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Saturday, April 13, 2024

AUDIOKIT'S NERD SYNTH A2X vs Clavia's Nord Lead A1

video upload by MATTHEW FECHER

Follow-up to Electronisounds Audio's video posted here. The app is now available.

"Does it sound close? It’s only a $5 app! Nerd Synth is not a hardware clone & has no affiliation with Nord/Clavia. Nerd Synth should be thought of as a brand new synth, reimagined for mobile! But it can sound similar..."

Nerd Synth App - Behind the Scenes and Features

video upload by MATTHEW FECHER


"With Nerd Synth, you’ll have access to all 40+ of the classic lead A1 waveforms, a noise generator, and a range of filters, envelopes, and modulation sources that allow you to create a wide variety of sounds, from bright and cutting leads to deep basses and lush pads. Plus, with a variety of effects like reverb, delay, and distortion, ring modulator, and super fm drop, you can add even more depth and character to your sounds.

Nerd Synth is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a knob-per-function layout that allows for quick and easy sound shaping. And with a variety of presets and the ability to save your own custom presets, you’ll never run out of inspiration for your music.


• On board “Record” button – Easily record your melodies, and crazy sound fx, then export. No other apps needed.
• Works with a MIDI Keyboard


• “SUPER FM” wild pitch drop controls! Modeled after digital VA-Synths, complete with vintage digital aliasing for old-school vibe!
• Crazy aggressive RING MODULATOR distortion – It’s like robots talking, or fighting. You decide.

64-voice, Retro VA-Synth
Advanced Synth Engine (including PWM and 40+ waveform shapes).
FX: Glorious Reverb, Analog Tape Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Crush, and more.
3 LFOs, over 70+ possible destinations, almost everything can be modulated! LFOs can even modify other LFOs Dual Assignable Touch Pads!
Classic Arpeggiator! Hardware-style Arp, with extra features
Vintage-style Step Sequencer that can be routed to specific oscillators
ADSR for Amp & Filter Envelope!
Standalone app & iOS AUv3 Plugin


-= Create Nord-style Super Saws =-
Four-voice Unison with the tap of a button
3 different algorithms: Regular, HYPER, and BEAST!
BTW, this is not a hardware clone, it’s a completely new synth. The app is inspired by the sound of the A1 with the knob-per-function control of the NL1 & NL2.

Plus, we gave it some RAW MODERN POWER."

Void & Vista: FOLDS

video upload by VOID & VISTA

Void & Vista: FOLDS Playthrough (No Talking)

video upload by VOID & VISTA

"A tour of some of the sounds available in Void & Vista's new vocal sound design instrument, FOLDS."

Void & Vista: FOLDS - Walkthrough

video upload by VOID & VISTA

Press release follows:

VOID & VISTA announces availability of FOLDS as intimate yet expansive boutique VI for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT platform and NKS-compatible devices

“I’m fascinated by the human voice, so anything that lets me use it in ways I’ve not heard before is a must; FOLDS can either sit amongst real voices, generating a unique and complex — yet subtle — character, or it can drive a piece up front with its own very performable and programmable settings.”
- GRAMMY-, BMI-, and World Soundtrack Awards-winning film composer David Arnold (Casino Royale, Godzilla, Independence Day), 2024

LONDON, UK: cutting-edge contemporary music-orientated virtual instrument creator VOID & VISTA is proud to announce availability of FOLDS — formulated as an intimate yet expansive boutique virtual instrument for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT platform and NKS-compatible devices, based upon the human voice and its creator’s award-winning sound design engine — as of March 28…

Creatively combining expressive, characterful, and unique sampling with powerful sound design features and an inspiring UI (User Interface) to offer 32 sound sources anchored around expressive vocal articulations and textures, both real and imagined, FOLDS is ideally suited to contemporary media composers, production music writers, and sound designers alike. And thanks to the variety of emotive textures that it offers, electronic music producers and artists across multiple genres can clearly expand their toolbox, too.

That being said, then, FOLDS’ bespoke collection of carefully curated male and female vocalist articulations incorporate soft and hard arrhythmic expressions; weaving and wavering vowels; broken reversed hums; evocative vocalisations designed for bass; sound effects; and more.

For FOLDS also features an inspiring collection of effect sounds, such as reverse granulations, as well as re-synthesised, deconstructed, and synthetically processed sounds using Eurorack modular, effect pedals, and tape machine manipulations. Sampled synth waveforms taken from a collection of analogue hardware are also featured.

FOLDS’ 32 sound sources can be layered, sculpted, and effected using a deep, two-layer sound design engine that includes multimode filters; dual motion LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators); six envelopes; customisable LOFI effect; three-stage parallel CHARACTER effects (with presets and user impulse response import); and dedicated REVERB and DELAY in the SPACE section. Such sound design power is available to all via an inspiring and intuitive UI with over 150 controls — including access to a custom MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) mapping page and dedicated send effects — designed to keep users focused on making music.

Moreover, FOLDS comes complete with a vast collection of over 300 preset snapshots organised locally for ease of use; all have pre-assigned mod wheel and/or aftertouch modulation mappings for jaw-dropping sound manipulation and adding musical expression... evidenced by award-winning film composer David Arnold’s understandably uncurbed enthusiasm!

FOLDS is initially available to purchase for 20% off with the FOLDSLAUNCH20 discount code that is valid until May 8, 2024 — rising thereafter to its regular price of £129.00 GBP — as a KONTAKT PLAYER- and NKS-compatible AAX-, AU-, and VST-formatted virtual instrument plug-in featuring 4.5 GB of samples that is compatible with all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) running on macOS 11 or above — natively compatible with Apple Silicon — and Windows 10/11 directly from the dedicated product webpage here:

Sn FM synth - solo

video upload by DecadeBridge

"Sn is a lofi FM synthesiser that can produced a wide range of tones, textures and noise. This video demonstrates some of the sounds when operating alone.

It features 7 algorithms, with 3 different pitch settings for each. Controls for Carrier pitch, modulator pitch(es) and FM amount. Each control also has a CV input and a trigger/gate input is available to change algorithms. The output is run through a passive LPF that turns into a LPG when the passive VCA is on and a CV signal is received at the VCA's input."

via DecadeBridge on Etsy

"Sn is a lofi FM synthesiser capable of a wide range of sounds.

7 FM Algorithms each with 3 different pitch settings.
The algorithm selection can also be stepped using a trigger/gate signal.

Carrier pitch with CV input.
Modulator pitch(es) with CV input.
FM Amount control with CV input.

The output is run through a 3 position passive LPF which turns into a Low pass gate when the VCA switch is down and a CV signal is connected to the VCA input.

Knob style and knob/button colour may vary depending on stock.
A connector for a 9 volt battery is included with Sn. Sn can also run off a 9V !!CENTRE POSITIVE!! WALL ADAPTOR.

Designed and built by hand in Cheshire England"

Friday, April 12, 2024

Shuffle Trip 🔀 (Elektron Digitone + Particle + Deco // Korg Drumlogue // Sequential Take 5)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"This track starts with a PAD sound sequenced and played by the Elektron Digitone (Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer). I then enable the Doubletracker effect (on the Strymon Deco 2 tape simulation pedal) and unmute 2 other tracks on the Digitone, playing a LEAD and CHIMES sounds.

Enters the Korg Drumlogue (analog and digital drum machine) with some DRUMS (I used only one drum pattern where I made use of STEP probability to add some variations to the pattern).

And finally the BASS line played by the Sequential Take 5, sequenced by one MIDI track of the Digitone. In order to create this beefy dirty BASS sound, I use the onboard OVERDRIVE and DISTORTION effect of the synth! 😎🤘 The BASS line is also playing in triplets to add an odd groove to the track (it wasn't so easy to program on the Digitone MIDI track as I needed to shift each notes off the grid manually 😅).

Hope you'll enjoy!"

Behringer UB-Xa - Custom Sounds - Sonorous Vol.2

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds

"Patches will be available at or

Excited to announce the release of Sonorous Volume.2 for the UB-Xa and what a great synth it is too. Full of the usual carefully programmed lush pads, keys, basses, leads, Strings and more.

I have had quite a few requests to make my banks smaller to allow people to buy the patches in stages, so Volume.1 is also just complete and live on the Site,

The entire of Vol.1 and Vol.2 are using UB-Xa Atrophy setting No 1 - Ue/XW so no need to change any settings. I supply my voice panning settings in the pack instructions, but that can be changed to suit the users taste :)"

MJ’s “Thriller” Monster Growl Bass | Synth Breakdown

video upload by Anthony Marinelli

"Join me for a detailed breakdown of how to create the Monster Growl Bass from Michael Jackson's iconic song "Thriller". I programmed this big "phat" swooping bass sound on a Minimoog Model D synthesizer while in the room with Michael, album producer Quincy Jones, songwriter Rod Temperton and keyboard player Greg Phillinganes. We'll get into all the settings that you'll need to know whether you have a hardware synth or plug-in. Also, the techniques I discuss about creating sounds can be applied to any style of music.
This sound occurs only one time in the song (at the end of the bridge) but serves as an important example about thinking dramatically when arranging and orchestrating. Rod Temperton employed this mind set when orchestrating and arranging throughout the Thriller album. Every sound serves a specific function that's related to the sound(s) before it and that's related to the listeners emotions. This is key lesson I learned working with Quincy and Rod. In this case the Monster Growl Bass is a one-time featured sound that kicks off the ever elevating and evolving 2nd half of the song."

00:00 Intro
00:23 Sweep Effect using Glide
01:15 Pitch - Oscillators
02:42 Timbre - Filter
05:55 Duration - Amplifier
06:14 Keyboard Control Voltage
07:34 Recap
07:56 Arrangement & Orchestration
08:42 Thriller Re-Creation Video with Greg Phillinganes
09:13 Visit the Website
09:21 L & S
09:36 Outro (music)
09:52 AMM Logo (music continues)

OPERATION_1 - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yuri Wong

video upload by Isotonik Studios

MACROS DEMO - OPERATION_1 - Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Yuri Wong

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"The OP-1 has long been a device of creative inspiration, and now those sounds can be accessed directly on the Circuit Tracks, in a set of 128 patches emulating 8 of the OP-1’s iconic engines:

Cluster, Digital, DNA, Dr Wave, DSynth, String, FM, Phase & Pulse

The goal while creating OPERATION_1 was to get maximum musical expressiveness for the patches, with the original sounds as the starting point. Each Circuit sound was crafted to be as close to the OP-1 patch as musically possible. For movements or textures where the Circuit Tracks engine couldn’t emulate, effort was made to make it come as close as the Circuit engine would allow, yet still maintain the usefulness of the sound i.e. to make it as functional and creatively inspiring as possible for music creation.

Here’s what’s in OPERATION_1:

- 128 OP-1 Patches, Recreated by an OP-1 Connoisseur -

Immerse yourself in the distinctive sounds of the OP-1, accurately reproduced for your Circuit. Each patch is crafted and A/B-ed with the original OP-1 for maximum authenticity. You can now explore the spectrum of inspiring OP-1 sounds within the Circuit.

- 8 Macros for Limitless Tweakability -

Tweak and transform your sounds with 8 carefully programmed macros in every patch, allowing you to shape each sound to suit any creative vision. Every individual patch has it’s own unique response to the Macros, programmed specifically for that sound. Find your own unique sounds, spark ideas and break out of creative ruts.

- 64 Original Drum Sounds -

Inspired by the creative kits on the OP-1, these kicks, snares, hats and percussion are crafted with versatility in mind, covering basics and beyond.

- 16 Demo Projects -

Two projects demos per ‘engine’ for each of the eight engines, to showcase the versatility of the sounds and to inspire ideas for your own tracks.

Why Choose This Pack?

Crafted by a Specialist: Yuri Wong has created many popular tracks with the OP-1. The iconic stock sounds of the OP-1 have taken many months of work to be meticulously recreated for the Circuit.
Made for Exploration: Each of the 8 macros are customised for every patch, allowing for ‘tweak and listen’ sonic discovery — perfectly in-line with the ‘no-screen’ philosophy of the Circuit.
A Synth Upgrade: Transform your Circuit into a synth powerhouse, with sounds rivalling the best out there.
Experience the magic of OP-1 sounds on your Novation Circuit. Discover the joy of exploration and get your musical inspiration flowing.


Deep Techno & Electronica - Elektron Octatrack Sound Pack by A Force Truly Evil

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"64 drum and percussion sounds that cover the territory you'd expect, deep kicks and techy snare drums, 909 and 808 clones, plus a selection of electronic and acoustic percussion.

32 Synth waveforms:
With Octatrack shaping tools can obtain multiple variations of each wave. Raw sonic material like basic sawtooth, sine waves and pulses, sub basses, hard-edged digital sounds, along with more complex waveforms like atmospheres, pads, textures and synth chords.

8 One shot bass samples.
16 One shot Dub chords.
8 Loop samples: Four drum loops and four synth loops. All can be adjusted for pitch and tempo. Loops can be sliced and diced to use individual notes or isolated drum hits, or to have multiple instruments in a single track.
6 Sample chains to have all samples grouped in a single slice track: Dub Chords, Bass samples, Kicks, Snares, Hi hats, Percusions.
40 Patterns covering Deep Techno, atmospheric Dub Techno, Ambient, Electronica...
Each pattern includes several scenes associated with the crossfader for dynamic pattern variations.
All samples except loops are in the key of C.
Wav files are provided so that you can use the samples with your favourite DAW.


Behringer UB-Xa - Custom Sounds - Sonorous Vol.1

video upload by

"Patches will be available at or

Excited to announce the release of Sonorous Volume.1 for the UB-Xa and what a great synth it is too. Full of the usual carefully programmed lush pads, keys, basses, leads, Strings and more.

I have had quite a few requests to make my banks smaller to allow beople to buy the patches in stages, so Volume.2 is also Complete and Live on the Site, Video for Vol.2 to follow.


© Scott McAuley. All rights reserved.
#patches #custom #ubxa"

Roland D-550 Linear Synthesizer Rackmount D50 Synthesizer Module SN 845748

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this listing

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"1988 Roland D-550 Linear Synthesizer unit. This is a rackmount version of the classic D-50 synth from the 80's. This unit uses a combination of 8-bit PCM samples and Linear Arithmatic Synthesis, with subtractive-style synthesis and low-pass-resonant filters. The unit also has built-in chorus and reverb. Great for creating beautiful and ethereal pad sounds.

Tested and in great working condition. Includes 2-prong AC power cable. Backlight is dim, but still functioning."

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Two Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiters w/ MPG-80 Programmer

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this listing

"This is an analogue dream machine: TWO Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter rackmounts (each basically a rackmounted, 8-voice Jupiter) plus the MPG-80 programmer to control them via knobs and sliders. One MKS-80 is already a dream synth; two together becomes really quite stunning.

For example: split or layer sounds on your keyboard while retaining full 8-voice polyphony. Combine completely different sounds, focusing one on weight and depth and the other on air and high-end, for textures a single MKS-80 can't reproduce. Pan the two machines across the stereo field and spread their soundscapes as wide as you like – again, impossible on just one unit.

And, perhaps most powerfully, with the MPG-80 attached to the first MKS-80, and a MIDI cable running between both units, you can program both simultaneously – which lets you create the same patch on both machines, and then further tweak, edit or detune it on just one of them for an absolutely MONSTROUS depth of sound.

This set-up is insane. If you turn on Unison mode, you are stacking 32 analogue VCOs at once! (I've tried this and it sounds gorgeous...)

Programming is super easy on the MPG: you can dial up all the analogue classic sounds in no time at all. PWM pads, sync leads, pulse basses, big thick brass and string patches... it's all here, plus (with the high-pass filter) plenty of ethereal washes, bell tones and all kinds of cool stuff. Having two units working together makes for instant and very powerful detuning, lending natural chorus whenever you want it.


One unit is a Rev4 (serial #501xxx) and the other is a Rev5 (serial #563xxx). There are subtle sonic differences between the two, which makes combining them even more effective :-)


Both MKS-80s and the MPG are in excellent cosmetic shape from the front, but have different amounts of wear on the main chassis. The Rev4 unit is in great cosmetic shape all over, but the Rev5 has significant scratches on the top and sides (but not on its front) – this is detailed in the final six photos. The MPG is excellent all over. Do check the photos for yourself: of course, none of the body wear is visible when the unit is racked. There are some very small scuffs on the front fascias. All units work perfectly, with the MPG talking to the MKSs seamlessly and all front-panel operations working without a hitch.

The original non-backlit LCD displays (impossible to read in low light) have been replaced on both units with vintage amber OLED displays, which match the onboard LEDs and make seeing what you're doing a lot easier! The 10th photo shows the units in low light so you can see how they look..."

► Dark & Dirty / Fragile & Broken ► 3.0 sound design on Polybrute (NEW CUSTOM PRESETS / PATCHES).

video upload by Jexus (

"My thoughts & info:

You will receive all the sounds that you hear in all my demos plus extra. This is 213 patches / presets in total. Every preset has two sounds / layers in it (morphable A & B). You will also get all the sequences that I play (they are stored as patch data). I did not use the Motion Recorder so you can use it for your own purposes. You must have firmware ver 3.0 or higher on your Polybrute to load this soundset. The fancy / artsy names of the performances that you see in my Youtube videos are often too long to fit in the synth’s display so all my presets will be named 'WCOG'.

I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, reverbs, noises and other effects are part of the Polybrute engine / mod matrix. However, I used some EQ-ing on a few sounds."


video upload by Synth Cloud

Part 1 here

🚀 TRIGONY Vol.1:

"Discover a meticulously crafted collection of 50 new sounds curated to elevate your compositions with the Sequential Trigon. Immerse yourself in a diverse array of sonic landscapes, featuring ethereal soundscape pads, classic pads, dynamic progressive leads, versatile powerful leads suitable for any musical genre, and industrial tones. Each sound is intricately designed to enhance your music production, providing precision, versatility, and creativity to enrich your compositions."

Using synth sounds from 1967 on your MicroFreak!

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is part three of a six-part demonstration of the placement and use of samples from a 1967 Moog 900 Series modular on the incredibly versatile Arturia MicroFreak!"

1967 Moog 900 Series

DAWLess Mini Synth JAM | J-6 & JX-08 | Volca Beats | Midicake ARP

video upload by midicake

"A friend lent me some little Roland synthesizers to try out with Midicake ARP. They are both packed with good sounds and very playable. For that Mid-80s vibe, they really shine.

I'm not that taken with the J-6 sequencer but, given its size, it still packs a lot in. Once you disable the in-built sequencers, however, driving them with ARP makes for a brilliantly compact tabletop setup!

And, of course, ARP opens up possibilities that just can't be achieved any other way. Who needs Astrolab!? ;)"

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Roland System 100 Synthesizer - Ideation : Syntrail across the east

video upload by S R DHAIN

"The Syntrail carries on down the path, following this video : [below]

I reprogrammed the sequencer, and both lead and bass sounds to be reflective of the internal (mental & emotional) and external changes (climate, terrain, etc) that occur during a long journey."

The Roland System 100 Synthesizer - Ideation: 'syntrail across the east' #modularsynth #synthjam

video upload by S R DHAIN

"As the title suggests, it's a trek across (synth) lands & sands. The sequencer is consistently playing in non 4:4 time due to bank B's pots set to give it a twist in the timing tale/ tail.

the 101 keyboard provides bass duties (as sequenced by the 104 & transposed by its own keyboard) & the 102 provides the richly modulated Eastern- lead like sound, played from the 101's keyboard."

One Of The STRANGEST Synth's Of The 1970's - EML SYNKEY

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Today we went to Studio 2 At Willem Twee Studio's
Download the Sounds from this video to be used as samples here :-"

See the Willem Twee Studio label below for more.


video upload by KurtzMindfields

Follow-up to this post.

"Presentation of the SYNTHR10 prototype!
10-channel polyphonic analog synthesizer (20 VCO, 20 VCF)
Here are the first 8 sounds we created, no additional effects added (but there will be 2 times 8 effects soon)
1/ Evolution pad: aftertouch on resonance, LFO on wheel,
2/ Stereo poly pad: aftertouch on last note, stereo spread channels
3/ Synth Strings: a kind of strings machine, with the sub VCO on an expression pedal! (footswitch) and release on modwheel
4/ Synth Brass: Glide, aftertouch on LFO, filter on wheel
5/ Synth Mono: 8-channel unison, detune on modwheel, Aftertouch LFO
6/ In The Square : Bi timbral nice pad (with great melody) with LFO on Modwheel
7/ Synth Clav : a kind of Clavinet, using PWM cross modulation, add Drive at the end
8/ P5 pad : A kind of prophet legendary pad!

See you at Synthfest France!"

Novation Super Bass Station Custom Sound Demo (No Talking)

video upload by soitgoesmusic

"A demo of the Novation Super Bass Station. This 1U rack synth packs some 303 and MiniMoog sounds into a small package.

Patches programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the synth. Each part is from one patch only. There is no multi-tracking on any part.

- Fully analog
- Small 1U rack footprint
- Has 2 filter settings to emulate the classic 303 (12db) and MiniMoog (24db) sounds

- Lacks the low-end one would expect from a bass synth
- Overall sound is a little flat
- Build quality is only satisfactory"

Novation Drumstation - Custom Kits Demo (No Talking)
video upload by soitgoesmusic

"A demo of the OG 808 and 909 emulator: the Novation Drumstation. This is the version 2. Wanted to show the versatility of the machine.

Kits programmed and played by No effects added. What you hear is direct from the drum machine.

- well emulated 808 and 909 sounds in a small 1U rack unit
- adds tuning to some drums that originals don't have
- built in distortion and front cut

- no on-board sequencer
- no power switch"

The Lord Skywave

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.


You can find a demo of one previously posted here, and a small advert here.

"After 28 years of auctions, VEMIA finally has a Jeremy Lord Synthesisers Skywave as an item. And it's not just a fantastically rare and collectable thing to look at, either. Dani at Hideaway has put all her knowledge and experience and many, many hours into restoring it, and it not only looks great but sounds great too.
Debuted in 1977 but only released in its final form in 1978, it aimed to be different from the run-of-the mill monosynths out there, and certainly succeeded. Dani did a very nice demo while she was finishing servicing it, and it shows the versatility and charm of the machine well: .

Thanks to its built-in case and lid, internally it is in pretty wonderful condition for a 47-year-old, complete with the best name graphics of any synth ever.

The case itself shows its age but is decent and solid - even if one piece (with TOP scrawled on it) seems wrong. Dani believes she found a faint '6' inside the unit, and suspects that is the actual serial number (out of the generally believed 10). As an early independent design, it has some failings and unfinished parts of the project - the programmer, and the fact that it has a variable-angle back case, but no Minimoog-like prop to hold it up. Dani used a metal rod. Were the five slits in the casing next to the power supply meant to be part of a variable prop system that was never completed - or is it just a vent? The inside of the case where the main section rests when the case is shut looks messy, too, with odd bits of padding.

The Z-axis control, wiring and chrome shaft assembly on the 3-axis modulation joystick had been broken and botched beyond belief into the original yoke, so a similar one from the same era was sourced and retrofitted.

The A-Z book entry mentions safety concerns, but this design seems to have been improved from the original, and seems as safe as any typical small-scale manufactured electrical item of this age. AS ALWAYS, REMEMBER THE SAFETY DISCLAIMER AND SEEK QUALIFIED ADVICE. 220-240V - just use an IEC lead for your UK/EU/Australia etc country - or if you will need a stepdown transformer remind us to add a UK IEC lead. ***The owner (who has owned it for 20 years or more, and looked after it well) has pointed out to me that for something as incredible as this, the description sounds negative in parts. Typical me. It is an amazing, exciting synth, as well as being phenomenally rare, and it's worthy of a much more positive description than I have given.***"


Patch n Tweak
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