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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Biologik's OB-6 Dream Pads


// Biologik's OB-6 Dream Pad Patch Bank //
100 Sequential (Dave Smith Instruments // DSI) patches for the OB-6.
Demo is shown with FX on and off and tweaking the filer.

An Ode to Plantasia: For Mort Garson and the People Who Love Him

Moog Music Inc

"Plantasia at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden" was an evening of multi-sensory experiences inspired by Mort Garson’s 1976 album 'Mother Earth's Plantasia.' Attendees enjoyed ambient modular explorations performed live by electronic artist Patricia throughout the duration of the June 2019 event. Now, we're pleased to share that experience with you here.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 SN 6363

via this auction

"Three versions were built between 1978 and 1984. The first, Revision 1, was hand-assembled, and only 182 were made. Revision 2 was mass-produced in quantities over 1,000: this model was more robust, added cassette patch storage, and replaced the koa wood casing with walnut. Revision 3 replaced the Solid State Music (SSM) chipset with Curtis Electromusic Specialties (CEM) chips, necessitating a major redesign. This particular piece is a Revision 3.2. This synth has been well kept and appears very clean..."

Yamaha CS-60 SN 1934

via this auction

"This CS-60 has been very well maintained and professionally cared for over the years. We have the original hardtop for it too but one of the latches is missing. We used the top as a dust cover when the keyboard wasn't being played. There are a few cosmetic marks near the ribbon controller which are strictly visual and do not interfere with the function. The CS-60 is 100% functional, perfectly tuned and ready to be integrated into your workflow!"

Akai AX60 Stage Victim

via this auction

"Akai AX60 synth from 80', the keyboard fell down from a stand when some drunk shut down electricity on last gig and pushed keyboard stand, 2 keys are broken and we just replaced them on new ones, 5 slider caps on slider are lost. We turned the synth and it functions funky: all knobs, sliders, lights works, but keyboard produces some sort of background noise and on some patches all keys work, on others- some don't. It's not all the time, we turn it on and off and start to operate fine, but you shut it down and turn again-same problem. we don't know what's happened."

Hans Zimmer & Renzo Vitale Create The Sounds of the BMW Concept i4 Electric Car


This one was spotted and sent in via John L Rice.

"World-renowned composer Hans Zimmer in collaboration with BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale developed a unique sound brand for BMW’s electric vehicles. BMW IconicSounds Electric adds another level of emotion to the BMW concept i4 and makes it audible using a world of unique sound.

The sound of the BMW Concept i4 achieves this to perfection, combining BMW's past and future into a seamless harmony of electric car technology.

There's no limit to the expression drivers can feel in the Concept i4. From driving sounds in ""Core mode"" to the more intense and pronounced sounds of ""Sport"" mode, there's a wide breadth of sound ranging from light, transparent, to even surprising with this concept vehicle.

Feel the sounds of the future and see the next generation of electric car technology today."

Also see:
Jaguar I-Pace to Feature Synthesized Sounds by Richard Devine and the Yamaha Montage
Roland's Single Knob Synth for Cars

Sequential PRO 3 Funky Fantastic Leads! Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

#sequentialpro3 #sequentialsynthesizer #analogsynthesizer
Sequential PRO 3 "Funky Fantastic Leads!"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** **Turn It UP!** ***No Talking!!!***

The Sequential PRO 3 in action playing Funky Fantastic Leads!
This synth is an excellent LEAD synth. It should be on top of every
synth rig. My only gripe about it's design is the MIDI In & Out is
located in the center on the back of the synth. I use a Ultimate
Support Apex stand. Not able to use MIDI on my stand unless it's
on the very top of the rig. That is about the only issue I have with
the PRO 3. Very minor issue cuz I don't have to use that stand :)
An excellent purchase for any musician or studio, just remember
where the MIDI ports are located :)

Meteorite friends featured (but hard to see in this video):
2 Gold Basin Stone Chondrite meteorites!
Sending POSITIVE VIBES to YOU!!! ;)

Luke Neptune's Synthwave soundset for OB-6

Luke Neptune

"Purchase this soundset here

Video credit- RoyaltyFree Tube."

Moog Minimoog Model D Synthesizer *original* - Pro Serviced w/Restoration SN 4527

via this auction

"This one is in beautiful cosmetic condition and working 100%. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! This is an original Model D and not the reissue. Serial #4527 (built in 1974). It has had quite a bit of internal & cosmetic restoration and likely more than any other here on Ebay."

Jupiter X Play Session

Major OSC

"Just a bit of fun on the Jupiter X before it's sold. Posted on reverb. If this video is live, then it's still for sale.

These mostly factory sounds. It's the synth I like patch diving on. Reminds me of the wonderful sounds of the 80's and 90's."

Korg KingKorg - "Cinematica Vol 1" 50 Organic Presets


Welcome to the series of organic & motion sounds for almighty King Korg!


King Korg is a great analog modeling & sample-based dual engine beast
with lots of colours and overall beautiful sounds.

Anton Bakhtin & Nick Klimenko continuing cinematic preset series with 50 brand new handcrafted presets ready to go in your tracks!

"Cinematica vol.1" contains

Deep atmospheric & evolving pads
Bright Powerfull Strings + re-creations of Juno & CS-80 Synthesizers
Beautiful Plucks with deep reverbs
Massive Basses & Leads
Great cinematic Arpeggios using intuitive King Korg arp system

Great "Bladerunner 2049" preset right from "Sea Wall" episode by Hans Zimmer.

All the patches reacting on MW, velocity and can be added as favourites on your synthesizer.

Charge your analog modeling King with new inspirative sounds!"



"Stretching a sound out like taffffy."

Modular self-playing patch: Clouds, Roland 510, Z-DSP, Octocontroller etc. "Digitalis"

Brittle stR music

"This is a 2 voice patch:

The ambient wash is a sequence on the DSI Pro 2 going into Clouds. Freeze is switched in and out with a slow pulse wave, and LFOs from the Octocontroller modulate density and position.

The (sort-of) bass clarinet is the Roland 510, sequenced by Copper Traces Seek. Clocking is via Pico Logic, with a different logic triggering the ADSR on the filter, which is also opening and closing by a bit of S&H. I've done a few experiments where envelope and note gates happen on different beat divisions and interact unpredictably.

Digitalis is the genus that includes foxgloves, a dramatic wildflower always welcome in northern gardens."

Introducing The Bastl Midilooper

Bastl Instruments

Price excluding tax: 239€ - comes to $283.44. Pics with press release below.

"Midilooper is a device that listens to MIDI messages (control information about notes, dynamics and other parameters) and loops them in a similar way an audio looper would loop pieces of audio. However, loops of MIDI messages remain in the control domain, which means a lot of other processes can happen on top of them - timbre modulation, envelope adjustments etc.

more info at
available now at and through our dealers

Setup 1:
Juno 106 MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into Juno 106 MIDI IN
SYNC: Modular sends analog clock and reset into MIDI Looper via 3.5mm jacks
Listening to metronome from MIDI Looper

Setup 2:
Keyboard (Reface DX) MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into 1983 MIDI IN (modular)
1983 receives MIDI on 3 MIDI channels to control 3 modular voices
SYNC: Modular sends analog clock and reset into MIDI Looper via 3.5mm jacks

(Nerdseq sends MIDI to Reface DX MIDI In to control the sound engine, Local control on Reface DX is turned off)

Setup 3:
Roland SPD-SX (drumpads) MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into Roland SPD-SX (drums) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 1
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT 2 into Microgranny 2 (glitch) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 2
SYNC: OP-Z mini jack MIDI OUT (from OP-LAB Module) into MIDI Looper mini jack (MIDI) Clock IN
Listening to metronome from MIDI Looper

OP-Z plays chords and bass
Local control on SPD-SX is turned off

Setup 4:
Moog Sub Phatty MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into Moog Sub Phatty MIDI IN
MIDI Looper is in Free running mode (no clock needed)

Setup 5:
Keyboard (Reface CP) MIDI OUT into MIDI Looper MIDI IN
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT into Reface CP (e-piano) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 1
MIDI Looper MIDI OUT 2 into Roland D-05 (pad) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 2
Roland D-05 MIDI OUT to Make Noise 0-coast (arp) MIDI IN - MIDI Channel 3
SYNC: Roland TR-08 (drummachine) MIDI OUT to mini jack MIDI adaptor to MIDI Looper minijack MIDI Clock IN
Listening to metronome from MIDI Looper
TR-08 trigger out to 0-Coast Gate input
Reface CP Local control OFF
D-05 MIDI Thru ON"

"Bastl is more than excited to announce the Midilooper! Rather than being a sequencer, it is a device inspired by audio looper style workflow with a really fast, performative, single gesture interface.
Looping is a blazing fast way of music making and looping in the control signal domain is a key feature that allows for all remaining parameters of your device to be tweaked and modulated on top of the looped sequence... or MIDI CC looped!

Midilooper has been in development for over 3 years and several iterations of the control interface and connectivity have been extensively tested within the context of a live performance. It has the ability to bring a live setup or a studio to new life and make you explore your gear in a refreshing, hands–on manner.
Midilooper can be synchronised to MIDI or analog clock and it can also run on its own (tap tempo/free running). It has 3 voices that can each be assigned to a different MIDI channel, allowing it to control and loop 3 individual units of gear. Each voice can be individually recorded, muted, overdubbed, or cleared.

Midilooper also offers some basic processing of the recorded information: transposition, velocity locking and shifting, quantisation, shuffle, humanisation (random variations of velocity), adjusting the length of the loop, or doubling and halving of playback speed.

In addition, it features CV and trigger inputs for seamless integration with modular synths: reset, retrigger, velocity, and transpose. It can also be controlled with foot pedals.

Stay tuned to Bastl Instruments YouTube channel for more walkthrough videos. Price excluding tax: 239€
Shipping to dealers now.

• 3 independent voices (each has MIDI channel assigned) • overdub/overwrite
• transpose mode
• octave transpose
• quantize, velocity lock, shuffle, humanize • odd looplengths, time stretch
• mute, clear, erase
• one MIDI Input and two MIDI Outputs
• clock input (accepts analog clock or TRS MIDI Clock) • analog reset input
• metronome output
• CV input connectivity (transpose, velocity, re-trigger) • pedal control (record, clear, voice selection)
• USB powered
• adjustable divider/multiplier for analog clock"

Introducing the J3PO Signature Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2


"We're happy to release the J3PO Signature Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2 containing a unique selection of sounds created by Julian "J3PO" Pollack. J3PO has re-created some of his favourite analog patches, smooth FM synths, beautiful sampled based sounds as well as exclusive J3PO signature patches. Most of the sounds are included in the demo series "The Sound of the Nord Wave 2" that was released earlier this summer.

Julian "J3PO" Pollack is an established pianist/keyboardist, producer, and audio engineer based out of Los Angeles, CA and has worked with the likes of Marcus Miller, Michael League (Snarky Puppy) and Kamasi Washington. He is also a member of the renowed live act The Lesson GK.

Download the J3PO Signature Sound Bank for Nord Wave 2 here:"

Moog Moogerfooger CP-251 Control Processor

via this auction

Mode Machines MAP-01 MIDI Arpeggiator

the real snot

via this auction

"Excellent condition. Super clean, Updated firmware and works perfectly. Supports MIDI over USB or standard MIDI DIN i/o

Includes printed manual and MM brochure."

Vintage Maxon DS200 Drum Synthesizer 2CH SN 100217

via this auction

Roland JX-3P with Kiwi 3p Upgrade, Wooden end Panels, Synthgraphics Panel

via this auction

"Looking for the ultimate Roland JX-3P? This one has it all: tech-installed Kiwi 3P upgrade (which gives many functional upgrades & expanded patch storage), new wooden end sides for that classic look, and the hard-to-find SynthGraphics panel upgrade so that editing makes sense with the Kiwi 3P upgrade. Makes those classic 80's sounds. Nice analog filter & lush chorus.

Synth has two independent envelopes and 2 LFO's, and adjustable chorus, thanks to the Kiwi upgrade... so more capable than a Juno 60!

Synth and keyboard is in excellent condition, just a few minor case scratches on back.

I recommend using the Ctrlr panel on your iPad or similar for easy editing. (PG200 no longer supported)."

See for additional details.

Korg MS-10 MS10 Vintage Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer w/ original hard case SN 130007

via this auction

"Korg MS-10 MS10 Vintage Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer comes with Rare original hard case
Description Tested. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but overall, it is good condition, fully operational and functions as intended. Comes with rare original hard case. This item is for 100v."

Roland JD-800 left and right panel board.

via this auction

"Tested and working before it was pulled out."

Roland Alpha Juno - replacing the LCD display backlight


"Overtime the EL backlight can become dim making the display hard to read.
Here I do a quick video on how I replaced mine.

18mm x 74mm Replacement EL Panel Backlight

05- The Dreadbox Typhon: Filter Envelope


"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the filter envelope found on the Dreadbox Typhon.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Dreadbox Typhon over drum patterns fashioned from GarageBand loops."

AutomaticGainsay Dreadbox Typhon posts

Modal Electronics Argon8 & Eventide Space


DSI Pro 2 & EHX Big Muff Triangle


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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