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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Arturia Micro Freak Roland JU-06 2 Juno-106 Boutique Hybrid Synthesizer Rik Marston Microfreak

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Rik Marston Official

"#arturiamicrofreak #rolandju06 #hybridsynthesizer
"Arturia Micro Freak with Roland JU-06 Part 2" No Talking!!!
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston
***Watch in HD!!*** ***Turn it UP!!***

"Arturia Micro Freak with Roland JU-06 Part 2"
More layering, MORE FUN! Great digital soundscapes!
I am sending MIDI OUT from the JU-06 to the Micro Freak,
then sending AUDIO OUT from the Micro Freak to the
JU-06 AUDIO INPUT. Great way to save inputs on your
mixer or audio interface! These synth sound nice combined!
Recorded into Ableton LIVE with no extra FX! ;)

Thank you for watching!"

Rik Marston Sample Packs

"The Shining, Main Title Theme" Moog One original patch demo

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Mattelica

"Live take of the Shining Main Title Theme with a Moog One original patch and a Korg Volca Beats to a Yamaha MG10xu to a Canon 6D +50mm 1.4 lens."

And the original:

The Shining (1980) - Main Title Theme

Published on Oct 14, 2018 Frank

"Music composed by Wendy Carlos"

Yamaha EX5 patch set - free download!

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Floyd Steinberg

"Yamaha EX5 patch set - free download! Some of you asked for it, and now it's finally ready for download. Watch the video for information how to get it and how to install it.
This set contains around 120 patches, using all the EX5's synth engines and FDSP effects. Most of the patches will react to aftertouch and the mod wheels and encoders, and many of them will evolve when you hold the keys down longer. Some of the patches can be transformed into something completely different by using the encoders and mod wheels!

You can download this for free, but any kind of support is much appreciated:

Download my music on Bandcamp:
Buy me a coffee:

Download the sound set from or OneDrive:!Au06jbGd_8NcsKlGM..."

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

JP-8080 Chill Out - Piano & Zebra

Published on Jun 5, 2019 RemixSample

"( •_•)
This is a very minimalistic ambient setup. The JP-8080 is being sequenced via midi from my DAW. Over that I noodle some piano and moog style lead from Zebra 2. Effects used: Valhalla Shimmer, SoundToys Crystallizer, Tremolo on the JP."

ambient session with iPad and Norns MLR

Published on Jun 5, 2019 junklight

"Watching Hainbach's channel and listening to him talk about practicing improvisation to camera led me to sit down with this setup and see what happened.......

Inching closer to playing this kind of thing live (still need to find somewhere to actually play mind)"

Ice Ice Baby - Old School Computer Remix Featuring Stephen Hawking DECtalk Vocals

Published on Jun 4, 2019 bd594

"Sorry, It has been a while since my last old school computer remix. Can someone tell me what phone number I am dialing? Hint listen to the other end answer the phone. The audio is optimized for stereo headphones. About 60% of my time was spent programming the DECTalk vocals for Ice Ice Baby. It was really tough to keep the vocals in sync. Back in 2009 I used a 8 inch floppy in my Bohemian Rhapsody video and do prefer that sound. However it appears people are more familiar with 3.5 inch floppy drives rather than 5.25 and 8 inch drives. So in the video I decided to Frankenstein a 3.5 Floppy and CD Rom head assembly.

Devices Used:
Stephen Hawking's vocals - DECTalk Express (Paul)
Backup vocals - DECTalk Express (Harry)
DECTalk TTY Controller - MiniComm II
Bass - Yamaha CX-5M Computer
Synth Bass - 3.5" Floppy / CDRom head mechanism.
Drums - Hard Drive Heads
Cymbals - Hard Drive Platters
Hand Claps - High voltage DC automotive spark coil"

See additional posts featuring bd594's creations here.

Rossum Trident Triple Complex Eurorack Oscillator

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"Dave Rossum has a new form of complex oscillator with not just two but three oscillators. The Trident contains three analog oscillators that are each unique and have different modulation and synchronization options. It also features "zing" modulation which is a ring mod like modulation with unique synchronization effects. In addition to being able to create complex single voices the Trident can also be used as three separate oscillators to produce chords.

Trident available here:"

SoundsDivine 'Ambient Worlds' - U-he Hive

Published on Jun 5, 2019 SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Ambient Worlds' soundset for U-he Hive."

Planar 2 Gets Generative With Planar 2, Scales and Steppy

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Intellijel

"Here's a fairly simple generative patch. This one uses the Shapeshifter PULSE output to clock Steppy and drive the whole thing. Steppy is sending gates to trigger the Rubicon and Plonk Voices, but also clocking Rainmaker and triggering quantization of Scales.

The melodies are being generated by Quadra's function generators 3 and 4 sent to Scales in Dual quantizer mode. Planar is controlling the rate and range of these melodies. Shapeshifter's RATIO is set by the X-axis to determine the rate of the pulses clocking the system. Planar's Y-axis is controlling the CV Level of two channels of Quad VCA to scale the Quadra envelopes before they go to Scales for quantization. This means that fast trills can be produced by moving the joystick towards the top right, and melodies slow and become more simple as it travels to the bottom left.

Selecting different PULSE output options on Shapeshifter, or changing the patterns on Steppy can change the rhythm of the patch. This patch is a great starting point to make a more complex generative patch since the voices have no filtering or modulation at this point and Planar has many more functions that can be implemented.

#intellijel #eurorack #modular #synthesizer"

Bones, for Moog One

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Andrea Pessino

"Track recorded using only sounds created and played live on a Moog One 16 Voice polyphonic synthesizer.

No sequencing, minimal internal fx, 7th Heaven reverb on master bus, no other processing."

Benge Dodeca

Published on Jun 5, 2019 zack dagoba

"Testing out my new Dodeca (Buchla 212) module - its a beauty - Thanks Dom! (and Don)

This is a self-gem patch, but I am tweaking it slightly as it goes along. Everything you are hearing is one take and pure Buchla (261e VCO, MARF Sequencer, Dodeca, 277 Delay Unit)


Buchla 100 and Eurorack ambient drone

Published on Jun 5, 2019 osixoone sevenone

"Ambient drone use Buchla 100 modules, and Eurorack. Looping sound on sound with Morphagene.

Main sounds are the two Buchla 158a sine saw oscillators, and 4 channel bandpassed white noise.

Additional sounds from the eurorack are Plaits, and Rings.
Rubicon triggers Rings, Nucleus and Ripples are self oscillating and used as modulators."

Crucible Fumana S1 | Eurorack livejam

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Bastian Götz

"WMD Crucible Input-Test:

Cwejman S1 MK2 into Frap Tools Fumana Filterbank into Cwejman QMMF-4.

From 16 seconds onwards I feed different filterbands from the Fumana into the Crucible input generating this nice dirty layer on top of the S1. I didn't use the Trigger inputs.

Sequencing is done by Make Noise Rene (clocksignals from synced LFOs (XAOC Batumi).

The noise is generated by the ZVEX Modular Instant Lo-Fi Junky."

New Bugbrand Dual Divide & Logic Modules

"Dual Divide - This clocking module features two joined integer dividers, offering divisions from 2 through to 9, and capable of running at audio rates.

The clock source can be selected from either the external Clk socket or internal Bus (to be further developed). Divider B can alternately be clocked from the output of Divider A to allow longer divisions. Reset comes from the Rst socket, internal Bus or manual push-button. Both Clock and Reset pass through input comparators with threshold c.+1V. Outputs are 0V low, c.+10V high.

Checking the timing diagram, you can see that clocking occurs on the rising edge of a clock and outputs are high for 1 out of N clock cycles, where N is the Division selected. A Reset event sends both outputs high.

Size: 1FW
Current: +ve 15mA, -ve 0mA"

'Logic Module - This features four utility processors for clock/gate signals.

At the top are two single input processors which can each be set to either invert or divide by two (flip-flop).

Underneath are two twin input logic gates offering AND, OR or XOR responses as shown below:

In 1 In 2 AND OR XOR
0 0 0 0 0
1 0 0 1 1
0 1 0 1 1
1 1 1 1 0

All inputs pass through comparators with threshold c.+1V and can be run at audio rates.
Outputs are 0V low, c.+10V high.

Size: 1FW
Current: +ve 30mA, -ve 0mA"

Novation MoroderNova Limited Edition Synthesizer

via this auction

"Novation's MoroderNova Limited Edition Synthesizer combines the ultra-expressive UltraNova sound engine with the iconic synth sounds of master synth pop sound designer Giorgio Moroder. You get over 30 "Moroder approved" synth patches, perfect re-creations of his work on Donna Summer's "I Feel Love", Top Gun and Scarface soundtracks, and many other instantly-recognizable synth sounds. In all there are 256 outstanding preset patches to explore, and room to save 128 of your own. Synth fanatics at Sweetwater are huge fans of Novation synths, and the Novation MoroderNova Limited Edition Synthesizer gives you outstanding sounds and impressive performance capability in a compact 37-key format."

Moog MiniMoog Voyager XL

via this auction

X-PAN and Morphagene: Spatializing Genes

Published on Jun 5, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

"This video demonstrates a simple technique for making a (mono) Splice pan smoothly from left to right from beginning to end. Once we have made this transformation, the Slide control will double as a Pan control, traversing the Splice’s contents in time and space simultaneously.

This technique uses the following settings in the Morphagene's SD Card options.txt:
inop 1
rsop 1
cvop 1

Lorenzo Stanco has created a convenient web app for quick editing of the options.txt. Try it out here:"

Minilogue XD - 100 NEW Patches & Sequences

Published on Jun 5, 2019 JAde Wii


Super Jupiter revisited: More custom Sound Effects

Published on Jun 5, 2019 wedream2
Update: Re-Published on Jun 6, 2019

"In my 4th Super Jupiter video, I demonstrate 17 new Sound Effects I recently programmed. Many of the sounds employ Xmod and a parameter rarely found on polysynths--adjustable pitch tracking for either VCO. This allows sound design typically only possible with modular synthesizers. New sounds were inspired by actual events, as on my first video (e.g. thunder sounds and babbling brooks, seashore with gulls, and insects). Check out swamp things, raceway, and flyby (propeller plane passing low overhead). In addition, there are numerous sample and hold variations and a few percussion sounds. IMO, as a sound designer, the MKS-80 module is Roland's best analog polysynth."

wedream2 Super Jupiter videos

Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay sound demo

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Erica Synths

"Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay is a stereo delay with lot of unique features and sound. Tape and digital modes of delay, hold with overdub and delicate delay time and feedback control in combination with CV and trigger control over various parameters make this module not only great effects unit in your modular system, but also - an instrument on it’s own.


Published on Jun 5, 2019 Station 252

"Summer is here! I'm in the studio recording some new music and rehearsing for summer gigs."

Tiptop Audio eurorack modular system.

EMS Synthi - Portabellabz - Constantin Papageorgiadis

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Jon Dent

"New Sound Waves - Constantin Papageorgiadis live performance.
Sorry for the poor recording ... done on an old Samsung Note5 phone.
1st June 2019"

Intro to Erica Synths Sample Drum - Leaving The Laptop Episode 10

Published on Jun 5, 2019 Michael Forrest

"I just got this Erica Synths Sample Drum module and figured out how to integrate it into my compact live rig using my hacker skillz."

Patch n Tweak

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