MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New Audio Damage Quanta Granular Synthesizer

Uploaded on Jun 21, 2018 Audio Damage, Inc.

"Quanta is a ten-voice true-stereo hybrid subtractive/granular synthesizer with dual filters, four FEG (flexible EG, essentially a 99-stage totally arbitrary breakpoint generator), two FLFO (arbitrary waveshape LFO), two multi-mode filters, a virtual analog oscillator, full modulation matrix, and over 120 factory presets from yours truly [Chris Randall], Richard Devine, Joseph Fraioli, Chris Carter, and Marcus Fisher."

The iOS version will be along in approximately 2 weeks.

via Audio Damage:


Quanta is a full-featured ten-voice true stereo granular synthesizer, with up to a hundred 1000ms grains per voice, and full control over the grain state, with direct randomization and modulation of most parameters. Drag-and-drop a sample (WAV, AIFF, Ogg, or FLAC) on to the window and go to work.

With two multi-mode filters (with LP, HP, BP and notch in 2-pole and 4-pole topologies), and a "sidecar" virtual-analog oscillator and noise generator that can be used in addition to, or injected into, the grain engine, Quanta is a fully capable subtractive synth in its own right, and will work as a granular or subtractive (or both) synth without any sample at all.

Quanta has mod coming out its ears. First up are four of our new FEGs (Flexible Envelope Generator), a 99-point looping function generator with optional host tempo sync. Then add two arbitrary-waveshape LFOs, a multi-source sample-and-hold module, and fully user-controllable MIDI assignments, with nearly every control on the panel as a destination.

Quanta is customizable to your taste and playing style. With full MPE support, it can take advantage of the extended control set of your Linnstrument, Seaboard, Soundplane, Continuum, or other MPE controller, and support for TUN files lets you use tuning tables. The resizable Hi-DPI GUI lets you adjust the size to match your visual needs, and the cross-platform preset mechanism lets you share your creations with you.

Roland JDXA first Patches, lead, fx, bass, ambient

Published on Jun 27, 2018 GEOPAL

"am not a keyboard player. i just recorded some of my first patches with the synth that sounds amazing and wanted to have some friends listen. there is often a Delay engaged, analog. the patches are mixed digital and analog, but most analog. am not playing much chords mostly single notes. A great Synthesizer ( i know it could look better and have a couple of more A-voises) :) hope it has something for you.. Peace!"

Portabellabz Buchla Easel Hub

Published on Jun 27, 2018 Todd Barton

"beginning to go down the wonderful rabbit hole provided by the Portabellabz Buchla Music Easel Hub which allows there cards to be powered and "in play" simultaneously. New worlds to explore."

Studio Notes 1 - Arpeggios

Published on Jun 27, 2018 Maison Vague

"The first video in the series 'Studio Notes' -- a kind of journal of studies, experiments and other activities in the studio.

Equipment used: Moog Little Phatty Stage II CV, SCI Prophet-10, Moog MF-105M MIDI MuRF, Strymon El Capistan, Mackie VLZ 802, Zoom H1"

Vintage 1983 CASIO Casiotone 405

via this auction

TRON: Arpeggio Sequencing/Programming

Published on Jun 27, 2018 Kris Lennox

"The MB, whilst having the usual arpeggio sequencing patterns (i.e. up, down, up/down, random etc), can also be programmed. Very handy. And the included work ('The Son of Flynn' from the Tron Legacy soundtrack) is a great piece to demonstrate.

The arpeggiator - in this mode - will arpeggiate any 4-note chord in the manner you program it. The blue lights illustrate the steps.

Reading vertically from low-high: the bottom 4 squares represent notes 1-4 in octave 1, the next 4 up represent octave 2 etc. And any step can be deactivated - simply push the red button to switch that step on/off.

Very visual, very easy to program. And being all there in front of you, editing individual steps etc is easy.

The other day I was having a look at a JD-XA, and was talking through it with the Roland rep. Stunning machine, but one of the potential issues seems to be when you deactivate a step, reactivating it resets the pitch. With the MB, if you deactivate a step then reactivate it, the programmed pitch is maintained.

However, in Roland's defense, the rep I was talking to was quite new on the job. I'll need to research it more, as the JD-XA is quite the powerhouse - and massively under-rated.

Back on track - I wasn't too fussed RE exactly replicating the tone of the original track, as the purpose of the vid is to show the arpeggiator outwith its standard patterns.


Oscillographic Block Eurorack Module

via this auction

"This is a used Oscillographic Block, by Special Stage Systems. This is THE chiptune/8-bit module. Great for percussion and sequencing. It has so many features, it’s kinda crazy."

You can find demos of the Oscillographic Block in the archives here.

01-Analogue Solutions Treadstone- Song Demonstration 1

Published on Jun 27, 2018 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a musical example of the sound of the Analogue Solutions Treadstone. All of the synth sounds were created with the Treadstone, and are presented without effect or equalization. The drums and percussion sounds were created and sequenced on a Korg Triton LE.

The Treadstone is a shockingly powerful synthesizer for its size, and is also the smallest modern synthesizer with its level of vintage analog tone.

Support the creation of this video and all of the Automatic Gainsay videos that have helped you by becoming an Automatic Gainsay supporter on Patreon!"

Analogue Solutions Treadstone Videos by AutomaticGainsay

Korg DSS1 Sampler Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim Matrix 6R Rack-mount Synthesizer

via this auction

"Classic Oberheim sound in a rack-mount unit. Editable with patch editing software (not included) or front panel. Power cord, manual, and extra Alexander Publishing by Jeff Burger book included."

Korg DW8000 Digital/Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Gem Equinox Sounds

Published on Oct 9, 2015 bulishearth

Kawai K3 Presets

Published on Mar 9, 2016 bulishearth

Waldorf Pulse Presets

Published on May 20, 2016 bulishearth

Analog synthesizer Giannini GS 7010 - siel dk70

Published on Jun 27, 2018 bulishearth

DSI OB6 Videos by Uriel Ortega

DSI OB6 Strymon Big Sky Shimmer Pad

Published on Jun 27, 2018 Uriel Ortega

"Guess what synth I just got? You got it! OB6 from DSI."

DSI OB6 My New Favorite Synth

Published on Jun 27, 2018

"Just got this amazing OB6! It's warm, it's fat, and it quickly has become my favorite synth. More videos to come!"

Serge Style Eurorack Modules Sequence

Published on Jun 27, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"We put together this case with Serge inspired eurorack modules, the ARC TKB is used as the sequencer and Random Source make up most of the voice with the Befaco Rampage helping out with clocking and envelope generating.

Random Source:



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Moog Grandmother Sync Sequence

Published on Jun 27, 2018 SourceDistributionTV

"Jamming with a sequence, using S&H on the modulation oscillator to adjust VCO2 of the Moog Grandmother. VCO 2 is the Sync source for VCO1, causing nice 'high notes'. All sound is direct from Grandmother without external effects. Grandmother is coming to UK soon"

TRAVELER Doppler Modelling & Granular Sample Player VST/AU/AAX Plugin

Published on Jun 25, 2018 TonsturmChannel

"TRAVELER precisely models the acoustic phenomenon of the Doppler effect, with a powerful and intuitive graphical path editor to determine a sound's virtual movement. A common example of Doppler shift is the change of pitch heard when a vehicle sounding a horn approaches and recedes from an observer.

TRAVELER features a fully fledged 2D path editor allowing you to precisely shape the motion path of the sound source. Further it is possible to freely position the listener in relation to the path.
TRAVELER offers intuitive control over the speed of the sound source, path length and the overall doppler path duration.

TRAVELER also comes with an onboard loop and granular sample player. The granular sample player allows synchronized playback to the doppler path. This makes it possible to playback the desired sound effect at different durations while remaining everything in perfect sync.

After being processed by the doppler effect engine TRAVELER features a powerful post effects section. Both, the parameters of the post effect engine and the parameters of the granular sample player, can modulated by the 4 individual multisegment LFO´s that run in sync with the Doppler path duration.
The Manual mode allows you to manually perform the powerful TRAVELER engine in realtime."


via this auction

"Items are in pristine condition. Included is the Nuke controller, Windows discs, and the manual. Note this is not a MIDI controller and it will not work with any other software. Also a regular MIDI controller won't work with the Neuron so you need the Nuke to really unlock the full power of the Neuron. It makes completely original and amazing sounds."

SYNTH ONE Demo - 100% FREE iPad Synth by AudioKit

Published on Jun 27, 2018 redskylullaby

Synth One is a free synth for iPad by AudioKit.
It is a fully featured synth with dual oscillators, FM, 2 LFOs with routeable modulations, sub osc, noise osc, 3 filter options, arpeggiator, alternate tuning scales and pro level effects.
The code the synth is built with is also Free and Open Source so others are free to use the code in their apps or to offer to help support the project with further options, additions and updates in the future."

Audiokit Synth One Dj Puzzle Soundset Preview

Published on Jun 26, 2018 iPadLoops

"Hey everyone I was so stoked when Matthew Fetcher asked me to create some presets for the world's first FREE open source synthesizer for iPad. This is just another cutting edge one of it's kind projects that I've been involved in over the past two decades and I'm honored to be a small part of it. This video demonstrates what I did with some of my own sounds using nothing but Synth One and my DAW. I recorded the midi tracks as audio and printed them direct from my iTrack Dock and Synth one. I did not process these sounds other than EQ the tracks. All of the sounds you hear are from my preset kit in Synth One including the drums. Thank you for watching.

I created the visuals using a cool visualizer app called Staella on my iPad. You can get Staella from the appstore for free here

Synth One will be available June 28th maybe sooner if Apple approves it without any hiccups."

Memorymoog Moog Owners Manual + Factory Service + Schematics

via this auction

"Previously owned but in very nice condition. Includes Owners Manual, and Authorized Factory Service, and Schematics."

Analogue Solutions Leipzig Synthesizer SN 4099

via this auction



Quasimidi Technox

via this auction

Make Noise 10-Year Celebration Weekend Highlights

Published on Jun 27, 2018 MAKEN0ISE

"Over the weekend of June 15-17, 2018, Make Noise celebrated its tenth anniversary of making instruments! Here are some brief highlights from the weekend. Stay tuned for more videos!

Video by Lewis Dahm and Noah Kalos
Sound by Walker Farrel"

Hello Deluge: first impressions with the Synthstrom Deluge

Published on Jun 27, 2018 Olivier Ozoux

"There's a new all-in-one sequencer/synthesizer/sampler on the grass, and it's the Synthstrom Audible Deluge.

I've had the Elektron Digitakt in my setup for almost a year, but while I love the sound engine and used it as the main drum machine, I couldn't really get along with it as "the one box" I could take with me somewhere and work on music. the lack of a internal polyphonic sequencer and the limited number of voices made it really hard for me to use it by itself, and I'll admit that the Squarp Pyramid spoiled me as a full featured hardware sequencer.

Enter the Deluge. I love how the sequencer felt confortable right away, the sampling features are fantastic, and the built in synth engines seems flexible enough to be used as that magical "one box" while I'm out and about, and still be used as the Digitakt replacement in the studio."

Systematic Vol 1 - Patches 45 to 64 - System 8 Engine by GEOSynths

Published on Jun 27, 2018 GEOSynths

"So, here's the final video for the 64 Patches i've made for the Roland System 8 Engine. It's actually a very capable Synth with lots of tonal variety...I particularly like the Ring Modulator and Cross Mod, some weird and wonderful textures, both subtle and err...not so subtle."

System 8 GEOSynths

Cyberstep KDJ-ONE Test

Published on Jun 27, 2018 tatsuya shinyagaito

"KickStarter のクラウドファンディングで出資したKDJ-ONEが届いたので取り合えず触ってみた"


"Since KDJ - ONE, which was funded by KickStarter 's Cloud Funding, arrived, I tried touching it"

See the KDJ-ONE label below for more.

New SoundForce STM32DUINO Dual Trigger to CV

Published on Jun 27, 2018 SoundForce


SoundForce - STM32DUINO Dual Trigger to CV - LFO firmware demo
SoundForce - STM32DUINO Dual Trigger to CV - Schematics explained
SoundForce - STM32DUINO Dual Trigger to CV - LFO firmware explained
SoundForce - STM32DUINO Dual Trigger to CV - How to program

Oberheim SEM(1975) vs Arturia SEM(2017)

Published on Jun 27, 2018 musicstory80

"Two Voice Hardware 신디사이저(This is a Original Ver. ) 와 VSTI SEM Software 신디사이저.
실제로 두 악기의 소리가 어떠한 차이가 있는지 많은 분들이 궁금해 하셔서 비교해 본 영상입니다. 즐겁게 감상해주세요~~"

Korg Electribe 2 - Quick Sequences - Midiverse - TV

Published on Jun 26, 2018 Midiverse - TV

This video by Midiverse - TV will give you an idea on the workflow of the Korg Electribe 2.

"What's up everybody? On this episode we're going to be sitting down with the Korg Electribe 2. We are big fans of the earlier Electribes, so we're excited to check this one out."

Patch n Tweak

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