MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Silver linings (Yamaha EX5 slow piano / synth improvisation)

video by Floyd Steinberg

"Just a short jam. I created a #piano​ patch from saw waves and dynamic filters on the #yamahasynth​ #ex5​, and added it to a performance with a filtered choir sound and improvised some slow notes. Hope you like it."

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Korg M50 "Myth" - Custom Presets Atmospheric Journey

video by LFOstore

"'Myth' is a deep journey into the world of atmosphere & melodic pulses.

Sounds are here:

And Korg M50 is a younger brother of legendary M3 with Double Arpeggio instead of famous Karma engine.

It sounds fantastic & having very wide range of capabilities & besides
arp function - having the same engine as M3

And we made 128 dynamic & lush patches which are ready to go in your Ambient, Electronica, Soundtrack:

*Lush & evolving Pads
*Wide & massive Strings
*Dynamic & unusual arpeggios & rhytmic poly's
*Plucks & Bells
*Planetary pad series
*One note Ambiences

67 Modules in 14 Minutes! // AE Modular Synth Podcast #01


0:00​ Introduction
5:40​ 67 Modules in 14 Minutes!
23:14​ The 5th Volt's AE Modular Synth Jam
27:37​ Patch Breakdown

Welcome to the very first episode (and trial run) of the AE Modular Synth Podcast, in which Carsten and I play a fun game, taking turns explaining each currently available AE Modular synth module in only 10 seconds. Carsten then demonstrates his latest patch and gives a breakdown of what's happening behind the spaghetti.

Discuss this episode with us here:​"

➤ Bandcamp:
➤ Instagram:
➤ Twitter:

Film & TV Music Pt. 1 : Recreated on Synthesizers : Luke Million in the Studio

video by Luke Million

Part 2 here

"Film & TV Music Pt. 1 is a collection of some of my Friday Funk Jam videos where I am recreating my favourite themes from Film & TV in my studio.

This video features music from the movies; Electric Dreams, American Gigolo, Fletch, NeverEnding Story, Beverly Hills Cop, Gallipoli, Ghostbusters, The Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2 and Godzilla.

The legendary composers of these themes are; Giorgio Moroder, Harold Faltermeyer, Jean-Michel Jarre, Ray Parker Jr, John Williams, Brad Fidel and Jamiroquai."

A Roll of TP

via this auction

Actually the listing is for a Yamaha TX216 TX816 Synthesizer (7) DX7 MIDI Rack Modules TF1 SN 3741. Should have listed it a year ago though. That roll of TP could have driven the price up.

Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer SN 150961

via this auction


via this auction

"This page measures: 2X 8.5" x 11"

You are receiving an original ad of a vintage magazine. This is not a reproduction. The images shown in this ad is of the actual page you will receive.

Please look at the image for defects."

Evolved Vol 3 - Patches 76 to 100 - Sequential Prophet 6

video by GEOSynths

"Out Now -​

It's been almost 2 years since I brought out Evolved Vol 2 for the Sequential Prophet 6 Synthesizer and wasn't sure I'd do another, however Sequential have updated the Prophet 6 with the "Vintage Knob" feature, from the Prophet 5 Rev 4 Synth. After making a 3rd Bank for the Sequential 0B6, it was obvious to do another Bank for the Prophet 6.

In this set I've also focused a little more on making Patches using Osc 2 as a Modulation Source and delving deeper. While there is the odd "Vintage" patch, it's more about getting new Synthesizer sounds."

GEOSynths Evolved Vol 3 patch demos

Fairlight Intro Cover on the Commodore Music Maker Deluxe

video by MrCaliforniaD

"In this video, I've re-recorded the famous hack intro from Fairlight.

I tried to edit the Commodore 64 patches as close as I could to the original.

I used a C64c with a 6581 R4-AR."

See this post for MrCaliforniaD's DIY C64 Keyboard

Synthesthesia 2021 // Novation Live

video by NovationTV

"Join us for Synthesthesia 2021: an online synth experience, hosted by our friends at the Deli Mag & Delicious Audio.

Join Novation in our virtual space, streaming live, where you can hang and talk with our products experts, ask them about our synths and our newest groovebox, Circuit Tracks, enter to win awesome prizes, and enjoy special gust artist performances and interviews! While we can't be with you in person, you can still get all your questions answered in real time about your favorite Novation gear.

--- To enter to win, discover the line-up and shop the event’s setup, visit:​

---- To discover more about Novation, head to:​"

New Conductive Labs MRCC Live Stream for Synthesthesia 2021

video by Conductive Labs

"Join us for a live demonstration and Q&A for the new MRCC MIDI Router Control Center.
Tentative Schedule (ET USA)
1:40 Live – MRCC Demonstration 1
3:00 Live – MRCC Q&A 1
4:00 Live - The NDLR Demo and Q&A
5:00 Live – MRCC Demonstration 2
6:30 Live – MRCC Q&A 2
7:30 Live - MRCC and The NDLR Demo and Q&A
Join any time and skip, hop or jump around to what you want to see. Excuse us if we step out for a short break now and then."

Additional Conductive Labs MRCC posts

Audiothingies Releases 2.1 Firmware for MicroMonsta 2

What's new:
- fm unleashed: both oscillator and filter FM are more intense allowing for more aggressive FM sounds.
- oscillator phase reset parameter
- filter character parameter - soft, mild, hard, mean
- individual envelope reset parameter
- added a second multiply operator (mult2)
- voice panning reworked
- chorus and simple eq (low or hi pass) per program
- new unipolar shapes for lfo
- second lpf delay with higher cutoff frequency
- delay tempo sync
- vca destination in mod matrix
- arp pattern per program (16 editable steps)
- MPE compatibility

We're now finishing the production of MicroMonsta 2 batch #02 which should be available in April (and batch #03 is already in the pipeline).


video by zack dagoba

"This patch uses 6 square wave oscillators with fixed frequencies (tuned to a harmonious chord) going into the 107 VC mixer. The 114 touch plates control the duration of the notes. Two of the trigger outs fire off a 180 dual attack generator which varies the frequency of the 191 filter (all the oscillators are summed through it in mono). There is some 185 frequency shifting added in (acting as a phaser) and also some RE201 Space Echo. This mono signal is then going through a delay line (Bel-BD80) and is panned hard left and right with the original signal"

[LIVESTREAM] Beatmaker 3: Old-Skool Sampling / Beat Making Session!

video by Electronisounds Audio

"Super casual old-skool sampling / beat making session and synth-geek hangout! Questions, comments and enthusiasm are encouraged!
iPad (Beatmaker 3) vs. various bits of vintage hardware!"


RF Modular 146 Psy Trance analog jam

video by Radical Frequencies Modular

"Live Jam 146bpm Psychedelic with Radical Frequencies modular.
All sounds are analog here!
Kick is from DPVCO the beta vco with an adsr in exp fm and using the sine wave out going into a vca with an adsr.
Hats are the 3rd noise from RF Lucky Voltages into the RF 12dbmultivcf and a vca with adsr.
Bass is from my 5U modular (Oakley VCO into Diode Ladder)
Snare is a 808 clone snare module.
FM Lead is from my new module AD Multi VCO and I use the main out (that can change the waveforms with cv! ) direct into a vca with no filter in between !
The saw wave of alpha dpvco goes into the linear fm of ADMVCO and I’m also syncing it, The exponential fm is connected to a dual looping envelope , the ACV and DCV (both are like pulse width modulations) are controlled by a Befaco sequencer and the Wave CV is connected with Lucky voltages random gates for changing the waveforms which is in clock with the VC ADSR of the final vca that has the decay and release modulated by S&H of Luvky voltages, Beatstep pro is in sync too and triggers the kick - hats and snare and bass . All sounds are multi recorded into daw and the fm lead is mixed with a bit of reverb delay.​"

VAI 6: Crumar Multiman S/2 / Maestro Universal Synthesizer System

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Crumar Multiman S/2 gets sliced up by the modulation section of the Maestro Rhythm King 4, then on to the envelope filter of the other Maestro machine: the Universal Synthesizer System - an early, maybe the very first, multi-effect for guitar.
Spring reverb brought to you by Telefunken Echo Mixer.
The other output of the Multiman gets phased by the Mu-tron phasor.
Steelphon S900 and noise routed to the Binson Echorec."

The Human Comparator - 73-75 Serge Modular Home Built System

via this auction

NOISEBUG listings

"This systems has the added LED mods for the Positive / Negative Slew & all 3 Envelopes. System has lived it entire life here at the shop, in a smoke free environment. We would love to see this system go to a good home so it can be loved & played more often than we play it.


A creative system that can hold its own or complement any future investments!"

Club of the Knobs - C960 Sequencer

via this auction

NOISEBUG listings

Pics of the inside below along with the module description.

Doepfer Dark - Time Blue LEDs

via this auction

NOISEBUG listings

"Dark Time is an 2 x 8 steps analog sequencer with CV/Gate, USB and Midi interface. It is planned in the first place as an add-on for the Dark Energy but may be used even in combination with other Midi, USB or CV/Gate equipment too."

Roland - TR-08

via this auction

NOISEBUG listings

"The Legendary Boom and Sizzle of the Most Famous Drum Machine Ever Made—Now in an Affordable and Modern Format

The TR-08 is an obsessively detailed and faithful replica of the legendary TR-808—easily the most famous and influential drum machine ever made. After creating a monumental shift in the sound of music, the “808” has continued to shape and define entire genres. Beloved by musicians and producers the world over, it’s one of the most revered and sought-after electronic musical instruments of all time. The TR-08 brings the look, sound, and feel of the original 808—with stunning accuracy—to the Roland Boutique format. It blends attention to detail and respect for legacy with modern convenience and reliability."

ROLAND JP-8000 SN ZJ43741 w/ SWAN Flight Case

via this auction

Novation K-Station SN K004392 w/ Luggage Style Flight Case

via this auction

Rare AVP Synth PolyRhythm

via this auction

You can find demos of one in previous posts here.

"AVP PolyRhythm dual analog filter + phaser. These are extremely rare as only 20 were ever made. It has two VCFs: Polivoks filter and Ritm-2 filter. It uses authentic Soviet components and circuity in accordance with well-known Soviet synthesizers, produced in USSR back in the 80's and 90's. The Polyvoks has low-pass and band-pass with one input and two outputs (one for each filter) and the Ritm-2 has low-pass with one input and one output. It has an internal LFO and CV inputs for both sides.

One pot was replaced by a certified synthesizer repair store after I accidentally broke it trying to pull off a KickDisk. The replacement pot is the same value and taper as the original.

Power supply included! (For areas of the world with 120V mains)

Method of signal processing: analog;
Voltage Controlled Filters (VCF): two types — POLY (Polivoks filter) and RHYTHM (Ritm-2 filter);
The low frequency oscillator (LFO): one — triangle;
Audio inputs: two — mono jack socket for 6.3mm;
Audio outputs: three — mono jack socket for 6.3mm;
CV inputs: two — mono jack socket for 6.3mm — 0V to +10V for Poly and -10V to +10V for Ritm-2;
Controls: 8 knobs, 5 switches;
Power requirement: 12V AC @ 400 mA;
Hard plastic black case;
Weight: 1kg;
Dimensions: L13,5 x W18,5 x H5,5 (cm);"

Serge STS Animal, TKB, PS2, Portable Case

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave SN 801080

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak Analog Polyphonic Sequencer Arpeggiator

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

Silver Model Moog Subsequent 37 CV Paraphonic Analog Synth

via this auction

Clavia Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer

via this auction, also on Reverb

Yamaha Montage & GFI Specular Tempus & Boss DD 500 demo no talking Ambient

video by js-sound

"With 1 pedal, the synthesizer turns into a unique synthesizer with the sound you will love. FM + pedal, AWM2 + pedal, any combination you might like. In Video i use Boss DD-500 'Play Less=More' Patch & for GFI i use Vortex Algorithm Reverb."


video by KurtzMindfields

"I had the chance to get for a month a real Minimoog D from 1973 to compare with my RETRO ONE clone from NRSYNTH.
Retro One have not the same VCOs (Prodigy) than the Minimoog (VCO 921 Moog?), but filter is very very close cause it's the same diagrams. Pretty wondeful. Somes actual differences possibilities makes more modern the Retro One (patching, digital sync LFO, MIDI CV/GATE, Rig Modulator, controls, ect ....) .
The pleasure is real, i would say the Minimoog is more "singing" and "fine" but the Retro One is more "powerful and fat".
BACKING TRACK : Charlie Goodman"

MidCoast | VPME Quad Drums in the Shared System

video by Cinematic Laboratory

"After making Starter Kits Episode 5 with the Quad Drums I wanted to do a jam with QD and the Shared System. I had no plans recording it, just jamming. But it went really well (you never know upfront) so I decided to film and share it. There are hardly any patch notes, because you start anywhere and suddenly come up with something cool. But it's basically gate patterns from Rene and one simple melodic element from Rene's X channel. Star of the patch is obviously the Quad Drums, but Mimeophon is awesome as always. Don't forget to experiment with that 'hold' button!"

Cinematic Laboratory Shared System posts

Patch n Tweak
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