MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Exploring sound design with Elektron Analog 4

video upload by DATABROTH

"check out my wavetables, presets and samples on gumroad

Breaking out the Analog 4, been some time since I've used this thing, it's such a blast to jam on.
a little nerve racking doing it live, but for the most part things seemed ok
I might prefer to jam with premade tracks next time rather than making everything from scratch"

Roland XP50 Synthesizer Sounds

video upload by JMPSynth

Part 1 here

"My second demo of favourite synth type patches (no presets) for the Roland XP Series Workstations. All recorded from an XP50 with some Reverb added to some patches.

Mainly synth pad sounds using preset waveforms and a few extras thrown in. All patches, no performances. You can email me for the .SVD file to load via floppy :)

Patch list:

0:19 - Mondo Chord 1
1:05 - JV Vectors
1:37 - Seq Bass 2
1:53 - Echo Analog
2:21 - Spectralite
3:07 - You & Vangelis
3:54 - 7th Sound
4:26 - Scan Pad
5:08 - Magnificence
5:47 - Soft Strings
6:21 - Classy Bass
6:53 - What a Pad !
7:29 - Guardian
8:10 - Cavern
8:28 - Nexus
9:14 - OB Soft Pad
10:00 - Rich Choir & Sweeping Vox"

16 Step Arduino Sequencer - Project for Eurorack

video upload by KellerDev

"DIY 2x16 Step Sequencer for modular synthesizer. Controlled with an Arduino Nano and CD74HC595 shift registers. It has quantization and various modes of sequencing. It can put out a clock signal or use an external clock, to sync with other equipment

00:00 Features
01:52 How it's made
05:32 Schematics panel
08:26 Schematics main board
12:32 Code ISR
14:30 Code PWM
19:15 Code Read Control potentiometers and switches
20:40 Code Quantization
23:52 Melody"

Prophet 6 Desktop [ambient (sort of) sequence, no talking]

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"**FREE sample pack**

The Arturia Keystep sequencing the incredible Sequential Prophet 6 - still one of the best sounding analog polysynths around. No external effects used."

Prophet 5, Prophet 12, Prophet Rev2 - 3 Sequential Synth Trio

video upload by Mamotreco

Mamotreco Prophet 5 demos

"Enjoy a warm and relaxing Sequential synth soundtrack moment featuring the Prophet Rev 2, Prophet 5 Rev 4 and Prophet 12 in their full glory. Every synth plays to its strength, from thick bass, to crystalline melodies. Even the Prophet 12 synth sounds rich and warm thanks to its SSM filters.
The three Prophets were played at the same time in one take, and then 2 additional tracks were recorded for additional sounds.
#prophet12 #prophet5 #prophetrev2
This gorgeous Tangerine Dream-inflected synth soundtrack interlude is accompanied by evocative vintage digital photos of London sunsets and calm moments to enhance the emotive impact of the music. Photos taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ7 point and shoot camera from 2006. Featuring a 6 megapixel CCD sensor.

Current channel music compilation:
Previous music releases available here:"

The King is the Cat. ] Prophet-5 & Korg MonoPoly, Digitakt & DX Reface [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

🤍 https://www.catsonsynthesizersinspace...

DIY Build #1: Music Thing Modular Mikrophonie

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
Decided to start a new series on this channel, in which I will be building some cool synths, and then in the background of the timelapse, music will be playing featuring that piece of gear that I was building in the video. Let me know in the comments what you all this of this. I am planning on doing some more in the upcoming weeks so don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss those.
I am a noob in DIY synth building, so I decided to start with this basic kit from Music Thing Modular, which all in all took me about 2.5 hours to build, which is quite some time, but I wasn't in rush:) -
Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Modal Cobalt8 Presets for Ambient and Techno Sound Demo (no talking): Minerals Sound Pack

video upload by Limbic Bits

"No external effects were applied.

0:00 Favorites
2:40 Pads
5:28 Bass
7:30 Leads
9:24 Arpeggios & Sequences
15:07 Dub Stabs
17:54 Strings & Organic
23:40 Leads II
25:02 Miscellaneous"

▶ Modal Cobalt 8 "Minerals" Sound Pack:

Fusebox X // Review and Demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A review of the rather marvellous @Analogue Solutions Fusebox X. Big updates are Poly Mode and the sequencer - plus there are lots of other minor changes. Compared with my original version, plus some sound demos."

More Fusebox X

The 80's DIY Synthesizer You Built From A Magazine - The Digisound 80

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"The Digisound 80 vintage #diy #synthesizer Beginning in february 1980 you could build this DIY analog modular synthesizer month by month with Electronics Today International, it is based on Curtis and SSM chips much like many commercial synthesizers of the time! in this video i go through the digi sound series, repair one, and show you what it sounds like!
Download the wav of the jam and samples to use and much much more :-
it also makes @THIS MUSEUM IS (NOT) OBSOLETE get bigger and better."

Cwejman S1 MK2 Semi-Modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizer 2019 Grey

via this auction

Elka Rhythm Machine - Analog Drum Machine - 1976

via this auction

Demo video posted here.

Wersi Wersimatic II 1973 - Analog Drum / Bass / Chord / Arpeggiator Machine

via this auction

Demo video posted here.

Roland Sequencer 104 - System 100 Sequencing Vintage Steelphon Synthesizer

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

Sequencer 104 Module pics via this auction

Roland Jupiter-8 61-Key 14 Bit Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Yamaha CS-80 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Phoenix and Air Yamaha CS-60?

via this auction

"Regularly maintained, and recently serviced/checked (December 2021). It belong to group Phoenix and Air

It has a kit to visualize with leds which oscillator plays to be able to tune it, indispensable because the order is random.

Physically it's in very good condition, 2-3 light marks (pictures)

The sound of this CS is wonderful."

Nice GRP A8 above it.

Sequential Circuits Pro One

via this auction

"Working Sequencial Circuits Pro One analog synth in good condition. Keyboard and J-wire were recently serviced. Unit passes all functional tests in the technical manual."

Signed Moog Minimoog Voyager Select Series 10th Anniversary Edition & CV Expander

via this auction

Anyone recognize the signatures?

"This is a tenth anniversary edition all-analog signal Moog synth with maple cabinet and blue LEDs (Sweetwater edition 33 of 37), designed by Bob Moog to follow up the Minimoog D. It's been kept in a smoke-free studio, very lightly used and never gigged. The CV expander requires an expansion card to be installed inside the synth (and that has been done already). Also comes with an official Voyager dust cover. Working & in excellent condition."

First Ambient Outdoor Jam Of The Year (OxiOne + iPad)

video upload by Perplex On

"I took the chance of one of the first warmer day of the year to visit the woods with the iPad and OxiOne sequencer to summon the spring. Here OxiOne in chord mode is sequencing the iPad loaded with #aparillosynth and the free #wintervoices and #winterpiano sample library for #decentsampler. Hopefully a lot more outdoor jams will happen this year."

02- The Baldwin Fun Machine- Soloists (presets) part 1

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the presets found on the Baldwin Fun Machine.

The theme music for this demonstration was created entirely with the Baldwin Fun Machine in combination with a small amount of rhythm parts assembled out of GarageBand drum loops."

Also check out the Conn Electric Band from 1974.

Hydra ♒ (ASM Hydrasynth Explorer // Elektron Digitone // Dreadbox Nymphes + Julianna // Roland TR6S)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"There are not enough synths/sequencers offering the chord memory function (i.e. memorizing chords and then playing them back with 1 note only) within a scale! As the ASM - Hydrasynth benefits from this feature, I used it to create this track 😉

I then added some FM sequences played by the Elektron - Digitone, a fat analog bass played by the Dreadbox - Nymphes (through the Julianna Chorus/Vibrato pedal) and finally drums/FX by the Roland TR-6S (the kick sound is not a sample, but uses the ACB engine to emulate the 909's kick!)

* Hardware used *
- PADS: Asm - Hydrasynth Explorer
- BELLS, CHIMES: Elektron - Digitone
- BASS: Dreadbox - Nymphes + Walrus Audio - Julianna + The Pill Pedal (triggered byt the TR6S' headphones output)
- DRUMS, FX: Roland - TR-6S
Everything was sequenced by my DAW, except for the DRUMS & FX which were sequenced by the TR6S' internal sequencer & I also used the Digitone's sequencer to do some parameter-lock."

New Waldorf Synth Teaser

Follow-up to this post.


Anotherr one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Patch n Tweak
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