MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sonic Robot modular Synthesizersdotcom Moog Eurorack Live improv

Published on Jun 30, 2018 pwsynth

"Live improvisation on the system coupled to a Eurorack with Makenoise, Polivox, and Ladik components with a few DIY modules including a Moog type ladder filter"

Portabellabz Buchla Easel Hub II

Published on Jun 30, 2018 Todd Barton

"Continued explorations with the Portabellabz Easel Hub. This is a bit more intense than my last one. It is amazing how many layers are available with 3 cards in play. Enjoy the amazingly different evolving timbres half way through."

Part 1 here.

Roland VP-03 Vocoder Analog Circuit Behavior Boutique Synthesizer w/opt Keyboard

via this auction

Rhodes/ARP Chroma 2103 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage early 80's analog synth Rhodes Chroma Model 2103 #0567, the last significant project by ARP synthesizers. 16 channel programmable polyphonic synth with true dynamic keyboard feel (velocity and after-touch sensitive full-size wooden keys). This keyboard is in great physical condition. It has seen no use since it was purchased from the music store 35 yrs ago. The keyboard is close to being physically immaculate, clean in and out, not a nick on it. Original wood looks great and all keys like new and snap right back responsively with no marks on them at all. Keyboard has the original power supply which still works. That being said, electronics like to be on and 35 years of no use results in some necessary internal service. When switched on the fan runs but LED's aren't lighting up. This will need to be checked out by a technician but I've already discussed with and been estimated to completely upgrade to full working condition the following, where necessary, new power supply, new CPU board, any issues with analog voices etc. somewhere in the range of $1000-$2000. Pro re-furbed units have been recently selling by known brokers in the $8000-$9000 range and there is currently one selling on eBay for ($9699)."

Korg Trident Vintage Synth SN 330331

via this auction

RMI Keyboard Computer

via this auction

Astro Pi / Tim Peake inspired piece created for the Brighton Modular Meet

Published on Jun 30, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

'We were thrilled to be invited to run a demonstration of the Mad Music Machine at the Brighton Modular Meet.

We thought it would be a good idea to create a patch using waveforms generated from our Astro Pi data with samples we created from the European Space Agency commentary of Tim Peakes flight from Earth to the International Space Station.

We used the Synthesis Technology WaveeEdit programme to create the wavetables which on the E370 are taken from the pattern formed by the humidity data recorded in our experiment. The E352 uses a sample of the engine noise of the Soyuz TMA-19M which on which Tim Peake travelled - this is modulated in cloud mode to give the 'engine' sounds.

As the data was generated on a Raspberry Pi so we thought it would be appropriate to use Sonic Pi for for the sequencing :)

Her Caitlin jams with that patch :)"


Caitlin's live performance at the Brighton Modular Meet 2018

Published on Jul 2, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"We had a fantastic time at the Brighton Modular Meet and met some wonderful people.

Caitlin enjoyed performing this and was very happy with the audience's reaction at the end!"

TERMINATOR (Matrixbrute x4)

Published on Jun 30, 2018 Kris Lennox

"Get the headphones on and crank the volume up to full :) The original piece is a masterwork. Absolutely stunning. I created a version/arrangement for Matrixbrute. Four-part.

I've grown the texture with each re-entry of the theme, building to an ultimate, wet-your-pants, uber-powered climax.

This arrangement is slightly different from the original i.e. bassline etc, but in this version it works well. I'm happy with how this turned out. I spent a little time on the arrangement last night, and recorded/filmed the work today. All takes are live; no editing.

The arrangement sounds far bigger than only 4 parts. Such is the sheer analog strength of the MB.

I assume there shouldn't even be any need for more discussion RE the Matrixbrute's strengths/weaknesses: the instrument is hands-down one of the best mono synths. Ever.

And I'm a fussy bugger :)

RE musical info: key of Ebm, 13/8 time. :)

All best

A few cool Roland JV-1080 patches

Published on Jun 30, 2018 SynthMania

"Demos of a few cool patches on the classic Roland JV-1080 synth module from 1994."

Arturia 2600V Vince Clarke/DM/Yazoo Soundset by Paul Schilling

Update: you can find set here:

"All sounds including drums/percussion are 2600V and are from the DM/Yazoo 32-preset sound set.

Pieces covered in this demo:
- Don't Go!
- Nobody's Diary
- Only You"

"All sounds including drums/percussion are 2600V and are from the new Arturia DM/Yazoo 32-preset sound set.

Pieces covered in this demo:
- See You
- Secret Garden
- Monument
- Nothing To Fear intro drums / Rain and the Sunshine sequence"

companyofquail shrolca mutable shruthi in volca size teaser

Published on Jun 30, 2018 companyofquail

Novation Peak meets the Zoom Q2n

Published on Jun 30, 2018 suitandtieguy

"Playing around with the Peak and the A-49, which is apparently my new hotel room workstation. The line audio is going into a Zoom Q2n's "ext audio" input, which has a mic pre in it. It sounds pretty good considering that and the video isn't bad at all, actually.

This is a neat little patch I just made on the Peak. Animate 1 modulates the amp EG release, and Animate 2 brings in 2 cycles of a positive only LFO on the start of the sound.

Animate 1 and 2 are mapped to S1 and S2 on the Roland A-49. these two pieces go together very well."

Pioneer Dj Toraiz AS-1 Custom Presets New

Published on Jun 30, 2018 tblv9300

"40 Patches can be downloaded for free here
just write "$0" in the box

All sounds were single patches recorded dry."

Malekko Manther - 1-Hour Sound Test (Sound Demo)

Published on Jun 30, 2018 Daniel Dehaan

"No post-processing just simple direct recordings of the output from Malekko's tabletop synthesizer, Manther.


Avalon Bassline Overview & Jam

Published on Jun 30, 2018 Enrique Martinez

"To me this is the best sounding TB-303 clone you can buy. I cover the main features but it's so deep i didn't have time to cover it all!"

DEVILFISH V4.1 Roland TB-303 Bassline SN 197

via this auction

-32 programs for each bank.

-MIDI functionality (So you can play it from another keyboard or DAW and Mod wheel MIDI messages control the filter!!) but it has AUDIO IN, so you can run anything you want through the Filter, Overdrive and Filter FM.

Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue Edition is an all-analog performance synthesizer that shines on stage or in the studio. It has an incredible sonic range and power that ONLY a Minimoog is capable of delivering. From the creamiest modulated leads to monstrous Moog bass, the Voyager remains the king of analog synths. And just like the original Minimoog, the Minimoog Voyager was designed and brought to life by synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog.

The Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue Edition is housed in a rugged steel chassis surrounded by a fractal blue solid ash cabinet. At first it appears black, but as you draw near, the fractal blue flecks create an eye-catching display. Combine this with a stunning electric blue backlit panel, blue pitch/mod wheels, and blue LEDs and you have a massive monosynth that will not be ignored."

Yamaha DX100 w/ Extras

via this auction

Yellow Waldorf Q Rack Mount Synth

via this auction

Pearl Drum-X (DRX1) with MIDI

Published on Jun 30, 2018 sequentix

"Just messing about with newly added MIDI CC controls on my Pearl Drum-X.
It has Bass, Snare and 3 x Toms (tom 3 is non-functional due to borrowed parts)
Controls for each drum are the same - Pitch, Bend, Osc/Noise balance, Overtone (pitch fm), Attack, Filter, Decay and Level.
But each drum has a different range of sounds.
Chucked in some 909 at one point to see how it fits."

029//Every Weary Step - 2x Moog Mother 32 self-generating track (Eventide Space, Timefactor)

Published on Jun 30, 2018 Alastair Wilson

"A melodic semi-self-generating patch using 2 Mother 32s sent through an Eventide Space modechoverb reverb and an Eventide Timefactor on banddelay setting.

This patch came about when I was playing more with delays, using them as an integral part of the patch. The patch itself is not very complex, and I ended up adding another M32 for a cinematic bass line. I got the name from the melodic line - the delays work so that every new sequence step gets added onto the end of the delay 'melody', like taking another step forwards.

The higher M32 is the main pluck sound, and is running a simple sequence. Its mix between the VCO and white noise is modulated by a slow triangle LFO, and the filter cutoff and resonance are both modulated randomly (using both M32's Assign outputs set to 'random stepped voltage'). The lower M32 (the bass) is constantly on, and its envelope isn't used. It is being clocked randomly, so that the note changes on random steps of the melody. The filter resonance is quite high, and is modulated by a triangle LFO to push it towards self-oscillation; the filter cutoff is tuned so that the note adds some harmony. There is a mono delay from the Timefactor which has a delay time slightly quicker than the tempo - this gives the effect of the 'run up' towards the next melody note, which is the backbone of the whole patch. This delay has some bandpass filtering with the cutoff modulated by a slow internal LFO. The reverb from Space adds stereo width and texture.

If you want to recreate this patch, you can find it here:"

Underwater Music

Published on Jun 30, 2018 Maison Vague

"Equipment used: SCI Prophet-10, Moog MF-105M MuRF, MF-101 LPF, MF-103 Phaser, Strymon El Capistan, Zoom H1"

" Orange Grove " analogue synth sequence jam

Published on Jun 30, 2018 Ludwig Kopp

"Thanks for Watching!

little sequence on:
- Dreadbox Erebus
- Akai Rhythm Wolf
- Korg Volca Bass
- Mosky Reverb (powersupply adding lots of messy noise)
- recorded directly into Korg BeatBoy
- listening to the direct raw sound, no postproduction or DAW"

Patch n Tweak

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