MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday, June 24, 2022

Simesky+Fritch - Such Imperfection

7" Radio Edit - Glorified Lyric Video video upload by Alex Simesky

A new track from supporting member Alex Simesky who had the following to say about the release:

"The genesis of Such Imperfection comes from a demo tape that I did a few years ago. At the time I had eliminated the computer from the studio to get back to my roots - recording synth demos on cassette tapes. The original groove was recorded with Roland TR-505, MS-20 and electric guitars. This idea was then expanded using some of Arturia's V Collection synths like the SEM V (bass), CZ V (pads) and Emulator II V (drums and bass). A once in a lifetime encounter with Fritch lead to the finished track, for which he came up with the lyrics and the vox."

And the description with links from the video:

"A future retro love-letter to gloss-polished pop, neon nu-wave and cool indie.

As the decades collide from The Cure, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno to Tears for Fears, Royksopp and Robyn, every sweetly honed sonic shines sultry. And in extending that love letter to the best lost tradition of A-side and B-side 80’s vinyl, the 7” edit arrives with a full 12” mix that weaves synthwave with prog-glam and grandeur. This is lo-fi turned hi-fi and glistening.

Living in Belgium, United Simesky Institutes has worked with Budapest Scoring Orchestra and scored high with releases of sweet 80’s synthwave amongst the ranks of Vice & We Write About Music. Fritch comes from Wales, and comes fresh from an album that gained 5-star comparisons to Bowie’s Blackstar and Scott Walker. This is music that moves across boundaries, this is UK and Belgium combined.

But right here a new cult is created. Right here is a new sound entirely.

With shared production, shared writing, shared artwork, shared visions, the debut single from Simesky+Fritch is a celebration of a meeting of minds. It’s a lean synth-kissed passion for pop.

Spotify pre-save here (single out on the 1st of July 2022):"

Pics from Southern Utah Synth Meetup #3

A few pics in via brian comnes from the Southern Utah Synth Meetup #3.

I have to say I miss the smaller synth meets. They are usually more intimate and revolve around like-minded individuals sharing something in common. They are less about mini trade shows showing of new gear. That said, I do like mini trade shows as well! :) It's all good in my opinion.

Synthesized - UK Synth Event at The Center for Computing History This Saturday & Sunday

via The Center for Computing History

"Synthesized is a two day festival celebrating the computer and synthesiser - and how the two technologies grew up together.

The two technologies have crossed paths many times since the CSIRAC mainframe played the "Colonel Bogey March” in 1951. The mighty Fairlight CMI, the PPG and the humble Dragon 32 both share the same processor - as do the Moog Source, Prophet-5 and the ZX Spectrum.

By 1990, the Atari ST found its way into almost every recording studio. Technologies from the flagship Yamaha DX7 and Roland D-50 found their way into almost every PC sound card of the 1990s. Today, modern computers can emulate almost any classic synthesiser with near perfect accuracy.

Without computers we wouldn’t have FM, wavetable, additive and phase distortion synthesis - or even be able to save the sounds on our analog synthesiser.

This year it's a special celebration - MIDI, the protocol that allows our synthesisers and computers to talk to each other, is 40 years old this year. We'll be demonstrating the power of this little five-pin cable that all electronic musicians know and love by showing a range of MIDI equipped computers.

It's with much sadness with note that Dave Smith, a key player in the development of MIDI and founder of Sequential Circuits and designer of the groundbreaking Prophet-5, has recently died at the age of 72.

Over the years we've were lucky enough to have a Fairlight CMI, a PPG Waveterm and a Greengate DS4 together in the same room. We even had Colin Holgate from Greengate and John Molloy from 80s band Mainframe to demonstrate it to us.

This year we hope the event will be even bigger, even better, even noisier and will have more wonderful synthesisers for everyone to see and use! While we're waiting to confirm exhibitors for this year - and to get you all in the mood - here's some pictures from the last event."

New Destiny + Buchla Easel Cards

This one is in via Meska.

Details via Destiny+

Dual function source & utilities.
Function frequency A, Function frequency B, Fm in A, Fm in B, Fm cv A, Fm cv B, Sine out A, Sine out B, S&H out A, S&H out B, S&H in A, S&H in B, S&H clock in A, S&H clock in B, S&H output lag A., S&H output lag B, White noise, Pink noise, Square out A, Square out B.

giorgiosancristoforo 音楽 Ongaku factory patch walkthrough [ no talking ] #Synthesizer #Drone #Noise

video upload by ART THEATER

"Enjoy the music :)

Hybrid organic machine #音楽 #Ongaku"

Korg KingKorg - "Cinematica Vol 2" 50 Organic Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Welcome to the second chapter of organic & motion sounds for almighty King Korg!


King Korg is a great analog modeling & sample-based dual engine beast with lots of colors and overall beautiful sounds.

Nick Klimenko continuing cinematic preset series with 50 brand new handcrafted presets ready to go in your tracks!

Synthwave, Original Soundtrack, Ambient, Retrowave - our sounds will inspire you on new creations!

'Cinematica vol.2' focused on 2-layer sounds & contains:

Deep atmospheric & evolving pads
Bright Powerful Strings

Re-creations of famous: Juno & Jupiter, Oberheim Matrix & OB8, Oscar & Moog Synthesizers
Beautiful Plucks with deep reverbs
Massive Basses & Leads
Great cinematic Arpeggios using intuitive King Korg arp system
Authentic brasses

All the patches reacting on MW, velocity and can be added as favorites on your synthesizer.

Charge your analog modeling King with new inspiration sounds!"

Microtonal Roland SH-101 Landscape with Flux, Beads and Nightsky

video upload by Friendly Noise

"Sound from SH-101, triggers and notes from Flux, delay and pitch shifting from Beads, and reverb from Nightsky.

IOLabs Flux generates the 24 quarter notes used in the clip. Flux is also controlling the delay time changes with different AUX values per step. Triggers are set from 90% probability at the beginning and at the end of the clip, to 55% in the main part. This allows for constant changes in the note density.

Live recording. A little limiting and a second layer of reverb added in the DAW."

Elka Wilgamat - 1976 - Auto Accompaniment Unit SN 1376

Update: moving this one back on top as I had the wrong auction link. Sorry about that. It is now fixed.

via this auction

You can find demos of the Wilgamat in previous posts here.

"This is the first model, complete with the controller keyboard, attachments for music sheet stand and leg attachment pieces on the sides.

The legs and music sheet stand are not included.

The Wilgamat is in good condition but close to very good condition - with a few lighter scuffs and some smaller areas missing the wood finish - quite typical for these machines.

It’s had little use - the front panel looks almost new and the buttons and sliders work great. Fully functional and sounds amazing - please watch the video of this very unit for sale - no effects added.

Some general info:

It features three chord voices and two bass voices plus a range of great drum sounds, with a fill-in option engaged by pressing the wooden bar on top of the controller keyboard.
The auto accompaniment section is a two octave bass and chord synth that can be controlled by either an external two-octave keyboard, an Elka organ or foot pedal via a 31-pin cable.
The bass and chord patterns change depending on the rhythm, Salsa, Rock, Bossa Nova...
In total 16 different rhythm presets with fill-in option, two bass patterns (auto and walking bass), two bass sounds, with a bass sustain option.
The accompaniment consists of three sounds that of course sounds nothing like what they're named after: Piano, Guitar and Brass.
There are individual volume for each of the three sections, plus an overall master volume.
These standalone units are very rare to find complete with the original controller keyboard.

220 volt with EU plug Items ship from Italy."

Nord Electro 6D w/ Custom Chromatic Keyboard

via this auction

"Fed up of keyboards ? But still in need for a new way to play your gear ? I got you. This modified custom Electro 6D, brand new, will bring this special flavour to your studio. With a unique chromatic keyboard, hand made in Italy by Music Tech - roughly a 2k mod- , this Electro 6d spits a unique midi out to control either your gear and or this incredible Nord keyboard.

Still with the blister on the screen and all the removable stickers, this item is brand new and unique in its own right. Don't let it slip away."

Nord Lead A1

via this auction

Blue Grey Waldorf Q Keyboard

via this auction

"61 key 16 voice Waldorf Q synthesizer. Good condition, no issues comes with gigbag"

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS SN 0206

via this auction

ARP PRO SOLOIST Vintage Keyboard Synthesizer SN 737

video upload by Fever X Synth ®

via this auction

"I can proudly say that's not easy to find an opportunity like this today. Even on

One of the most iconic synthesizers of Tony Banks of Genesis, the monophonic Arp Pro Soloist shaped the sound of the early Genesis and became the keyboard of choice for the solo part of the band.

Almost impossible to emulate and very rare nowadays.

Purchased used in the 80's as a Genesis fan and barely used in my smoking-free studio then put away in his flight case for a very long time.

Good overall condition but the right wooden side panel suffered a side impact that caused it to break in half. It was repaired very well and reglued (pictures n. 11 to 14). Now it does not move and it is solid. The wood side panel on the left has minor scuffs (pictures n. 15 to 17) on the top and on the front. The bottom of the synth is extraordinary clean (picture n.22). Keys are white (no yellowing on them) none are loose or wobbly. No rust on the chassis. PLEASE take a depth look at the photos with all cosmetic defects highlighted. Always stored in its flight case in a temperature controlled room."

Roland System 100 101

via this auction

"The unit has been recently serviced and fully tested and is all working as it should be. Cosmetically the synth is very tidy with only minor blemishes and marks."

Sequential Circuits Pro One w/ Upgraded Keyboard & Extra Long Knob Shafts?

via this auction

"Upgraded TM-2 Fatar keyboard is brand new and much more responsive, accurate and quieter than original (see video)."

No mention if the knobs are just resting on the knob shafts or are custom. If you look at other Pro-Ones they sit flush.

Original Moog Minimoog Model D w/ Mods

via this auction

"w/JL Cooper MIDI modification w/ Roland MPU-101 interface."

Moog MiniMoog Model D Reissue Analog Synthesizer SN 3171

via this auction

Bad Gear - Roland Boutique JU-06A

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Roland Boutique JU-06A. Did Roland nail the timeless character of the original Juno 60 and Juno 106 this time?

00:00 Intro tune
01:13 Overview Roland Boutique JU-06A
01:33 Internal speaker
01:55 Arpeggiator
02:15 Oscillator comparison (Juno 60 vs. 106)
02:29 Filters, HPF
02:44 Modulators: Envelope, LFO
03:08 Classic sounds
03:18 Voice count
03:33 Pad sound, voice stealing
03:50 Monophonic sequencer
04:15 Chorus, Delay
04:32 Juno 60 sub oscillator warbling bug
04:48 What else??? (chord, portamento, ext clk in, LFO waveforms,...)
05:41 Hate
06:05 Jam 1
07:04 Jam 2
08:08 Finale
08:41 Verdict
09:57 Patreon Vocoder shoutout"

Norand Morphos - Pterodactyland

video upload by Norand

"Here is another generative patch using three Morphos.
The Pterodactyl screams are produced by Morphos and some modules."

Eraldo Bernocchi - Going Slow (Polyend Tracker Scene)

video upload by Polyend

"The Polyend Tracker this time goes slow. Everything is mixed inside the machine and no external processing is applied. The bass sound is created using a sub-wave from my old KORG MS-20."

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