MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday, May 16, 2021

ESK - Time for a Jam

video by Metunar

"Jamsession with a Elektron Digitone as main unit (sequencing and sound) and a Roland TR-626 drumcomputer through a Rohde & Schwarz UBM filter. There is also a Roland MKS-50 synth (Alpha Juno rack) for pad sounds.
For mixing i used a Alesis PEQ-450, SM passive mixer, Focusrite Compounder and a SPL Charisma on the synths and TR-626 HH.
Stereo recording with digital mastering."

Jen SX2000 Synthetone Made in Italy LiveLooping with Enso Looper- Echopad- FAC Alteza Reverb on Ipad

video by VSMI

"Jen SX2000 Synthetone - One of the best mono synth Made in Italy 1978. Enso looper thru Echopad and FAC Alteza Reverb on AUM setup."

NerdSEQ Tutorial (deutsch)

video by XOR Electronics

"Erster Teil des Video - Tutorials zum NerdSEQ in Deutsch.

Im Video werden einige Basis-Informationen und Funktionen rund um den NerdSEQ erklaert. Der NerdSEQ ist ein Eurorack Sequenzer mit einer Tracker basierten Benutzung.

Dieses Video ist der erste Teil von weiteren kommenden Videos mit dem Ziel alle Funktionen des Sequenzers zu besprechen.

Mit diesem Video habe ich das vorige Live-Video ausgetauscht bei dem leider die Tonspur nicht in Ordnung war.

Mehr informationen:" -- MATRIXSYNTH T!


NerdSEQ Tutorial (deutsch) Teil2
"Im Video werden weitere Basis-Informationen und Funktionen rund um den NerdSEQ erklaert.
Der NerdSEQ ist ein Eurorack Sequenzer mit einer Tracker basierten Benutzung.

Die Themen hier:
- Global Transponieren, Track Transponieren, Noten/Teile Transponieren.
- Die Reihenfolge von markierten Bereichen flippen, mischen oder veraendern. Markierte Bereiche nach oben oder unten 'shiften'
- Verschiedene Track-Clock Einstellungen (Multiplier/Divider) direkt oder aus der Sequenz
- Patternlaenge
- Namen an Patterns zuweisen

- Farben im sequenzer Bildschirm zuweisen"

NerdSEQ Tutorial (deutsch) Teil3 : Projekteinstellungen
video by XOR Electronics

"Teil 3 des Video - Tutorials zum NerdSEQ in Deutsch.

Thema: Projekteinstellungen

Im Video werden weitere Basis-Informationen und Funktionen rund um den NerdSEQ erklaert.
Der NerdSEQ ist ein Eurorack Sequenzer mit einer Tracker basierten Benutzung.

Mehr informationen:"

Mystery Vintage Drum Machine Spotted in "What We Started" Documentary

Update: video added above.

This one was spotted by @DyLAB

It comes in at 11:36 in "What We Started" on Netflix. Cool documentary with tons of synth spotting BTW.

Anyone know what it is? I thought it might be a mixer but in the film you can see the LEDs moving left to right as in a sequencer.

As some of you know Moby was a huge collector of drum machine. He sold them off in 2018. I captured them here. What's pictured to the left here isn't in that post. If you know what it is, leave a comment.

Update: and it's an ETA Stage Lighting System 1234 controller. Thanks to those that left a comment.

Some pics and details via this auction

"Professional lighting system comes with 8 channel 4 scene ETA Stage Lighting System 1234 controller with ETA 1235 remote footswitch stage controller. Two Model 1250 600 watt dimmer packs, two tripod stands and light bars, 8 PAR 56 light cans with slides and gels, cables and chords Controller can be used by sound board with 50 ft snake to stage remote override. All channels can be individually dimmed. Controlller has both scene and channel chase features, fade to black. Channel and scene chase can be triggered remotely with an input from a sound board."

Korg opsix - Sequencer

video by Korg

"The 16-step polyphonic sequencer allows you to quickly capture ideas in either step or real-time, record motion, and instantaneously transpose playback using KEY TRIGGER mode. Write your Program into one of the 500 locations and the sequence will be saved along with it, capturing your ideas in an instant."

Electronisounds Audio [LIVESTREAM] miRack and Chill!

video by Electronisounds Audio

"Super chilled stream on making beautiful and random melodies with MiRack on iPad."

LMNC Building A RELAY Sequencer Part 2

Part 2 added to this post.

Hillwood Blue Comets 73 Analog Synthesizer

video by Moog Player

You can find additional posts featuring the Hillwood Blue Comets 73 here.

Sequential Pro 3 SE Multi-Filter Mono/Paraphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

EMS Synthi A + 2 Expansion Cards

via this auction

EMS Synthi A in excellent condition and handled with care. Full Service in 2019 by EMS Expert Constantin (Portabellabz).
+ SQ1 Sequencer
+ Sister Card
+ The following modifications

mode MK1
1 : osc1 sinus
2 : osc1 ramp
3 : osc2 square
4 : osc2 triangle

1. Shape
2. Range
3. Synchronisation
4. Compensation temperature
résistance tempco Tyco LT300014T261K0J on oscillators 1 & 2. More stable.

1. 18/24db
2. Slew/unslew
« attack » « decay »
Inverter pins
S&H / Random
Trapezoid Polarity

+ 2 essential cards:

SQ1 Sequencer

The SQ-1 Card adapts the great small Korg SQ-1 sequencer and adds easy plug and play CV/gate facilities to the Synthi.


Thick PCB for best stability and solidity

2 identical LFOs
Bipolar signal
Square output
Triangle output
Variable shape of both waveforms
Hi/lo range switch
Lowest frequency : +/- 25 seconds cycle
Highest frequency : +/- 90Hz
Frequency LED

Sample & hold
Clocked by either LFO (3 position switch 1 - off - 2)
Sample input via the meter column
Slew limiter with rate pot and lin/log response switch
Normal CV output
Slewed CV output
Clock LED

2 identical CV modulation busses
Individual level pot for each output of the LFO's and S&H
Left bus CV routed to input channel 1
Right bus CV routed to input channel 2
Mixed output CV inverter switch
Level LED

2 attenuverter pins
Scale and invert signal

Gate output
Fires the Synthi's envelope generator by either LFO (3 position switch 1 - off - 2)"

RSF Kobol Expander I & II x2

Expander I via this auction

All 3 via this auction

"Here is the Rare opportunity to get 3 RSF Kobol Expander in Perfect condition.

*Professionally SERVICED in FULL Working order*

-2x Expander I
-1x Expander II
+Flight Case"

E-MU Systems XK-6 Xtreme Keys SN 040200716

via this auction

Ensoniq ESQ1 w/ Pin Stripes

via this auction

Anyone see one like this before? Custom?

Ensoniq SQ80

via this auction

Cheetah MS6 Multi-Timbral Synth Module

via this auction

"320 ROM Sounds, 96 Non-volatile RAM sounds, 64 User programmable performance memories, Dual DCO per voice, Six voice polyphonic, Velocity Sensitive, Aftertouch (pressure) sensitive, Dual ENV per voice, Six 24db/Octave VCFs Direct access patch change buttons, Fully programmable from the front panel, LED display, MIDI IN, OUT and THRU."

Sekiwa Synthesizer Study Synth Album

via this auction

List of gear on the back cover. Note all the typos.

ARP 2600 - ES
ARP 2800 ES Odessey
ARP-2701 (with Degital Sequencer)
ARP 1701 ES Pro Soloist
MOOG 55 System
Mini Moog
Yamaha CS-10
Yamaha CS-10
Yamaha CS080 Polyphonic Synthesizer
Korg 800DV

Synthesizer Model
ES-0111 Dual VCO + Digital Ring Modulator
ES-0211 VCLF
ES-0311 VCA
ES-0411 Dual Envelope Geuerator
ES-0511 Dual Ring Modulator + Level Shifter
ES-0611 Multimode Filter
ES-0621 4 Variable Filter Bank
ES-0711 Dual DC Mixer
ES-0811 Scale Oscillator Driver
ES-5111S Dual LFO System
ES-5121S Ascending + Exponential Geuarator
ES-5131S AGC + Variable limiter

Tape Recorder
TEAC 80.8 8Track(1/2") Tape Speed 38cm/p 1
TEAC A3340S 4Track(1/4") Tape Sp 38cm/p 1
TEAC A7400 2Track(1/4") Tape Sp 38cm/p 1
TEAC A2300S 4Track(1/4") Tape Sp 38cm/p 1
Ampex MM-1000 16Track(2")
Ampex AG440b 2Track

TEAC M-3 (8ch)

DIC EM-1000 Echo Machine
ES ESA-20 Phase Machine
ES ESA-30 Streo Flauger
ES ESd-10 Computer Sequencer
ES ESd-16 Digital Sequencer
ES ESd-101 DA + Interfase

Other Instrument
Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand
Yamaha SS-30
Solina String Ensewble
Clavinet D-6

Analogue Solutions Vostok Suitcase Modular w/ Japanese Brochure

via this auction


via this auction

RH Electronics Prophet 5 style - Quick better sound demo

video by RH Electronics

"Recorded direct to the digital recorder, a better sound demo of the synth on one voice. Drum loop just from youtube."

See the RH Electronics label below for more.

How to Use the Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps Synth Engines

video by ChrisLody

"I'm back with another Sonicware Liven 8bit Warps tutorial. This time it's all about how to use the 4 different synth engines. The first 3 are quite similar and have a lot in common, but the FM engine is a completely different animal. The chapters are as follows

0:00 Intro
0:37 Common Controls
3:02 Warp Engine
4:58 Attack Engine
6:13 Morph Engine
8:33 FM Engine"

sherman filterbank / volca fm

video by studio snippets

Minilogue XD x Valhalla SUPER MASSIVE

video by The Ocean Beneath

"Just wanted to revisit the Minilogue XD today so I got setup and dialled in this huge patch. Adding the SUPER MASSIVE plugin from Valhalla was game changing, this plugin sounds amazing I just can't believe it's absolutely FREE.

All recorded and edited using Ableton Live 11 and Hit Film Express."

Polaxis Testing some glitch sounds

video by Polaxis

Glitch looping fun

video by Polaxis

"Looping through some glitch sounds with a sequencer
Download link :"

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