MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Here | Spectralis hybrid drums, Prophet 12, SH-101 Electronic

video upload by MIDERA

"Tested something today, as I contemplated getting the Jomox Alpha Base (and Octatrack and whatever else). I know the Spectralis can route drums through the analog filters, so I sent the drums through the 24db LP filter... and perhaps I drove it to hard, but I had fun anyway. This is the result of that.

Otherwise, I used the Prophet 12 and SH-101, with eventide Blackhole VST

#Spectralis #SH-101 #Prophet12"


video upload by verstaerker


[Eurorack] Working on a Dubby Techno Patch!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"No Talking. Just working on this dubby techno patch and letting it evolve.
Thanks for listening! :) :)"

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Tiptop Buchla Tip no 4

video upload by Todd Barton

"This is a mini-series on the basics of the new Buchla & Tiptop Audio modules. This episode begins a series of Tips & Tricks. I'm really enjoying these modules and Tiptop has enthusiastically embraced the Buchla paradigm. The oscillators are sounding great and squarely in the Buchla ballpark."

Todd Barton Tiptop Buchla Tips

Aries - Memory

video upload by Aries

Music by Aries
Video editing by Livio Conduttore
Thanks to Cottonbro and
Shalender Kumar

Taken from my 2021 Ep Pills vol.1
developed by Abf Recording
All rights reserved


BLEASS Omega Patching

video upload by boxoftextures

"The new BLEASS Omega synthesizer is a 4-operator FM synth that's pretty easy to program and kind of fun to use. And it's colorful! Which actually helps with the patching as each operator is color coded so you can keep them all straight. The synth has 16 algorithms, which gives you a good bit of flexibility. There's also a modulation page that has two LFOs and a spare envelope generator, a motion sequencer page, and a waveshaper and filter page, as well as an effects page. Somehow when new apps are released I always want to record my first efforts but I never seem to remember that when I'm busy unwrapping a new toy. So I missed the first patch, a nice chorus-y string-y pad. I got the next several patches though—lead, bass, and cheesy electric piano. As a bonus there's a crazy bleeping and blooping thing that happened when I clicked the randomize button, which can sometimes result in great fun.

So bottom line is I was pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it was to make usable and interesting patches with the BLEASS Omega synth. Everything's clearly laid out and even though there are things on different tabs it's all easy enough to get to without any menu diving needed. The video's about 20 minutes, with the three patch constructions being about 4 or 5 minutes each.

I recorded this demo on a Mac but note that the iPad app is identical and with a little work (via importing/exporting) you can share patches between them.


Edited in ScreenFlow Audio routing done in Rogue Amoeba Loopback

Twitter: Patreon:

00:00 Creating the Juicy Lead patch
07:02 Cheesy Electric Piano patch
12:47 FM Bass patch
19:28 Random Bloops patch LOL"

KORG Z1 12 Voice Analog & Physical Modeling Synthesizer SN 000538

via this auction

Sequential Take 5 - аналоговый синтезатор от Дейва Смита (обзор и демо)

video upload by MusicMagTV

"Sequential Take 5 - пятиголосный аналоговый синтезатор от легендарного американского инженера Дейва Смита (Dave Smith Instruments). В этом видео вас ждёт подробный обзор и демонстрация возможностей Sequential Take 5 от Дмитрия 2Dcube!

0:00 Вступление
1:07 общий обзор, примеры звучания
4:55 осцилляторы, FM
6:27 фильтр, овердрайв
8:03 огибающие, матрица модуляции
9:21 LFO
10:27 aftertouch, pitch и mod
11:35 арпеджиатор и секвенсор
12:49 эффекты
13:59 итоги"

Sequential OB-6 & Prophet REV-2 Signature Sounds by Dave Mackay

video upload by Dave Mackay

"Download the full pack of 50 sounds at

These patches make use of the new "vintage" mode and require an update to the latest operating system."

Prophet REV-2 Signature Sounds - Dave Mackay

video upload by Dave Mackay

"Download the full pack of 50 sounds at

The set includes 15 Pads, 15 Synths, 10 Basses, 5 Plucky Synths, 3 Leads and 2 FX Synths.

I designed this pack with producers in mind. Rather than showing off all the features of the REV 2’s modulation matrix and sequencer, I’ve intentionally focused on making pads that will glue together a production, plucky synth sounds for writing a chorus hook, and thick bass sounds to complement beat writing. I hope you find them useful in your work.

These patches will work on either 8-voice or 16-voice instruments."

Its the LEPLOOP!!!! A Deep dive with -CALC-

video upload by -CALC- - Note this video is from 2019.

Pics via this auction

Phasers We Love : Strymon Zelzah, Mu-Tron Phasor III, MXR Deep Phase (feat Dreadbox Nymphes)

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Join our pal Brian as he sets his phasers to funk and dives into three of our favorite far-out effects!

We grabbed three of our all-time-favorite phasers and gave them a side by side play through. Joining us also is the new polyphonic desktop synthesizer NYMPHES from Dreadbox!


Yann Tiersen - live @SUPERBOOTH21

video upload by Superbooth Berlin

"A melody says more than a thousand words – and the melodies coming from the fingers of Yann Tiersen even more so. He is a true virtuoso and master of his craft, who was also able to fascinate the audience at SUPERBOOTH21 with his energetic sound collages – a perfect end to the first day of the event.

Yann collaborates with the label Mute Records, on which he has been developing his experiments since 2010. His latest album Kerber was released just before SUPERBOOTH21 and shows how Yann uses piano sketches as a source of inspiration for electronic module synthesis. The combination of these two worlds makes the album a unique creative achievement, where the electronic instruments are overlaid and driven by the acoustic elements. With this album in mind and the fact that he has been a regular guest at SchneidersLaden for quite some time, Yann was the perfect musician for a concert at Superbooth.

The Yann Tiersen concert was presented by the Miller-Zillmer Foundation." Queen of Pentacles Review and Walkthrough

video upload by Red Means Recording

"The Queen of Pentacles is a cool 909-styled Eurorack drum module with samples, a great sounding filter and effects! Let's check it out, I'll let you know what I think.

This video is sponsored by Patchwerks, Seattle's synthesizer store.
Check them out here:"

Banging Rather Hard on the Queen of Pentacles

video upload by

00:00 hard downtempo
06:13 flabby dance
10:58 darker techno
16:00 dark breaks
19:51 ecstatic uptempo

Erica' Synths .EDU VCO - Building, tuning, playing

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Erica Synths and Moritz Klein have teamed up to offer an incredible full system, designed to teach you about electronics and circuit design for real!"

Happy Nerding FX Aid Reverb Lo Fi

video upload by Happy Nerding

"'Reverb Lo-Fi' inspired by the relative Ventris reverb type added to the available effects."

Positron Emission Triggers with (B)Arp2500

video upload by Giorgio Sancristoforo

"Or, how to use antimatter to control a modular synthesizer"

Patch Programming: Ratcheting with MATHS

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"A patch programming approach to a common modular conundrum.

Intro animation soundtrack by Null Phi Infinity!
Null Phi Infinity's Bandcamp:
Null Phi Infinity's podcast with weekly modular Patch from Scratch:"

Korg Opsix - "Cosmos" 50 Presets & Sequences

video upload by LFOstore

"'Cosmos' is the third soundset from the Korg Opsix series made by
Nick Chronos - creator of Cinematica, Ambika, Wavestate sounds


Firstly soundset was focused on cosmic & atmospheric sounds: strings, pads & drones.
But soon Nick discovered & developed long melodic sequences (using hacks with 16-step seqs)

This soundset dedicated to motion picture sounds, moving sequences,
atmospheres for your Original Sound Tracks and opens boundries for Korg OpSix as Soundtrack Synthesizer.

And soundset became much wider in categories of sounds:

Deep Drones & Cosmic Sounds
Beatiful & Silk Pads & Swells
Rich & Massive Strings
Organic Melodic Sequences
Drums & GrooveBoxes

Genres: Electronic, ambient, retro or cinematic, no limits, let your imagination run wild.

Soundset will load thorugh official OpSix Editor with single presets and overall library file.
You will need OS 2.0 for our sounds,

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.
Enjoy and may the music come with you!"

Cool Jam with some cool synths (Blue Marvin 2600, Subharmonicon, Eurorack Modular)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Echo Works #6: Evans MX-99 Mini Echo BBD + Akai Rhythm Wolf Analog Step Sequencer Drum Machine.

video upload by Ascetic Wires

"Here's a demo of the late 70's/early 80's Evans MX-99 Mini Echo BBD Delay (also known as the Melos MX99, Multivox MX99, Univox MX99 etc...) working with Akai Rhythm Wolf Analog Step Sequencer Drum Machine. Enjoy!

Recorded on a Q2n Zoom Handy Video Recorder (Video + Audio) with some software compression.

Ascetic Wires 193 YouTube Video"

Novation DrumStation V1 (808 & 909)

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 Sampling Keyboard SN DSK-13936-A

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The Mirage is a famous sampler with a fantastic gritty sound with tons of life to it, there are analog filters, keyboard split, and some other really powerful and unique features. Samples can be saved and loaded via floppy as well as recorded in through the 1/4" input. There is also an on board sequencer.

This DSK-1 is the last version they produced. This sale includes extra NEW blank floppies an Operating System OS boot disk V3.2 (3 disc set).

This keyboard is in great working condition and is fully tested."

Roland M-512G Memory Card w/ Original Box

via this auction

"This card has a fresh and long lasting cr2032 battery installed. Tested with a 1080, it can hold 128 patches for the JV 1080 and 2080.

If your manual calls for a M-256E card, this will work the same.

The rectangular end part will obviously stick out more than the M-256e, and it doesn't have the contact cover mechanism."

Roland JD-800 61-Key Programmable Synthesizer

via this auction

PPG Wave 2.2 + FD Keyboard + Original Stand

via this auction

"Here is the Rare opportunity to get a PPG Wave 2.2 with it FD Keyboard and it Original Stand in Excellent condition.

*Professionally SERVICED in FULL Working order*

-Midi Fitted
-latest software update ( System V8.3 )
-FD Keyboard
-Original Stand
-You can see the Stand and the FD Keyboard on the last picture.

I will have a Wavetherm A in excellent condition soon (currently being serviced)
This Wavetherm will be a priority for the buyer of this bundle. 3500€ for the buyer of this ad and 5500€ for a sale with the Wavetherm alone."

Waldorf Micro Q SN 1310050004903

via this auction

Access Virus TI2 Desktop Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

Casio SK-8 Sampling Keyboard w/ Extras

via this auction

Instruction manual
Film Classics ROM and book
Golden Hits ROM and book
Home Melodies ROM (No Book)
AC Adapter

Fusion Vol 1 - Performances 1 to 25 - Nord Wave 2

video upload by GEOSynths

GEOSynths Nord Wave 2 posts

"Here you can hear the first 25 Performances (of 50) I have made with the Nord Wave 2. Most of the Performances are made up from 3 or 4 Layers and use a combination of VA, FM, Wavetables and Samples. There are some Custom Samples used which I have sampled from the Moog Matriarch, Behringer Cat, VC340, Leipzig S and Moog Sirin for every note.

Al Patches have Wheel, Aftertouch and Pedal assigned. All 50 Performances will be available soon for purchase at

00:00 - 1. Atlantis GEO
01:56 - 2. Prophets GEO
03:02 - 3. Swept Away GEO
03:52 - 4. Realm GEO
05:37 - 5. Ascension GEO
07:27 - 6. Melodica GEO
08:46 - 7. Lifeline GEO
10:08 - 8. Solid Lead GEO
11:01 - 9. Moments GEO
13:14 - 10. Mr Fingers GEO
14:37 - 11. Adagio GEO
16:09 - 12. Down Sync GEO
17:11 - 13. His Return GEO
19:15 - 14. Pocket 5th GEO
20:17 - 15. Thors Twins GEO
21:44 - 16. Delta Run GEO
24:01 - 17. Hyperion GEO
25:26 - 18. Twilight GEO
27:46 - 19. 1980 GEO
28:53 - 20. Solina GEO
31:02 - 21. Split 2nd GEO
32:15 - 22. All FM GEO
33:02 - 23. M1 House GEO
34:11 - 24. Superman GEO
35:06 - 25. Synth Waver GEO"

Patch n Tweak
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