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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Disassembling, Cleaning, and Programming a Waldorf Blofeld

Published on Sep 22, 2016 Synthesizer Video Service

"My device is around 6.5 years old. Be sure to check if your guarantee is still valid and don't open it if so.

Check out my music:"

[tutorial] Disassembling Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer
[tutorial] Cleaning Waldorf Blofeld Encoders
[demo] Sound Programming on Waldorf Blofeld

Behringer DeepMind 12 Augmented Reality Launch - Sheffield

Published on Oct 4, 2016 BEHRINGER

"Behringer launch the world's first augmented reality synth interface at Synthfest in Sheffield UK"

Erica Synths Event at Control Voltage, Portland Set for October 15

via @controlvoltage

"PSyCHED for this!!! Saturday, October 15: @ericasynths will be in-store demoing their gear featuring the Pico series presented by @kodek4444 and the Fusion series presented by Girts. Also, there will be a raffle!"

Follow-up to this post.


via this auction

Metroid - Brinstar (Analog Synth remake)

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Luminist

"I wanted to find out what the original NES Metroid soundtrack would be like if it was remade with REAL synths, 80s style.

All sounds were generated with a Korg MS20 Mini, then processed with some juicy studio effects to make things more atmospheric.

Original composition by Hirokazu Tanaka - any credit goes to him for writing such an immersive soundtrack in the first place!!"

Ansible Meadow+Cycles

Published on Oct 4, 2016

"Monome Ansible in Meadow and Cycles modes."

Roland TR-09 and TB-03 Sync Tested by Innerclock Systems

Long time readers of MATRIXSYNTH will be familiar with Innerclock Systems' litmus tests. For those of you not familiar with Innerclock Systems, they pretty much are the authority when it comes to sync. They manufacture a number of dedicated hardware sync boxes. Well, they just took the new Roland TR-09 and TB-03 through their paces. You can find the results here. I won't ruin the results for you, but I will quote their take on the sound of the units compared to the originals:

"We only had 24 hours with these new toys from Roland. This post is primarily focused on timing and external sync performance but I had a few other observations. They sound great. Really. I’ve given up on the 1:1 audio comparisons with the originals because they are just so close. Being over 30 years old and analogue (hats and cymbals excluded on the TR-909) virtually every TR-909 and TB-303 sound slightly different anyway. In a mix or over a PA it’s never going to be an issue. These are light years ahead of the MC-303/MC-505/MC-909 period of the late 90′s thankfully."


Published on Oct 4, 2016 Cray

Buchla 200e

Roland Boutique TB-03, TR-09 & VP-03 Demo

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Synthtopia

"At Knobcon 2016, we talked with Peter from Roland about their new Boutique boxes: the TB-03 baseline synth, TR-09 drum machine & VP-03 Vocoder."


Published on Oct 4, 2016 Ebotronix

"Modular Synthesizer, Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Clavia D Drum 4 se, Moog Taurus 2 Bass
- ~ +

Pitch Quantizing With Ornament & Crime

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"We've spent a lot of time with the Ornament & Crime. One of the more popular uses for the module is as a pitch/cv quantizer in Quantermain mode, shifting voltages to more harmonious scales."

Waldorf Microwave XT 2000 "Orange Peel" Aluminum SN 1107309300

via this auction

Custom Painted Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Desktop Minus Front Panel Graphics

via this auction

"The look has been modified and well painted as pictured."

Odd seeing it w/o the standard front panel graphics. Almost looks like a Shruthi with extra knobs and minus the buttons!

live modular techno : See you soon mr Child

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Maxime F

"Testing the patch for next saturday : I will open for Surgeon @la belle éléctrique / grenoble ;)"

Dave Smith Instruments "In the Spotlight with the Prophet 12" with Melissa Mattey

As a follow-up to the "In the Spotlight with the Pro 2" series, DSI has launched a new "In the Spotlight with the Prophet 12" interview series. You can find the first with Melissa Mattey here.

"In a town known for its strong work ethic and an overabundance of world-class musicians, Melissa Mattey may be one of the hardest-working creative talents in Nashville. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, with a focus on synthesis and recording, Melissa deftly juggles three careers without missing a beat. By day she’s an in-demand mix and recording engineer for a broad array of artists including Van hunt and Cam. By night she’s synthesist and composer for the electro-ambient trio Everyone Moves Away. And the rest of the time she’s handling keyboard chores and producing records for Indie favorites, Elliot Root. Did we mention that she tours with both of the aforementioned bands, as well?

We caught up with Melissa in a rare free moment."

You can find previous posts featuring DSI's Spotlight series here.

Suzanne Ciani to Perform with Alessandro Cortini & Mark Verbos Saturday at Machines in Music, NY

via @ctrl_mod

"Come see Suzanne Ciani perform Saturday w/ @blindoldfreak @markverbos part of @machinesinmusic @knockdowncenter"

"Machines in Music is a free two-day modular synthesizer exhibition that brings together users and makers for hands-on exploration, discussions, and performance. Last year’s conference hosted 24 modular synthesizer companies from around the world, attracting the attention of beginners and experienced synthesizer users alike. This year’s event is co-curated by Verbos Electronics and Control, and will allow even more participants to meet industry professionals and test out new modules."

Novation Circuit - Deep House

Published on Oct 4, 2016 RemixSample

"Three Deep House Beats on the Novation Circuit"

ARP Odyssey vs. Minimoog ROUND 2: The Rematch!

Published on Oct 4, 2016 mootbooxle

"Thank you, everyone, for your comments on the ARP Odyssey vs. Minimoog Funk Bass Face-Off! I decided that it would be a good idea to do another round with a more even comparison - the sounds are not 100% identical, but they're closer, and I basically played the same bass line on both synths (although I got carried away with the Moog ;P). To further level the playing field, the Odyssey was using the Mk2 (Moog clone) filter, and I defeated the envelope retriggering by patching Gate Out to Trig In to duplicate the Minimoog's legato response.

Which one did you like better?"

Part 1 here.


Published on Oct 4, 2016 zack dagoba

"An exploration into additive synthesis on the 1982 OSC Oscar duophonic synth. I created a few simple harmonics and played two layers in duo phonic mode, so there are 4 voices with each pair going through a digital delay line (BEL BD80). I then added a long reverb using the Lexicon 224

The video is made by me filming the sound going through an oscilloscope then messing it up with a vintage video mixer

See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot...."

Audio Damage Proton ADM17 Eurorack Module Demo

Published on Oct 4, 2016 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2016

Here it is, the new Proton Eurorack Module ADM17 from Audio Damage. There's already some good videos on what it is and how to use it. In this demo I get right to making noise, patching, and scratching the surface of this Karplus Strong synth voice and/or delay effects module. There is a wide range of sounds from fat basses, plucked banjo, delay feedback madness, and more.

Gate and sequences come from Arturia Beatstep. Some of the patching sources I use here: LFO and oscillator at slow rate, Sample/Hold, Glide. I also run the sound through a Doepfer SEM module, there's no rules here. Audio recorded direct to Tascam DR-05."

You can find Chris Randall of Audio Damage's overview here.

Sequential Circuits Pro One vintage mono synth

via this auction

Roland Juno 6

via this auction

Roland JUPITER-4 JP-4 Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Future Retro XS Semi Modular Analog Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

Replacement Displays for Synths

You'll find them listed here.

Note there are far more than those pictured here so click through to see if your synth is featured.

Octave CAT SRM SN B4008

via this auction

Looks good with the black wood side panels.

"Beautiful old Octave CAT SRM duo/mono synthesizer

I've had this for about 10 years and there's no synth quite like it. The sound is deep, rich and quirky and with so many routable modulation sources, she's also very flexible.

I had this serviced a few years ago by Fluctus Labs in North London. It has a couple of issues however...

The top key sometimes triggers a random note when released (kind of useful!).

The top Bflat does not work (not useful at all), but this is also intermittent and is working fine at the moment.

The pitch of VCO1 can sometimes fluctuate a little - CATs are not known for their pitch stability.

In the light of these minor flaws, I would recommend a service. Personally I would be happy using her just as she is, accepting these idiosyncrasies - it's not a DAW! But I've adjusted the price to take account of this fact."

Alesis Andromeda A6

via this auction

AKAI ewi5000 88 fault lithium battery repair

Published on Oct 4, 2016 markusfuller

"Here is a workaround way to trick the AKAI ewi5000 wind instrument to charge its internal battery. there seems to be a few people who are having this 88 fault issue with these devices.
WARNING charging batteries in this manner is NOT recommended and can be dangerous. therefore do not try this yourself."

Quantum DJ loves cats

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Alexander Zolotov

Quantum DJ

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Alexander Zolotov

Alexander Zolotov is also the man behind Sunvox, Virtual ANS, PixiTracker and other iOS apps.

Cavisynth - SEQ-UFD demo 1

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Cavi Master

"SEQ-UFD is a fuly & small 18HP 8 step sequencer based on Arduino.

- Number of steps selector controled by knob
- Multimode controlled by knob or CV
- Internal or external clock internal: 20 to 2500 ms
- Trigger output: ideal for EG 70 ms
- External clock input + reset steps input
- 8 separated gated output like Doepfer A-161 clock sequencer
- 8 steps with voltage controled by knob
- CV outpout with range controled by knob

List of available modes:

- Step selector hold step 1 to 8
- Forward routine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
- Backward routine 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
- Forward-backward routine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
- Crab routine based on the first step 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1,-5, 1-6, 1-7, 1-8
- Z routine 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8
- Random

Technical specifications:

- Format – Eurorack
- Power consumption – 30mA +12V
- Latency – 3-5ms
- Module width – 18HP 90mm
- Module depth – 40mm Skiff firendly
- Weight – 215g"

Batchas presents: Bugbrand Modular - Patch 018

Published on Oct 4, 2016 batchas

Modular Jam 60 'I Dream of What's-her-name'

Published on Oct 4, 2016 ngarjuna

Sequencing the Spectral Multiband Resonator

Published on Oct 4, 2016

There's a detailed video walkthrough of the SMR patches.

"Patch Notes
Acid Patch
I had a standard modular acid patch (Rubi - VCF303 - uVCA) but it lost the A-B comparison to Audiorealism ABL3 (the modular variant sounded equally good but with my CV input on the fritz I wasn't able to modulate the cutoff as wildly). I left the modular patch in the video, however, as videos of the computer screen look less interesting.
So the acid patch is ABL3 basically unprocessed.

Audio Damage Sequencer 1 is hitting the input of the SMR
Rotate controlled by CV3 sequence
There's a div/8 PEG envelope modulating resonance

Variation on the first SMR patch but with 2 gate sequences and a steady clock being applied to the level CV inputs on the SMR

Rene driving STO, 2 sequences that I'm manually shifting between (the first is 4 bars, the second is 2 bars)
STO Vari Out into Timbre Shape modulated by Wogglebug Smooth CV and linear FM'd by Sputnik VCO 2 (also tracking pitch)
Sequencer 1 slow LFO modulating Timbre
Into the Optomix enveloped by Maths Fall modulated by Wogglebug Stepped Out (Woggle clocked at 16th notes)
Delays in AD Dubstation

West Coast Bass
Sequencer 1 driving pitch, gate, accent
STO receiving pitch deeply linear FM'ing itself from Sub Out (required tuning adjustments) Vari Out into Optomix
Maths channel 1 for main envelope, channel 4 for accent envelope
Sum Out enveloping Optomix

Sputnik 1 set to a lower pitch receiving pitch from Seq1
Exp in set to inverted max receiving LFO from Seq1
FM In receiving another LFO from Seq1
Sputnik 2 set to a higher pitch also receiving pitch CV from Seq1
Maths envelope to inverted Exp In
FM In receiving from Sputnik 1
Sine Out into the Optomix being enveloped by Maths Both modulated by Wogglebug Stepped

Drums in iSpark with stems to AD Replicant instances"

Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Demo

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Ask.Audio

Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 vs. Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 - Filter comparison

Published on Oct 4, 2016 Bonedo

"Demo showing the different filter behaviours of #Pioneer DJ #Toraiz SP-16 and #Allen & Heath #Xone:PX5.
Sampled track: „Mijk van Dijk with Johannes Talirz – The Chic Flic – Superstition Records“
First: TSP-16 Lowpass-Filter, then Xone:PX5 Lowpass. Followed by #Hipass on both units and combinations of Highpass and Lowpass."

Wisdom (DnB / Jam Session 5776) / Korg ESX2

Published on Oct 3, 2016 DJ Galactic

"Live Jam Session with Korg Electribe Sampler 2 / ESX2 (DJ Galactic). Wisdom (DnB Prototype). Jamming is the way to reach limitless music experience; in a world where everything has to look perfect, jamming is taking risks with mistakes and strength, maybe that's the price to pay to reach one day the wisdom.
Electro Jazz / Nu / DnB / Drum & Bass / Jungle"

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