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Sequential Prophet X Review by SynthMania SynthMania

SynthMania SynthMania

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 What's in the box
00:50 Description of the unit
01:31 Patch: "PX Tease"
02:54 Patch: "Prophet-5 Bass"
03:13 Patch: "Poly Super"
03:36 Patch: "Suspension Cloud"
04:31 Patch: "Soft Scoring Grand"
05:11 Patch: "Glossolalia"
05:47 Patch: "GrimyDrumz"
06:24 Patch: "Vintage Lead"
06:59 Patch: "After Dark"
07:12 Patch: "Silk Roads"
08:12 Panel controls
10:14 Mod example: "Avant Choir"
12:37 Arpeggiator
16:17 Glide
18:12 Live front panel editing improv
23:55 Patch: "Theater Organ"
25:03 Patch: "Bedtime"
25:37 Patch: "Saxophonetic"
26:38 Patch: "Zeus Kit"
27:07 Patch: "Glitch Choir"
27:49 Patch: "Nylon Guitar"
28:22 Patch: "Wave Stayshon"
28:56 Patch: "Master Funk Solo"
29:36 Patch: "Dante's MatriX"
30:33 Patch: "StereoSaws"
31:04 Patch: "Deepspace"
31:53 Conclusion

The Noiseblast Hour, Episode 9: IAMEVE and Orphx

Noise Engineering

"'Described as '... if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of ethereal and colorful vocals," by The Huffington Post, IAMEVE is a singer, songwriter and storyteller. Her evocative sound tapestries are inspired from a world of a supernatural nature full of hypnotic vocals, spacey sounds, and surrealism.

IAMEVE has won several awards for her short music film “Starman” and is currently in production on a 360 Fulldome show. She has been featured in numerous TV shows and Films, most notably for the theme song “To Feel Alive” in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters with composer Andrew Lockington and Nicholas Dodd on Sony Classical. She has performed with many celebrated artists, notably as a guest vocalist for Moby, The Today Show, Fox Good Day NY and is featured in TC Helicon’s 'The Ultimate Guide To Singing'.

Orphx have been creating their unique fusion of rhythm and noise since the early 1990s, combining and recombining elements of techno with the experimental techniques and critical spirit of industrial music.

Erica Synths Syntrx


Buchla 259r Complex Waveform Generator

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Clone of the Buchla 200-series Model 259 Programmable Complex Waveform Generator

Design by RomanF / Electric Music Store

This module works great, everything is in excellent shape.

Vintage version (v2.1), uses some special/vintage components: 2N3565, 2N3958, CA3160, selected J201, RN60 mil-spec 1% resistors, MAT02/03, styrene timing caps, Excelitas/Vactec vactrols

Calibrated to 1.2V/Oct

The waveforms, AM and Mod Osc all calibrated and functioning well as per guidelines"

Moog MiniMoog Voyager Electric Blue Edition SN EB2573

via this auction

EMW Eurorack Synthesizer

EMW Synthesizers

"The Sound of the EMW Eurorack Synthesizer.
Only EMW modules were used on this video, no other effect or processing."

Elektron Digitakt, Sequential Pro 3 & Pro 2


Follow up to Elektron Digitakt, Sequential Pro 2 & Prophet 6

Sequential Pro 3 & EHX Big Muff Triangle


Lead Synths Casio CZ Series New Led Bank by Luna

George Engineer

"LED Casio CZ Patches Bank with 16 presets
16 Unique Leads synths made by Luna in 2020
For More info's or to Order the patches contact with my Email:"


Bass Synths Casio CZ Series New Bass 1 Bank by Luna

Aquifex - Roli Equator 2 MPE live jams with multi-looper

"Demos of new Equator 2 with only MPE patches - played live into a multi-looper and mixed live while playing another part to a stereo recorder - I ran out of loops. :-) The live nature give rise to mistakes and a human feel... I upgraded my Roli Equator app to v.2 during CyberWeek and was inspired to make a couple of “soundtracky” demos with only Equator 2 MPE patches. In case you didn't know, Equator 1 and 2 have non-MPE patches of you need them."

These are in via supporting member, Synth Addict. Nice hat and website! :)

Roland MPG-80 Super Jupiter Programmer for MKS-80 SN 500507

via this auction

ROLAND HS-60 Vintage Synth Plus

via this auction

"Fully refurbished and future-proofed. This is a Juno-106 with built in speakers.

We paid our tech for 16 hours of skilled labor to completely refurbish and future-proof this unit so it will hopefully outlast all others of its kind. This work is of course reflected in its price.

All 80017 chips had their resin coating removed (this coating eventually starts causing failures in these, so we chemically remove it as a preventative measure). Both speakers in this unit have been replaced with new ones. The battery was replaced and patches were reloaded. This unit was cleaned inside and out. (The speaker area is hard to clean, so you may still see dust inside that section if you look closely). All tact switches were replaced. Cold solder joints were reflowed. Cleaned and lubes all slide and rotary pots. Recalibrated. Adjusted keyboard. Systematically tested several times and burn in test passed."

ROLAND SYSTEM-100 MODEL 104 Sequencer SN 500507

via this auction

"Roland System-100 Model 104 For Sale. Meticulously overhauled by perfectionists, and working perfectly. This unit was cleaned inside and out. Potentiometers and switches were all cleaned. All power supply capacitors were replaced as a preventative measure so this unit will hopefully outlast others you may find. The power cord was replaced with a new one. Ready to play. If it doesn't sell soon, we will probably keep it."

Phosphenes by Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds (DiN65) Demo Mix

"Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds Phosphenes DiN65

Release date 15th January 2021

Limited to 500 copies Digipak CD

The names of Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds should be familiar to aficionados of the DiN label with various solo & collaborative albums under their belts. “Phosphenes” see these two well respected musicians team up for their third collaborative release on DiN.

Following on from Morphogenic (DiN41, 2012) & Dystopia (DiN56, 2018) this new album builds on their previous work creating an imaginary Synthwave soundtrack. Bakis Sirros the mastermind behind Parallel Worlds provides the skittering rhythmic backdrop to the tracks over which he and Bessell overlay ominous bass lines, twisting melodies and creative sound design that recall a shadow of 1980s John Carpenter film scores. Bessell also adds his unique guitar style that he so effectively uses in his other well known side project with the synth quartet Node. Both musicians make extensive use of modular synth systems but in very different ways that perfectly blend together in these eight atmospheric tracks.

The duo of Bessell and Sirros really do have a unique sound that is unlike anything else released in the world of electronic music and “Phosphenes” presents another chance to enter their darkly twisted sonic world.

01 Transformation 05:20
02 Empire 06:27
03 Obscure Memories 11:32
04 Silent Observer 06:29
05 Darkest Colour 05:37
06 Mindgames 07:00
07 Dream Creator 08:12
08 Inner Beacon 05:22

Total Time: 56:13


1 ANOTHER (Mac DeMarco-style patch)| Easy DX7 FM Patches | madFame


0:00 Intro
1:33 Tutorial Begins

"This custom patch series is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to program your DX7 FM synthesizer. In this tutorial I make an electric piano patch in the style of Mac Demarco's song "Another One", which is frequently requested by my viewers. Make sure you add your own external effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, etc. to create the full effect.
All $2 or more Patrons can download my Custom Patch SYSEX files

Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

TFoM2020 ONLINE / 5 Exclusive Interviews

Tony Rolando / Make Noise TFoM2020 exclusive interview(full length)
Dan Green / 4ms Company TFoM2020 Online exclusive interview(full length)
Joshua Holley / Malekko Heavy Industry TFoM2020 Online exclusive interview(full length)
Richard Devine interview for TFoM2020 ONLINE
Anthony Baldino Interview for TFoM 2020 ONLINE

Basimilus Iteritas Magnus 5U - THE KICK!


"A rather expensive module to only use as a kick drum, but it is nice to know the option is there..."

Prophet Rev 2 Pads / Serum Lead


"Synth & 808 Sunday Jam! 🎇 Every now and then I like to use some 808’s together with my synths. Last time I used then was also together with the Rev 2. What do you think of this combination? 😊"

M83 pads with Micromonsta 2



via this auction

"Guitar weighs 9 lbs. 4 oz."

Note the card slot on the back. Via this post for one of them: "These sound cards are very hard to find. If your own a Casio PG380 Guitar this card slots into one of the rear compartment of the PG380 and provides different affects. I believe that casio made 6 different sound rom cards for the PG380 & this one is RC-520G European Collection"

Nord Modular 25-Key Synthesizer SN 98030187


"Browsing thru some homemade patches and tweaking some of them. This is a Nordmodular without the voice-expansion."

via this auction

E-MU Systems Emulator EIII XP fully upgraded

via this auction

"Up for sale is a fully upgraded Emu Eiiixp with highly visible OLED display, SCSI2SD drive, 32mb of sampling memory and sampling option installed.

The SCSI2SD comes loaded with an original bank of EMAX I percussion samples and 2 more partitions to save your own sounds..or you can reconfigure the 16gb SD card any way you'd like! The sampler is currently configured to boot from SCSI I.D. 5.

This EIII XP was recently serviced and had all electrolytics on the power supply board replaced with high quality audio grade capacitors, and the ribbon cable to connect from the front panel to the mainboard replaced to ensure years of playability. Very minimal rack rash. Power cord included.

As a side note there is a very slight transformer whine, this is typical for an digital instrument of this age and not in the audio path. It is also extremely quiet compared to the 4gb internal drive that was previously installed.

This Eiiixp has been future proofed and is in excellent condition. If you want to add low end thump to your mixes, this is how to do it!"

Akai AX80 Synthesizer

via this auction

"Eight-voice programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer with a full 61-note keyboard. LCD displays use a simple and intuitive format to show all its parameters and values. Two analog oscillators per voice plus a sub oscillator provide the basis of its punchy analog sounds that can be described as similar to a Chroma Polaris or a Roland Juno 106. Very good bass, brass, synth sounds, and effects are possible."

Yamaha DX7 Cartridge - Symphony 128 Ram - 128 Nice Ambient Sounds

via this auction

"Yamaha DX7 Cartridge - Symphony 128 Ram

Loaded with 4 banks - 128 of ambient sounds.
Sounds come from the Yamaha VRC collection and the Super LA D50/D70 collection.
High quality DX Sounds."

Roland SH-3A vintage analog synthesizer SN 270961

via this auction



"The #antique Jennings Univox a precursor to the mono #synthesizer after a little #repair Sounds from this video! aswell as the new Megamix (clip played at end is available over on my Patreon :-"

The Midnight Sun - An Ambient Jam Session (Blofeld, Specular Tempus, Launchpad Pro)

Lanthan O'Ide

"It's been a while since I last recorded something with my Launchpad, hasn't it?
Well, here's a new ambient track. Enjoy! ^^
For those playing along at home:
The tempo is at 65 BPM, and the key is C major.

As the LP's note layout is the same for all keys I didn't have a reason to pick a fancy one.
So I just went for one that's easy to jam along to. ;-)
For those interested in the setup:

Here's a flowchart:
(Expression Pedal) ⇒ DIY MIDI Controller ⇒ Launchpad ⇒ (PC) ⇒ Blofeld ⇒ Specular Tempus
(Devices in parenthesis are off-screen)

Firstoff, that little siver box with the amber lights turns the input from an expression pedal into MIDI pitchbend commands. Its output gets routed to the Lanuchpad.

Now, I've got a custom firmware running on the Launchpad Pro.
It's called Subsequencely and allows me to use the LP as a standalone MIDI controller.

Thanks to some software magic, the notes I play are triggering two different patches on the Blofeld: The higher notes play those little bells, and the lower ones are expanded into full chords for the pads.

To turn single notes into full chords I'm actually using a homebrew VST plugin, nicknamed "Arclight". You can grab that from my website if you'd like to try that out for yourself. ;-)

Ok, but back to the hardware setup.
The Blofeld is running in multi-mode, so it's playing both the melody and the pads.
Then the Specular Tempus slaps a whole lot of reverb on it, and the result get's recorded.
And that's it!"


Vintage Synth Lab - Eurorack modular analog synth wavefolder

Vintage Synthlab

"AWM-3 = wave-folder (3 channel cascaded configuration)

D-ENV = envelope generators"

Moon Man Synth

Will M

MEGAfm - first patches

studio snippets

MEGAfm posts

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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