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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

EEH Zaunkönig Article Translation

See this post, for a Google translation of the first page. The second page will take more time.

MACA filter by LA67 - Demo and Build

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Checking out this cool easy to build filter kit! Just classic rubbery goodness on a compact but complete interface.
More info here:

My Website: Patreon:


00:00 Demo
12:04 Build"

A 4-pole multimode filter based on the SSI2140 integrated circuit. Essentially an updated version of the classic SSM2040, the new SSI2140 adds better temperature compensation and a VCA that helps eliminate low frequency damping at high resonance settings. Besides the obligatory 4-pole low pass, MACA adds both 2-pole low pass and 4-pole band pass outputs. There is also a input level control that allows you to easily overdrive the filter core.

• 4-pole LP, 2-pole LP, & 4-pole BP outputs
• Input level control
• 16hz-16khz range
• "Q" CV input
• Inverting attenuator on "FM" input
• "V/oct" CV input
• Sine wave oscillator at high "Q" settings

Custom Yellow Juno 106 Roland w/ Polyphony Meter

via this auction

"All the insides have been completely restored along with guaranteed voice chips.

It features Handmade Aluminum sides , a polyphony meter , and a lighted bender .

The polyphony meter is set up to give you filter distortion on some sounds with the right tweaking of the filter and resonance.

If you want it to be just a pretty light show, which tells you which voice you’re playing without the distortion, I can install a resistor pack.

In either configuration, the polyphony meter turns off at the switch .

The usual SynthSpa warrantee of 8 years comes with this one . :-)"

Elektron Analog Rytm Drum Machine

via this auction

Novation Nova II 2 X (24 Voice) Polyphonic Synthesizer Keyboard SN 10058

via this auction

Pittsburgh Modular New Module Lab with Richard

video upload by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

"Richard dermos the Elephant Drum and Narwhal Cymbal eurorack modules while answering questions from the live chat."

A more spooky Super Mario 64 w/ dirtywave m8 (chiptune?)

video upload by Chris Hunt

"Playing in a grid is tough for me, but I'm having a blast learning the Dirtywave M8 workflow. It's really, really fun once the muscle memory starts kicking in. All music (synths) and FX (reverb) are from the M8 and recorded via USB. The 'strings' are FM, the drums Macrosythn, and the melodies a nice chiptune-y square wave.

00:00 FYI Mario - the house is haunted
00:12 killer piano
00:20 killer chairs
00:46 killer ghosts
01:20 killer eyeball
01:40 killer books
02:00 Here We Go!"


video upload by zack dagoba

"More on the System 100

This patch uses the S&H circuit with one of the LFOs creating the notes. The 100M 182 sequencer you can see in the background is only modulating the filters (8 steps for the first LPF and the second row for the second LPF)

The reverb is the Roland RSS-10, a very underrated and lovely unit from the mid-90s"

3rd Wave Multitrack Demo - Peff

video upload by Groove Synthesis

"3rd Wave multitrack demo. Programmed, performed, and recorded by Peff. All sounds by 3rd Wave — including the percussion. Contact us: for questions or to pre-order.

Follow Peff (Kurt Kurasaki):"

Death By Audio - SPACE BENDER | Chorus Modulator (Guitar/Synth Demo)

video upload by Sound Isles

"'The SPACE BENDER chorus modulator replicates and warps your signal into beautiful and organic transmissions from a dimension somewhere beyond linear time.'

00:00 Space Child
01:57 Phase 1 | Guitar
03:59 Phase 2 | Synths
05:50 Martian Mountain
08:31 the Aliens leave

Thank you Death By Audio for sending me this pedal."

Oui, j'aime faire du bruit

video upload by batchas

"Heavy use of feedback on Serge resEQ and WAD.
External delay effect added."

07 26 22 Serge WAD & resEQ

Touché x Felt Instruments (1/3)

video upload by Expressive E

Touché x Felt Instruments

"Felt Instruments develop timeless sample instruments with their own unique, magically organic character. Listen to their instruments Helenko and Bardzo come to life even more when using our Touché series of controllers to morph their texture in real-time. Thanks to Felt Instruments' native integration with Touché, the plugins will react directly to your gestures without any additional setup."

UVI Mission 6 - Alesis Andromeda A6 Based Soft Synth

video upload by UVI

"Mission 6 - Analog Polysynth Revival

Delivering the authentic hardware sound of an epic 16-voice analog synth, Mission 6 is a sound designers dream: experience a wide range of sounds, from vintage OB-esque tones to thick and gritty FM, lush filter-swept pads to bubbling leads and wild textures. A shapeshifting beast ready to inspire!

Video credits: Anthony Hak
Music credits: Théo G."

Details via UVI:

True Synthesizer Innovation
An epic instrument both in design and capability, this machine is an audacious synthesizer that seemingly came out of nowhere in 2000. A play on the word "ASICs", this beast took the world by surprise and redefined the capabilities of the analog polysynth, with 16 dual-osc, dual-filter voices using custom ICs, and 16 multitimbral parts.

An Analog Dream Machine
Capable of both cross and ring modulation, and loaded with both SEM and Ladder-style filters per-voice, numerous LFOs, highly-flexible envelopes, a powerful mod matrix, built-in effects, and generous hands-on control, this synthesizer is a sound designers dream, and to this day a potent, massively capable instrument that feels well ahead of its time.

Incredible Sonic Range
No matter how deep you go with the original hardware, it's hard to feel that you've done much more than scratch the surface; the number of tricks this synth can pull off and flavors you can create are nearly endless. That said, our sound designers had an absolute blast putting this machine through its paces, creating an incredible collection of sounds that range from vintage OB-esque tones to thick and gritty FM, lush filter-swept pads to bubbling leads and wild textures.

UVI Mission 6 | Layers
Find Inspiration With All-New Sounds
Mission 6 can easily find a home in anything from '80s era pop to modern genre, hip-hop, scoring, and more. We've included over 33,000 samples recorded directly from the hardware, packing Mission 6 with 400 presets made from 340+ layers, including categories such as Bass, Keys, Pluck, Strings, Polysynth, Leads, Vocals and more. Each sound in Mission 6 is fully-customizable, and can be used straight-away or as the starting point for a new sound.

Deeply Tweakable Architecture
Mission 6's aesthetic was adapted to closely follow the design cues of the hardware, giving you the feel of this radically styled instrument as you edit the dual-layer sounds. You'll find complete control over everything from oscillators, envelopes, multimode filters, LFO and step modulator, dual arpeggiators and a featured effect section including EQ, drive, Thorus, ensemble, Phasor, delay, and Sparkverb, all clearly labeled and easy to tweak.

Epic Analog at Your Fingertips
A true powersynth, Mission 6 delivers the sounds of that epic analog synthesizer and gives you a tremendous collection of all-new hand-crafted patches to explore, tweak, and inspire.

Essential Sounds for Roland Juno-106 Model Expansion

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife Sounds present you another great sound collection for Zenology Pro synthesizer – Roland Juno-106.

It’s amazing collection of melodic sounds & patches with bias towards analog colour’s. This soundbank can bring your Zen Core instrument to a world of warmth 80′ and sharp modernity simultaneously. It gives you a full versatility, with using best from the both worlds.

These patches will perfect fit for Melodic Techno, Progressive Trance or Synthwave music.

The soundset contains 32 Roland Juno-106 Model Expansion Presets & Patches, which are:

8 Plucks
7 Leads
6 Pads
6 Bass
5 Synth
1 FX

All the sounds compatible with: Zenology software, Zenbeats, Roland Fantom, Roland Jupiter X/XM, Roland MC 707/101, Roland Ax-Edge, Roland RD-88, Fantom-0, Juno-X, Verselab MV-1 and newest Aerophone."

Typhoon Quick demo/review

video upload by Meska

"Quick demo/review of the Typhoon, it's aclouds iteration wIth several improvment .
if you whant a specific algorithm demo just let a comment.

Thank you fwor watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.
i'm tattooist at day jobs and you can found my work here :

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

Oud draft_Synthesized in Pure Data

video upload by Akunull

"Synthesized in Pure Data, controlled by Novation Remote sl-mkii and Korg padKontrol"

A DARK PLOT OF LAND ADPOL-AV-104 Abstract Video Eurorack Sound Design Experimental Music

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"WARNING!!! This video has fast flashing lights which can cause problems for some viewers.

Through deconstruction and reconstruction the work continuously evolves and with every new permutation offers a new message.

Sounds were performed with a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Experimental music available at

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Clown Challenge #3 - 80s Tune Challenge :Horror Wave

video upload by SynthAddict

"Maschine+ with some custom samples, making a horror soundtrack/synthwave thingy... enjoy."

Electronic Music Laboratories Electrocomp EML-101 SN 466

via this auction

"Rare, vital synth in the history of experimental music… used extensively by Pere Ubu, Patrick Cowley, Frank Zappa and many others.

Cosmetic issues - some scratches, missing compartment/cable cover, missing part of one of the front latches, case handle works but not in perfect cosmetic condition.

Let me know if you have any questions. Local pick up encouraged, could meet in Toronto, London, Ottawa or Montreal."

1970s EMS DK-1 Keyboard SN 2275

via this auction

"In great condition with cable. Pro serviced by Synths When in Toronto and in full working order."

Guinguin MME Eurorack Minimoog Clone

via this auction

See this post for some demos and additional info.

Black Doepfer MAQ 16/3 Sequencer w/ Expansion Module & Custom Knobs

via this auction

"Expansion to get full excess to MIDI CV/GATE on the front panel.

Fans of vintage analog sequencers will be glad of the MAQ16/3. It combines the creative potential of an analog sequencer with the advantages of MIDI. MAQ16/3 outputs the sequencing data both as control voltages (CV) and as MIDI events. MIDI Out of the MAQ may be connected to MIDI In of any sound generating MIDI device (Expander, Sampler, Synthesizer) or to a sequencer recording the MAQ data. Additionally 3 Control Voltage and Gate outputs are available for controlling vintage synthesizer equipment (e.g. the A-100 Analog Modular System). The main feature of the MAQ is the real time access to the sequence via 48 rotary potentiometers grouped in 3 rows of 16 dials each. All important parameters like first/last step, MIDI event type, MIDI channel, forward/backward/random/pendulum mode, gate time, tempo and so on are independently assigned to each row and can be changed in real time while the sequence is running. This enables very complex sequences. The rows may not only be used for generating note events but also other important MIDI events or for controlling the length of time for each step. Of course the MAQ allows the synchronisation via MIDI Clock, Start and Stop either as master or as slave.

Siel Mono - cool italian mono synth

via this auction

"Really cool mono synth from 70s/80s with a preset section but also a manual section glorious filter and a bunch of tasty waveforms. Has a wicked "Animator" which is just a really really nice chorus. I used this as a bass machine in studio, but has really nice lead sounds as well! Love the filter section which can get really nasty and cool sounding.

Fully functional and in nice cosmetic condition as well! The portamento has a setting when you set it on zero(no portamento) that makes it monotone sometimes? But nudge it up a millimeter and works like normal.
Company: SIEL Model: Mono
Country: Italy Weight: 7 Kg
Keyboard: 37 keys Dates: 1981
Synthesis: subtractive Technology: analog Polyphony: 1 (mono) Envelope: 1 EG ADSR Filter: Band Pass, High Pass, Low Pass, Resonance LFO: 1 modulator Effect: analog chorus Memory: 10 presets Polyphonic Gen: TDA 1022 Monophonic Gen: M110B1"

Yamaha CS01 II

via this auction

"The MKII with adjustable resonance in the filter section. Use as key tar with the strap lugs or plop in some batteries to synthesize on the road!!"

Demo in the video posted here: Yamaha CS01-II analog synthesizer review

Yamaha SK50D

via this auction

"Yamaha Symphonic ensemble, mono synth, poly synth, String ensemble and Organ in one synth. Doesnt come with the original legs or flightcase"

Yamaha SY-2 Vintage Synthesizer w/ Legs

via this auction

Waldorf M Wavetable Desktop Synthesizer w/ Original Manual

via this auction

Roland MC-202 Micro Composer w/ Original Manuals & Tape Cassette

via this auction


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