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Monday, August 23, 2021

Model:Cycles Workflow, Analog Heat As A Master Effect, Using your Octatrack and Modular

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I am starting to write a new track using the Model:Cycles, 7U of modular, and the Octatrack MK2 - along with the Analog Heat as my end of chain master effect.


If you want more and feel inspired to support me, please visit my Patreon page:"

Zebra Synth 5U Custom Waveshaper Module #shorts

video upload by O.Z. Hall

" the Z151 Octave Morph module in 5U/MU/Dotcom format.
Let us know in the comments whether you think we should offer these for sale.
If so, would you prefer 5U/MU/Dotcom or Eurorack format ... or both?"

Zebra Synth on Reverb

Take 5

video upload by james terris

"Short demo of the patches I created for Sequential."

See here for the announcement post.

Synthsmoker: Generative 2-string Modular Drone Patch from the "Hypergolic" EP (Isolated Track)

video upload by thesrabbit

"Isolated track from 'Synthsmoker' from the 'Hypergolic' EP. You can stream and download the EP for free on bandcamp:

'Synthsmoker' begins with a drone that's inspired by the Soma Labs Dvina, which is a 2-stringed, bowed instrument. I don't have a Dvina, but if and when I get one, I'm sure it will take years of practice to make good sounds with it. Until then, I thought I would find ways to make interesting 2-string bowed sounds. This isn't an emulation of the sound itself, but rather an emulation of the feeling, if that makes sense.

I apologize for the shaky video. This footage is from a patch diary that I made for myself, in case I ever want to re-create it. I never intended to share the video, but I think the patch is cool and interesting, so here it is. Just close your eyes if you'd rather listen to the track in peace and without distraction.

The patch consists of 2 parts: a continuously droning E flat, and a melody over the top. Imagine the drone sound as the low string, left open. The melody is then played on the high string.

The drone is made up of two oscillators, the Erica Synths Fusion VCO2, and the Synthesis Technologies e352 morphing wavetable oscillator. There is some FM applied to VCO2 as well as a little tube overdrive, sub-oscillator, and detune (which is like chorus). On the e352, all three axes (X, Y, Z) are being modulated by the same LFO, but with varying amounts of mod depth for each. The resulting sound is vaguely similar to something you might hear in "The Matrix". Each oscillator runs through a different filter. VCO2 runs through the G-Storm Electro XaVCF (OB-Xa clone), and the e352 runs through the Doepfer SEM. An LFO opens the XaVCF while closing the SEM, and then the reverse happens. This is easy to achieve as the SEM has an inverted input, so as voltage is high, the cutoff decreases, but when voltage is low it increases. This provides some additional movement/animation for that droning note.

The melody is just a single sawtooth output of a Roland System-500 512 VCO. Varying degrees of vibrato are applied via a modulated LFO. The melody is generated by random voltage being quantized to a particular scale by the Ladik Q-010. It's fed by the System-500 555 Sample and Hold circuit. The output of the quantizer is slewed by the 555's lag processor before being fed to the oscillator. The amount of slew is also being modulated by another LFO. Depending on the timing of all these variables, the result is either quite beautiful and musical, or sometimes it's a bit off or 'pitchy'. That's what makes it great, IMO. It has life to it. The output of the 512 then runs through the System-500 521 LPF, a personal favorite filter of mine.

There is a little analog delay and spring reverb on the melody, but most of the effects you hear are from the Audiothingies Dr. A desktop reverb and delay unit. I use it on pretty much everything.

I guess this is the only thing I've recorded with my modular setup that you could call a 'generative' patch. If I turn off the rig and turn it back on an hour later, it will continue to play by itself in the same manner as before. Tough it'll probably be out of tune. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it."

SoundsDivine 'Fantastic Flaws - Echo' - Unfiltered Audio Lion

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Fantastic Flaws - Echo' soundset for Unfiltered Audio's Lion"

Generative Patch from Scratch with the Befaco Rampage in VCV Rack

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Here is the final patch -

00:00 - Introduction
01:05 - Setting up 1st function
03:21 - First voice with Basal
06:26 - Setting up 2nd function
07:16 - Bass with Saich
12:32 - FMOP
17:30 - Chords with Plaits
21:57 - Simpliciter
24:49 - Texture with noise
26:32 - Burst of notes with the Ts-L"

Omri's Links:
"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Sequential Introduces Take 5® Compact, Five-Voice Poly Synth

video upload by Sequential

And a demo by INHALT:

Sequential Take 5 INHALT Sound Design Demo

video upload by

"I had the great pleasure of working on yet another Sequential modern masterpiece, the Take 5. This is a long recording of the patches I made for the Factory Bank of sounds that ship with the synth. I think the Take 5 captures the essence of a rev 2 Prophet 5 with its SSM/SSI oscillators, filters and vca but it transposes it into the future with the sophisticated FX engine and mod matrix! What's on offer is a lovely and timeless sound with many of the modern trimmings musicians will need today. Its' compact form factor also makes it possible to easily get this first class sound in a package that's easy to gig and travel with. Please note all of the recordings are from a pre-production unit running a pre-release firmware. No additional FX or processing were added to this recording, everything you hear came straight off the Take 5."

Follow-up to this post.

via Seqeuntial

New Instrument Puts Powerful, Affordable VCO/VCF-based Synthesis Within Easy Reach of Newcomers and Pros Alike

San Francisco, CA—August 23, 2021—Sequential today introduced the Take 5®, an all-new, compact and portable five-voice VCO/VCF-based poly synth designed with both synth newcomers and space-conscious pros in mind.

A full-featured subtractive synthesizer, the Take 5 sports two VCOs and a sub oscillator per voice, a classic 4-pole, resonant analog filter from the Prophet-5 Rev 4 design, 44 full-size keys, and a premium Fatar keybed. Its clever key-split feature gives players access to a wider playable range than many other compact synths by enabling players to divide the 3.5 octave keyboard into two separate performance zones. Dual Digital effects and a dedicated overdrive, continuously variable wave shaping, and front-panel access to analog FM ensure the Take 5 can cover a wide range of sonic territory, from vintage to modern.

“The Take 5 puts the classic Sequential sound and legacy into the hands of people who may not have been able to experience it before,” said Dave Smith, Sequential founder and lead product designer. “Packing this much performance power into such a small footprint was the kind of challenge we love. Throughout development we were amazed by how huge this synth sounds and how crazy versatile it is. It was a joy to work on and I’m looking forward to hearing what our customers create with it.”

This versatility comes from the Take 5’s sound engine. Two voltage-controlled oscillators provide traditional sine, saw, and pulse waves with waveshaping, while simple analog FM adds harmonically complex, bell-like FM timbres at need. The Prophet-5-lineage 4-pole analog filter shapes the sound of the oscillators and sub oscillator in classic fashion while a Drive control provides additional punch. For still more warmth, a Vintage knob adds micro variations to oscillator, filter, and envelope behavior from voice to voice.

The Take 5 feature set is rounded out with two LFOs (1 global, and 1 per-voice LFO), ADSR+delay envelopes, dual digital effects (a dedicated reverb and a suite of time-delay and other effects) a separate additional overdrive effect, and extensive modulation possibilities. A 64-step polyphonic sequencer and multimode arpeggiator complete the picture.

Sequential CEO David Gibbons summed up the Take 5 this way: “For players that have wanted to get into analog poly synths but have been put off by price or complexity, the Take 5 is the perfect gateway to subtractive synthesis and the creative power of Sequential’s best synths. It is pure Sequential sound and quality at a price that’s within reach of almost anyone. Portability is also a huge plus — you can transport it from studio to stage without breaking a sweat or leaving any features or playability behind.”

The Take 5 is available now at a US MAP of $1,299.

Hi-res pics (click them for the full size shots):

Modular Synth: Ocean Simulator Patch

video upload by poorness studios

"I created a patch that sounded like the ocean and then I decided to play ukulele along with it. It sounded so cool, I had to share it with all of you. Here's an odd little duet between soprano uke and modular synthesizer.

Patch notes: pink noise is multed and sent to two VCAs. The VCAs are each controlled by a slow AR envelope. The first envelope is looping and the second envelope is triggered by the EOA from the first. To add further randomness, the release of the first envelope and attack of the second envelope are being modulated by separate slow LFOs (heavily attenuated for subtlety). After the VCA, the signals go into Typhoon (in time stretch mode) to add a little space. The two VCAs are panned L and R (with slight bleedover) to give a solid stereo image."

UDO SUPER6 VS PROPHET5 // How close can you get?

video upload by Starsky Carr

0:00 intro
2:46 Oscillators
6:08 Super 6 FM Waveshapes
9:38 Mixer
10:25 Filter
15:35 Filter Modulation
18:05 Making Basic Tones
25:05 No Talking Demos

Elements Vol 1 - Patches 1 to 25 - u-he - Repro 5

video upload by GEOSynths

"I love u-he's Synths, they're some of the best Software Synthesizers out there. While I usually deal with Hardware, I have made patches for u-he DIVA and others, so I decided to make a 100 Patches for Repro 5.

It contains a wide range of Sounds from Pads & Strings, Bass & Lead, Poly & a few Famous Sounds. Many of them utilize the additional functionality in the Mod Matrix for more diverse sounds."

KAWAI K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer v 3.0 w/ New Display SN 599320

via this auction

MFB Synth Pro SN 20049 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Kilpatrick Audio PHENOL

via this auction

Bugbrand 2-Row System

via this auction

"Includes the following modules:
-Dual Envelope
-Compact VCO x3
-Dual Filter x2
-Dual Amplifier
-Quadrature VCO
-Dual Divide x2
-Diode Director
-Dual Mixing"

Elka Synthex SN 1034

via this auction

Elka Synthex
Pro serviced, with warranty.

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

via this auction

"This prophet VS has been fully serviced last month.
It is working perfectly.
The joystick has been replaced.
The keyboard contacts have been cleaned.
The PSU has been rebuilt.
The tact switches have been replaced."

Roland Jupiter 4 pro serviced, with original manual

via this auction

"Roland Jupiter 4, entirety serviced last month.
It is working perfectly.
It comes with the original manual.

All the potentiometers have been cleaned and lubricated.
The keyboard contacts have been cleaned.
The voice boards contact corrosion have been removed.
The trimmers have been replaced.
The output/input jack section has been cleaned.
The PSU has been rebuilt."

Synthesiser Club Chroma

video upload by zack dagoba

"Part four of the Synthesiser club, featuring the Rhodes (ARP) Chroma, and a friend"

Synthesiser Club posts

ARP 2500


video upload by Luca Longobardi

"By the sea"

Making House Music on the Model:Cycles

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"I show the making of a lofi house beat on the Elektron Model Cycles, with an emphasis on sound design.

Timestamps: 00:00 Intro
00:33 Kick
01:51 Clap
03:07 Hi hats
04:22 Bass
06:14 FX
07:17 Chords"

Roland System 8 vs Jupiter Xm: Review of vintage emulations

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A look at Roland's different technologies recreations of the classic Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and the SH101. The Jupiter Xm uses the Zen Core algorithms and the System 8 uses the same ACB as the Roland Cloud and the Boutiques (as far as I can gather!).

0:00 intro
1:53 Voices
3:58 Editors
5:40 Sequencers
6:58 Patch Storage
7:55 Synth Engines
12:56 Juno Pad
23:11 SH101 Bass
29:36 Jupiter X-Mod
33:42 Final Thoughts"

Starsky Carr Jupiter-Xm posts

Starsky Carr System 8 posts

Roland System-8 | Alpha-8 soundbank

video upload by

"Patches for the Roland System-8 Plug-Out synthesizer. To purchase, visit my website here:

See my review of the System-8:

All sounds and effects are from the System-8 internal synthesizer engine. No external effects were used.

0:00 A1: EP FM
0:28 A2: Alanon
1:10 A3: Juniper 8
1:43 A4: Garthum
2:28 A5: EP FM1

Patch n Tweak
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