MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, July 10, 2021

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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Vermona Perfourmer MKII | nowhere night

video upload by patchesinblue

MYSTIC FREQUENCIES - First test run - ROLAND JUPITER 8 with JL Cooper & Emulator mods!

video upload by Mystic Frequencies

"1st test run of our newly acquired Jupiter 8!
This one has the JL Cooper mods and Emulator mods (although I don't know what the Emulator mods do, I have no Emulator lol).
Rebuilt power supply, new slider dust shields, Rebrushed end panels!
Still need to clean the pots and sliders, and do a few otehr things."

orpho voodoo drum machine | Eurorack modular tube drum machine with dynamic 8 step sequencers...

video upload by HOX808

'Die Voodoo Drum Machine befindet sich in der Forschungsphase mit 4 Modulen aus der Voodoo Drum Serie und 4 dynamischen Trigger-Sequenzern die in einem diskreten Mixer zusammengemischt werden. Möglicherweise wird es eine limitierte Auflage geben..."

On This Day Today...

via @moogmusicinc

"#OnThisDay in 1970, the Moog Synthesizer Model I-CA was shipped to Keith Emerson."

Acidlab AUTOBOT 303 Sequencer

via this auction

"303 style sequencer for M303 or similar acid modules!"

Behringer Odyssey - "Cassiopeia Vol 2" 35 Patches

video upload by LFOstore

"LFO.Store team presents, "Cassiopeia Vol.2" for Behringer Odyssey.


By many asks we are continuing series of sounds for Behringer synthesizers.

This soundset separated on categories:

BASS (7)
ARP (10)
LEADS (10)

Suited for all modern genres of electronic music: retrowave, drum’n’bass, techno, ambient, trap, trance, house, classic electronica, downtempo.

We are thankful to Behringer companies for opportunity to touch great analog sound for such a reasonable price.

No more jokes - Behringer synths are taking its place in music production.

We put all our effort & inspiration to make this patches suited for many genres & styles of electronic music.

What in the pack:

High quality pictures of every single patch ready for print with all the 35 patches.

Easy navigation, fast patching & great looking.
Single pages of each patch & hi quality audio demo (wet/dry version) for comparing & re-creation.

Super MIDI Pak turns you SNES into a MIDI synthesizer!

video upload by Super MIDI Pak

"Inside your SNES is a MIDI synthesizer waiting to be set free... With Super MIDI Pak the wait is now over. Available for pre-order now at"


Compatible with Super Famicom, NTSC/PAL Super Nintendo, and Super NT
16 polyphonic channels with independent settings
Standard MIDI sustain, sostenuto, legato switch, portamento (glide), pitch bend, vibrato, pan, volume
MIDI mono mode (mode 4) with legato operation
All SPC700 DSP registers are directly writable via CC messages, including echo registers
USB Micro-B and 3.5" TRS Type A MIDI interfaces, cables not included
USB interface is galvanically isolated to prevent ground loop noise
Save / restore device state
Play existing SPC files
Companion web application can convert samples from WAV and SPC files and upload them to the synth
Firmware upgradable"

Oberheim Two Voice Pro Special Edition unboxing and exploration with Julian "J3PO" Pollack

video upload by J3PO

"In this video, we unbox and explore the new 2021 special edition reissue of the famed Oberheim Two Voice Pro. You can count on two hands how many of these Two Voice Pro Special Editions have been manufactured by the master and legend, Tom Oberheim. I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have one of these gorgeous synthesizers.

Tom Oberheim's favorite synth from the original Oberheim era is the Two Voice (1975). Although the last TVS-Pro was manufactured in 2018, interest in this synth has continued. By popular demand, in May of 2021 Tom brought back the TVS-Pro as a Special Edition, with each unit now having the original 'Oberheim' logo badge, plus Tom Oberheim's personal signature. Despite there being no formal announcement, hundreds of musicians inquired on this website as to how they could purchase one. The demand was much higher than the small number of units that Tom was able to build. In just one day all the built units were spoken for, which unfortunately left many people disappointed. Tom is exploring if more parts can be secured and production started again, but it is not yet known if that will be possible.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Unboxing
01:36 Sound Examples
04:28 Voice Panning
06:48 Various Sounds
12:40 Sequencer
14:28 Conclusion
15:13 End Credits

For further information, please visit"


video upload by zack dagoba

"The original Syn...

Digital Keyboards Synergy, recently fixed-up and serviced by Dani at Hideaway, who is THE synergy fixerupper (he used to muck about at Bell Labs as a kid because his dad worked there. This synth was developed there by Hal Alles and crew in the 1970s)

I'm really going to enjoy getting to know this beast

I had to find a Kaypro computer and some other bits and bobs to get this system complete. Its been a long and difficult road, but got there in the end. Thank-you Dani!"

Sequential PRO3 Firmware Version 1.2.0 Update User Demo

video upload by TJontheRoad

"Here's a quick demo of the just released v1.2.0 firmware for the Sequential PRO3 synthesizer. It introduces preset morphing as a new feature to an already awesome synth.

Note, there is no paid promotion in this video.

You can get the update on the Sequential forum here;"

Pro3 H9 Spacetime

video upload by 3rdStoreyChemist

Novation Circuit Tracks: ‘Wander’ Ambient Track Featuring Custom Presets/Samples and Korg Volca FM

video upload by SoundGhost

"All the Circuit Tracks sounds in this track are from my Circuit Tracks pack, Waves:

Thought I'd make a new one, so here it is. Korg Volca FM is being controlled by Circuit Tracks and is being processed with Circuit Tracks reverb and delay. No other sound sources or any post-processing. All Circuit Tracks sounds ar custom patches and samples. Hope you enjoy it!"

Dreadbox Revisited

video upload by ProckGnosis

Update: New Nymph sighting at 6:08. Screenshot captured here.

"Was able to drop by and visit the new Dreadbox office and workshop on a recent trip down to Greece. Pay attention because Yiannis drops some subtle hints about products in the pipeline. And yes, some of them might not be monosynths.

Video timeline:
00:23 - Introduction (beer and band babble)
03:38 - Touring the new offices
13:19 - Touring the new workshop

Minus the drums, 96% of the sounds in the music in this video is the Dreadbox Nyx v2.

The last visit to Dreadbox was in 2018, and here's the link to that video:" [posted here]

GEM WK2 (1990) Vintage Expander Synth & Polyphonic Rhythm Module & Sequencer

via this auction

"The GEM WK2 is a polyphonic rhythm module and sequencer really cool. A brilliant piece of equipment also for vintage drum machine sounds. A glance at the control panel is enough to tell you that the GEM WK2 is an instrument alone in it's class: the clear and simple panel layout consisting of direct access buttons and controls, the large backlit coloured display which keeps you in control, the modern, captivating look are just a few of the ingredients that make the WK2 a singularly unique instrument.


· Polyphony: 32 notes max

· Sounds: 444 PCM sounds, 17 drum kits

· Performances: 63 real-time editable

· Effects: 22 riverbs + 22 effects

· Modes: 3 real-time sections (Lower, Upper1, Upper2); Single, Split (progr.), Layer

· Controls: Volume, transpose, tuning, metronome, dial, +/- buttons, keypad song - style/sound, 16 direct style/sound memory

· Display: LCD multifunction, coloured and backlit

· Styles: 96 styles x 4 variations, 5 tracks (drums, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3), 8 user styles

· Styles controls: Start/stop, intro, ending, 3 fill buttons (tap tempo), key start/continue, fade in/out, var. 1-2-3-4, arrange on/off, arrange memory, lower memory, bass to lowest, style/tempo lock, chord lock

· Harmony: 8 types

· Single Touch Play: 10 per style

· Sequencer: 7 song style, 8 tracks: upper1/upper2/lower/5 tracks styles, 7 user songs, 16 tracks player

· Compatibility: Standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1+lyrics), GMX, WK2, WK3, PK7, CD, RASS

· Connections: Stereo outputs, damper, pedal, pedale volume, computer host (PC1, PC2, Mac), MIDI in/out/thru, audio interface, video out (RGB / S-VHS), 2 headphones

· Dimensions (W x H x D): 270 x 95 x 250 mm / 10,6" x 3,7" x 9,8"

· Weight: 3,5 kg / 7,7 lbs"

Tweaking: Roland JU-06A Pads (NO TALKING)

video upload by SYNTHWAY

"Just tweaking a few different pad sounds with the JU-06A internal synth engine on the fly, with quick and interesting results."

Patch n Tweak
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