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Saturday, December 05, 2020

Gijs in s'Hertogenbosch - Circuit Board Synthesizer Book

Something special ! the book! - errorinstruments paul tas

Cool concept.

Technos Axcel - vidéo de démonstration


Super rare resynthesis synthesizer. See this post for demos from the creator and this post for demos from Perfect Circuit. See the Acxel label for additional posts.

Description for the video above (Googlish below): "Cette vidéo a été retrouvée dans les archives de Michel Geiss, j'estime qu'elle a été enregistrée vers 1988-89.

La qualité n'est pas extraordinaire car la vidéo était enregistrée sur une cassette VHS au format NTSC et elle commençait à présenter de signes de fatigue, je l'ai numérisée moi-même.

Mais le plus important, c'est la rareté d'un tel document. En plus, c'est suffisamment rare et exceptionnel qu'il soit en langue française - québecoise."


"This video was found in the archives of Michel Geiss, I believe it was recorded around 1988-89.

The quality is not extraordinary as the video was recorded on a VHS tape in NTSC format and it was starting to show signs of fatigue, I digitized it myself.

But the most important is the rarity of such a document. In addition, it is sufficiently rare and exceptional that it is in French - Quebecois language. "

ARP Pro Soloist



via this auction

Oberheim OB-Xa Synthesizer SN 813313

via this auction

"This is an early 8-voice 32-program version of the instrument (serial number 813313) with the wonderful Pratt-Read J-wire keyboard, but two of the voice cards were removed before I bought it so it's currently a 6-voice.

The synth is in very good condition on the outside and exceptionally clean on the inside. See the pictures taken in broad daylight.

I began the process of repairing the instrument, but further work is needed. The unit powers up fine, all buttons light up as normal, and the autotune runs to success. But for some reason all 6 voices are making a warbled, static-y type of sound. I don't know why.

When I bought the instrument, the voices tuned and played perfectly, so I think the voice cards are fine. The left hand controller is need of repair. The levers are not functioning correctly and the plastic rate and depth knobs are missing.

This is what's been done:
Replaced most of the 4000-series logic chips on the upper and lower control boards
Replaced all keyboard bushings, fixed any broken J-wires, cleaned the bus bar and all and leveled the keys
Replaced the battery
Cleaned all pots

I am not a certified technician and it became clear to me the extent of the repairs are beyond my capabilities. This is a great synth with the rare P&R keyboard. Sadly, the time has come for me to pass the baton to someone who can complete the work."

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

Elektron Digitakt, Sequential Pro 2 & Prophet 6


Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v vs 2.2v Synth Plugin Head to Head

Synth & Sundry

"Comparing three identical patches on the Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v VST synth plugin and its multiple PPG Wave wavetable emulations (Wave 2.3, Wave 2.2, Wave 2.v) against the older version of the audio plugin, the PPG Wave 2.2v

00:00 Leafy Intro
00:36 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 1 (2.3 Mode)
00:57 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 1 (2.2 Mode)
01:26 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 1 (2.v Mode)
02:17 Waldorf PPG Wave 2.2.v Patch 1 (old plugin)
03:43 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 5 (2.3 Mode)
04:29 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 5 (2.2 Mode)
05:26 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 5 (2.v Mode)
06:14 Waldorf PPG Wave 2.2.v Patch 5 (old plugin)
07:27 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 21 (2.3 Mode)
08:25 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 21 (2.2 Mode)
09:24 Waldorf PPG Wave 3.v Patch 21 (2.v Mode)
10:27 Waldorf PPG Wave 2.2.v Patch 21 (old plugin)
11:32 Leafy Conclusion

There were three versions of the PPG Wave wavetable synthesizer. The first iteration was the Wave 2 (from 1981) which had 8 oscillators and the CEM 3320 VCF 24db/oct filter chips. It was in good company since the Sequential Circuits Pro One used those too for its analog filters. The next year the Wave 2.2 version came out with 16 oscillators (so two per voice) and a different filter chip to accompany its now beefier 8 voices. Both the 2.2 and 2.3 used the SSM 2044 VCF chip which was also present in the much lauded Octave Plateau Voyetra 8 and the Korg Mono/Poly. The final 2.3 iteration from 1984 increased the oscillator resolution from 8-bit to 12-bit when used in conjunction with a Waveterm A or B music computer unit which allowed for sampling and sequencing very much in the vein of the legendary Fairlight CMI.

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

1979 custom Serge Panel

Todd Barton

"Back in the day...a custom built panel by Serge in 1979 . . ."

Happy Nerding xFader

Happy Nerding

"xFader effect (Shapers category), which allows blending L and R inputs with the desired mix Law and Tone. Also can work as a Panner if only the L input is used and a dummy plug is inserted to the R input (to break the inputs normalization)."


Robotopsy Robotopsy

New Loops Shimmer Pads

via New Loops

"New Loops has released Shimmer Pads – an expansive collection of 100 cinematic pads, soundscapes, ambiences, atmospheres, and drones. From bright and airy, to low and noisy, you will find a wide range of sounds with a big wash of shimmering reverb.

These shimmer pads will be useful for many genres of electronic music including ambient, cinematic, soundtrack, game sound design, film scores, and any other music where deep sound beds and atmospheres are required.

New Loops Shimmer Pads is available in 3 separate formats - Wav, Kontakt, and Reason Refill, (sold separately).

Currently £14.99 (reg £19.99) plus get an extra 20% off using code: INSPIRE20

More details and free demos available at"

Modal Argon8 - sound demo by Jexus / WC Olo Garb

Jexus - WC Olo Garb

"More traditional / musical sounds: To get all my Argon8 sounds (180 original sounds + variations = 200 in total), please transfer € 26 (Euro) to this paypal address: [wcologarb at] writing "argon8 sounds" in the title. I will send the sounds to your email provided in paypal."

Jomox Sunsyn SN 0137

via this auction

This one was listed back in 2012.

EMS DK2 keyboard for the Synthi A or VCS3 , the duophonic Cricklewood 1972

via this auction

Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet Synthesizer Module

via this auction

"All 7 voice chips replaced with Analogue Renaissance chips. Original chips included, only one is bad but all were swapped out. Ready for many more years of service. Rare white version. Everything working perfectly."

Quasimidi Technox

via this auction

"The Technox was a follow-up to Quasimidi's first rack-mountable synth, the "MASS" engine Quasar. The Quasar was a do-it-all multitimbral unit that was quite powerful, but had a rather lacking overall sound. The single-unit-high silver-clad Technox is a vast improvement based upon the Raven engine.

The presets are utterly 90's techno, rave, IDM, electronica goodness from every pore. Lots of solid basses, rave leads, hooverish sounds, acid squeals, spacey pads and some great drum kits. The latter includes full sets of TR-808, 909 and 606 hits. There are 512 presets, which for a 1995 synth wasn't bad!

Whereas the Quasar excelled at providing a ton of bread-and-butter sounds, the Technox is oriented towards electronica musicians. Sequence up to 16 MIDI parts. Each part has its own level, pan and effects send, and much more.

There's stereo outs, full MIDI In/Out/Thru and a foot switch jack. The Technox's greatest asset, ultimately, is its 16-part multitimbrality. Channel 10 is fixed to addressing drums, but the other 15 channels can go where you want.

There's a ton of good sounds in the Technox, and it is still very useable in many electronic music genres. These units are not easy to find, but when you do they are definitely worth a listen..
Item is clean but shows normal signs of rackmount use for its vintage age of 25.


via this auction

Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer SN Z216500 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Novation KS5

via this auction

Cobalt8 Vs Minilouge Xd Vs JUPITER-Xm

Starsky Carr

"After reviewign the Jupiter Xm alongside the Cobalt 8 I realised I had the Minilogue XD sitting beside me, which would be interesting to look at as well. One is all digital, one is a bit of a hybrid. A review of the pros and cons of each."

Modal COBALT 8 vs JUPITER Xm: How do these to virtual analog synths compare?
Starsky Carr

"This is really just answering a few comments and questions I've received about the Cobalt 8 and Jupiter Xm... they both offer new takes on Virtual analog, but how have things progressed in the last 20 years? the Access Virus and Novation Supernova, both multitimbral VAs have been around since the late 90s ... so what's new?"

Welcome to the Machine, Pink Floyd - remix session - Deluge & Waldorf

DJ Will D'Beats

"My live/programmed - remix of the PF track from 1975

(for those of you who missed it the first time)

words & music: Roger Waters

No copyright obtained or inferred
For entertainment purposes only
live keys: Waldorf MicrowaveXT
programmed the remix elements on my Synthstrom Deluge

Ultra Chilled...
...come along for a trippppp"

'Voodoomoon' Live Ambient synth session Hydrasynth, Deluge & Joué controller

DJ Will D'Beats

"Some ambient sounds to mark the October (Harvest) full moon.
Ambient drifting into the magic provided by these two powerful pieces of gear.

played with a Joué (pro board) MIDI controller
Looped live with the Roland RC-505"

My ASM Hydrasynth Review my opinion : a few tricks, features, ...problems

"This video takes an in-depth look at some features on the ASM Hydrasynth:
• the hidden menu pages
• unusual features
• tricks
• shortcuts
• clarifications
• demonstrations of the effects, macros, etc.
• also includes a list of 'issues' - problematic design elements and operational shortcomings

This is my independent review - not sanctioned, endorsed or requested by ASM - and I have received no compensation from the manufacturer in any way (it is not a complete review of the synthesizer - by any stretch, it just addresses some things I hadn't seen mentioned in other YT videos)"

DJ Will D'Beats: My personal experience with the Virus ...(Access Virus Synthesizer)

DJ Will D'Beats

"Exploring into the depths of the vast., mysterious, enigmatic 'Access Virus TI' Synthesizer."

Wing Pinger Leploop Live Improvisation

Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"Another little run around in the sonic playground today, with Meng Qi's Wing Pinger and the rather minimalist electronic music live-performance groove-box known as the LepLoop. A touch of reverb on the Wing Pinger and that's it. Live playing, with no synchronisation between the machines, just having fun. Just as making music should be. This is not a finished piece, just an exploration, light and exploratory."

Ellitone E[64] Synthesizer

Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"I love portable technology and last week this charming little handheld synthesiser arrived. The Ellitone E[64] Synthesizer and Sequencer System is made by the same company who built the Ellitone Farm Detective Ultrarollz and Ellitone Multi-Synth that I already own. These are budget priced synths but the price isn’t reflected in the sound and ability, and as such they are wonderfully inspiring instruments. What you hear are three live layers mixed on top of one another. No other effects, no other instruments, just the Ellitone E[64]. All played live with no sync.

Here's what the creator wrote about this synth:
“The initial idea for this musical instrument was to somehow find a way to break away from the struggle of composing musical sequences by hand. Practically every musical sequencing device available today provides the user with a blank canvas for which to compose upon. I thought it would be cool if I could instead be working with a 'musical composition engine' - this engine would instantly generate complex patterns of notes, chords, and rhythms using a built-in knowledge of musical theory. “

And that’s this machine does. Even a novice can pick it up and have the immediate reward of performing with it. It has no memory either and every time you switch it back on it begins somewhere else, so it’s very much about the moment itself. And I love that about it!"

4 12 20 BugBrand Modular & Scrotum Lab


NANOLOOPFM01 // A quick review

Audio Wanderer

"Testing my reward from this kickstarter:

Nanoloop device FM
00:00 Intro
00:47 LEDs
01:22 FX test
01:56 slow down
02:11 ping-pong
03:35 close up navigation
05:51 Crash
05:55 Outro"

The kickstarter launched back in March 2019.

OP-Z Ambient soundscape with three pianos

Johan Wave

"OP-Z Ambient soundscape with three pianos. Made a soundscape with three of my piano videos."

Patch n Tweak
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