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Saturday, September 09, 2017

909 Day 2017

Published on Sep 9, 2017 SynthMania

Polyfusion to Enter the Market Again?

Developing... An anonymous source tells me the people behind Polyfusion are at Knobcon and they might be entering the market again.

"I also learned, which apparently is not widely known yet, that Polyfusion is bringing back their modular offerings, and even are planning a poly synth using their modules... 8-O"

Update: Polyfusion Modular System at Knobcon

Korg Monologue Patch Pack 02 - FREE!

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Oscillator Sink

"Following on from my previous patch pack, check out this new selection of patches for the Korg Monologue, available for free download!

You can download the patches from:"

Korg Monologue Videos by Oscillator Sink

Published on Aug 27, 2017 Oscillator Sink

Vermona DRM1 In-Depth Demos and Tutorials by Oscillator Sink

Published on Jul 15, 2017 Oscillator Sink

Vermona DRM1 Videos by Oscillator Sink

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Oscillator Sink

Gradient (Machinedrum, TB-03, H9)

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Tape Ghost

"A live jam using only hardware shown, no post processing in Logic. The setup is running the clock out from Logic Pro X to the TB-03 via usb then midi clock out to the Elektron Machinedrum. The TB-03 audio is sent into the Eventide H9 pedal, using a shimmer reverb from the space algorithms, and then sent from the H9 into the inputs of the machinedrum. The machinedrum is set up to sample in real time allowing me to play one bassline on the TB-03, then loop it on the machinedrum and layer a second melody on the TB-03. All sounds that aren't a 303 + shimmer are from the machinedrum (all synthesized, no samples). Enjoy!"

Synthchaser #078 - Oberheim OB-8 Voice Board Repair

Published on Sep 9, 2017 xSynth Chaser

"A customer sent a broken OB-8 voice board in for repair. We locate and repair a damaged trace, replace an incorrect capacitor and test it out in one of my OB-8's.

Parts for DIY repair and restoration of Oberheims are available at my website. I also repair and restore Oberheims and other vintage synths for customers around the world."

Roland Introduces Cloud Software D-50 Linear Synthesizer

Published on Sep 9, 2017

"Released thirty years ago in 1987, the Roland D-50 Linear Arithmetic (LA) Synthesizer is easily one of the most influential keyboards ever made. The D-50 helped to define the sound of the late 80’s with its instantly recognizable mix of sampled attacks and synthesized sustaining waveforms (that’s LA!) plus chorus, reverb, and EQ. It’s the basis of classic tracks in a wide range of genres including Synth Pop, New Wave, New Jack and R&B, plus countless film scores.

With the new Roland D-50 DCB Software Synthesizer, Roland Cloud Core members can have the iconic sound of LA in a powerful plugin for their DAW, which perfectly recreates this legendary synth down to the subtlest of nuances!"

You can find info on the Roland Boutique D-05 version here.


via this auction

"This is a Korg Poly Ensemble S Synthesizer keyboard in good working condition. All keys have a good action and response. All knobs and effects work correctly. The case is in excellent condition."


via this auction

Rheyne - Live Jam #178 (live looping with analog synths and Ableton Live)

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Rheyne

"Performed in one take with no pre-recorded loops or sequences.

Percussion is from a Moog DFAM, Mother-32, and a Noise Engineering LIP. The arpeggio is from a second Mother, and the pad is a third Mother-32. The Fender Rhodes is running through an MXR ZW-44 overdrive, and bass is from a DSI MoPho. Two KompleteKontrol keyboards are controlling the synths across multiple MIDI channels. All live looping and effects are from Ableton Live."

Elektron digitakt ambient looping thing

Published on Sep 9, 2017 corduroyfarmer

"So my first day with this I sampled some classical radio :-) same sample on each track just manipulated differently."

Wireless Control— Behringer DeepMind13 + iPad Pro 12.9

Published on Sep 9, 2017 MR TUNA Music

"Arppin’ out with the DeepMind as the girl explores the iPad controller app affecting various parameters over Wifi MIDI. Pretty bad lighting but that’s the way it goes."

Jamming on 2 Tokarev Protosynth synthesizers

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Konstantin T

"Improvising on a couple of Tokarev Protosynth V1 synthesizers. V1 original + V1LP."

Roland Introduces the D-05 - Boutique Version of the Roland D-50

Published on Sep 9, 2017 RolandChannel

It may not have all the sliders of the concept module posted here, but it does have the engine. An interesting side note is that this is Roland's first synth to feature their "newly developed Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB)". The second video explains what this is. It is interesting. I always assumed digital was digital and easily ported. I do know that DACs (digital to analog converters) can have an impact on the sound you hear from a synth, and one of the reasons why many prefer the sound of the original DX7 vs. newer hardware. Nord/Clavia also advertised their new DACs on the Nord Lead 2 allowing for a cleaner sound if I remember correctly. All that said, it is interesting to think that Roland took time to work on their DCB technology to get a sound closer to the original, vs. just porting the digital engine. I'm looking forward to A/B tests with the original.

Roland Boutique D-05 Preset Walkthrough

Published on Sep 9, 2017 soundseasy

Roland D-50 Celebration Moments with Woody Piano Shack

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Woody Piano Shack

Roland D-05 Boutique Linear Synthesizer Sound Module - Overview and Demo

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Musician's Friend

And the press release:

"New Roland Boutique module recreation of the renowned D-50 Linear Synthesizer from the 1980s

Los Angeles, CA, September 9, 2017 — Roland announces the D-05 Linear Synthesizer, the latest addition to the growing Roland Boutique electronic instrument lineup. The D-05 is a compact reproduction of Roland’s D-50 Linear Synthesizer from the late 1980s, one of the most influential synthesizers ever produced. Combining the newly developed Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB) sound generator with the actual samples used in the original instrument, the D-05 delivers the D-50’s iconic, highly recognizable sounds with complete authenticity, backed by all the modern conveniences of the compact and affordable Roland Boutique module format.

Released in 1987, the D-50 was Roland’s very first all-digital synthesizer. Powered by the revolutionary Linear Arithmetic (LA) Synthesis engine, the instrument’s unique mix of sampled attacks and synthesized sustaining waveforms – plus built-in chorus, reverb/delay, and EQ for studio-quality polish – made it a must-have synth for musicians around the world. The D-50’s bold new sounds and beautifully crafted presets inspired artists everywhere and quite literally dominated the popular music, film soundtracks, and commercial jingles of the era. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this giant in the history of synthesis, Roland presents an inspiring recreation that brings the genuine D-50 experience to the music creators of today and beyond.

At the D-05’s core lies the first synthesizer with Roland’s DCB technology. Paired with the exact PCM attack and loop samples that were so vital to the D-50 sound, the D-05 precisely recreates every tonal nuance in stunning detail. The user interface is totally authentic as well, with the familiar D-50 panel layout and many direct-access controls. Even the all-important D-50 joystick is included, allowing users to smoothly morph between different mixes of Upper and Lower Tones in real time.

The D-05 also includes many modern enhancements not available with the original D-50. The 64-step polyphonic sequencer is ideal for performance and music creation and offers the ability to sequence shuffle and gate timing along with tempo and patch changes. There’s also a built-in arpeggiator for adding movement to the D-05’s already evocative LA Synthesis sounds.

Like all Roland Boutique modules, the D-05 is extremely portable, runs on USB bus power or batteries, and functions as a USB audio/MIDI interface for performing and producing with a computer. It also includes a built-in speaker for monitoring the sound in mobile situations. When mounted in the optional K-25m Keyboard Unit, the D-05 can be used as a compact, all-in-one synth with 25 velocity-sensitive keys."

1987 Roland D-50 "A new technology is creating a powerful storm...", Keyboard Ad

via Retro Synth Ads, where you'll find the rest of the scans and full write-up.

"Roland D-50 'A new technology is creating a powerful storm in the world of sound synthesis' four page colour introductory advertisement from pages 89 to 92 in the June 1987 issue of Keyboard Magazine."

Lawrence Ball in concert - Cosmos part 7 for synthesizer

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Lawrence Ball

Cosmos Part 7 - (2010) live synthesizer
with soundtrack by Lawrence Ball
from the album “Cosmos”
available at

BARx - Sunset (Live Version) [Tropical/Progressive House]

Published on Sep 9, 2017 BARxMusic

"First off, I apologize for my arm blocking my left hand in the parts where I'm playing the Minilogue!

This is a live version of my new song, Sunset! I'm playing on a Nord Electro 4, a Korg Minilogue, and a Samson MIDI controller. Not the most involved performance ever, but I like to put together these live versions of my original music as a sort of proof-of-concept if I ever needed to perform live.

Also, bonus points to anyone who can identify the vintage electric piano in the background of the video!"

KORG Z1 Multi Oscillator Synth Synthesizer Keyboard w/ 6 Voice DSPB-Z1 Board SN 001343

via this auction

"Vintage KORG Z1 keyboard

has 6 voice expansion card installed

good Working condition, some limited signs of age, use, etc"

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Vintage Synth Keyboard Digital Wave Synthesizer

via this auction

"Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synth Keyboard in great operating condition. Upgraded 3.5 system. This is a heavy unit - not heavily used, highly sought after."

Vintage Sequential Circuits Six Trak Analog synthesizer

via this auction

Korg MonoPoly (Mono/Poly) synthesiser with Korg Foot Pedal

via this auction

Roland Boutique TR-08 and a TR-808.

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Sean Ober

"Side by side comparison. TR-08 tuned via menu diving to match. Great results for a quick comparison, I'd say."

Rheyne - Live Jam #178 (live looping with analog synths and Ableton Live)

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Rheyne

"Performed in one take with no pre-recorded loops or sequences.

Sound sources are a Moog DFAM, 3x Mother-32, a Noise Engineering LIP, a Fender Rhodes, and a DSI MoPho. Live looping and effects are from Ableton Live. Lighting is controlled by Max for Live and an Enttec DMXIS."

Novation Circuit - Some stuff

Published on Sep 9, 2017 bananepoep

"Visuals are from
sounds and samples used in the circuit come from [RMR Novation Circuit Pack 01 - Sessions Demo]"

Introducing Manis Iteritas and Integra Solum

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Manis Iteritas is an industrial-strength new voice. Integra Solum is a dual clock divider with 16 trigger/gate outs. Use it for triggers or as a gate/trigger CVs. It plays well with others, including Manis, Basimilus, and Loquelic Iteritas. (Iteriti?)


No pangolins were harmed in the making of this video."

Piece in D for Morphagened Digital Piano and Modular Synth

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Trübüla

"Play around a digital piano plugged into the Make Noise Morphagene. A lot of sound on sound, looping, splicing and digital audio manipulation. The modular part is a Sputnik Dual Oscillator and a Make Noise STO in the Optomix. The Dual Oscillator is played by Make Noise Renè and disturbed by Frap Tools Sapèl.

Reverb by ZCat BigStereo Ti. Recorded with a Zoom H4n. Filmed by Ursula Castaldo.

A laptop free live perfomance :P"

Plumbutter time! [plumbutter #11]

Published on Sep 9, 2017 hajimmie

"It's a quiet Saturday night, perfect time for Plumbutter. I want a dual butter.
sorry audio is recorded by the phone mic."

Eurorack Improv no3. Chords and ambient builds.

Published on Sep 9, 2017 Richard Lacy

"Hello. Here's an experiment in chord progression. Recorded straight to stereo, No overdubs or remixing. What you see is what you hear...
I wanted to make a simple patch using a two row sequencer, to create a chord progression where each chord contains four notes. How do you do this when your sequencer can only play two notes at once? If you're a seasoned modular-head, the answer may be obvious, but if you're new to this, here's the answer: You can cheat… Here's what's going on: I'm using four Doepfer oscillators for the notes. The Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer is providing the CVs and gates.
Row 1: CV to one oscillator. This is the top note of the chord.
Row 2: CV to two oscillators, the second oscillator is playing one octave lower than the first.
The big cheat is that the fourth oscillator isn't receiving any CV; it's just tuned permanently to C. The other three notes move around the C, making some nice clusters here and there. It's just an eight chord sequence and I could have expanded it further, with additional oscillators tuned to other intervals, but I wanted to show that you can play chords with basic modules (yes, I'd like an ER101!). The rest of the chord patch is roughly like this.
4x Oscs into 4x channels of Veils VCA.
Dark Time gate goes to A143-2 Quad Envelope Generator, which in turn is fed to Veils. I'm switching the envelope lengths from short to long, so the notes go from staccato to legato.
Veils audio output goes to the AM Snowfall filter. This is modulated by three channels of an A143-1 Complex Envelope Generator, helping to give it a brassy sort of filer envelope.

Then it got out of hand and I added a bunch of other stuff and made a little jam. Here are the other patches:
1. The soft-sounding plinky-plonky stuff is the 4MS SMR. Level CVs are controlled by AS EGs, which in turn are randomly triggered by the A149-2 Digital Random Voltages.
2. AS SQ8 playing an extra top line from Rings. This goes into Clouds. Clouds is being randomly (clocked random) frozen by the A149-2.
3. AS SQ8 is playing the MS20 for the first bass line
4. Stepper Acid is playing the Minitaur for the second bass line. Minitaur filter is being modulated by the Doepfer MAQ 16-3.
5. The slow overdriven legato melody comes from an SQ8 into Maths, which I'm using as a dual oscillator here. The pitch CV is slewed. Audio goes to an A116 Waveform Processor, then to the Dave Smith Character, then to the Eowave filter and finally to the 4MS DLD.
6. Next is Radio Music, going into the Shapeshifter for vocoding. Audio output goes to the AQA Dual SVF. This patch is being run by a TipTop Z8000 and a 4MS SISM.
7,8,9. There are three synth sequences.(from about 2'15") One is Metropolis and Atlantis. The other two are Doepfer MAQ 16-3 into two A110s and Doepfer filters and envelopes.
10. Finally, a thuddy bass drum from an AS SY-03 filter and cymbal-type sound from the TipTop One.
Everything goes into the little Mackie mixer and I've got the Z-DSP Valhalla on an aux send.
This is what happens when I have an afternoon off..
Thanks for watching!"

Serge Paperface '78 & Moog MuSonics Minimoog '71

Published on Sep 9, 2017 batchas

"Serge TKB from my Paperface Modular System (1978) driving the Minimoog. MuSonics version from 1971.
Serge sound fades in at 0:48 min."

How a simple sequence of 3 notes can sound more complex (played on Moog Minimoog)

Published on Sep 9, 2017 batchas

"Serge TKB from my Paperface Modular System (1978) sequencing the Moog MuSonics Minimoog from 1971.

Changing on the fly filter parameters to make a simple 3 or 4 notes sequence sound like a more complex sequence of notes.

The Minimoog was put aside since I serviced it. From time to time during the session yesterday the sound stopped, which means I'm gonna have to look inside the beast."

Serge TKB + Moog MuSonics Minimoog '71

Arturia Minibrute & Eventide Space

Published on Sep 9, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Minibrute synthesiser through the Space reverb.

No further processing except normalisation."

Waldorf Rocket & Line Verbzilla

Published on Sep 9, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Rocket synthesiser through the Verbzilla reverb.

No further processing except normalisation."

Yamaha Montage Preview

Published on Sep 9, 2017 DKS SYNTH LAB


Published on Sep 8, 2017 ljs8888

ISLA Instruments Kordbot Demos

Kordbot - Arp - Strings Published on Sep 8, 2017 ljs8888

"Rough play around with the arp ... Sounds from Roland Integra (Soft Strings)"

Kordbot - Arp - Piano

Published on Sep 8, 2017

"Quick arp (sounds from Roland Integra)"

See the ISLA Instruments label directly below for more.

Patch n Tweak

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