MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Installation of the RT-1701 "EFFEXX" Multi FX module

Published on Jul 23, 2017 Jörg Schaaf

"Brief installation instructions for the RT-1701 Multi-FX module "EFFEXX" and the RT-311 Swarm Oscillator. For both devices, a module consists of the front panel and a plug-in DSP board, which holds the Eurorack compatible connector.

Kleine Einbau-Anleitung zum RT-1701 Multi-FX Modul "EFFEXX" und zum RT-311 Swarm Oscillator. Bei beiden Geräten besteht das Modul aus dem Frontpanel und einer aufsteckbaren DSP Platine, die den Eurorack kompatiblen Anschlusstecker besitzt."

New Transistor-80 Analog Percussion Module Eurorack Demo #1

Published on Jul 23, 2017 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2017

The Transistor-80 is an analog percussion module I designed as a lo-fi incarnation of those transistor-based CR- DR- and TRs from the circa 1980 era. It is thump-y, hiss-y, and it has those click-y pops and bacon sizzle sounds. Sports 3 sounds: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, and Hats. Bass has a tone control that controls the amount of sub frequency (you may hear a slight boom if you're wearing headphones) the other two sounds have decay controls. It has individual volume knobs for each sound, and a single output jack for the mix. In this video I am feeding trigger gates from the Malekko Varigate 4, and recording output directly to Tascam DR-5."

Roland/Boss chorus shoot out (wrecked video)

Published on Jul 23, 2017 Joakim Floke

"Chorus, sweet thing. Here is a shoot out between:
Boss Chorus Ensamble CE-1
Boss CE-2 Green label
Boss CH-1 Pink label
Roland Juno 106 internal chorus.

The test has two parts. One mono with the CE-2 and one stereo without the CE-2. There is some clipping at times.

To bad that somthing happend when I was rendering the video. So after about half way in, the video is out of sync... The audio and text are still in sync and that is what matters!!"

R*S Serge Sound 8

Published on Jul 23, 2017 verstaerker

"this reminds me of a trumpet ... there a few special techniques used:
the elektron Digitakt sequences the Serge-System via the Doepfer Midi-CV Interface. I'm running the triangle from an NTO through the SSG wich makes the waveform very gritty - then im blending this with the original Triangle and run it through the Filter... i'm using the Highpass-out of the Filter to FM it by itself"

SynthScaper Sound Design Demo

Published on Jul 23, 2017 redskylullaby

"Demo showing sound design possibilities of SynthScaper iPad app. Making a synth patch from some tree breezes , an old piano, a bowl of water and a wine glass"

iTunes: SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer - iMusicAlbum

Novation Circuit, Shruthi 1, Volca Bass

Published on Jul 23, 2017 rudeog

"Playing with a drone sound on the Shruthi 1"

New Blue Roland SH-101 Boutique Leaked?

Spotted this one on

New blue SH-101 Boutique or custom blue JU-06? The sliders and LEDs don't match up, so... your guess is as good as mine. Apparently this image was from a video, but I'm not finding it online. just has this screen grab - no link. If anyone finds it, let us know!

Update: video gif added below.

Clearly not a custom JU-06.

Moog System 55 Modular Synth At Dublin Science Gallery

Published on Jul 23, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Moog System 55 ....With the moog soundlab, which is basically a Moog System 55 and a load of other things like Sub 37's a rack of voyagers and Moogerfoogers.
DAY 2.
Im doing a residency with it for a week. Which is open to the public. Took a bit of getting used to always having people watch whilst your trying to write, but once past that. its Grrrrrreat."


Published on Jul 23, 2017 Tosh Ara

"BGM版のカバーです。最後のstuck leadソロ、コケちゃいましたが…(^ ^;) どうぞお聞きください。
"1000knives" credited the album"BGM" in 1981,thank you."

KORG ARP Odyssey, DSI Prophet-6 & Prophet '08.

Novation PEAK - Custom Patches 51 to 75 -

Published on Jul 23, 2017 GEOSynths

"After the last video, had a couple of people say the Novation PEAK sounded 'Harsh', though I suspect they didn't listen to all 25 Patches, as there were many Pads etc. That said, I've gone a little softer this time."

All parts here.


Published on Jul 23, 2017 snazelle

"In this video we show some ways to use the new Snazzy FX Dual Multiplier. This module has two high quality multipliers, simple attenuator knobs for each input and normalization to allow the top multiplier to feed right into the second. Lots of fun audio and DC applications are possible. Small and powerful. more info at"

Technics SX-K450 multitracked demo

Published on Jul 23, 2017 acreil

"Technical description and drum samples are here:

This was recorded with no effects and about 7 tracks total."

Yamaha Reface CS

Published on Jul 23, 2017 Electronic music by GIANNIS ARK

Soundscape with Elka International 2000 Organ

Published on Jul 23, 2017 mongobigmuff

"An introspective moment with an Elka International 2000 analog combo organ from the 70's. It's run through some delay and then looped with the Electrix Repeater. This Italian beauty has an amazing sound sound it's very easy to find cool sounds for any kind of music. In this case, an ambient moment."

Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School Keyboard Synthesizer SN 372970

via this auction

Vintage Korg MP-4 Mono/Poly SN 372970 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Unit is in nearly mint condition, WITH original box and foam inserts. Sounds incredible. Perfect working order, fully tested down to the last detail. Side panels are gorgeous."

KAWAI K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer Expanded ME-1 SN 592861

via this auction

"Up for sale legendary Kawai K5000S Advanced Additive Synthesizer in very good working and cosmetical condition, no any issues, latest OS ver.4.04, it also has ME-1 memory expander installed (banks E and F, total area for 256 patches), I provide FD disk with factory/extra patch banks, additional I include a huge sound collection for K5000-series that contains tons of new sounds (request via email) includes specail Kawai ASL-1/2/3/4 libraries, my unit has AC 100-120V input, power cord with US/Japanese plug and JP manual are included, worldwide shipping!"

Modor NF-1m Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland CR-68 Analog Drum Machine With MIDI Input

via this auction

"Listing is for a Roland CR-68 Drum Machine with MIDI input! MIDI input is for triggering individual sounds only and does not sync the unit's internal patterns to an external clock (Who would want to?).

Samples can't touch the real vibe that integrates into the modern studio!"

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #45 (Moog DFAM, Moog Mother-32, Make Noise 0-Coast)

Published on Jul 23, 2017 Rheyne

"All sounds are from a Moog DFAM and Make Noise 0-Coast, with a pad coming from a single Mother-32 running through an Erica Synths Black Hole DSP. The DFAM is providing percussion on VCO 1 and an arpeggio on VCO 2, with its pitch controlled by an Erica Synths Pico Seq. No outside MIDI or DAW was used, all notes are triggered by 3x Mother-32 sequencers and the Erica Pico Seq."

Frontline Thomas Henry 555 VCO Eurorack Patch: Analog Forest and the Mutant Birds

Published on Jul 23, 2017 While We Were Sleeping

'Eurorack Patch:
* Frontline Thomas Henry 555 VCO With Linner & Exponential FM
* Going through God’s Box ‘Humpback’ Filter
* into loads of Delay Chorus & Reverb

Sounds Convincing / Good ?
Or Just an annoying geeky experiment?
The birds made what they thing perfectly clear. Not kidding I went outside while editing the video and 😭 😭 😭 . Watch until the end to find out :) and pleas subscribe."

Mutable Instruments - Elements: Dark Orchestra [vs Edges & Akemie's Taiko: Jaunty Melody]

Published on Jul 23, 2017 isvisible / isinvisible

"Working on a new track.

Mutable Instruments - Elements: one output being fed back into itself via a vca and filter, and lots of outputs from the Livewire Chaos Computer controlling a lot of inputs on the Elements.
I use this patch, or a variation of it quite a lot and have given it the nick name The Dark Orchestra.

Mutable Instruments - Edges: Running an arpeggio from a Korg MicroKey through a Polyend Poly module and feeding four of the cv's to Edges, and four gates to envelopes to shape the individually filtered (Doepfer filters) outputs of Edges. Then run through input one of the Modcan Dual Delay.

ALM - Akemie's Taiko: Dead simple, cv from the Klee. Then run through input two of the Modcan Dual Delay.

Folktek - Matter: Dead simple, two trigger outs from the Klee, then the output of Matter routed through the Intellijel Springray.

That's about it.

For more music of the mainly finished variety: [melodic] [not as melodic] [a mixture of both]"

Moog Minitaur & Strymon Big Sky

Published on Jul 23, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Minitaur synthesiser through the Big Sky. Minitaur is sequenced from an Elektron Octatrack.

No further processing except normalisation."

Don't miss the V2.2 update for the Minitaur which adds new functionality and the ability to access "under the hood" parameters directly on the unit.

Orazio Del Core - Getso

Published on Jul 23, 2017 vistaandaudio

Music by:
Orazio Del Core - Getso

Korg volcas, kaossilator 2, mini koss pad 2, monotribe, Waldorf Streichfett & Rocket, Korg Triton Taktile.


Published on Jul 23, 2017 synths colors

"No External Effect Added, As Usual..."

Summerjam live #02 with the Elektron Analog Four - Attention: Subbass!!!

Published on Jul 23, 2017 Rickinger B.

"Live-Performance only with the Elektron Analog Four and me during my holiday in the Tuscana.

Please use good headphones or monitors for the Subbass ;-)

I would be very happy if you leave a comment or a like. Thanks and peace!

Used equipment:
Elektron Analog Four
Tuscana white wine"

Moog Minitaur Update v2.2 Released Allowing Direct Access to Extended Parameters

You can find the download on Moog's website here.

Minitaur owners will be happy to know they can now access parameters directly on the synth that were previously only available through the Minitaur's software editor. The Glide switch now acts as a shift key allowing you to access the parameters. To the left you can see the shortcuts, which include the ability to save up to 128 presets directly on the unit itself, modulation sources, hard sync, oscillator 2 modulation, CV mapping, and CV to MIDI conversion, and more.  The update includes additional modulation sources including new LFO waveforms, sample & hold, and the filter envelope.  VCO 2 now supports hard sync.


The Change Log:

• Added RPN 2 Coarse Tuning support (-64 to +63 semitones)
• Added LFO modes: Square, Ramp, Saw, Sample/Hold, Filter EG • Added VCO2 Hard Sync
• Added “VCO 2 Only” option for LFO-to-VCO pitch modulation.
Additional shifted panel controls
• Hold GLIDE + turn LFO RATE knob to set LFO Waveform (Tri, Sqr, Saw, Ramp, S/H, Filter EG).
• Hold GLIDE + turn VCO 2 LVL knob to turn VCO 2 Hard Sync on or off.
• Hold GLIDE + turn VCO LFO AMT knob to set LFO “VCO2 Only” (Off or On).
• Hold GLIDE + turn FILTER ATTACK knob to set Filter EG Delay Time (0ms to 10s).
• Hold GLIDE + turn GLIDE knob to set global Top Octave Wrap behavior (Off or On).
• Fixed LFO KB Reset when LFO Midi Sync is active
• Fixed Release switch response to editor when in independent decay/release
• Restore edited preset if saving is initiated on the hardware, preset location is changed,
and then save is canceled
• Last received MIDI mod wheel value persists, when turning “load preset mod wheel” on/off.
• Improved LFO MIDI Sync
• Re-mapping CV inputs restores preset value for previously-mapped parameter .
• Removed internal pitch-CV offset on boot (“cv start note” is now 0; was 20 — can also set a
custom CV start note via sysex F0 04 08 23 18 00 nn F7, where nn = start note in hex)
• Pitch-CV input re-scaled to full range when mapped to parameters other than Pitch-CV
• Wrap top octave fix, for small VCO2 detuning values
• Filter EG delay time range set 0 to 10 seconds
• Glide time restored after Note Calibration
• Minitaur no longer adds a tilde (~) after preset name, when saving on the hardware"

New GUI Renders of the Upcoming "Super Signal Processor" by Percussa

We saw the final hardware design for Percussa's upcoming "Super Signal Processor" eurorack module. We now have some images of the graphical user interface in via Bert Schiettecatte of Percussa:

"I worked on GUI mockups for the module the past couple of days and went back and forth on them with a few eurorack people, here is the result. All feedback/ comments welcome! I'd also like to confirm we are going to do a kickstarter for this module and will take all feedback and input into account as I set up the page and work on it in the coming weeks."

Making The Tracks - Elektron Analog Keys , RTYM and Dave Smith Pro 2

Published on Jul 22, 2017 100 Things I Do

"This week I thought I would do something with my Elektron kit + the Dave Smith Pro 2. Its been a while since I actually turned on the Pro 2 being consumed with learning and using other parts of the studio. I forget how great the filters can be … oh.. .and how you can over saturate the digital delay lines a little too easy when not focusing!

Thought I would do something a little more like the tracks I normally make when not making youtube videos. The two things I seem to get asked for the most are longer clips and people wanting to see me work live. Australian internet it a little slow at best so live streaming is not possible in my area without using LTE/4G Mobile data….Very Expensive!

I set up my camera and the Microsoft Surface 4 to record the clip and edited the results. The music and my playing is 100% live (at the time) warts and all. Hope you enjoy :D"

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