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OB-6 VCO analog synthesizer front panel controls + recorded direct

Published on Nov 13, 2019 Dave Bellamy

"Direct recording from OB-6 arpeggiator jam Seot 2019."

SpaceWave (Ambient Synth Music)

Published on Nov 13, 2019 RemixSample

Music Download:
Just a late night snack! Nothing major! (=^-ω-^=)

For this simple "song" I used:
Volca Bass (Arp & Noodle Lead)
Zebra 2 (Batman type arp)
Legend (Bass)
Omnisphere (Adagio Strings)
Effects: Valhalla Shimmer & SoundToys Crystallizer

Yamaha DX-100 FM Synthesizer

via this auction

Note, this is a supporting member listing.

Roland Juno-DS Awesome Multisample Update Jupiter Prophet Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Published on Nov 13, 2019 Rik Marston Official

Reverb / Ahnyxian Sound Design / Rik Marston

#rolandjunods #rolandjupiter8 #analogsynthesizersamples
"Roland Juno-DS Awesome Multisample Update"
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!*** ***No Talking!!!***

Roland really did it with the new JUNO-DS OS 2.10
and the new Tone Editor allowing us to make Multisamples!
FLASH has been expanded to 64mb so you can make a ton
of ONE SHOT samples & place them (Vocals, hits, drums, fx, etc)
across the keyboard or do it like me, use high quality long
stereo samples from your favorite vintage & modern synthesizers!
Here are a few examples of the MULTISAMPLE feature in action.
I have loaded a few different multi examples from my
.WAV sample collections and really made the JUNO-DS SING!
Custom Strings from the Roland Juno-106, Roland Jupiter-8,
Sequential Prophet-6 and Sequential Circuits Six-Trak!
Thank you Roland for this new upgrade, I can now play out my
favorite samples of my favorite synths right from my JUNO-DS!
Best part is, THEY SOUND GREAT!!!!!!

Recorded into Ableton LIVE with no extra FX! ;)

Thank you for watching!

Kawai K1m Digital Synthesizer SN 194323 w/ 2 DC-8 Memory Cards

via this auction

"Includes 1 Kawai Brand K1m Digital Synthesizer Module, 2 DC-8 Kawai Brand Card RAM Memory Cards, 1 " Alden Wire and Cable" MIDI cable, 1 "Sound/Flex" Sound Jack Cable and 1 Kawai Brand Model PS-121U Power Supply."

How does the Waldorf Kyra Sound? - 11 Custom Patches [No Talking]

Published on Nov 10, 2019 Marshal Arnold

"How does the Waldorf Kyra Sound? - 11 Custom Patches [No Talking]

Tonight I play through 11 custom patches I've created with the Waldorf Kyra VA Synthesizer, with no talking. All sounds were created from scratch on the Waldorf Kyra starting from Init. All effects are from the Waldorf Kyra itself, no external processing was done, these are single timber patches performed in real time. All sounds from the Waldorf Kyra have been recorded via the USB connection to a Windows PC into Ableton Live @ 4800kHZ."

Waldorf Kyra - 6 Part Multi - "Maximum Effort" [Full Track]

Published on Oct 22, 2019 Marshal Arnold

"Tonight I debut a 6 part multitimbral tune created with 6 timbers from the Waldorf Kyra streaming via 8 channels through the USB connection into Ableton Live. All 6 Kyra patches are custom patches made by me. I used percussion from the Roland Cloud including the TR-909 and TR 808. I also used a moded kick from Kick 2 and a single synth line from Omnisphere 2.

For arpeggiators I used the BlueARP plugin. Effects were part from the Kyra and part 3rd party effects. Some Kyra synth timbers were routed into Ableton dry and layered with delay, reverb and sidechain within Ableton.

This performance was done to demo some sounds and abilities of the Waldorf Kyra in a studio setting, I hope you enjoy the Kyra demo!"

verstaerker & A\head "March of the Carnivores"

Published on Nov 13, 2019 verstaerker

New release from supporting member, verstaerker, & A\head.

Shasta Cults Self Titled Release Featuring the Buchla Touché

Pre-order on black and clear vinyl at IMPREC, and digital at BandCamp.

"Wonderful to hear such beautiful, billowing sound clouds emanating from the legendary Touché." - David Rosenboom

Shasta Cults is the musical project of Canadian electronics technician Richard Smith. For almost two decades, Smith was the official Buchla & Associates repair tech for studios, collectors, and musicians around the world. Having worked for artists such as Aphex Twin, Suzanne Ciani, Morton Subotnick and institutions such as The Library of Congress and Mills College, Smith has had the unique experience of restoring and interacting with nearly every model of Buchla instrument constructed over the past 50 years.

Recorded over the span of three months in the fall of 2018, this album was programmed using the only fully functional Buchla Touché. Developed in the early 1980s with hardware by Donald Buchla and software programmed by musician David Rosenboom, the Touché features waveforms generated internally by twenty-four digital oscillators and uses frequency modulation along with sophisticated digital and analog signal processing to produce complex timbres.

This LP is a continuation of themes first heard on Configurations, with more consideration given to the generation and recording of the pieces. The album's six tracks – a collection of sonic experiments and hypnotic drones – span almost forty minutes, showcasing not only the incredible fidelity of the Touché but also Smith's evolution as an audio engineer.

Put on some headphones, find a comfortable chair, and let this LP transport you to the mystifying southern cascades of Siskiyou County.

RIYL: ELEH, Sarah Davachi

released November 13, 2019

Programmed, recorded and mastered by Shasta Cults - Fall 2018
Artwork by IMPREC

all rights reserved

Moog Matriarch v1.1.0 Firmware Update Adds

via Moog Music

"New firmware for Matriarch is now available for download. Matriarch firmware v1.1.0 is a minor update with new additions to Matriarch's parameters, as well as bug fixes.

New Features

Latched arp now allows duplicate notes (like an on-the-fly sequencer).

Added new global parameter (4.7) that enables/disables the sequencer RANDOM mode from repeating steps: CO = allows repeats (default), DO = do not allow repeats.

Implemented MIDI CC 84 Portamento Control response (allows tied notes to be specified via MIDI).

Changed Behaviors

Arpeggiator swing setting is maintained between power-cycles.

Ratchet LED will now always light up to register key press, even while in step edit mode.

ARP/SEQ clock output mode (global parameter 2.2) now defaults to "only when playing"

Modulation Oscillator square wave polarity defaults to bipolar (now consistent with manual).

Arp MIDI Output Mode default setting is now consistent with documentation in the manual.

Ensoniq SQ-80 Cross Wave Synthesizer

via this auction

"Pristine condition SQ-80. Battery notification comes on then goes away. Cartridge included."


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