI OUT: Send detected tempo or external sync as midi clock"

PVX 800 vs Polivox acid improvisation VHS

InfraDeep Electronics

Davie504 EPIC Jam (175 BPM) - challenge accepted by Hypnotriod

Illia Pikin

"Davie504 EPIC Jam (175 BPM) challenge with Cane Flute and Arturia Microbrute."

Roland JX-3P: Follow-up on velocity sensitive mode

2nd video added here.

Patch n Tweak

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