MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday, April 23, 2021

DSI Tetra Free Download Patches | Classic Custom Sounds Juno 60 | Sequential | Noisy Machines (2021)

video by Noisy Machines

"The sound of the Juno6 / 60/106 is incredible, even though it has a simple architecture, so I wondered, can my Tetra sound like a Juno? So I designed a few sounds, limiting myself to the characteristics of the Juno 6/60/106. No velocity, only 1 ADSR, one oscillator (with multiple shapes), 4-pole filter, one LFO, no aftertouch. It's even recorded in Mono and I have added a juno chorus 🎶

* Here you can download the sounds for your Tetra! Enjoy! 😎"

KAWAI GMega synthesizer module playing Doom II music (Into Sandys City)

video by pc-sound-legacy

Astrogenic Hallucinauting Coming to Sonic Sound Synthesis

via supporting member SPIKE the Percussionist aka Astrogenic Hallucinauting:

"Astrogenic Hallucinauting will be our special guest for a session at The Neon Hospice on 24 April 2021 at the usual time of 7pm BST.

On this occasion there will also be short pieces alongside the main event from Drift of Signifieds and Extractor Fan.

SsS is a new weekly show at The Neon Hospice online radio station.

Sonic Sound Synthesis is an outlet for the amazing sounds made by modular synthesisers.

Once a week we will present a set of audio recordings made by people around the world using these fascinating machines.

Given the bizarre and diverse array of sounds that can be produced from the synthesiser control panel, we impose no artificial stylistic limitations on the audio exhibits we present.

SsS is operated behind the scenes by late-stage synth enthusiasts Richard Fontenoy (aka Drift of Signifieds) and Edmund Davie (aka @extractor_fan)."

Moog Source Synthesizer Autographed By Matt Sharp Of Weezer & The Rentals

via this auction

"Autographed by Matt Sharp of Weezer & The Rentals in Baltimore in the early 2000’s. Everything works as it should. Some minor scuffs and scrapes but nothing major. Includes soft case and power cord."

AKAI S612 sampler with XD-280 Disk Emulator + Sample Library SN 00820-01247

via this auction

"Excellent condition AKAI S612 sampler from 1985 with brand new XD-280 Disk Emulator.

ZERO ISSUES. Every knob, slider, output, etc, is PERFECT.

Comes from clean NON SMOKING home studio. USA / 120V model.

Firmware version 1.1A (See picture.)

Includes 217 disk library on quality SanDisk 16GB low-profile USB stick.
You can save THOUSANDS of your own sounds on this drive.

Includes most of the CLASSIC original AKAI S612 factory library plus
new MODERN sample library from Hideaway Studio. Everything is ready to go and set up for you.

Turn the unit on, choose a disk image, wait a couple of seconds for it to mount and then
press LOAD on the S612. After a few seconds, your sound is ready. That's it!"

Oberheim Matrix 1000 - Vintage Analog Rack Synthesizer

video by Houston Smith

via this auction

Tape Delay Echolette E51 - test after repair and replacing tape to VHS with Oberheim Matrix 1000

video by Alexey Taber

A Sampler In Time - The Roland S-50 Digital Sampler

video by Johnny Morgan

"A story on the Roland S-50 Digital Sampler and it's place in the world of sampling during the 80's"

A Patchwerks Staff Favorite: Polyend Tracker

video by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Drew shows us why the Polyend Tracker is one of his favorite workstations.

A retro form factor updated with forward looking functionality and designed as an easy to use compact standalone workstation. Made for the creatives who break patterns on a daily basis. Designed to help artists forge unique avenues of sonic construction. Introducing the first hardware tracker in the music world.

Learn more about the Polyend Tracker here:
Demo by: Drew
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

UVI Super-7 | Overview

video by UVI

"Super-7 - Analog Toolbox from the ‘80s, and Beyond

Inspired by the MKS-7, an iconic 8-voice rackmount synth, this collection delivers powerful and dynamic sounds, sequences and arps through 260+ presets. Pushing deep into the realms of synthwave, new wave, electro, house, '80s synthpop and more, Super-7 provides everything you need to make authentic vintage tracks in one place.

Video and music credits: Joshua D. Carney"

Announcement post here.

Things to come - Eurorack/Keystep Pro

video by Omri Cohen

"This is a short performance I gave for the Milano Modulare Modular Synth & Beyond -"

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -​ Consider joining me on Patreon -​ Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

NightRadio - Afterglow

video by Alexander Zolotov

"Made with SunVox​ modular synth & tracker:​
No samples used. Built-in synths and effects only.
by NightRadio /

UVI Shade | Post-production showcase

video by UVI

"Shade - Creative Filter and EQ

A next-generation advanced EQ, mix tool, and creative filter delivering an unparalleled selection of 35 shapes, 10 modulators, full multichannel support and much more.
Version 1.2 adds a robust 'Pitch Tracking' modulation source from either of the audio inputs or via MIDI, many usability improvements, a number of under-the-hood fixes and 20 new factory presets from HAL Audio! A free update for existing users.

Video Credits: HAL and Antoine Paley"

UVI's Shade was first introduced in September of 2020.

Korg Wavestation - Hardware VS Legacy - How To Match The Sound?

video by LFOstore

"In this episode we comparing sound from Wavestation EX versus VST Legacy Version. And showing special EQ setting using Fab Filter ProQ which helps VST version to sound closer to the hardware & also to sound more smoother and "analogue" Download this archive and import our preset in your fabfilter: There are also a picture version of preset so you can use any other eq to match our setting. Korg Wavestation soundsets from this video: Enjoy!"

Using MakeNoise Modular Synths to Cover Radiohead

video by Koboto Music

"I used my MakeNoise Shared System (along with some other modules) to re-create my favorite Radiohead song. For the video aspect, I tried my best to demonstrate the various modular techniques that I used for this production. The main synth line was originally performed on the Prophet 5 so some tracking was needed on the MakeNoise to achieve a similar polyphony.

On an interesting note...

considering polyphony...

it took me 10 tracks of the MakeNoise to cover all of the overlapping notes in the synth line. So, it's essentially acting as a Prophet 10 as opposed to the Prophet 5 that was originally used. I found that the added polyphony adds a lot of "mud" to the mix and that the original sounds a lot cleaner to me. I guess there's an argument that "less is more" at times when it comes to polyphony in Synthesizers."

Controversy - (Friday Funk Jam)

video by Luke Million

"It's hard to believe that 5 years have already passed since Prince left this world. He was an inspiration to so many musicians and one of my favourite tracks was his masterpiece - Controversy.

Synths used - Moog Multimoog Roland SH2, Roland Jupiter 4, Oberheim Ob8, Roland Juno 6 & Sequential Prophet 5"

Happy Friday - Take On Me - A-Ha Synthesizer Intro Korg Kronos

video by Mark and Marj Music

RH Electronics Mono Ultimate final decisions and first schematic

video by RH Electronics

"Final decisions on the Mono Ultimate synth a look at the first schematic.
Still some work to do but the design is set.
Dual 3340 oscillators, Prophet 5 style modulation"

Vintage 1976 Arp 2600 (S/N 2601-0064) & 3620 Keyboard Controller

videos by Silicon Breakdown

"Recorded April 2021 using Vintage 1976 Arp 2600 (S/N 2601-0064)"

1. Arp 2600 Filter Modulation 2021
2. Arp 2600 Oscillator Check
3. Arp 2600 How to tune up oscillators and verify they are calibrated correctly

via this auction

"This is an Arp 2600 in great condition. Not only is the exterior and Tolex in great condition, the electronics are also in great condition, and all features work. Every key on the keyboard plays without glitches or drifting. Every slider, pot and jack work. All hardware on the cases and the Tolex covering are original. A matching 3620 keyboard is also in great shape and plays perfectly. The original lids for the 2600 and 3620 are included."

Technics Sy-1010 w/ Patch Book & Front Panel Overlay

via this auction

Check out those patch illustrations!

Jumbo jet, bird, train, gun, piano, water drop, and violin.

Nice description:

"Comes with an official dust cover, Pathch book and manual. The condition is good. The sound is also the most pleasant analog."

Roland JD-800 w/ Red Glue Keyboard Problem

via this auction

Take a look at the last pic. You can see the metal slats used as key weights resting below. The red glue Roland used to adhere them to the keys eventually melts in warmer weather. It stinks as well. That said, if this Roland is working well otherwise, this might be a good price for someone that wants to clean them. You can find videos online on how to do it.

MFB TANZBAR 2 Analog Drum Synthesizer Bass Synth Sampler Sequencer

via this auction

"TANZBAR 2, an analog drum sequencer by MFB that has a good reputation for analog drum synthesis and has been successful, has been greatly developed and has not been released in Japan.

In addition to each analog drum synthesizer part, it is equipped with an analog synthesizer part and a VOICE slot that can handle audio samples, making it a powerful total sequencer that is a hybrid of analog and digital. There is also a track that can control two external sound sources, and you can control the external sound source as the main sequencer.

Each part has its own bomb slider and mute button, allowing you to build grooves in real time. You can synchronize the clock with either USB MIDI or the MIDI terminal."

Ra-99 Rare Waves Grendel Grenadier

via this auction

You can find demos in previous posts here.

Casio CZ3000 Phase Distortion Synthesizer

via this auction

Teensy Eurorack Oscillator + Build

video by otemrellik

"A new module built from a Teensy 3.2
Schematic + Code:"

Super Mario 64 - Ending + Staff Roll on Moog Sub 37

video by Luca Di Gennaro

"Split screen cover of 'Ending + Staff Roll' by Koji Kondo from Super Mario 64 (© 1996 Nintendo) just with a Moog Sub 37 and Logic Pro drums."

The ELKA Wilgamat 3

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Introducing the Elka Wilgamat 3

Probably from 1982 - if anyone has the exact production year - please get in touch :)

This is a 4 section analog auto- comp machine manufactured in Italy.
It was originally incorporated into organs but some stand-alone units we're made as well.
There's a predecessor was released in 1976 - the Elka Wilgamat - that has a quite similar layout and analog sound (if you'd like to know what sounds that one makes please search our channel for some videos we made previously)
Elka, to our knowledge at least, never released a Wilgamat 2.
The machine might not have the coolest individual sounds or rhythm-patterns, but summing up its different parts it can be a pretty fun machine to play and a great tool for us non-keyboardists to get started on new tracks.
It does not engage at all without the 2-octave keyboard, a compatible organ or foot pedal hooked up to it.
There are no MIDI or sync capabilities - although there is a "Clock Out" on the back - we're unsure if it actually works.
These have been known to be modified in a few different ways :
they have been MIDI-fied and clock synced - if you're interested in that please search the web."

Also see Two Modified Elka Wilgamat IIIs

Studio relax, Cocteau Twins style drums & gear

video by SynthMania

"Relaxing in the studio and making a Cocteau Twins style ditty with
E-mu Drumulator
Fender Jazzmaster
Vox AC30
Fender Precision
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
00:00​ Introduction
01:12​ Drumulator patterns
03:14​ RMX16 on snare drum
05:55​ Guitar, amp, effect pedals
07:30​ Bass and effect
08:25​ Final ditty"

Patch n Tweak
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