MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday, June 29, 2018

OB-6 does Gothic/Fantasy

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Short improv in a Gothic/Fantasy style. Ideal for late-night/almost full moon :)"

Vermona 14 Synthesizer SN 106/222

via this auction


via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro One Keyboard Synthesizer SN 5604

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Make Noise Telharmonic

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Ebotronix

Make Noise Telharmonic entire sounds , 5 Tracks
4ms Peg, QCD/Expander²
Analogue Systems RS 110
Doepfer R2m, A134, A138a, A143-2, A156² ,A185-2²
Flame MemoSlide
Make Noise Brains ,PP², Maths, Optomix
Moog MP 201
Toppobrillo TWF
Kenton Pro 2000
FX: Boss VF-1, TC M 3000
mackie the mixer³
vid # 1773

OB-6 Filter/Reso Sweeping

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Quick demo of the filter/res sweep on the OB-6.


Moog Music Announcement: 25% Tariff on Chinese Goods Threatens our Jobs

via Moog Music:

"Dear Moog Family,

We need your help.

A U.S. tariff (import tax) on Chinese circuit boards and associated components is expected to take effect on July 6, 2018.

These tariffs will immediately and drastically increase the cost of building our instruments, and have the very real potential of forcing us to lay off workers and could (in a worst case scenario) require us to move some, if not all, of our manufacturing overseas.

There is one thing all of us can do together to try and stop this: Write to our elected officials.

We ask that you will support us by imploring our elected officials to recognize that these tariffs are seriously harmful to American businesses like Moog.

Step 1:
Copy the form letter below
Step 2:
Add recipient name to form letter from list of NC representatives
Step 3:
Legibly print and sign your name at bottom of form letter
Step 4:
Send to NC reps using the addresses and contact links below

We wholeheartedly thank you for your time and your support.

Your friends at Moog

Alesis A6 Andromeda

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Untitled #6 (Ambient Rings Feedback Patch)

Published on Jun 29, 2018 S. B. Arweiler

"This patch uses Mutable Instruments Rings as the main sound source. Rings output is split to the main mixer (Erica Black Stereo) and into Clouds. Clouds output goes into Mannequins Three Sisters filter. The All output of Three Sisters is patched into Morphagene, and Morphagene's output is then patched into Rings's input.

I recorded some lower register Rings sounds into a Morphagene splice previously which are used as an exciter for Rings with Morphagene's sound-on-sound turned fully clockwise. Turning sound-on-sound counter clockwise mixes the live (Clouds- and Thee-Sisters-processed) Rings sounds with the previously recorded lower register Rings sounds and creates some nice feedback textures.

Additional voices are provided by Mannequins Mangrove and Mutable Instruments Plaits, lots of modulation with Just Friends and Cycles running on Monome Ansible. Disting Mk3 provides the delay for the Mangrove voice.

Everything ist sequenced with Kria running on a second Monome Ansible."

bottomfeeder hybrid analog/digital synthesizer

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Dean Miller

"hybrid analog/digital synthesizer
images here:"

(haunted) memories

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Time_Controlled_Organism

"Thanks Martin Lueders for another great sequencing tool : the memory sequencer.
I've used it for all melodies in this track.
Thx again to devs for the great musical tool that is VCV Rack

find my latest e.p at https://timecontrolledorganism.bandca..."

Keen Assoc Buchla 268e Tutorial 1 by Todd Barton

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Todd Barton

"I'm beginning my learning process of the Keen Association Buchla format 268e Graphic Waveform Generator. This is just my personal "take" so the technical terms are not precise but hopefully the flow and visuals will unfold the basic processes. More to come..."

All parts here.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 with Original Box

via this auction

Home-Brew Moog 904-b module - first test

Published on Jun 29, 2018 noddyspuncture

"Just testing the first of my 904-b H.P.F. builds - there was actually a problem with one of them - it wasn't passing audio but 'oscillating' with a low frequency 'thump' on the output. But changing a cap value fixed that. Strangely, the other one I built - exactly the same - didn't have that issue. Now both are working perfectly...! here I am triggering it with my 1125 S&H and also modulating it now and then with the 921's sawtooth from the aux output."

OB-6: Friday Jam Session (29/6/18)

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Fun on the Obi. A literal case of hitting record, playing, then uploading!

Scotland is still an oven. And I'm still in hiding.

I don't know what's happened. In Scotland we say you can tell it's the summer as the rain is warmer. It hasn't rained for at least a week now. This is very disturbing. I think it may well be one of the harbingers of the apocalypse.

All best

Ezhi&Aka Terverb Modulated Triple Reverb

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Ezhi&Aka Terverb has three digital reverb bricks inside of it as well as a large force sensing resistor on the front. It can produce fairly normal reverbs to chorusing modulated reverbs to distorted and wacky pitch shifting sounds. We ran an Arturia MiniBrute 2 as well as a Crank Sturgeon Perpetual Spring Device through it.

Terverb available here:"

SUPPORT MATRIXSYNTH and get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Fairlight CMI IIX Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

“Untested. The Processor card and Peripheral card may have been damnaged from the battery leaking. We have not cleaned the cards so that it may be easier to restore these cards if necessary. The glue in the monitor appears to hasve gone bad. The connection where the light pen connects to the monitor is broken. We do not have the key.”

"Fairlight CMI Series IIX system mainframe
Original Monitor with lightpen
QWERTY alphanumeric keyboard
Six‑octave master keyboard
SMPTE/MIDI interface
14 Original Fairlight Sound Disks (1983 Syndney, Australia)

CMI IIX System Mainframe Internals:

Slot 1 contains the Master Card
Slot 2 contains the SMPTE/MIDI card
Slots 3‑10 contain the Sound Cards (CMI-01-A-Rev.3)
Slots 11-13 (Empty)
Slot 14 contains a 256K RAM card
Slot 15 (Empty)
Slot 16 contains the peripheral card
Slot 17 contains a twin processor card.
Slot 18 (Empty)
Slot 19 contains a video card
Slot 20 contains the floppy disk controller card."

Roland GR-500 Guitar Synthesizer Vintage Japanese Television Advertisement - with Translation

Published on Jun 29, 2018 WayneJoness

"Very rare late 1970s Roland / FUJI ROLAND Corporation television advertisement."

Checking out the DSI OB6

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Uriel Ortega

"Just bought the lovely DSI OB6! It's an amazing versatile synth that sounds warm, fat and just perfect."

Tilde Elektriske Kretser // Mudder - Demo with Sub Phatty

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Gard Osen

"Demo of Tilde Elektriske Kretser - Mudder with a Moog Sub Phatty!

I'm running the Phatty straight through Mudder and into my audio interface. Added some reverb in post.

Tilde Elektriske Kretser ~ Mudder is a handmade guitar effect pedal that I make. It's based on the Big Muff π but is more open and modern sounding.

If you are interested in acquiring a Mudder or have any questions, please email me at"

Tilde Elektriske Kretser // Mudder - Demo with Minilogue

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Gard Osen

"I'm running the Minilogue straight through Mudder and into my audio interface. Added some reverb in post."

Tilde Elektriske Kretser // Mudder - Drum Machine Demo

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Gard Osen

"Demo of Tilde Elektriske Kretser - Mudder with a drum machine!

I'm using the effect send on my mixer to blend the Mudder signal with the original signal from the TR-8."

New maker and new pedal. This is the first post featuring Gard Osen as a maker on the site.

Endorphin es Shuttle as Violin

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Todd Barton


" Shuttle as a violin. Best wishes to all contestants in the #endorphineslifeisatrip contest #endorphinesshuttle. Vote for contestants here:"

Novation // Launchkey Mini - Performance Explained

New video added here.

Roland System 8 V1.20 FM Oscillators

Published on Jun 29, 2018 zibbybone

"Roland just released a new upgrade to the System8 synthesizer adding 2 set of oscillator variants. Variation 3 adds six 2 operator choices and Variation 4 add six 5 operator choices.

To demonstrate these new features, I have an arpeggiator running while I select the different FM choices while also adjusting the AMP release time which not only affects the amplitude of the overall sound, but modulates the oscillator’s 'color'.

You are hearing a single oscillator (OSC2 is muted) and a little bit of the Sys8’s built-in reverb. I accidentally hit one of the program buttons and changed the patch just before getting to Var4, FM5 Type F. I didn't feel like re-shooting the video. My oligopolies."

1974-75 Roland Synthesizer Brochure Catalogs w/ Flexi-Disc Demo Record

via this auction

"This is a really cool lot of Roland print items and a flex demo for early synthesizers. Oldest is a SH-3A fold-out flyer with a 1974 date, Beckmen Musical Instruments stamp. It has some tears, wear and discoloration and a three-hole punch. One item is titled "Roland Synthesizer" from 1975 featuring the SH-1000 which folds out and includes a flexible demo record. This has a price written in pen on the front, and has a three hole punch which also went through the record (2 punched holes along one edge) but doesn't look like it entered the grooves. Next is a flyer for the SH-2000 which has the stamp from Beckmen Musical Instruments on one side, also dated 1975, one side is in color. There are three flyers, undated, for the EP-10, EP-30 and SH-1000, all with the Beckmen stamp and three hole punch.."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer

via this auction

Eight Bar Sequence (ZOOM MS100-BT, Pocket Operator PO-16 Factory, Reface CP)

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Alex S.

"Using the ZOOM MS100-BT to make the PO-16 sound really huge. ;-) This pedal is an ideal companion to the pocket operators. It can run on batteries for 2 hours. You can combine up to 6 effects to create a 'patch', which is shown in the beginning of the video."

Expert Sleepers FH-2 - polyphonic arpeggiation

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Expert Sleepers

"New feature coming in firmware v1.1."

02-Analogue Solutions Treadstone- Song Demonstration 2

Published on Jun 29, 2018 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a musical example of the sound of the Analogue Solutions Treadstone. All of the synth sounds were created with the Treadstone, and are presented without effect or equalization. The drums and percussion sounds were created and sequenced on a Korg Triton LE.

The Treadstone is a shockingly powerful synthesizer for its size, and is also the smallest modern synthesizer with its level of vintage analog tone."

Analogue Solutions Treadstone AutomaticGainsay videos.

The Prophet 5 Synthesizer In Action

Published on Jun 29, 2018 Doctor Mix

Roland SYSTEM-8 v.1.20 - New FILTERS & FM

Published on Jun 28, 2018 RolandChannel

We’ve added 5 new filter types in v.1.20: The illustrious filters from the JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106, formant filters to recreate the human voice and a strong harmonic filter that can produce powerful feedback tones.

Variation 4 JP-8
Variation 5 JU-106
Variation 6 FORMANT 2
Variation 7 FORMANT 3

SYSTEM-8 v.1.20 - FM OSC

Published on Jun 28, 2018 RolandChannel

We’ve added 12 new FM oscillators in v.1.20 dramatically expanding the SYSTEM-8’s range of potential sound design capabilities:

Variation 3
FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 1)
FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 1.5)
FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 2)
FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 3.5)
FM 2 operator (FM 1 : 15)
FM 2 operator (FM 6 : 1)

Variation 4
FM 5 operator (FM Type A)
FM 5 operator (FM Type B)
FM 5 operator (FM Type C)
FM 5 operator (FM Type D)
FM 5 operator (FM Type E)
FM 5 operator (FM Type F)

Update notes:

[ Ver.1.20 ] JUN 2018
Additional Functions
Please refer to the "Reference Manual" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].
Two types of variations were added to the oscillator ( FM x 2 ).
Five types of variations were added to the filters ( JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, Formant x 2, Harmonics ).
An overdub mode was added to the step sequencer.
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.
Performances sometimes fail to be saved correctly.
Other minor bugs.

ER-301 vs Metropolis vs Elements

Published on Jun 28, 2018 Sequenox

"Late night jam with the Eurorack Modular Synth"

Patch n Tweak

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