MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, October 31, 2021

Sunday, October 31, 2021

The Carpenter - A Halloween Special // Korg Minilogue XD + Push 2 + Sequential PRO 3

video upload by Sounds of Synth

"Its HALLOWEEN night!

A scary (ish) halloween theme...I make no apology for the Carpenter (ish) references!! :D

I hope you all had a suitably scary halloween!"

Soma Labs Lyra 8 #4 improv | dark electronic ambient industrial soundscape | a short film nightmare

video upload by Nate Connelly

"Soma Laboratories Lyra 8 analogue synthesizer drone machine.

I created this soundscape and short film for Halloween 2021. A friend and I went for a walk around beacon fell to do some filming and sound recording a few weeks ago, but the weather was far too wet and windy to do either!

However, I managed to get a few shots of the spectacular foggy atmospheres on my Osmo action, and thought they would pair well with the otherworldy sounds of the Lyra 8... so here we are.

The samples are from some radio show about haunted woodlands I recorded late on night on my field recorder.

I hope you enjoy. Please like & subscribe for more videos.

soma labs, lyra 8, synthesizer, synth, ambient music, drone music, experimental, noise, distortion, big sky, lyra, drone, ambient, organic, organismic

℗ Nate Connelly"

Nucleus Autumn

video upload by Mike @ Artisan

4 channels of Nucleus
- Drums/Toms
- Ride
- Phased Bass
- Re-strike Strings

Dark heavy bass electro studiojam to celebrate Halloween and general unpleasant moments in life

video upload by Peter Maas

"Felt like doing something dark and aggressive.

Beats heavily processed TR606 and TR808
Bassline TX81Z and Oberheim SEM
Lead Modal Cobalt 8"

The French Dispatch // Simone, Naked, Cell Block-J Hobby Room

video upload by Amie Waters

"I have no idea if there is an audience for this, but I loved The French Dispatch and the moment I heard this track I knew I was going to cover it, even if no one watches it. I hope you like it."

Arturia Microfreak V4.0 // 400 PPG wavetables

video upload by Starsky Carr

"This is a quick demo of how to use the Arturia MIDI control centre to upload wavetables in .wav format to the synth. It's really simple, but I have done it for all 400! Patrons get free access to my Arturia formatted files.


**These aren't the factory wavetables** - they're copyrighted. These are from the Waveterm which was an additional unit to hook to your PPG to add user waves."

DUNE-Inspired Ambient Modular Patch (Moog Subharmonicon + Eurorack)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Just watched DUNE which was composed by Hans Zimmer and I felt inspired by it, so I made this ambient piece. Thanks for watching y'all!

- P.G.

For Patch Notes, and more exclusive content become my Patron here 🤙🏼:"

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Website 🖥:

Renaissance Music on Synthesizer

video upload by Elhardt

"This is old stuff I did back in 2004. All sounds synthesized and performed on the Synthesis Technology modular synthesizer. They are various short pieces from a book of German keyboard music, if I remember correctly. I'll be in the process of making Youtube videos of my older synth work over the next several months so that more people can hear them."

DJ Zap - Pure Tibet (RS 7000)

video upload by umusic6

Upgrading the DFAM

video upload by PanicGirlVids

"In this video I'll show you how I "upgraded" my DFAM from Moog with bigger knobs. Whenever I tuned the single steps on the DFAM it took me quite a while to get it right, so I decided to give the DFAM knob set from Thonk a try. You'll need a bit of patience to install them all properly, but it's doable in about 5-10 minutes all in all. And it does look pretty nice in the end, don't you think?

Music: Panic Girl Live at the Moog Circus Tent at Superbooth Berlin, 2021"

FM Editing Tutorial 2 - Feedback Pad - SONICWARE Liven XFM - Accessible Tutorial

video upload by ChrisLody

"This is part 2 of my XFM deep editing tutorials. This time we're looking at making a feedback pad which is something fairly unique to the XFM. The theory behind it is that each operator becomes a square and then they are all routed into each other to create a chaotic sound."

ChrisLody Liven XFM Tutorials

If You got it, haunt it!

video upload by Polyend

"So you say you like spooky stuff huh?

100% Polyend Tracker made!"

Dubreq Pianomate SN 421

via this auction

You can find a demo of one here.

"This is a Dubreq Pianomate analog synthesizer piano enhancer. Dubreq's Pianomate is a crazy box of tricks, designed to capture the tone of a piano creating an electronic & acoustic sound together like a hybrid synth. Two bars with sensors rest on the keyboard wired into the amp/speaker built into the Pianomate. The bars, treble/bass respond to piano playing, when the key is pressed the tonebar key drops down, creating the note. This results in a synth sound, that's warm but polyphonic. A 3-way rocker switch controls 'Balance' (bass, both, treble), another 3-way rocker selects 'Voice' (french accordion, organ, flute, jazz buzz). There are two volume knobs Pianomate & Mic. Another 3-way switch control vibrato. Between the two volume knobs is access to a small trim pot that allows fine tuning of vibrato speed. This Pianomate is in great condition."

Technosaurus Cyclodon - Analog Sequencer SN TCD-2038

via this auction

"Cool little analog sequencer from Switzerland. Comes with original manual and aftermarket power adapter."

Yamaha CS-10 SN 5239

via this auction

"Original vintage Yamaha CS-10 analog synthesizer in excellent playing shape! Freshly serviced, this one sounds amazing. Massive basses, wicked leads, and lots of bubbly, spacey, squishy fx. This thing is deeeep. 2 osc, + LFO, dual envelopes and multi mode filters, the best glide (portamento) implementation ever, and the ability to process external audio through the filter. OG Japanese non-export 100v version!"

Korg Mono/Poly MP4 SN 374946

via this auction

"Original vintage Korg mono/poly mp4 in freshly serviced, excellent playing condition. OG Non-export Japanese 100v model, considered by some handsome and talented geniuses to be one of the greatest synthesizers of all time. Yeah, yeah, you can do four voice polyphony, but in unison mode? Please. 4 VCO’s, 2 LFO’s, and all sorts of semi modular cross modulation. That’s two minimoogs, folks. But, you already know all that."

But it doesn't sound like a Minimoog.

Roland SH-09 32-Key Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Moog The Source Model 341A Monophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Posting for pics of the inside below.

"Has some sort of patchable modification done to the unit. Powers up but has no audio output. No additional items included. There is wear and tear all around on the unit. Side panel damaged wood. All keys are responsive and not broken."

How to faithfully record an SP1200, TR808, TR909 or MPC into a DAW

video upload by TONELAB

"There's a few ways you can integrate the 'old dogs' with 'new tricks'.. most believe Synchronization is the answer.. and in many scenarios 'sync' is a great option, but.. if the results aren't making you happy then this clip should give you another method of retaining the 'feel' of your vintage beat boxes and sequencers.


0:00 A brief history of timing
6:40 The 'Time-Tweak Technique'
11:48 The common types of Sync"

Midday Madness. 🤪

video upload by Space Cat Audio Technologies


Patch n Tweak
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