MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

#TS1 Sequencer playingScales with #VirusTI2 synthesizer

video upload by bvr-instruments

"This video is a test demo for the new Scales functionalities for the #ts1 #trigger #sequencer"

TS1 sequencer controled with external midi clock.

"On this video, I send the master Midi clock with the MC303 to the TS1 sequencer. This one controls the bass drum pattern."

Further Explorations with the Buchla Music Easel

// Part One video upload by Genshi Media Group


Part One of a series of short, exploratory videos to get reacquainted with my Buchla Music Easel which I’ve neglected these past couple of years. Effects from the Empress Effects EchoSystem."

Inspiring Modulation (a mindful tutorial)

video upload by mylarmelodies

"Being a (hopefully) thought-provoking video to explain modulation and inspiration strategies for modular, emphasis on the mighty Music Thing Turing Machine. I saved the most important point for last. Support on Patreon yea?

Also features Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Turing Machine Expanders, VCAs, LFOs, Envelopes from Mutable Instruments Stages, Sophie, Elektron Machines, DFAM, and more."

SCI Prophet 5 - Multitrack with stills

video upload by Glen H

"Short multitrack with some pics I've taken of my P5 Rev 2"

Empress Reverb & Korg Monotribe - part 1

video upload by While We Were Sleeping

Speaking Alien 0:00
Shimmering Waves 3:00
Space 3:58
Black and White 5:20
The End 8:23

"The first part of a jam I had with the Empress Reverb and the Korg Monotribe. [part 2 here]
Chopping this one into 2 or 3 parts so I can edit in smaller chunks.
I am extremely pleased with the Empress Reverb, it will reliably take everything I throw at it with no unwanted artificial artefacts or clipping. It is early days and I am sure I will have plenty to learn and discover.

The Korg Monotribe is probably my favourite little synth. the analog mono synth sounds great and it is surprisingly versatile for the few controls it has. The touch keyboard and sequencer encourage creativity and improvisation and it got drums.

About the video:
Edited using Davinci Resolve. Most of the background videos are from the wonderful contributors on"

Oberheim Xpander Quick Test all voices working

video upload by Silicon Breakdown

"A very basic test to see that a Oberheim Xpander has all its voices working
Note there is some light modulation on single notes
Ends with tuning process"

This appears to be the one listed for sale here (pics captured here).

Princess Leia's Theme - Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 - May the 4th - Star Wars Day

video upload by Bring Me A Harpist

"Here's a lovely Star Wars piece from John Williams, performed on the Prophet 600 analog synthesizer. May the 4th be with you! Enjoy!"

Quick Eurorack Tips : Pamela's New Workout as a Gate Sequencer : Euclidean Mode HACKED!

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Everyone NEEDS a Pam's :

Mosiac 1U Drums :

Grab all the GEAR we used in this Video Rack :

A thorough look at the techniques on our blog Signal :

In this quick-tip our pal wes shows off a few methods to hijack Pam's Euclidean modes for some specific gate-sequencing fun !"

New Norand Mono Vides - Post Update

New videos added to this post. Fixed the 2nd video embed as well.

Arturia Teaser for SUPERBOOTH May 10th 2022

Full-tilt jam with Polyend Tracker and Novation AFX Station

video upload by

"A live, semi-improvised track performed entirely on hardware.

It had been a while, and I just got a battery pack for USB gear, so I thought I'd take the Tracker for another spin. It turns out that the Tracker is one of those devices that I love more and more with every time I use it. Songwriting is getting faster on it, and its performance effects are my current favourite for getting wild with drum parts. Rearranging the sequence allows a level of complexity that you just can't get with a beat repeat! And the fact that you can then take those performance effects and apply them to other tracks instead makes the Tracker extremely flexible and fun for making jams.

I added the AFX Station at the last minute because I wanted something I could play notes on, and because I wanted something melodic to end the track. The AFX Station is just the right sound, size, and shape for a jam with the Tracker, and its filter and drive are (in my opinion) underrated. It may just be a Novation Bass Station II in disguise, but it's an awesome analog mono synth.

Polyend Tracker - Sequencing, sampling, sample player, effects
Novation AFX Station - Mono synth (running through the Tracker for reverb and delay)

Performed and recorded live to a stereo output, with EQ, compression, and limiting on the master."

Korg opsix - All Playing, No Talking Sound Demo

video upload by Korg

"The opsix offers hundreds of fresh, cutting-edge sounds with the power of customization right at your fingertips. Colored front panel controls provide easy access for dramatic shifts in sound characteristics, from icy, sparkling chimes to fuzzy, deep basses. Full Spectrum Sound - exactly what your sound palette needs!

00:00 Intro
00:16 - Program 129: Moody Chord Stabs
00:51 - Program 131: Fuzzy Glass
1:25 - Program 165: Slow Vibe
2:05 - Program 184: opsix Concrete
2:34 - Program 206: FM Elec Bass
3:20 - Program 113: Detroit Trill
3:58 - Program 148: Dulled Rhythms
4:42 - Program 063: Membrane Pluck
5:07 - Program 075: Percussion
5:44 - Program 200: Fell The Warmth (with 148: Rasp & Static & 147: Wasps)
6:24 - Program 316: A Bit Dirty
6:58 - Program 268: Fairy Dust
7:33 - Program 017: Roads and Roads"

More Buchla 212 Feedback

video upload by Todd Barton

"It could get loud!!"

Fibonacci Patchin'

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Each number of the Fibonacci sequence interlocks mathematically with all the others in the sequence. Can we channel these relationships for compelling musical patching? Let's find out!!

Intro animation soundtrack by Marlon!"

Live Q+A With Norand (Mono, Morphos), Yeah!

video upload by Red Means Recording

"Join us for a chat with Mathieu of Norand, the makers of the powerful Mono desktop synth and upcoming Morphos Eurorack oscillator. Live Q+A and much more!"

Banging On the Norand Mono Just For You


Mighty Morphin' Norand Morphos

"The Norand Morphos is a Eurorack dual oscillator with amazing internal modulation. Let's check it out."

5 Performances ft. the Norand Morphos

"The Norand Morphos is a Eurorack dual oscillator with amazing internal modulation. Let's check it out."

MT32-PI: Doomsday device?

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"This week, let's build and take a look at the #MT32 PI, another 'bare metal' synthesizer running on #RaspberryPi. This is an emulator for the late #80s Roland MT-32 sound module, which was used by a lot of games for their sound track. The MT-32 PI can also load soundfonts, so you can use it as a ROMpler in your setup. Table of contents:

00:00 introduction
00:36 hello
01:28 hardware needed
02:34 breadboard explained
03:09 building the UI
03:28 wiring
03:55 LCD setup
04:32 software installation, ROMs and soundfonts
05:04 config file setup
05:31 using the device, soundfont editing
06:31 important considerations
06:48 demo 1 (MT-32 emulation)
08:43 demo 2 (soundfonts)
09:45 bye-bye"

MT-32 PI


A DARK PLOT OF LAND Abstract Video Eurorack Sound Design

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"WARNING!!! This video has fast flashing lights which can cause problems for some viewers.

Through deconstruction and reconstruction the work continuously evolves and with every new permutation offers a new message.

Sounds were performed with a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Experimental music available at

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

SoundsDivine 'Artificial Intelligence' - u-he Hive

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Artificial Intelligence' soundset for u-he Hive."

Sound design and experimentation with new plugins (BV-X, Tails, etc)

video upload by DATABROTH

"today will be more of a mess around and find out sort of day. No goals in mind, just playing with stuff
gonna start with BX-V though

Check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon

4. Mai 2022 Fenix 2d - Delay & Phaser

video upload by batchas

"I‘m still making some fine tuning on a couple of boards and took a break to hear the Delay with its friend the Phaser.
Smartphone mic only for now."


video upload by leonardoworx

"This is a really fun Lo-fi boombap tune made with the Teenage Engineering OP-Z and OP-1 (paired with the wonderful ChaseBliss Habit).
While the OP-Z is used for drum parts and bass line, the OP-1 is used (also live) to send melodies processed by the Habit, that create a stunning melodic 'Chaos' :)

This tune will be in the tracklist of my upcoming album "UNCOMMON", available on all digital music platforms since next Tuesday 10th May."

S U R V I V E - Hourglass (Elemnt Cover) - Moog Grandmother, Sequential Pro 3, Elektron ModelSamples

video upload by Elemnt

"My (short) cover of 'Hourglass' by the band S U R V I V E

Synths used were mainly the Moog Grandmother for bass (Tonus VCF for the filter), the Sequential Pro 3 for the pluck sound & Elektron Model Samples for drums. I also used soft synths for additional synths & toms."

Roland CSQ-600 CV/Gate Sequencer SN 142275

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The Roland CSQ-600 is a microcomputer-controlled digital CV/gate Sequencer. It features four programmable sequences which can be chained together or played at the same time. Sequences can be recorded via an external CV/gate input or using step-time. Portamento can be either programmed or adjusted manually as a sequence is being played. Sequences can be saved and loaded via cassette interface.

This CSQ-600 is in perfect working condition, power cord has been modified to be slightly shorter."

Macbeth MicroMac D

via this auction

Tom Oberheim SEM Patch Panel

via this auction

Korg ES-50 Lambda w/ Mod for 5 Tone Levels

via this auction

"Warmest smoothest richest pad poly synth out there, all you have to do is use a low pass filter (or EQ if in DAW) to bring down the highs. You can analog/infinite detune 3 oscillators which opens up a whole world of subtlety, and you can hold/tape down as many notes as you like which is amazing. Very different structure than most poly synths.

This synth has also been modified to have individual level controls for all 5 tones. This brings the customizations of pads to a very fine level. The hookups inside would also work just as well for 5 direct outs if you wanted that, and also as a location for putting direct INs to use the great chorus. You can then still keep the pots. Anyways, you can build whatever you want with these wires if you are moderately DIY savvy.

I can also delete the mod if you prefer to just not have those extra controls. I can also prepare the wiring inside to be reduced but ready for your own buildout… maybe you want to drill holes in the actual synth face to mount the 5 pots. It’s all pretty easy since the electronic and wiring part is already done.

I am also happy to offer a custom installation of the 5 pots directly into the face or wood somewhere to your specifications. No added cost for this. You can pick the pots if you like, and have them shipped to me to install them. Then you can choose whatever knobs/caps you like to go on your pots. If you wanted a more elaborate mod build we could talk about a fee.

I did some basic maintenance keeping pots and switches internally clean and noise/scratch free. So this synth sounds great. No issues.

There is an old mod/fix that someone did where they replaced the plastic Percussion button with a different kind of metal switch. Changes nothing about the performance. Maybe the old plastic button had broken."

Blue Roland SH-101 Monophonic Synthesizer w/ Original Box, Mod Grip & Gig Bag

via this auction

"Fully Serviced in December of 2021

Comes with Original box DAMNIT!!!

Matching blue mod grip with original factory screws that secure it to the bottom of the synth
Original Roland Power supply
Original Manual
And vintage Roland soft carry on case"

Red Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer w Original Bag

via this auction

Korg Monologue w/ Green Knobs

via this auction

"The Monologue is a compact 25 key analog monosynth that packs a punch! It's knob per function front panel, OLED oscilloscope / info window and capable step sequencer give it serious sound design capabilities. This black model was modified and comes with bright green knobs for much better visibility. The original knobs and box are included."

Roland D-110 Multi Timbral Sound Module w/ Original Manual & Brochure

via this auction

"These modules are neat because it is like having 8 modules plus drums in one unit."

Hologram Microcosm w/ Original Box & Materials

via this auction

Resonator I [ EURORACK ] Mutable Instruments RINGS + BEADS + SHADES

video upload by R. P. Gould

"I don't think anybody has ever tried going from Rings into Beads or Clouds before ;)
Was just missing a succulent plant and I think this video would be the most groundbreaking synthesizer vid ever. Shockingly, Rings and Beads make a good pair.
Also shockingly I had never been interested too much in Rings, although Elements was almost my first module purchase ever in this module synthesizer journey through the land of eurorack.
Cheekiness aside, I am happy with the results, and it is a bit bitersweet knowing that we will probably not have any new Mutable Instruments modules due to Émilie Gillet retiring.

So patch notes:

I build on a simple loop, find a sweet spot in the granular landscapes of Beads, run it all through Strymon Magneto. Go from Rings internal synthesis to running a nice square wave oscillator through it, good times.

Percusions via Basimilus Iteritas Alter and Intellijel Plonk."

Yamaha Reface DX *fooling around with FM synthesis* Vintage Synthesizers 80s vibes DX7 TR-09 Roland

video uploads by TrumJohann's Mancave

"Nothing fancy, just me trying out some parametersđŸ˜‰
Lovely machines, both of them."

Roland Boutique TR-09 Yamaha Reface DX CS01 Chill vibes synthjam *Cheers to @Alex Ball for inspo*

Roland Boutique D-05 TR-09 Jam Ambient Chill Retro Vintage Yamaha Reface DX Mancave Synthwave 80s

ROLAND TR-909 Rhythms From Scratch (4K)

video upload by Catalogue

"Catalogue Present: Roland TR 909 Rhythms From Scratch

Some rhythmic pattern created from scratch, using the 909 sequencer.
Everything is recorded from the main mono out, without any effects.
The 4 beats are programmed step by step using the internal clock.
Enjoy ;)"

Pittsburgh Modular New Module Lab with Richard

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Richard walks through The Wolf Channel Strip VCA, A Filter of Crows, and Dynamics Controller Bat eurorack modules while answering questions from the live chat."

Cre8audio East Beast Trailer #1

video upload by Cre8audio

"East Beast is a new synthesizer made by Cre8audio in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers. Find out more about the East Beast ahead of Superbooth on May 10, 2022 - Comming soon to"

Update: according to Cre8audio this will be a new synth:

"New Synth Comming Soon - East Beast - Trailer #1

On May 10, 2022, we'll be releasing a new synth made in collaboration with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers. Check out Trailer #1 above."

Elektron Syntakt Ambient piece with Digitakt, Hologram Microcosm and Strymon Nightsky Reverb

video upload by Thoow

"The Syntakt has a lot of potential to go way into ambient territory. Especially in combination with reverb and effects pedals. In this setup I send the right channel of the Syntakt through the Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water (for analog warmth and tape delay effects), then trough the Hologram Microcosm (in Mosaic mode) and finally through the Strymon Nightsky for some additional delay and reverb. Instant goose pimples ;-)"

Patch n Tweak
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