MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Verbos - Noodling and Doodling - Superbooth 2022

video upload by KlangDing

ReverseLandFill - Livejam - Superbooth 2022

video upload by KlangDing

Basimilus iteritas alter + Soma Pulsar 23 + Moog Matriarch , Modular jam

video upload by Endless Arp's

WAVE Synthworks Time Based Pulse Divider

video upload by WAVE Synthworks

"This is a demo video for the WAVE Synthworks Time Based Pulse Divider. It is a module for dividing incoming pulses(clocks, triggers, gates etc.). It does this in

a different way than any other divider module that I know of. The divisions are created with the use of an adjustable timing cycle. It's a unique way to get patterns of triggers for your modular system."

"Available soon."

All-Analogue Synth Album - 'Two Voices' (tomorrow the cure) available now on Bandcamp

video upload by DreamsOfWires

"5 tracks, recorded in real-time/live, using 2 monophonic analogue synth voices from an AJH Synth Eurorack modular synthesizer system. Find this and other 'tomorrow the cure'/DreamsOfWires releases here:

3 VCO's/oscillators and a total of 4 VCF's/filters were used to perform each track, along with some additional modules, a keyboard (Arturia Keystep), a step sequencer (Keystep or Doepfer Dark Time), a couple of different reverbs and delays that will remain a state secret.

It was recorded over 2 weeks in March '22, in the track order of the 'album'. The tracks were originally composed during 2019, some changing a little since then, some not so much, and some were featured in past YouTube videos in an earlier form - I see all music as a work-in progress.

I only just heard about the passing of Klaus Schulze. His approach to music composition and performance, also his talent for creating sounds, was a great influence on me. A naive dream of mine was to be one of his collaborators one day. Very sad news. His creative spirit will live on in my music, and in that of all the others he has influenced and inspired."

The Noiseblast Hour, Episode 13: Megan Leber

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Megan Leber is a modular synth artist from the Netherlands known for both her techno and ambient work. We hear a gorgeous set Megan put together for our show, followed by a conversation about her music and love for modules, as well as her background, inspirations, and aspirations.

Links to Megan Leber:
Instagram: YouTube:

A Few Member Listings - DSI Tetra, Roland System-8, Yamaha CS6, & Casio XW-P1

A few supporting member listings:

DSI Tetra SN 03736 via this auction

Roland System-8 SN Z4J4137 via this auction

Yamaha CS6 VA Synthesizer via this auction

Casio XW-P1 via this auction

Syntakt : Six-voice analog poly synth jam

video upload by tubesockor

"Got inspired by some chorused chords I played on my 6-voice Roland Juno-60 from 1982 and wanted to recreate something similar on the Elektron Syntakt using its analog voices.
Here I use three Dual VCO engines to create six notes, and then add some kind of electro swing beat jam to it. Hi-hats comes from the Analog Cymbal machine and the rest is using the digital tracks.
Only one pattern is used, so variations come from trig conditions and mutes. All audio is directly from the Syntakt main outs - no processing done."

Elektron Syntakt : Chiptune livejam "The Last V8" - C64 SID-style

video upload by tubesockor

"The brand new Elektron Syntakt is here!
I'm doing a brief overview, followed by a SID emulation rendition of Rob Hubbard's theme music for the C64 game "The Last V8" from 1985. Then it grows into a live jam, using all the 12 digital and analog tracks of the Syntakt, including the features such as analog distortion.

I am doing all kinds of trick in order to simulate the SID here and to stay as true to the original as possible. More info in the video!

0:00 Intro
1:50 Song starts
3:57 Live jam!"

SUPERBOOTH 2022 Mayer Sound MD900

video upload by sonicstate

"The Mayer MD900 is a pretty highly specified machine - with multi-timbrality, sequencer and clip style arrangements, the Extended Analog Engine does sound pretty tasty and we caught up with Horst Mayer - the man behind it to get a demo. We hope it comes across like it did in the room.

Available now at a price of around €2800 Euros"

See the Mayer label below for more.

LepLoop V3 Sound Demo (no talking) at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

Dreadbox Dys Metria // Superbooth 2022

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Yanis was kind enough to give me a demo of the new Dreadbox Dys Metria. Very cool little DIY box - a bit like a DFAM. It has a percussion focused synth engine and a sequencer."

Polyend Play // Martin's Excellent Demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A Polyend Play demo from Martin at Polyend. I met the guys from Polyend at Superbooth 2022 and Martin was kind enough to demo the Play for me a coupe of times following an SD card failure. He was my first 'victim' on day one and first again on day 2!

It looks like a brilliant performance tool, the final part of this is a rather excellent performance from the man himself :)"

5 Minutes Sound with the Oberheim OB-Xa Synthesizer (no OB-X8 no UB-Xa)

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

5 minutes pure sound with the big and old Oberheim OB-Xa Analog Synthesizer from the year 1980

No FX! No EQ! No Comp! The pure OB-Xa sound in HQ audio.

Here can you fínd the full OB-Xa playlist:"

Empress Reverb Sound Demo (no talking) with Waldorf Iridium

video upload by Limbic Bits

Waldorf Microwave I Rev A w/ New LED

via this auction

"Highly sought after Microwave I Rev A CEM 3389 Filter. New beautiful Blue OLED display. Latest 2.0 OS. Power supply has been recapped for long trouble free life."

KORG MS2000 Sound Synthesizer Book in Japanese

via this auction

Eventide Misha Sound Demo (no talking) at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

[SUPERBOOTH22] RADIKAL TECHNOLOGIES DELTA CEP A 2 : synthé semi modulaire paraphonique 4v + FX

video upload by Les Sondiers

SUPERBOOTH 2022 Verbos Electronics Polyphonic Envelope

video upload by sonicstate

"The Verbos Electronics Polyphonic envelope module has 4 envelopes which can be triggered individually or run in cascade mode where they can be triggered sequentially with an offset time and level which can create interesting pattern like effects."

SUPERBOOTH 2022 AJH Synth Multiburst Generator

video upload by sonicstate

"We caught up with Alan from AJH Synth who was out in the Bungalow Dorf (the little village in the woods). He was showing a new Multiburst Generator Eurorack Module called - er MultiBurst:

The MiniMod Multi Burst Envelopes module generates variable length bursts of repeating envelopes that can change over time, with CV control of all functions.

Its available now (or at least winging its way) from your favourite modular dealer, priced at £230"

Superbooth 22: Modal - Argon 8 Updates

video upload by sonicstate

"Christian from Modal Electronics gave us a little glimpse of the new features on the Argon 8 range of wavetable synths.

Modal have added 60 wavetables increasing the Argon 8s compliment of wavetables to 180. The synth has 32 wavetable oscillators, is 8 voice polyphonic, and has three envelope generators, and 2-pole state variable filters with 4 Filter types for rich and complex sounds. Argon 8 also supports MPE-compatible MIDI controllers, allowing you to apply polyphonic control and expression to individual notes.

Available now.

Argon 8X (61 keys) 899 euros"

SUPERBOOTH 2022 Bitwig 4.3

video upload by sonicstate

"Dave Linnenbank takes Nick through some of the exciting new updates for Bitwig 4.3.

Convolution, can take any sound anywhere — even places that don't exist. All convolutions imprint your sound with an “impulse,” and ours comes ready-made with 270 of them, ranging from 12th-century cathedrals and legendary studio effects to more abstract “environments.” Using the impulse of a room or hall creates a realistic reverb, but Bitwig's Convolution and content offers so much more.

You can easily adjust color and tone, or draw your own envelope to reshape the impulse itself. Plus, since we support “true stereo” (four-channel) files as well as loading any audio as an impulse, you can drag and drop anything onto Convolution and see what impossible space you land in.

With the help of Bitwig Impulse Responses, the companion package for our Convolution device, your sounds are going places. There are 270 options, so you can take your sounds to locations around the world with reverbs professionally recorded in ancient train stations, French cathedrals, monk meditation halls and private attics. You could also use Convolution and these Impulse Responses to imbue your tracks with the tones of iconic hardware studio gear like vintage spring reverbs, pedals and digital FX units, or for more experimental purposes.

Delay+ is Bitwig's latest boutique audio effect. By balancing familiar controls along with a few thoughtful new ones, Delay+ can either add a little character or fully transform your sound as it ping-pongs along.

Set the delay in seconds or beats, then nudge each channel a few milliseconds for instant stereo. Pick from five Blur options to go from a lightly animated feedback to a full, blown-out reverb. A Ducking control keeps things under control by quieting your delay cloud when strong signals arrive.

Bitwig's nested structure allows you to drop our Pitch Shifter, or Flanger+, or any VST plug-in into the feedback loop. So whether you just need a little slapback or a colorful wash of sound, Delay+ has you covered.

Polymer and The Grid use the same modules, so when something new comes along, everybody wins. For Bitwig 4.3, some analog-inspired goodies have arrived.

Two modules are new. Union is an oscillator that plays it straight, blending three waveshapes into one pleasant, drifting output. And for filtering, Low-pass MG honors Mister Moog by imitating both his classic filter and mix buss.

But plenty of other features have also arrived. Low-pass SK filter is now Sallen-Key, with 16 modes on tap. Our Comb filter gained a Damping control for a touch of finesse. ADSR and two other envelopes now have added modes for Digital precision, or Analog simplicity and feel. Plus all filters get a Q Limit to rein in their resonance, and all oscillators have more phase mod range for more brittle, digital sounds. So whether starting a sound in Polymer or growing a world in The Grid, new sounds are at hand.

As always, a few more new features came along for the ride. For example, FX tracks now have sends of their own. And yes, direct feedback routings are available — and clearly labeled (Achtung!). And the ADSR module gets a lot of use, so why not add a “bias” out port for a bipolar signal that centers around sustain? Good for pitch or anything that might want a little drift.

Whether it is recording settings, lyrics, or performance notes, comments can be freely added to tracks, layers, Arranger cue markers, and Launcher scenes — just start writing in your language. And by switching our Linux build over to Flatpak and supporting PipeWire, many distros will have a smoother experience with Bitwig, including Ubuntu users. And maybe even Steam Decks?

Bitwig Studio 4.3 is now in beta and can be tested by anyone with a Bitwig Studio license and an active Upgrade Plan. You'll find the installers in your user profile here. We expect to release 4.3 in Q2 this year. As always, this is a free update for all license holders with an active Upgrade Plan."

PWM Malevolent Demo at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

Erica Synths Perkonos HD 01 Demo at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

Teenage Engineering OP1 Field at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth 2 Demo at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

Erica Synths Syntrx 2 Demo at Superbooth 2022

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine


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