MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, February 18, 2021

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Synth Music Studio Tour with @Pianote​

video by MR TUNA Music

"It’s been 1 year since my friends at @Pianote​ came to visit my super synth studio! 🎹🎛✨
Today, I’m at the office working my new job as their social media manager...
Pretty cool how things work out sometimes ❤️"

Layering with the Squarp Instruments Pyramid sequencer (see dealers on the right of the sitefor availability).
Additional MR TUNA Music posts here.

Bandcamp (60+ albums for free!):

LIVEN XFM short Jam

video by SONICWARE

"This is a jam session with one LIVEN XFM."

73-75 Nested Vector Oscillator

NVO exploration 2 video by Todd Barton

"Just began exploring this new oscillator from The Human Comparator
Amazing having 4 oscillators and 4 Joysticks . . . Another exploration (audio only) here:

My Patreon:"

Pic via 73-75

Perplex On - Fragments (Launchpad Piano Jam)

video by Perplex On

"Here is a rather simple jam with the Launchpad Mini sequencing #Noire​ and #Unacorda​ piano vst via and iPad loaded with #StepPolyArpUnit​ to achieve these polymetric sequences. Served with projected audioreactive visuals #madewithnotch​. Enjoy!"

The Medium (inspired) | Moog Grandmother

video by Chris Hunt

"I played "The Medium" on Xbox recently and this song summarizes the experience for me... a bit spooky, a bit lonely, and a bit meandering. The fixed camera angles of the game transport me back to the time of pre-rendered RPGs and strategy guides."

NUX Duotime dual delay with the DB-01 synth (no talking)

video by Richard DeHove

"Some initial noodling with my newly purchased NUX Duotime. Nice solid metal case with stereo in and out. The feedback knobs are limited so they can't get into speaker-busting oscillation - so you get all the anxiety of runaway repeats with none of the damage.

Here I just faff about on the DB-01 while going through each mode. Note at the end the Verb setting has a shimmer you can dial in. No other effects, EQ or limiting used.
0:00​ Analog
2:42​ Tape
3:47​ Digi
6:31​ Mod
7:16​ Verb

For more on the DB-01 see my playlist of tutorial videos and tips: [previuos posts here]

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

12 07 20 Buchla 230r and 288v madness [02]

video by batchas

Posting this one for his "wonderful voice". :)

One more for your dreams, "dear friend":

12 07 20 Buchla 230r and 288v madness [01]

$39,500.00 Sennheiser VSM201 Vocoder

via this auction

"Here is it, one of the rarest and most legendary vocoders and synthesizer effects on the planet. The Sennheiser VSM 201. These supposedly cost upwards of $20,000 when built new and apparently only a few dozen were ever made. It's hard to say how many are still left in existence. In the past 10 years of searching we have only seen a handful of these for sale. We have previously owned a few of them, including one that was owned originally by Herbie Hancock and one we sold directly personally to Daft Punk before their Random Access Memories release. Other legendary users include Kraftwerk. This one is in great shape and fully functional. Fantastic for collector/curator or showpiece to have in your studio. A joy to play with, no other vocoder is quite like it. A multitude of knobs and tone shaping possibilities. The last one we saw for sale sold for $28k over 2 years ago. Since then vintage gear has only continued to climb in value. A great investment. Don't miss out!"

Priced at US $39,500.00

Octatrack Tutorial Video: RUMBLE BASS!

video by EZBOT

"In this tutorial video I show you one way to make that iconic techno rumble bass on your Octatrack in less than 5 minutes."

You can find additonal EZBOT Octatrack posts here, EZBOT Digitakt posts here, and EZBOT Patchwerks posts here. Or all EZBOT posts here.

You can find EZBOT at

Introducing the RH-1 DIY Analog Synthesizer

video by RH Electronics

RH-1 Synthesizer Sound Demo

video by RH Electronics


"The RH-1 is a digitally controlled (DCO) Synth based off the Juno 106 design. It will be available as a kit to build allowing the user flexibility of a desktop unit or rack mount unit.

It’s a mono synth with programmed ‘key rollover’ if a key is held down and another pressed it will change the pitch and re trigger the envelope.


Single Digitally Controlled Oscillator, Saw + Pulse (PWM Adjustable)
Single ADSR analog envelope (AS3310)
PWM and Filter envelope mod, adjustable
External inputs for Filter and PWM summer
0 to 5 volt analog CV
12 volt digital CV
AS3372 signal processor
Envelope re-trigger on second key press
Adjustable audio out ~650mV p-p
PIC16F18344 controller running with a 4MHz crystal oscillator
Power requirements are +/- 12 volts. A standard eurorack connector will be on the PCB

This is a DIY kit, and is not being sold as a ‘product’ it is up to the end user to build and test. RH Electronics accepts no liability for any damage that may occur to the end product or any external device. It is the responsibility of the builder to provide a suitable power supply in line with the specification. All efforts have been made to stop interference with any other device, however being a kit it is not possible to test due to differences in build.
All boards and components that are suppled are RoHS certified and proof of this can be downloaded with the product files."

Patch and Tell: Buchla Clones 292B vs 292C Lowpass Gate Sound and Response Comparison

video by The Galaxy Electric

"Thanks for tuning in! Come on a musical voyage with us where we'll send you a new song every day, a cosmic story, and a chance to earn space treasure:

In this modular synthesizer tutorial, I couldn't help but do a comparison between the Buchla clone 200 series Quad Lowpass Gates. In this video your host Augustus Green of The Galaxy Electric does a sound and response comparison between these two flavors of 292 modules. The Quad Function Generators 280 and 281 are used to appropriately show off what these different animals can do. Let your ears be the judge as you decide which vibe you prefer.

PCB comparisons 00:00​
Intro 01:26​
Comparison begins 2:36​
Sequence gets faster 6:55​
Switching control sources 7:15​
Regular Gate Mode 10:57​

The Galaxy Electric -"

Playing with SpazeDrum #9

video by gotharman

"Playing with the black SpazeDrum again..."

A Window In Felton

video by nbor

"There's a lovely spot in a funny little cabin in Felton CA that lends itself to ambient music. Very slow, possibly even boring, but it certainly fit the vibe I had, not far from ancient redwoods.

I have been trying out super portable setups, and this is about as portable as it gets: battery power for 1010 Blackbox and Sensel Morph, filmed with phone. Sounds are from a variety of sources - a couple stock sounds from 1010, some recordings I did with my son, some sounds from the NASA archive, etc.

More Music:


Roland JU-06A Juno-60 Strings Fun! Boutique Synthesizer Rik Marston

video by Rik Marston Official

"Roland JUNO-60 Strings - so lush & awesome! This JU-06A has IT!
I LOVE this synthesizer! If you are on the fence about buying one,
just make the purchase! The JU-06A is a BLAST to own & it will
give you the JUNO-60 & JUNO-106 in your mix the way you want it too.
Easy to operate with instant satisfaction! No, I don't work for Roland.
(I wish I did!) I think the bang for buck value for this unit is excellent!
In this demo you hear the JUNO-60 engine in action, much more to come!

My NEW Etsy store: **AhnyxianSoundDesign** UP NOW!
selling Synthesizer Sample Packs, Ambient CD's & Meteorites"

Bright Sparks Documentary - B Side

video by GForce Software

"The B Side of the critically acclaimed Bright Sparks Documentary focuses on the British electronic music pioneers, including the original Mellotron makers, Les, Norman and Frank Bradley, EMS's Peter Zinovieff, Electronic Dream Plant's Adrian Wagner & Chris Huggett, and String Ensemble inventor, Ken Freeman.

Includes contributions from I Monster's Dean Honer & Jarrod Gosling, Peter Zinovieff, Chris Cross, Daniel Miller, John Bradley, Karl Hyde, Ken Freeman, Fred Gardner, Will Gregory, Dean Honer & Jarrod Gosling"

You can find additional GForce Bright Sparks posts here.

Macbeth M5 SN 0003

via this auction

"Ken Macbeth hand-built around 100 of these before production stopped. Beautifully laid out with acres of room to get in and really play the instrument. Had plenty of ARP influence in the looks but it is no 2600 (or anything else) clone. Described as “big and brash” by Ken himself, more than one review says it can take you into classic big bottom Moog territory if that’s where you want to go.

All sockets are normalised – so no need to start plugging in cables if you just want to dive in and make some noise."

The pair of excellent filters are worth a mention though: there’s a 24 dB/oct lowpass ladder filter and a 12 dB/oct with Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Notch options.

This is a modern but militantly analogue affair; you won’t find such luxuries as patch memory, MIDI or (heaven forfend!) USB here. But of course there is CV control and the front panel is raised up a few inches ready for you to put a keyboard in front of it."

Kawai K5000S Additive Synthesizer

via this auction

The listing states the K5000S combines VA and Additive synthesis. It actually doesn't have a VA engine, but rather a sample based PCM engine to go with the Additive engine.

"Great for pads and textures, though can be used for any type of sounds including lush leads, unique sound effects and crystal electric pianos. It is also a great keyboard controller, one of the most convenient and responsive synthesizer keyboards ever made.

Moog MiniMoog Voyager XL

via this auction

KORG MS-10 MONOPHONIC Synthesizer w/ Japanese Owner's Manual & Sound Revolution Book

via this auction

Yamaha SY-1 vintage preset synthesizer + music stand + dust cover SN 4141

via this auction

"Yamaha SY-1 synthesizer in good working condition. It’s been serviced and recapped last year. Included in the sale are the music stand and dust cover."

Roland Juno-6 w/ Custom Roland Sticker on Front Panel

via this auction

QB Sessions // Silent Strike - Beat 4

video by Silent Strike

Silent Strike QB Sessions

Hologram Electronics Microcosm: The Magic Sauce (Multi-Instrument Demo)

video by Sound Isles

"The Microcosm combines granular sampling, delay, and looping techniques to create gorgeous ambient accompaniment, transformation and immersion with its stereo reverb. Sounds are diffused into icy ambient textures, glitched sequences, pitched pads, and cinematic drones. Microloops can be locked into tight tap-tempo rhythms and synced to devices over MIDI. Save your effects settings, and recall your loops with user presets.

The secret is out. The Microcosm is an inspiring device that adds a magic sauce to whatever sounds you're cooking with. There is a lot of sonic exploration to be had and sound design potential with its well designed combination of features. The Microcosm is a multi-tool for musicians and explorers of all sounds.

Let's go on a journey.

0:00​ Title Sequence
0:39​ a little world
1:30​ Guitar Rainbows
2:37​ E-BOW amb
3:33​ Phrase Looper
4:15​ OMNI Dreamin'
5:16​ Looping Synths
5:54​ Cystal 80s
6:28​ Modulation Mudslide
7:07​ Holodeck
8:00​ Sonic Playground
8:54​ Odyssey of Sound
9:38​ Arp on ARP
10:18​ Mind SEQ
11:34​ Dream World

Gear used:
ARP Odyssey
Fender Mustang
Omnichord (OM-27)
Korg DW-8000

Thank you Hologram Electronics,
and happy 1 year anniversary to the lovely Microcosm."

VAI 9. Siel Cruise / Roland TR77 / Vermona DEG500

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"A little space ballad with the Siel Cruise piano section run through the Vermona DEG500, that fast vibrato modulation is the reason we're keeping this machine.
The Roland TR77 drum machine is going through the DEG500 as well, with some Mu-tron Phasor II, while the bass line gets the Roland Space Echo treatment."

Roland FANTOM 4x4x4 Challenge using 4 NEW MODEL EXPANSIONS!!!

video by gattobus

"I accepted the 4x4x4 challenge that consists in building a song in just 4 minutes, using 4 Chords, playing 4 new Model Expansions for Roland FANTOM:

SH-101, Jupiter-8, JX-8P and JUNO-106.

I decided to raise the bar a little by doing this starting from scratch, using 4 INITIALIZED PRESETS!
Will I be able to do it?
Watch the video and see for yourself!!!
Hardcore synth nerds only!!!
(Headphones recommended)


Kebu takes on the Fantom 4x4x4 Challenge

video by Kebu

"The idea of the challenge is to create a song with the Roland Fantom synth in 4 minutes, playing 4 chords only, and using the 4 new Model Expansions (vintage synth emulations of the Roland JX-8P, Juno-106, SH-101 and Jupiter-8).

Somehow I misunderstood the challenge and thought you ALSO had to compose the tune in 4 minutes ("create" = "compose"?). This made the challenge quite difficult! Not to come up with ideas, but to actually have it made in 4 minutes! I didn't succeed until my 14th attempt! Also, I decided to shoot everything in a single take and forced myself to come up with new musical ideas for each take, as I didn't allow myself to start with any ready-made ideas. In the end I decided to choose which synth sounds to use in advance, because otherwise it would have been impossible for me, because I couldn't get past the sound selection in 4 minutes. I'm so picky with my synth sounds. :)

Next, I challenge my friend Ludvig Olin with the #444xChallenge​! And, of course, anyone with a Fantom can give it a go! Remember to use the tag #444xChallenge​ when you post your video.

Table of contents:
0:00​ Preparing for the challenge
1:57​ 4x4x4 Challenge!
6:25​ Jamming
9:57​ Passing on the challenge"

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