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Monday, July 05, 2021

Modular / Eurorack Music - Star Sea

video upload by Jeanie

"Performance setup : Make Noise system + Korg SQ-1 + Wing Pinger + Strymon blueSky + Buchla Music Easel + Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano MIDI"

Also see Modular / Eurorack Music - Embark On The Future and the full playlist here for more.

E-mu Proteus MPS Plus Demos - RAM Bank 1

video upload by Python Blue

Bank 0 here. Additional Python Blue demos here.

"Finally decided to make another set of synthesizer demos. This one entails a recently acquired E-mu Proteus MPS Plus keyboard, best known as the synthesizer used in the music for Myst. To challenge myself, and to help inform others about the sound, I tried to perform as many of the unique presets as I could.

This second video of three covers the one RAM bank of presets, also based very loosely on the Proteus 1 soundset. For anyone worried about losing these sounds via reinitialization, it turns out that the MPS Plus has this bank copied verbatim into ROM bank 4, similar to the Proteus XR modules."


video upload by Freaky Tweaky

Sequential Prophet 6 & Source Audio Ventris

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Korg Nautilus - Quick Jam

video upload by Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Korg Nautilus BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Adam Berzowski from Kraft Music tries out some of the features on the Korg Nautilus Music Workstation

Korg Nautilus gives players the flexibility and power of Kronos' nine sound engines – with even more sounds – in a streamlined, high-quality performance synth. Pushing the boundaries of what a performance synth and workstation is capable of, Nautilus offers a novel approach to sounds, open sampling, audio recording, effects, and plenty of processing power. An intuitive workflow centered around a seven-inch touchscreen enables access to convenient arpeggiator and drum track functions, while smooth sound transitions eliminate dropouts when changing sounds. Nautilus is available with an 88-key RH3 weighted keyboard action, 73-key semi-weighted keyboard, or 61-key semi-weighted keyboard.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Korg Nautilus music workstation bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new workstation synthesizer, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Oberheim Matrix 12 Pads | Sample Kit | Loop Kit | by Tony Sway

video upload by Tony Sway

Spotted this one in the listing below. The video thumbnail might look familiar. Tony Sway was recently featured in a Sequential Artist profile with his Prophet-10 previously posted here.

"Purchase @ https://tonyswaymusic.infinity.airbit...

This Kit features a combination of 23 different sounds, that include, Melodic Chord Progressions and Custom Layered Sounds. All sounds were created on the Legendary Vintage Oberheim Matrix 12 Analog Synth! (13k Value) All melodies are in Wav Format, for the Highest Quality, no mp3 recycled sounds!!!

All sounds were played live by Tony Sway, to give the most authentic touch!

All melodies are designed, composed and customized by Tony Sway, using the fully Analog Oberheim Matrix 12 and various different Analog Effects Pedals to add Ambience!!!

All melodies are 100% royalty free except for any Major Placements or anything with over (1Million Streams) in such case, the publishing will be split evenly (50/50) (this includes, placements with Major Labels, Top Selling Artists, Radio,Performances,Commercials and Movies)

Each Melody is labeled with BPM for ease of Use
All Sounds are in 16 Bit/44.1kHz format

Oberheim Matrix 12 Pads | Sample Kit | Loop Kit - by Tony Sway is Compatible with all DAW Software & Drum Machines!"

via this auction

Sweeping the Harmonics 288r

video upload by Todd Barton

"Sending CV to the Time CV In to sweep the delays which end up sounding like harmonic sweeps to me . . . the experiments continue. Oh, and then some feedback distortion for fun."

Todd Barton 288r demos

Modal CRAFTsynth Monophonic Synthesizer (Version 1)

via this auction

"For a small format synth kit, the Modal CRAFT features some advanced features usually only found in much higher priced synths. The CRAFTsynth features 2 oscillators per voice, Sine, Tri, Saw, PWM, Noise and FM and an LFO with six destinations, including VCA amplitude, filter cutoff and PWM. Don't let the size of this synth fool you into thinking it sounds small, it certainly does not."

Kraftzwerg MFB semi modular analog synth

via this auction

"A very nice and rare semi modular mono synth, it's perfect to pair with an eurorack system.

Quick descriptions of the modules you can also use with eurorack:

-Dual LFO (reset inputs, without connection in the CVs the CV pot define the amount of mod to the rate effected by the other LFO, creates nice modulations)

-Triple VCO (CV and octave switch for all the 3 VCOs, single outputs of the 3 VCOs, mixer, ring modulator, sync, noise, attenuators for pulsewidht modulation of the first and second VCO, attenuators for pitch modulation for all 3 VCOs)

-24 dB VCF (Lowpass Moog style filter, 2 CV for frequency and one for resonance all with attenuators, with no cable in input1 the pot define the amount of feedback going back into the filter)

-VCA (3 inputs, 2 CV with attenuators, 2 outputs, 1 with attenuator)

-Dual ADSR (envelope with attack, hold, decay, sustain and release, you can change to linear response to one of the two envelopes with a switch)"

07 05 21 Fenix 2 - Phaser feedback

video upload by batchas

"Main sound: the Phaser is sequenced and used in feedback mode without external signal at the input.

I explain it here:"

07 05 21 Fenix 2 - The patch with Phaser feedback

batchas Fenix 2 demos

The Pro 3 Sound – VCOs, Wavetables, And 3 Filters

video upload by Sequential

"Julian (J3PO) Pollack begins a 3-part YouTube series covering the Pro 3."

Birth of the PULSAR (SOMA lab documentary)

video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"The documentary giving you a unique glimpse into the process of PULSAR-23 production, showing you the huge amount of work and attention to detail that gives birth to the machines you love!"

Novation Circuit Rhythm - Live looping at the piano -CALC-

video upload by -CALC-

"Away with the family on holiday and I found a brief moment to try an idea I had for the Circuit Rhythm - live looping a piano.
Using a Zoom H6 as a microphone into Circuit Rhythm (and recorder for the output of Rhythm)."

Novation Circuit Rhythm posts with -CALC-

The Ultimate Novation Circuit Rhythm Tutorial

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"An in-depth beginner and intermediate tutorial for making your first beat on the Novation Circuit Rhythm.

00:00 Intro + Setup
01:56 Playback Options
02:55 Editing Samples
03:39 Sample Flip
04:26 Tempo and Metronome
04:47 Recording and Step Sequencing
06:25 Patterns
09:13 Velocity
10:24 Gate
11:45 Sidechain
12:50 Sound FX
14:04 Microsteps
15:08 Automation
15:46 Mixer + Panning
16:34 Reverb + Delay
17:13 Grid FX
17:32 Scenes + Projects
18:58 Sample Chop
22:27 Probability
23:54 Mutate
24:39 More Pattern Settings
25:33 Outro

Get my $5 sample pack:
Get my $3.50 MicroFreak patch pack:"

Novation Circuit Tracks Editor / Controller - VST and Standalone Version

video upload by mller30161

"You can buy it on my Homepage:
Price: 6,90 € / $ 7,90

The "Circuit Tracks Editor" is a VST / Standalone - GUI for the Novation Groovebox "Circuit Tracks".
It is perfect to integrate the Circuit Tracks into your DAW.
- You can control and mixing the Sessions, change and create new sounds "on the fly".- It provides a simple access to all important parameters.
- The Plug-In allows you to set the hardware easily and automated the controller movement from the DAW, they can be stored in your Project.
- With the X-Y-Pad any controller can be selected and controlled.
- You can select the sound off the "Synth 1 + Synth 2 and Drum 1-4".
- The parameter can be changed on the "Circuit Tracks Editor", and stored on Circuit Tracks Hardware.
It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, Standalone and AU and MAC M1 Compatible.
Price: 6,90€ / ¢ 7,90"

Novation Peak demo - Himalaya Soundset Part 2

video upload by Soundsauca

Part 1 here

"And so to Part 2 of the Himalaya project by Michael/Soundsauca. This half features more EPs, basses and leads, but also follows on with some more signature Soundsauca pads and atmospheres. 128 patches officially, and another 28 outtakes and revisions. (156)

The sounds are always made first with a great deal of care, everything else is secondary. More info is available on my website:

Sorry it's so long but I did it for a few reasons:
– I like to tell a story through sounds that touch me visually. I considered timestamps but I wasn't sure it would work with that intention.
– There's no ambiguity about what they all sound like.

I offer the sounds at a reasonable price IMHO as this takes serious time. But more than that, it's my own sensory documentation of my time with a particular synth. My playing skills aren't the best (nor are my hotchpotch videos) – there's fantastic videos elsewhere from virtuoso performers and great influencers. Shamefully I'm not up to speed with every genre under the sun (I stopped being cool when my kids were born!) I know what I like though, if others do, that's a bonus. Taken as a whole I hope it all stacks up.

Recorded at 48khz, -6dB (Peak Setting) into Logic Pro-X via an RME UFX. Peak volume knob at 12 O'clock. Fades are used to transition between sounds, but the sounds are pure Peak. No compressors, limiters, EQ or other secret sauce were harmed in the making of this demo;)

I assume that these will also be compatible with a Novation Summit, but I have no access to one so I cannot confirm."

Meska - Nuit étoilée [Epicurythme]

video upload by Statik Wave

Available on BandCamp:

video upload by Meska

"Live version of Nuit étoilée - Epicurythme EP
Elektron MD OTO BAM & BOUM and a noisy sptinter 61B"

Kawai K1 II Synthesizer - Part 3 - Editing & Waveforms

video upload by Runningonair

Runningonair Kawai K1 II Synthesizer posts

"In this video I take a look at basic editing and run through the waveforms.

Also, the video title track is created using just sounds from the K1 II (and a bit of production), giving you some idea of what can be achieved with this synth alone.

If you'd like to support the channel, you can check out my tracks below:



Quick Overview of the ADDAC 112 Looper / Granular Processor

video upload by Omri Cohen

"This is a quick overview of some of the features and basic workflow of the new looper and granular processor module from ADDAC. The firmware I'm using in this video is an early one, and there are already some updates planned so there might be some changes to how the controls look on the screen.

00:00 - Introduction
00:22 - Looper
08:04 - Granular Processor"

Omri Links:

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Solton TS3K (1988) Italo Disco Machine Synthesizer!

via this auction

This appears to be the first one to be featured on the site.

"Rare Solton TS3K with PCM drums and some analog sections like bass especially designed for real-time arranger performance. Made in Italy in 1988! It’s the brother of the Solton Programmer 24!

Fingered playing with styles and auto-accompaniment but also recording with quantizes from 4 to 96 resolution and variable time signature. There are several preset functions for live play!


· Auto bass
· Custom arranger
· Patch change
· Manual drums (triggers with notes)
· Odd bass 16/8 feet
· Tempo change
· Memory save
· Custom variation
· Intro fill in-end


· BASS: features 16 different presets e.g slap, picked, sixties, fingered.

· CHORD 1: there are 32 patches e.g strings, EP, grand piano, fiddle, organ, choir, brass, pads... You can filter it with CHORD BRILLANCE function.

· CHORD 2: another wave of 32 patches: marimba, piano, funky, mellow, clarinet, flute, harmonica, guitar, bell.

You can mix sounds between bass, chord 1 and chord 2 to create incredible new sounds!

· RHYTHMS: 48 wonderful programmable presets from disco to rap, etc.

Rare 1980’s Dr. Böhm Digital Drums M. Drum Machine + pedal & additional eProm!

via this auction

"The machine was built in Germany in the early 80s and is in very good condition.

CONDITION: It’s fully working. Cosmetically the two plastic removable covers have been re-glued by the previous owner because they were cracked (check all photos).

It includes also a beautiful foot pedal to control: fill / auto-stop / break / solo / etc.

It also includes a second sound eproms (untested!) with some more sounds!

There are 40 rhythm stored as samples in 2 different eProms.

· The first eprom includes the following 20 presets:


· The second eprom (untested!) includes the following 20 presets:


There are also 3 variations of each rhythm (except for those in the bracket standing rhythms, since these are already a variation), a break, a solo and a fill in. So that makes a total of 60 rhythms, 60 breaks 60 fill ins and 20 solos.

An Auto Fill feature adds after the 4th, 8th or one random beat a fill in one.

The tempo is set with a "+" and a "-" button and changes back to an optimized pace when a new rhythm is selected. Do you want this avoided, you have to press the "Hold" Button before changing the Rhythm

For adjusting the volume, there is the silver colored pot button.

The sound is punchy and reminiscent of a Linn drum from the 80s!"

Rare Elgam R12 (Italy, 1970s) Vintage Analog Drum Machine

via this auction

This appears to be the first one to be featured on the site.

"This gorgeous analog rhythm box - made in Italy in 1970s - is one of the best electronic drum machine produced by Elgam, the italian brand that also invented the legendary Elgam Carousel in the same years!

Elgam was the Italian brand that produced many legendary instruments, including the Elgam Carousel. Based in Marche, Italy, in the same area where Elka, Eko, Farfisa, Crumar, Jen, Siel, Solton, CRB, etc. were born.

It’s born in 1970s! The item is fully working and in good cosmetical conditions for its age: on the surface there are scratches here and there (please, check all the photos), but the drum machine sounds great and works perfectly!

It has a characteristic fat warm sound especially with a nice tape delay and reverb added. The tempo knob slows things right down and you can get some unintential sounds out of this piece of kit. For example, you could use it running through distortion pedals to get some interesting riff style sounds!

· 12 drum style buttons

· 1 x “break” button (adds fill to each drum beat)

· 1 x start/stop button

· 1 x tempo knob

· 1 x volume knob

· 1 x power on/off button

It's mains powered and on the back it has:

· 1 x removable fuse

· 1 x large jack out

· 1 x pedal out (pedal not included)

Farfisa Soundmaker Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction

"VERY rare vintage analog synth. Sounds awesome but also has a couple of issues! There are a few cracks and cosmetic things and also the Polyphonic synth section doesn't work, although the polyphonic strings section DOES work. The monophonic section also works fine. I've uploaded a video to YouTube (link below) showing what I mean and some of its other functions that do work fully. These very rarely come up and when they do they're expensive. Check the video out and you'll hear some of the great sounds it makes. It weighs nearly 30kg..."

Vermona Formation 1 - Vintage Rare Analog Organ

video upload by Jaroslav Čížek

"Hammond organ of the East"

via this auction

"Vermona Formation 1 is a rare vintage analogue organ with built-in spring reverb.
Made in 1984s in Germany (GDR).
The price includes an the instrument, original suitcase, original stand, and an original manual.

My particular unit is in a truly mint condition, honestly the instrument looks stunning, as you can you on the photos. It is also in full working order - I personally did the maintenance check recently.

• All the buttons, faders, keys are working perfectly
• Spring reverb works and sounds beautiful
• All te functions are in 100% working order.
• The chassis is clean and not broken.
• Output signal is loud and clear. It is not distorted, noisy nor crackly.

Despite the fact that this is an almost 40 years old instrument it shows close to none traces of usage. The suitcase, stand, and manual all have some traces of usage, most of them perfectly visible on the pictures, but still it they are in really nice condition and work perfectly well."

Siel Cruise w/ Custom Wood Side Panels

via this auction

Roland SH-2000 37-Key Synthesizer w/ Music Stand

via this auction

, also on Reverb

Roland System-500 Complete Modular System

via this auction


video upload by Malekko HeavyIndustry

"These are simple, one minute clips of saved presets as examples of the power of the Manther. Recall preset, press play, then make adjustments for fun!"

E-MU Ultra Sampler - Tutorial #2

video upload by St0neOfficialChannel

"All presets I made on E-MU E4XT Ultra. E4XT sequenced from DAW (midi edition and midi automation). After the recording was used lightweight compression. Please use 360p or higher for better sound quality.

If you want to buy an Emu Bank (E4B file) containing this preset plus one additional preset (E-MU Ultra Sampler - Demo #4 - Example #2) write to me:

St0neOfficialChannel posts

Sonic Potions x Erica Synths LXR-02 Drum Synthesizer Demo & Overview

video upload by Erica Synths

"The LXR-02 is a full-fledged digital drum machine with an integrated sequencer. Its sound engine provides 6 different instruments, each with over 30 parameters to tweak, producing sounds from classic analogue emulations to crunchy digital mayhem.

00:02 - Jam 1
02:18 - Jam 2
03:46 - Jam 3
05:18 - Jam 4
06:53 - Jam 5
08:30 - Jam 6
10:05 - Jam 7
11:43 - Jam 8
13:26 - Jam 9

Kits by Hrtl ( & Julian Schmidt (
Demo by KODEK ("

The LXR-02 Digital Drum Synth Machine

video upload by Red Means Recording


130 BPM on the Erica Synths LXR-02 (and Octatrack!)

video upload by Red Means Recording

Additional posts

Teenage Engineering OP-Z, Landscape FM Stereo Field and Strymon BigSky

video upload by Luca Longobardi

"Étude n.331

(better with headphones on)"

07 03 21 Fenix 2 - Formant filter & Pulse to phaser

video upload by batchas

07 03 21 Fenix 2 - Pulse to phaser
video upload by batchas

Additional posts here.

Soviet MANUAL Synthesizer Demo

video upload by Сема Апрелевка

Ryhthm section comes in at 1:54. You can find one more demo posted here.

Patch n Tweak
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