MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Sequential Prophet 6 - Complete track with ONLY P6 sounds

Published on Jan 30, 2018 trigg015

"I borrowed the Prophet 6 from a friend during his holidays and I have to return it to him tomorrow. So, what do you do the last day you own such a great synth? Try to make a track with only Prophet6 sounds in it :)

So I started to build a kick, snare and hihats and then added pads, a bassline, soms fx sounds, melodies and more.

I sequenced all parts with Ableton Live (or played it live) and I didn't use any EQ or other external processing or FX (just a litte bit of compression on the bass and the master bus). For me the challenge was to shape all sounds with the LP and HP filter on the P6 itself, so no EQ should be needed.

It all comes down to the Prophet! Enjoy the music"

Moog Sub37 Harmonic Noodling

Published on Aug 27, 2016 trigg015

"Improvisation with a homemade patch on the Sub 37 using LFO Squarewave to modulate pitch frequency of OSC1 & OSC2 separately + synced ADSR, filter mod, detuning, etc

Ooh and a little bit of Strymon Timeline to finish it off.

Enjoy :)"

A few bits of NAMM 2018

Published on Feb 4, 2018 Joel Braverman

"Some vids and photos from my visit to NAMM 2018"

Lazers - a deluge jam

Published on Feb 4, 2018 qui mo

"Another deluge only track. Weekend is here and so it is my second track / jam. Music, synth programming and sequences done by yours truly. As always take your time to listen, like, comment and follow. Cheers!"

KORG prologue-16 Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer : 20 custom-made sounds

Published on Feb 4, 2018 IAmTheSwordmaster1

"I recently happened to get my hands on the new KORG prologue 16 (16 voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer) and got blown away by its sonic capabilities. It's featuring a fully analogue signal path combined with a 3rd, digital Multi Oscillator and high quality digital effects.

Here are the 20 first patches this awesome synth inspired me to program on my own.

Drums from KORG volca sample."

PK-303 - A 303 Pikachu

Published on Feb 3, 2018 Kaseo


Oberheim Polyphonic Keyboard Module from Four Voice Synthesizer

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One Keyboard Synthesizer SN 6167

via this auction

Waldorf XT Rack Synth SN 930727644

via this auction

DSI Pro 2 - Demo

Published on Feb 4, 2018 Arnaud Music.

DSI Pro 2
No external effects
100% Pro 2

20Objects Podcast 215: Todd Barton

Published on Feb 4, 2018 20Objects

"I'm always intrigued by a good story. How about "from early music player to Buchla master"? Todd Barton's story is as good as his mucis - which is damned good. His use of serious electronic music gear to create focused worked is quite unique, and it is reflected in the way that the music sounds awesome regardless of the technology used to create it.

And the list of technology is pretty serious: Buchla modulars and Music Easels, Serge modulars and the Haken Continuum - and even the Hordijk Blippoo - are all pulled into play as necessary. Todd has been releasing recordings, but also recently did a series of live shows throughout Europe and the western US.

In our chat, we go over his entre into electronic music, how he got drawn into Buchla and Serge gear, and how he makes his choices now. He also talks a bit about the process of doing live modular teaching via Skype, and how he creates his live musical sculptures. Very in-depth conversations on creation; this is a discussion that will prove inspiring.

Check out Todd's work at his website: And enjoy the podcast!"

Vermona 14 + PerFourmer (Vermona 1404) Midi Clocked LFO demo

Published on Feb 4, 2018 Mark Pigott

"Sample and Hold to PWM on VCO2 and VCF demo.
midi clocked Monotribes as drums. bpm controlled by Volca Kick (not sounding)"

BURG - black orion (digitakt, avalon bassline, korg volca, modular)

Published on Feb 4, 2018 ollilaboratories

Update: walkthrough video added below.

"If you like my stuff please support me on and

Here is my first proper track in 2018, dammit, finally.. January has been really crazy with daytime work to date and I have had a hard time finding time to make some music.

I wanted to scale things down a bit, and not use too many instruments, make it a bit more minimal. Come to think of it, I rarely use all of my gear on a track.. for me this is a vital part of my sound design process e,g learning to say stop when there is no more room in the track.

113 bpm, a bit more downbeat 4/4 with the Avalon Bassline driving the main theme. Low end bass is being served by a KORG volca bass, with a slight LFO on the filter to make it evolve slowly.

Digitakt handles the kickdrum + the dubby chords and hihats. Additional hihats and rimshot are added with the TR8.

The modular has 3 sounds, all controlled by the beatstep pro, a bass sequence with the MI braids + uVCF resonance cranked up pretty high modulated by PAM. Rings does a dreamy random melody which is heavily modulated by PAM aswell. Finally some percussion in the BIA, triggered by the beatstep pro, randomizing some CV modulation to make it non repetitive.

Lead sound in the KORG volca keys, but you guys probably know this sound by now :)

I hope you will enjoy this one! Also, stay tuned for a very special treat, a complete walkthrough video where I will cover how this track was made.

Gear list:

Abstrakt Instruments Avalon Bassline
KORG volca bass x2
KORG volca keys
Analog Four (just a sequencer + FX for the 0 coast)
Makenoise 0-coast
Roland TR-8
Arturia Beatstep pro

Current modular rack:

FX list:

2x Zoom MS-70 CDR
KORG kaoss pad KP3+
Boss RE-20
Keeley electronics Caverns


Published on Feb 8, 2018 ollilaboratories

BURG SOUND - studio walkthroughs and jam sessions

Published on Dec 11, 2017 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on and

Now when studio oLLiLaboratories is nearing its v2.0 completion with the modular system + downsizing of the other gear, it was about time to address one of the most common questions I have had on my YT channel.. how is it all setup and connected?

If you have any questions please post them in the comment section below, if possible also specify the time if you have a question about something specific in the video so it is easier for me to find the section in the clip.

Also, hehe.. I was sort of rambling a bit there at the end how the BSP, digitakt and qu-bit is used.. so let me know if you should be confused. I added some text for clarity. :)

There will be as a minimum a part 2 to cover the keyboard side of the studio, however since these take a significant amount of time to records and edit dont expect the next one to turn up just yet :D And if you have anything you would like me to cover in the next video, feel free to give me suggestions and I will consider them.

Gearlist (1st video):

* Roland TR-8
* Abstrakt instruments Avalon
* KORG volca bass x2
* KORG volca keys
* KORG volca fm
* elektron analog four
* elekron digitakt
* makenoise 0-coast
* arturia beatstep pro

Gearlist (2nd video):

Clavia Nord Lead A1
Waldorf Blofeld
KORG ms-20 mini
Yamaha Reface CP


Strymon Timeline
Strymon BigSky
Strymon el Capistan
Eventide Space
Catalinbread CSIDMAN
Red panda Particle
tc Electronic Ditto X2


Behringer XENYX 1204 USB
Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2"

Korg Monologue - single synth recording/track by DreamsOfWires

Published on Feb 4, 2018 DreamsOfWires

"Korg Monologue analog synth. A few people have told me that they like seeing these single-synth recordings, and they're fun to make, so here's another.
It consists of four parts/sounds, all of which are manually adjusted/tweaked whilst playing/recording. It's difficult to discern at first, but from 1:10 a more resonant, drone-like sound is introduced behind the melody, and occasionally follows it (see nighttime footage).
Recorded into the Reaper DAW, with an old Lexicon reverb plugin. No post production, EQ, dynamics processing, noise removal, etc. Just pure Monologue and a bit of reverb.
New album available here:

Video footage: a day trip to London."

Vladimir Kuzmin of Polivoks Fame on His Kvintet Piano, Brass, Organ, Harpsichord and Strings Synth

Published on Feb 3, 2018 vladimir kuzmin

"Piano-strings Kvintet. The story told by its inventor Vladimir Kuzmin."

Note the timbre presets are only Brass, Organ, Piano, and Harpsichord. Additional timbres are created by applying the effects section. Strings are created by adding chorus.

Also see:
Vladimir Kuzmin Discusses the Polivoks
Polivoks Soviet Synth Designer Vladimir Kuzmin Gives an Overview of His Synths

New ADDAC 812 Meter Eurorack Modules

Published on Feb 4, 2018 ADDAC System


Stereo/dual audio meter with buffered thru outputs for each channel. 11 pairs of LED indicate the audio levels up to 10V.

Green lights go up to 5V, yellow almost reach 10V and 10V is red, indicating peaking.

Since modulars use Voltages we decided to use Volts and not dBs as a measurement that makes more sense for our favorite system!


Dual voltage meter with buffered thru outputs for each input.

11 pairs of LED indicate the voltage levels from -5V to +5V.

A quick and easy way to check your voltage levels and to add a small pseudo-oscilloscope in your system.


Stereo/dual VU metering module with buffered thru outputs for each channel.

An additional switch turns the beautiful lamps behind the VU meters off, in case your rack is running low on power!

A couple trimmers on the back of the module allows the user to define the VU range of each channel independently.

NAMM 2018 Mordax GXN granular synth module

Published on Feb 4, 2018 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"NAMM 2018 Mordax systems displays an early prototype of their upcoming granular sampler module."

Patch-sheet for the AVP Synth Cosmwave fx

Sherman Filterbank 2 Rack Filter Effects Unit

via this auction

"Analog filter and distortion unit with tube overdrive Sherman's Filterbank 2 is actually more a musical instrument than a "normal" filter. Two parallel or serially usable complex filters, modulations, envelopes and a rich distortion (with tube character) can be combined modularly.

Rack version
2 independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters
With Resonance, Frequency and ADSR (positive - negative) controllers
Switchable in parallel or serially
19 rack format
Dimensions: 432 x 114 x 81 mm
A powerful analog filtering and distortion unit with a huge frequency range and a killing TUBE overdrive behavior.
Independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters with resonance, frequency and ADSR (positive - negative) controls
These are switchable between parallel or serial
The second filter has a 6 octave switch, and is synchronizable with the first filter
1 ADSR generator for these filters with an external output for use with more filterbanks or modular systems, triggered by the incoming signal, by a second sounds source, or by a gate
1 FM input for the filters, internal or external audio, LFO or CV
1 VCA overdrive with AR generator also
1 ring modulator input, internal or external audio, LFO or CV"

Elka Synthex

via this auction

Kawai SX-240 Analog Synthesizer SN 8185

via this auction

1974 Black & Gold ARP Odyssey MKI 2800 SN 283168

via this auction

"Original ARP Odyssey somewhat rare Mk I in Black & Gold. Includes the interface jack modification.

This synth was serviced by CAE Sound to replace the keyboard bushings, power cord, power switch and slider caps and was fully calibrated. The keyboard feels fantastic and the synth is fully functional and sounds great. I wouldn't say its brand new - it definitely shows sign of wear, after all its over 40 years old!

These Mk I Odysseys are definitely unique - the pitch bend knob is a little more functional that the PPC they later used. The duophonic keyboard takes getting used to and while the 4023 filter is a bit thin, it definitely screams on high resonance! Its a great lead synth."

Korg Prophecy - Modeling Synth with Orig Gig Bag

via this auction

Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCAR SN 0157

via this auction

"Recently serviced here in Sydney by Steve Jones who knows these synths inside out. Everything has been test including MIDI.

There heart of the OSCar is in its filter section. It has two 12dB/octave filters which can be linked in series for a 24dB/octave slope. The sound this synth can produce is extremely aggressive, which is the hallmark of this great synth.

The arpeggiator on this synth is probably one of the best I've ever played, especially with and adjustable gate control.

Collectively, with its additive synthesis architecture, duphonic capabilities, memory to store 36 programmable patches, 24 custom waveforms and 24 sequences (it has a built in sequencer), this synth provides the user with a myriad of sonic scope and creative opportunities."

Roland System 100 102 Module Analog Synthesizer SN 691670

via this auction

"Tested and working perfectly having just had a full diagnostics run and a minor service including full calibration and serving all sliders and pots. Sounds absolutely amazing and can be used with or without the system 100 101 Keyboard."

STS Serge/eurorack

Published on Feb 4, 2018 Dave 33543

Arturia Minibrute 2 Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Feb 4, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

Serge Exercise (ResEQ Percussion)

Published on Feb 4, 2018 fonitronik

"This is not a proper track. This is just an excercise to create percussions with the ResEQ and the DIVIDE AND COMPARE module (Serge Modular by Random*Source). I just used the pulse divider and the boolean logic, N-COM was not involved. But i addad a percussion/synthvoice using the VCFQ and a drone voice using the dual 555 VCOs and the VCFS."

Patch n Tweak

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