MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thursday, November 18, 2021

1977 Elektor Formant synthesizer demo

video upload by Simon Claessen

"First try after extensive restoration of this beast. Accompanied by the DDrum AT and a Beatstep pro for the triggers and modulaton.

I still have to tune all the oscillators but all the crackling potentiometers, jacks and non responsive keyboard is fixed now"

Elta Music Solar 50 Black Model w/ FX Carts

via this auction

You can find demos of the Solar 50 in previous posts here. LMNC demo in the listing posted here.

"This is a rare synthesizer from Russia, newly created by Elta Music. It's designed to create huge ambient textures with 50! oscillators. This listing includes a complete set of the hard-to-find fx cartridges, which are worth several hundred dollars on their own."

Anyware Instruments Tinysizer

via this auction

"Rare unit that sounds huge in the low end, super versatile, and has some truly special fx characteristics. Patching is so quick and an absolute joy. The entire time I’ve had it, I’ve taken it mobile and powered it with a portable charging brick.

Here are the specs:

42 Knobs, 350 Patch Connections,
4×2,4 cm size
3 Subs, the 3rd gets it’s signal from the 25% pulse of the second VCO.
CV controls resonance as well!
PW Waveform morph LFOs and VCOs
1x ENv. Follower + ENV
4x VCA
3x LFO
6 Audio
Sample & Hold
Noise white & pink
1x Hall DSP (Rev., Delay) Mono -> Stereo
2x Mix, Distortion, Inverter
1x Multimode Filter 12dB/Oct – Oberheim Style

Noting that the mount on the wall had some prior scratches on the back. Otherwise the unit is mint."

EMS Rehberg Logik Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"EMS Rehberg Logik Analog Synthesizer with Pin Matrix Patching (Made By EMS England)

This is a RARE synthesizer, only around 100 made back in the 1990s.
This one works great, every feature in working order."

Roland SH-3A monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

"Roland SH-3A monophonic synthesizer serviced & perfect working
CV/GATE INs installed on buyer's request"

Roland JX-8P - 32 new patches Vol.2 | for Synthpop/Italo/Synthwave

video upload by Espen Kraft

Espen Kraft JX-8P posts

"Roland JX-8P - 32 new original retro sounding patches for your own music.
My follow-up Vol.2 of my highly popular Vol.1 patch bank for the JX-8P.
Also included in the download is a custom PG-8X bank with the same patches.

You can purchase the patches here:

The original bank can be found here:

You can also contact me directly if you want, maybe to get a bundle of several packs, or whatever. My email address is in the 'about' section at the front of my channel.

Patch names:

MFW 1.3 (Ambient Techno Synth Jam Moog Subharmonicon, Matriarch, Sequential Pro 3, Prophet X, etc)

video upload by MKDVB

"Moog's Subharmonicon blew me away with how much variation could be wrung out of a basic sequence, especially in combination with cool FX. Even so, I couldn't help myself from adding more elements and before I knew it, a full-blown 'real' track had sprung up.

You can hear the original live version here: [below]

Moog Subharmonicon - original sequence, bass, synth pads
Elektron Monomachine - drums
Sequential Circuits Prophet X - piano lead
Moog Matriarch - synth lead
Sequential Circuits Pro 3 - arp
FX (live jam) - Cooper FX Generation Loss v2, Eventide Rose, Boss RV-500
FX (production) - Chase Bliss / Meris CXM 1978, UAFX Starlight, Astra, Golden"

Sequential Prophet 6 With Next Phaser Pedal

video upload by Techno Empire

"Running the Prophet 6 through a Next Phaser Pedal. This pedal pairs nicely with synths."

The First Famous Drum Machine!

video upload by Alex Ball

"The Roland CompuRhythm or CR-78 from 1978 is arguably the first famous drum machine. In this short video, I take a look at why that is.

Free sample pack:

Thanks to the owner of this CR-78 and thanks to Autoy for filling in the sounds I couldn't get due to it needing a visit to the synth doctor."


video upload by The Common Suspects

"reality is not what you see..."

"involved gear: Logic Pro, Isla Instruments S2400, Doepfer Modular, Moog Sub37, Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A, ASM Hydrasynth."

Reason rack extensions demo: Bundle 1: Cursus Vereor, Basimilus, Desmodus

video upload by Noise Engineering

"This is Noise Engineering's official demo video of the Bundle 1 rack extensions for Reason. These rack extensions are available for Mac and PC and can be used in Reason or while using the Reason plugin in another DAW.

Bundle 1 includes Cursus Vereor, Basimilus, and Desmodus: two synths and a tail-generating reverb effect. If you have our previous rack extensions, you'll get these new ones in your account and they will not replace the old versions.

0:34 Cursus Vereor
9:00 Basimulus
11:43 Desmodus

To get your copy of Bundle 1, go the Reason Shop and search for Noise Engineering:"

How to create a cymbal sound on an FM synthesizer (Reface DX sound design)

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's how to create a relatively realistic sounding #cymbal patch on an #FM #synthesizer (Reface DX).

Table of contents:
00:00 hello
00:33 why does a cymbal sound like it sounds?
01:43 listen to the waves your synth can create
02:15 choosing an algorithm
02:40 prime sound: operator levels
02:59 feedback
03:19 tuning
05:15 envelopes
06:22 velocity sensitivity
06:55 resonant frequencies: tuning
07:54 level
08:29 velocity sensitivity
08:50 envelopes
09:04 lfo stuff: pitch and amplitude modulation
09:57 effects (distortion and flanger)
10:33 bye-bye"


UDO SUPER 6 FIRMWARE UPDATE - V0.27 Adds New Highpass Filter, Pan Spread, & More

via UDO

Included in this update:

- MIDI CC/NRPN Send & Receive from all controls (besides some modal controls such as PATCH (1-8 & A-H), WAVE, SHIFT etc...)
- Dramatic increase in resolution & precision of knob and fader controls with dynamic smoothing
- Fully variable Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter
- Pan spread control in 12-voice mode
- Added Decay Hold phase to envelope generators ENV1 and ENV2

Plus many more features and bug fixes. Download the v0.27 release notes to read through the full list of changes.

A lot of hard work has gone into this update, we feel that it brings the Super 6 up towards the level that it should be at. There is a lot of untapped potential inside the Super 6 and we are now one (large) step closer to taking full advantage of it.

A DARK PLOT OF LAND - Catalogue Four - Entry 10 - Experimental Electronic Music

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"Experimental music from 'A DARK PLOT OF LAND' available at

Catalogue Four

Label: Outsider Sound Design
Catalogue Number: ADPOL-C4
Format: Digital Download

Modern experimental music from 'a dark plot of land'

Curated from original source material, this catalogue of music was arranged and completed in 2018. It explores altered states of consciousness through metaphoric sound association.
Removes context through highly abstract methods including: destructive processing, intuition, improvisation, structure, and chance synchronicity.

It is pivotal for the listener to understand that this work was created with serious, psychological intent. It is not a passive listen. Meaning is purposefully superimposed into the sound aesthetic. The listener is challenged to interpret into their own individual context.

Technical information. Equipment used.
Standard and microtonal custom midi guitars
Roland VG-99 guitar processor
Haken Continuum fingerboard
Kyma sound design environment
Eurorack format synthesizer
Assorted audio effects units
Various computer audio processing software

Original artwork available at"

Appropriate of Noting

video upload by nbor

"An indulgent moment where I organize chaotic sound, instead of finishing my work.
I've been rewiring my studio for better flexibility, and this means I need to check connections. When you check a connection for a Buchla Music Easel, it is inevitable that a fascinating sound will emerge. I suddenly loose focus on the task at hand and must capture what feels fascinating, adding other sounds and organizing the chaos around me.

The single camera needed something more fitting of the dark, exotic audio, so I spend some time creating something more sympathetic with the sounds under hand."

Analogue Solutions Red Square V1 SN 1500

via this auction

The Analogue Solutions Red Square is both a subtractive mono-synth and powerful effects processor in a 19-inch rack-mountable chassis. The quarter inch jacks mean it will integrate nicely into any studio set up. It has an amazing, raw and versatile sound. This Red Square is in excellent condition and fully functional. Includes power cord and original owner's manual."

Oberheim OB-Xa w/Encore Midi + Techsmechs TM-8 Keyboard

via this auction

Additional Analog U.S Listings

"This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been professionally serviced and with quite a bit of restoration. As the title says, it has Encore Midi plus the new Techsmechs TM-8 Keyboard. This keyboard is a huge improvement compared to the original. Please check the Encore Electronics website for the midi specifications."

Sequential Circuits Pro-One -Turbo CPU/Midi + TM-2 keyboard SN 2546

via this auction

Additional Analog U.S Listings

"As the title says, this one has the Turbo CPU Upgrade with Midi. It has a custom midi bezel on one of the wood sides so there is no irreversible damage and misaligned holes drilled into the metal housing. It also has the Techsmechs TM-2 keyboard replacement."

Waldorf miniWORKS 4pole Filter SN 96010438

via this auction

Limited Edition Limaflo Chicago Bass - 30 Units Made

via this auction

"Up for grabs is a Limaflo Chicago Bass. This unit is extremely rare and is #9 of 30. Fully analog, mil spec and NOS through hole components. Power supply included."

Moog Memorymoog Plus with DBM Firmware Upgrade SN 1438X

via this auction

"The synth has been upgraded with the DBM firmware which offers an actual MIDI-implementation with filter control and more. The Memorymoog Plus was originally intended to work with MIDI but in fact it didn't with it's stupid Omni mode. Making it virtually impossible to function with MIDI. It sounds absolutely fantastic (but you probably know that) and do rarely require the need of the autotune function. But just some 30 min. good old warm up"

Roland VP-330 MKI Vocoder Plus 49-Key Synthesizer

via this auction

"The 10-band paraphonic vocoder of course nails classic Kraftwerk robot speak sounds, but it's even more useful (imo) as a secret studio weapon for subtle, unique pads. If you're tired of that (beautiful, but somewhat boring) Juno 60 pad sound you hear on just about every track, the otherworldly vocal-inflected envelopes of the VP-330 can be a killer option to add to your bag of tricks. And yeah, of course the syrupy chorus string machine that's classic Blade Runner soundtrack era Vangelis is worth the price of admission on its own."

Nord Modular G1 w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

Roland JD-800 61-Key Programmable Synthesizer SN ZC31201

via this auction

Yamaha EX5R SN OK01001 w/ Original Manuals

via this auction

Korg EX-800 Programmable Polyphonic Synth w/ Original Box

via this auction


~Pre loaded sound data Cassette Tape

~Brand new 9V Power adapter

~Original Manual

~Alden Midi Cable

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Quantum w/ Original Box

via this auction

Future Retro Vectra Synthesizer Sound Demo Part 3

video upload by FutureRetroSynths

"All sounds you hear are from the Future Retro Vectra synthesizer. In this video we focus primarily on a few Bass, Guitar, and Sync type sounds.

The Vectra is capable of recreating some of the most recognizable sounds from some of the greatest synths of all time. Want to do wavetable synthesis like the Prophet VS and Microwave 1? How about some DX FM sounds? Or combine digital and analog waveforms like the D-50? And who remembers the SQ-80? But this goes farther than just digital synths, how about 303 stuff? Do you enjoy the rich fat tones of the Oberheim's with variable glide time per oscillators, and gorgeous filters? We do too! And British synth lovers, will enjoy the Synthi, Wasp, and Oscar inspirations. Want to dive into some modular weirdness, you got it! Or maybe you're just tired of the same old drum machines and ready for some new percussion. Whether you're a professional musician, sound designer for film, or hobbiest the Vectra offers something for everyone.

Some clips may include a touch of reverb/delay from the Eventide Eclipse."

Future Retro Vectra demos

Patch n Tweak
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