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Sunday, August 07, 2022

Korg Z1 Ambient Demos by GRANBUSLEVAR

video uploads by GRANBUSLEVAR - Official Channel.

Wingie2 listening to mechanical keyboard

video upload by Meng Qi

"Ever played music on the keyboard? Wait, I mean the one for typing. 😄 I wrote a pd program to change your computer keyboard into an Autoharp. Here's the link to download the patch:

It all started when I bought a mechanical keyboard that can joyfully produce mahjong-like sounds. Why haven't I ever tried to play music with Alphabet and numeric Keys? This idea suddenly came to my mind and here we are! The chord layout I used in the patch is designed by the autoharp virtuoso Lindsay Haisley."

Getting to know the Yamaha CS30

video upload by Hanz Volt

"When I encounter a new synth I will spend weeks and months tweaking and understanding how the machine sounds... I make all the types of sounds I know how to program and then test the extreme possibilities with whatever modulation possibilities exist. and then understand nuances of subtle parameter changes"

Blue Lantern Parallax Multimode Dual Filter - Mutable Instruments Blades w/ New Layout

via Blue Lantern:

"I recently made my own layout for the discontinued Mutable Instruments Blades filter. I changed the size of the op amps to soic. The other original tssop size op amps are impossible to get because of the chip shortage. I am currently the only one making blades available again."

Available on eBay, Reverb, and Etsy

"A great alternative to the discontinued mutable instruments blades module. This custom module is functionally identical to the original. You can achieve the same sound pallet and both filters are 1v per octave compatible.

Model: BLM Parallax Filter
Width: 18hp
Current: +150mA -140mA
PCB LEVEL: 2 STACK, Power Connector on Level 1, Skiff Compatible.

This module is a custom jacks on top, knobs on the bottom design of the discontinued mutable instruments Blades dual multi-mode filter.

Original Design by Émilie Gillet

-Dual Distortion with spectral color control

-Fully analog, based on the 2164 quad VCA chip.

-Frequency knob range: 8Hz to 18kHz.

-Audio input impedance: 30k.

-DC-coupled audio inputs.

-Filter mode CV input impedance: 50k.

-Other CV inputs impedance: 100k.

-All CV inputs handle audio-rate modulations.

The project files for this product are located on the Survival page of the blue lantern modules website."

Teraverse - Universe of Tera for iPad/iPhone

video upload by VirSyn

"Explore the vast sound universe of Tera Pro sounds with this companion App. Have access to all sounds of Tera Pro and adapt them to your taste with a couple of parameters defining the primary attributes of its defining inner structure without being distracted from the complex modular polysynth beneath. Expand Tera Pro's sound universe with the unique morphing engine capable of extruding all subtleties in between two arbitrarily chosen sounds by using the modulation wheel or dragging your finger across the onscreen keyboard. Use the dice button to beam yourself into another part of the sound universe and enter territory no one else was there before.

All sounds and fx come from Teraverse"

Tongue Pans And Strings

video upload by John L Rice

"I should have spent more time on the performances and mixing but I wanted to just get an OK recording of this idea before I move on to other backlogged projects.

The violin is from a Roland Integra7, the cello and bass are from a Mellotron M4000D. (cello is an internal Chamberlin sound and the bass is a Gino Vannelli sound on expansion card 03)

If you'd like to buy a Yudin Workshop Pulsar tongue pan check out their site:"

MiniMod Two Voice - A Polyphonic SEM-Inspired Eurorack system layout with the GEMINI 2412

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"This is just a module layout suggestion for how you might create a polyphonic SEM/Oberheim Two Voice-inspired system using the AJH Synth eurorack modular system, and in this example using a typical 6U, 84hp case.

It requires a polyphonic MIDI-CV converter to distribute the notes from a keyboard or sequencer to the two voices. However, this layout also works well when used a huge monosynth, and includes an example of a monophonic patch too. Patch notes and link to downloadable patch sheet below.

Video by DreamsOfWires

Patch Sheet Link:

Patch Notes:
This is just how I set up the system for a 6U, 84HP case, not a complete patch example with pot settings, in order to make the diagram easier to see and understand.
I've tried to loosely match the functions of the Oberheim SEM modules used in the original 'Two Voice' synth. Each SEM had a simple LFO, two Attack/Decay/Sustain envelopes, limited VCO waveform and modulation mixing, and a multimode 12dB filter.
I'm using the Glide + Noise Mk2 module to control VCO's 3 & 4, as all are connected to the CV bus on the top row, then I'm using the V-Scale as a buffered multiple to control VCO's 1 & 2 via their 1V/Oct inputs, thus bypassing the CV bus. Aside from this combo of modules fitting the case exactly, having both the Glide and the V-Scale modules became more useful when using the system to create monophonic patches, in which case all 4 VCO's would be controlled via the Glide + Noise input to the CV bus.
Modules: Glide + Noise Mk2, Vintage Transistor Core VCO x4, Contour Generators x2, Discrete Cascaded VCA x2, V-Scale, Dual LFO + VCA, Muting Mixer & VCA x2, Gemini 2412."

SONICWARE Liven XFM Shifting Ambient Textures Tutorial

video upload by ChrisLody

"Just a quickie this one while I get into the swing of making regular tutorials again, in fact it took me much longer to decide what to record today than it did to actually record it. This video shows how you can make shifting ambient textures on a Soniware Liven XFM using it's X-LFO feature with an attempt at showing how the Color setting affects morphing."

ChrisLody Liven posts

ASTROGENIC HALLUCINAUTNG live performance 080622

video upload by thenoiztemple

venue: Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art
Noiz circuit:
Monome norns - mlre
Ciat-Lonbarde Tocante Karper and Bass Bistab
1010Music BlueBox
FaderFox PC12 - controlling all the levels and FX of the BlueBox, levels of mlre

Sammich SID Sound Demo (no talking) with Empress Reverb and Erica Synths Zen Delay

video upload by Limbic Bits

Yamaha TX816 SN 69798

via this auction

Moog MiniMoog Voyager XL SN XL0167

via this auction

Vintage Oberheim Xpander Synthesizer

via this auction

"This Oberheim Xpander sounds absolutely incredible. It's fully analog and huge sounding. The encoders have been replaced so creating patches is a breeze.

Comes with the original user manual. The manual binding is broken in places. Also includes patch lists(for tapes long gone) and 2 copies of the Authorized Service Center list dated October 14th 1985."

Symbolic Sound Pacarana Sound Computation Engine for KYMA - Rackmount Synthesizer

via this auction

"I want freedom for the full expression of my personality." -- Mahatma Gandhi

E-mu Proteus MPS Plus Orchestral Synthesizer

via this auction

"Has one quirk with an easy workaround: on startup, the pitch is a half step above concert pitch. Pressing the 'MULTI' button once restores it to concert pitch, and then press 'MULTI' again to un-toggle that feature."

White Model Philips PMC 100 Synthesizer Composer SN 0033020 w/ Original Box & Manuals

via this auction

"From the designer of the SFX peripherals for the Commodore 64, came this curious little box — the Personal Media Composer (PMC) 100. It's got a Yamaha two-operator FM chip, a membrane keyboard (flat, but not capacitive like the EDP Wasp) and its most striking feature, the built-in cassette deck. This allowed you to save your compositions as either sound or data, or it could function as a Walkman or dictaphone. The PMC 100 came in black or (a much rarer) white.

The main voice is monophonic, with simple preset accompaniment rhythms (with 15 options for the rhythm's voice) controlled by the 'Gling' safe-note system. This heavily limits its potential as a solo instrument, not only because the beats are laughably thin but because the accompanying voices are fixed in their patterns.

There are 100 preset melody voices, mostly the standard Yamaha PortaSound two-op noises, but there's also a surprising amount of useable sound effects and slow, evolving (but moving in very obvious digital steps) pads. It's charming in its own incredibly lo-fi way.

The real area where it shines, though, is the step sequencer. It's visualized on an LCD screen in full stave notation with rock-steady tempo, adjustable to insane degrees! Notes can be edited in or out of the sequence at will. If this thing had MIDI out it would have become a cult classic.

Sadly, though, it was a flop in terms of sales. It's not that hard to understand why; even by the mid-eighties this thing would have been considered comical and there's little hope of understanding the architecture without a manual. Still, it's a great curio to have in any synth collection and can even be useful for some styles or when buried in a mix."

Dreadbox Nymphes 6-Voice Analog Synthesizer in Original Box

via this auction


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