MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Prophet 5 with my Nord Stage 3 - Improv Am

video upload by thesynthsofgus

"Improvising with my Prophet 5 and Nord Stage 3"

Main Theme Nile Version II 母なる大河~ヴァージョンⅡ / Kitaro 喜多郎 COVER

video upload by ltpstan

"One of my favorite tunes listening to the first 'Ancient' album. Years later, I discovered 'An Ancient Journey' with the studio version.

In this piece, I tried to recreate it faithfully, using similar instrumentation from the Korg 01/W and Logic Pro samples."

Logan String Melody II

via this auction

"This is a classic string synth that is very much like the ARP Solina, but with several more features.

The keyboard is split in the middle so that you can have a different mixture of Cello, Viola, and Violin and different Attack and Sustain settings for each section. There is also a bass oscillator and a feature called “perc” which is a deep, percussive sound like an upright bass.

it was sold under both the Logan brand name and re-badged as both a Hohner and Vox product. The Vox version was called The String Thing but still featured the Logan brand name on the back of the case."

Yamaha SY77/TG77 - "Analog Dreams" Soundset 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"FM Synthesis is Back with a second soundset for Yamaha SY77/TG77 !


The SY series synths are very complex and organic sounding.

Introducing unique 64 patches for SY series - 'Analog Dreams' soundset !

Made by Nick Klimenko, author of WS Universe pack for Korg Wavestation & Organica pack for Waldorf Blofeld.

Here you will find:
Lush & complex ambient pads, swells, drones, textures.
Great strings from JP, GX, OBX series (emulations)
Very organic solo leads with dedicated expressively
Beautiful FM bells, plucks, complex structures
Powerful Analog-like basses Moog,Juno,Prophet style
Our great “AN1X” patch created specially for this series

All patches working with MW 1&2

With passion & love to instrument.
Instruction of how to load is included.


Universal Audio UAFX Del-Verb Sound Demo (no talking) with SH-01a and MEGAfm Synthesizer

video upload by Limbic Bits

▶ Purchase Link Colors Sound Pack for SH-01a:
▶ Purchase Link MEGAfm Sound Pack for MEGAfm:

0:00 Abyss
1:46 Boarder Pad
3:04 80s Sci-Fi B-Movie Pad
4:16 Trance Arpeggio
5:32 Rave Lead
6:13 Haunted Lead
8:24 Dub Chords
10:06 Plucked FM Strings
11:31 Glitch Pad
12:26 More Dub Chords

Analogue Solutions Colossus Quartz Synthesizer Expanders

video upload by Analogue Solutions

Press release follows:

Analogue Solutions ‘splits’ Colossus AS200 Slim synth into ‘quarters’ to create Colossus AS250 Quartz range of expanders with possible piecemeal purchase

SHATTERFORD, UK: having shed some pounds off its ‘against-all-odds-created’ Colossus AS100 Classic super-synth (that took its inspirational design cues from the colossal classic personified by the rarefied Seventies-vintage Synthi 100, bravely built by British trailblazing entity EMS as one of the largest and most expensive examples ever birthed by anyone anywhere) to create Colossus AS200 Slim as a comparatively slimline version pitched as being a perfect fit for those with a little less studio space to spare or more restricted access for installation, British boutique electronic instruments innovator Analogue Solutions is proud to announce availability of Colossus AS250 Quartz as a range of add-on expanders — effectively ‘splitting’ Colossus AS200 Slim into ‘quarters’ to enhance existing Colossus systems or other modular synthesisers while also allowing for piecemeal purchase benefitting those wishing to build a complete Colossus system over time to spread the cost — as of May 2…

As a range of add-on synth expanders, each Colossus AS250 Quartz ‘quarter’ has a specific set of general features and is named accordingly: AS250-VCO — comprising a bank of 12 voltage-controlled oscillators (OSCILLATOR 1 through to OSCILLATOR 12), plus two noise generators (NOISE GENERATOR 1 and NOISE GENERATOR 2), RANDOM VOLTAGE GENERATOR, SAMPLE AND HOLD, and a 31 x 15 ANALOGUE PIN MATRIX ROUTING panel; AS250-Scope — comprising four discrete voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCA 1 through to VCA 4), four envelopes (ENVELOPE SHAPER 1 through to ENVELOPE SHAPER 4), two low frequency oscillators (LFO 1 and LFO 2), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) OSCILLOSCOPE as standard or CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) OSCILLOSCOPE optionally available, and TOUCH KEYBOARD CONTROL / SEQUENCER; AS250-VCF — comprising eight voltage-controlled filters (with FILTER 1 through to FILTER 4 each of a SEM-type 12dB multimode design and FILTER 5 through to FILTER 8 each of a Moog-type 24dB low-pass design) with an associated VCA each, four envelopes (ENVELOPE SHAPER 1 through to ENVELOPE SHAPER 4), two spring reverbs (REVERBERATIONS 1 and REVERBERATIONS 2) with three real mechanical springs each, two RING MODULATORS, two SLEW LIMITERS, and a 31 x 15 ANALOGUE PIN MATRIX ROUTING panel; and AS250-Seq — comprising a 64-step analogue SEQUENCER (capable of operating in four different playback modes), four backlit moving-coil SIGNAL METERS, two JOYSTICKS, two MULTIPLES, MAIN MIXER, and two SUB MIXERS.

Modular by nature, it goes without saying, though, that each expander in the Colossus AS250 Quartz range features extensive patching capabilities with almost all parameters connectable via dedicated 3.5mm jack sockets, which when used in combination with those 31 x 15 ANALOGUE PIN MATRIX ROUTING panels — patch using (included) 3.5mm mono mini-jack leads to/from the synth circuits themselves to any matrix channels to be used, then patch using (included) red (10 kΩ) and black (0 Ω) pins accordingly — allow signals to be easily split and sent to multiple destinations with minimal cabling. “It is impossible to test every combination of patch,” proclaims Analogue Solutions Founder Tom Carpenter, before adding: “Some patches might produce unusual but still interesting results, or you could get something not mixing or buffering in quite the way you expect — just remember this is a living analogue synth, not a giant software controller that has clinical ‘perfection’.”

Put it this way: all voice and modulation circuits involved in Colossus construction are 100% analogue; in fact, Analogue Solutions steered purposefully away from digital technology to the extent of avoiding any MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) connections — those in need can, after all, always turn to third-party MIDI-to-CV boxes or Eurorack modules — though there are, of course, digital elements to the sequencer control involved in the aforesaid AS250-Seq expander that are unavoidable. As a brief aside, it is worth noting here that classic analogue sequencers like ARP’s advanced-for- its-time Model 1601 (launched in 1976) deployed digital logic chips while the colossal EMS Synthi 100 — itself inspiring Analogue Solutions’ Colossus concept from the get-go — even featured a digital sequencer that was truly ahead of its time.

Each expander in the Colossus AS250 Quartz range is — in keeping with that Colossus concept — large scale... think large knobs controlling metal shaft potentiometers, multi-turn vernier-VCOs, and panel-dominating pin matrixes constructed from eye-wateringly expensive Swiss-made broadcast-quality signal routers. Reality has it that the Colossus concept is a no-expense-spared super-synth. Indeed, it is fair to say that high-quality-constructed synthesisers such as the ‘complete’ Colossus AS100 Classic or Colossus AS200 Slim — also art and architecture incarnate, incorporating beautifully engraved wood cabinetry creating exquisite studio furniture in itself — only come around once in a decade, or, possibly, a generation. It is, of course, also fair to say that this comes at a cost. Thanks to the timely introduction of Colossus AS250 Quartz — effectively ‘splitting’ Colossus AS200 Slim into ‘quarters’ to create a range of add-on expanders enhancing existing Colossus systems or other modular synthesisers, piecemeal purchase benefitting those wishing to build a complete Colossus system over time to spread the cost is now an option.

Limited quantities of the Colossus AS250 Quartz expander range are available to order — priced (excluding VAT and delivery) at £6,900.00 GBP (AS250-VCO); £5,500.00 GBP (AS250-Scope); £6,900.00 GBP (AS250-VCF); and £5,500.00 GBP (AS250-Seq) — directly from Analogue Solutions’ dedicated webpage here:"

Full The Pool, May 2023

video upload by Laurent Baloran

"Presentation of some sound worlds of The Pool in complete version. It is almost the final version, only the box will change without touching the organization of the panel.

The subtitles in French and English give indications on the settings."

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Honeysmack Live at Revolver Upstairs March 2023: Improvised Acid Techno Hardware Set

video upload by Honeysmack

"This was an epic live acid techno show at Revolver Upstairs on March 11, 2023. All recorded and improvised live on the dance floor, in the backroom. The audience are an essential part to all my performances — it is you 🫵🏼 who make the energy, so thank you 🙏🏼

It has been almost 25 years since I first played Revolver way back in the late 1990s. There will be a new release taken from this performance, more details soon! No computers or DJs were hurt in this performance.

❤️ Big thanks again to Camilo, Henry and all the staff at Revolver who made this happen.
🎥 Video shot and produced by Richard DeSilva
🙏🏼 Thanks to Rudeboy, Tarek, Mike Callander, Acid Safari, Chiara Kickdrum and Kevin

🎛 Gear used for this jam:
Modular synth
Roland TR-8
Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline
Elektron RYTM MkI
Elektron Octatrack MkI
Playdifferently Model1 mixer
Eventide Space and Timefactor pedals

📡 This channel is supported by my Patreon supporters who get a first look, join here: and yes I offer one-on-one tuition/lessons/coaching on how to make and perform live acid techno."

15- The Arturia MiniFreak- Oscillators: Audio In

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the "Audio In" oscillator style found on the Arturia MiniFreak."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

Snowflakes Are Dancing Tomita Bell Patch Tutorial

video upload by Synthesizer Reviews // Tips // Patch Tutorials

"Snowflakes Are Dancing

Step by step tutorial on recreating the iconic bell patch Tomita used in his version of Snowflakes Are Dancing.

Inspired by and dedicated to Isao Tomita.

Modules Needed
VCO (3)
4 Pole Low Pass Filter
Envelope Generator (2)

Droid Forge - Connecting Circuits

video upload by Der Mann mit der Maschine

"I show you how you can efficiently connect circuits with internal patch cables."

You can find additional overview videos in previous posts here.

New for disting EX - MIDI Player

video upload by Expert Sleepers

"The MIDI Player algorithm on the disting EX, new in firmware v1.20.

00:00 Introduction
03:31 Two analogue voices
06:38 Synchronisation options
10:09 Four analogue voices (ES-5 for gates)
12:36 Automatic oscillator calibration
14:33 Drum triggers
16:08 Looping patterns and synchronised file changes
20:51 MIDI output (to a Roland Sound Canvas)"

Softube Introduces the Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer

video upload by SoftubeStudios

"Discover this expert model of an industry-defining five-voice polyphonic synth from 1980 and find out how a synth that changed the face of music can change your sound.

Try Model 80 free for 20 days at"

Introducing Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer – Softube
Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer Walkthrough – Softube
Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer – Build It With Modular – Softube
Model 80 Artist Presets by Nicholas T Semrad – Softube

The industry-defining five-voice polyphonic synth from 1980
Expertly modeled for the authentic sound, interactions, and performance of the original unit
Two versions included: the instrument and five modules for Modular

It's not overstating things to say that this five-voice synthesizer changed the future. The first synthesizer with a digital microprocessor to control the analog polyphonic synth engine and store sounds, it has graced hits from superstars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, The Cars, and countless others.

With great reverence and proven modeling expertise, we captured every detail of this storied synth's circuit, interactions, and factory presets. The result is a revelation: the authentic sound, feel, and performance of an industry-defining instrument perfected for modern production. Like a prophecy from 1980 fulfilled, so cometh Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer.

And a user video by Starsky Carr:

Softube Model 80 // Sounds like a Prophet 5 to me.

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Softube Model 80 put up against a Prophet 5 Rev 4. The Model 80 appears to be based on the Prophet 5 Rev 3 - there are a couple of minor things that the Rev3 does compared to the Rev4 .. so minor I'm having difficulty remembering as I write this! This is an amazing emulation."


Nicholas Semrad's Softube Model 80 Patch Set (Demo)

video upload by Nicholas Semrad

"Here is a demo video for my available-for-purchase Softube Model 80 Patch Set. You can purchase these patches at my website, You can find the Model 80 plugin at

I've specifically made 40 patches for this set that I have both performed with live and recorded with.

**important note** These patches are for use EXCLUSIVELY with the Softube Model 80 plugin and WILL NOT work with any other hardware piece/software plugins.


Elka Twin 61 w Mod

via this auction

"It's like having 2 Elka Rhapsody in One with additional Fx and modulations."

You can find the demo for this Elka Twin at the listing and prevoiusly posted here. Studio System 88 2019 - Walnut Cabinets

via this auction

Module list below.

"A mixture of and a handful of other manufacturers. See the list of modules with more info links and and current price tag if bought from new:

The lot includes two extra 19' frames for a total of 16 extra spaces, a desktop power module, and a harness for 33 extra spaces. Basically this means, that you can expand your quest for more 5U modules in a simple 19' rack.

Also included, but not shown in the picture is the big colour-coded cable package from and the cable holder and stand, also from There are more than enough cables for any imaginable patch.

There are also a few extra modules that are currently not installed (see picture). Also extra wood screws for the system and machine screws for the racks as well as printed manuals for all modules."

Roland SH-2 - a quick tour

video upload by Stazma

"I had the chance of having this in my hands for a few weeks during one of my modular synth teaching session (more infos on that below) and couldn't resist on shooting a little demo.
This is such a good sounding little synth, master of the detuned bass.

Plus d'infos sur les formations "synthèse sonore et synthétiseurs modulaires" des Escales Buissonnières ici: //"

CC tracks

video upload by torso electronics

"T-1 also can sequence and communicate MIDI CC - Control Change messages.
This means that you have complete control over your music and can experiment with random modulation and automation lanes to create dynamic and unique patterns.

With the random modulation curve feature, you can apply it to every CC knob and create dynamic sounds. And if you need to smooth out the curves, simply use the available slew option. To access it, hold down Ctrl + Random and turn a CC knob.

The embedded automation lane, lets you save the CC values for each step. Happy sequencing!"

Joranalogue Audio Design DELAY 1 / first patch

video upload by BRiES

"DELAY 1 by Joranalogue Audio Design is a 21st century revisioning of the classic BBD delay. It sure is clean as a whistle in terms of BBD whine and this is achieved by going supersonic with the clock-rates (as far as I understand). I'm not going to list all its features right now (I'll link the webpage below) because I still need to figure out what all the inputs and outputs exactly do, which is usually the case when I post a first patch video."


video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Switching up the drum machines on this one : from the CRB Computer Drums to the more compact Eko Ritmo 20 from around 1982.

Hybrid digital / analog sounds with individual volume controls for every sound as well as some pretty groovy fill-ins - love it ❤️.
Lots of ring modulation on the CS60 this time - the aim is to get harsher textures out the synth."

Patch n Tweak
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